Kasım 20, 2023

Be Careful What You Wish For Pt. 01

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First Story…Please, share your thoughts good or bad…


My life has always been complicated. My mother married three times, before I was fourteen and now she has left again this time she didn’t take me. It has been six months since the last time I saw her. She left in the middle of the night leaving me here with her fourth husband and my stepbrother. I actually thought this time she was going to stay. They were married almost four years and she seemed happy for the first time in my life I had a stable home and she ruined it. I have spent the last six months praying that Jacob wouldn’t kick me out, since he no longer had to keep me. I was eighteen as of today and that made me even more nervous. I was an adult now, would he make me leave?

I was cooking supper as the tears rolled down my face. What would I do if Jacob told me to get out, where would I go? I was so caught up inside my head that I didn’t hear someone approaching. “You shouldn’t cry over her.” I jumped startled.

“Jesus Jacob, you scared me.” I said as I threw my hand over my exploding heart.

“Sorry, I’ve been hearing you cry a lot. I’m worried about you.” Jacob stepped close and pushed a piece of my unruly hair behind my ear. Jacob was thirty-seven with pale blue eyes that made my heart lurch. His short cropped dark hair and dimples made him look a lot younger. Shit, I had to stop this. My attraction to my step-father was so not right.

“She has put you through enough in your life. I don’t think she deserves your tears.” Speaking softly, he wipes a salty tear from my face. Damn it why does he have to be so sweet. I wish he wasn’t so nice, maybe then the thoughts that kept me up at night would go away.

“I haven’t been crying over her, not really.” He raised an eyebrow at me in disbelief. I was scared to talk to him, scared of what he would say if I reminded him that I wasn’t his responsibility. I took a deep breath and made my decision it was better to know now. I lowered my head staring at my bare feet. “I’m scared.”

The harder I try to keep my emotions in check the worse I failed and failed miserably. He placed his hand under my chin, forcing me to look up into his eyes. “I want let her hurt you again.” His soft-spoken words broke what little control I had left and I threw my arms around him hugging him tightly.

“I thought you would make me leave. I was scared that I would be homeless and have nowhere to go.” I sobbed into his chest. His arms tightened around my waist pressing my breast to his hard chiseled chest.

He raised his hand to my head rubbing my hair softly. “Oh baby girl is that why you have been so upset?” I didn’t trust my words so I just nodded into his hard chest.

He sighed still softly running his hands through my long red hair. “I wish you would have said something sooner. I thought you were sad that she left. I’ve been trying to give you time to get through her leaving.” His hand stopped its soft caress and he took a deep breath as if considering his next words carefully. “I probably shouldn’t say this, but…” He paused momentarily his silence making me nervous. “I wouldn’t have let her take you if she tried. How would Cameron and I survive without you here? I am not sure we could live off of canned beans and crackers for long.” He chuckled causing his hard chest to move up and down against my head.

I felt guilty here I was crying over her leaving me, she had left him to. He must be torn to pieces and yet here he stands trying to console me. “I am sorry I know her leaving is hard on you. I will try my best to do whatever I can around the house to pick up her not being here.”

He released his hold of my waist and took a step back bringing his hands to rest at the side of my face. He ran his right thumb across my cheek bone as he stared intently at me. “You have been the one taking care of us for the last four years Macie, not your mother. You cook, you clean, you make sure Cameron and I have clean clothes not your mother that was all you.” He shook his head, taking step back as if clearing his head. “If it hadn’t been for you I would have made her leave years ago. It would have killed me not to see you every day. I let her stay she knew I wasn’t happy and she tried for a while to change that, in the end she got tired of trying and left.”

“You seemed happy, I could always hear you two going at it and I just thought…” I stopped mid sentence realizing what I had said “Oh God I know that it is wrong but after that first time I saw yall together I couldn’t help but…” I threw my hand over my mouth to stop the onslaught of my confessions. I couldn’t believe that I had told him that. I didn’t want to see the look of disgust that I knew was surely on his face. I quickly turned around facing the stove. I needed to distract myself from the humility of this whole situation.

I felt him as he stepped up behind me he pressed the front of his body to my back and I stiffened immediately. I could feel the erection gorukle escort bayan pressing firmly into the upper part of my ass. It took everything in me to hold still and not rotate my hips to see if I was feeling what I thought. He leaned forward causing his erection to move with him and placed a sweet kiss on the top of my head. He wrapped one strong arm around my waist and gently removed my feet from solid ground, slowly spinning me to face away from the stove.

“You have had a rough few months why don’t you let me finish cooking tonight.”

“No, I need to do this. Please, let me take care of you and Cameron. This is what I can do to help, let me please.” I begged, I needed him to keep me around. I needed them to need me so much that they wouldn’t dream of kicking me out. He said himself that they would basically starve without me here; I needed him to continue thinking that.

“I know baby girl, just for tonight I could take care of you yeah.” His words were a whisper spoken so softly in my ear that the warmth I felt from his breath sent shivers to my toes and tingles to the tips of my fingers. Oh god, I wanted to crawl under the cabinets as I felt my nipples harden under my tight fitted tank top. There was no way he wouldn’t notice nipples hard enough to cut glass through a worn out sports bra and white tank. If he knew the nasty thoughts that ran through my head about him while I masturbated he would have me committed. I need to get this under control before I blew everything like my slut of a mother. I was no slut. I have never let a boy pass second base and until I knew the person really loved me they would never get it.

That single thought cleared my head momentarily before filling it with sadness. I wasn’t going to be a slut like my mother but I would probably never find a man who really loved me and that made us more alike than I ever wanted to admit.

“Please, I need this. I enjoy taking care of the cooking and cleaning it makes me feel needed feel wanted. I need to feel those things.” I said, wrapped tightly in his arms my back still pressed firmly against his glorious front.

He sighed, “Damn baby girl, if you only knew.” He said before pressing a soft kiss to my cheek. I expected him to set me back to my feet, not to feel his nose glide softly down the side of my face to bury into my neck. He lifted slightly kissing a trial down the soft side of my neck. I tried to push down the moan that crept up my throat, but he chose that moment to straighten from my neck, lowering my body to the floor. I couldn’t stop the sound as my soft cotton shorts felt his hard length slide over my ass. The second his warm hands made contact with the bare skin on my lower stomach I lost all thought, grinding my ass back into his rather large cock.

If I hadn’t heard the footsteps I wasn’t sure what I would have done. Oh my god, I was so embarrassed and ashamed he had tried to console me. I was all but leaking the evidence of my arousal on the kitchen floor. “Hey dad” Cameron said, with a smile before turning to me “Hey Mace”. I quickly stepped forward two steps, so that the object of all my wet dreams wasn’t poking me in the ass.

There was no way that I could speak now and expect Cameron not to notice that something was wrong. “Is everything okay guys?” Oh god, he knew he had barely looked at me and he knew. I began to feel the panic raise.

I felt Jacobs hand on my shoulder. “Macie has had a rough day. She still wants to cook for us, even though I offered to take over for her even if just for tonight it being her birthday and all. She wouldn’t let me though.”

I didn’t know how much more I could handle of his hands on me. Even the ever so light kneading of his finger tips into my shoulder had me clenching my legs together. If he only knew what he was doing to me he would toss me out on my ass. I may not want to be my mother, but the same blood rain potently through my veins. Slut or not there was something so wrong for me feeling this way towards Jacob. The kiss to my neck earlier had just been a warm gesture I was sure of it. As far as I knew his cock always seemed hard. Every time I saw him, I couldn’t help noticing the bulge straining against his slacks. Just thinking about it was causing a whorish reaction between my legs.

I needed the distance to clear my head. Taking a steadying breath I turned to face Jacob. “Why don’t you two go into the living room while I finish. Cam’s been so busy with football and school you two haven’t had a lot of time to just talk.” Smiling I reached around Jacob opening the fridge grabbing him a beer before twisting the top and handing it to him. “Now go, leave me in peace before you both starve.”

Finally, finished with dinner I made my way to the living room to tell them dinner was ready. I stopped short when I heard Jacobs whispered words. “Damn son, I don’t know how much more I can take. I feel like my balls are going to explode soon if I don’t get some much-needed nilüfer escort bayan relief.”

The husky sound of his voice made heat pool between my legs and I was sure that I would be soaked if I checked. “It doesn’t matter how many times a day I jack off the feeling never goes away.”

“Easy fix. GET…LAID…” Cameron laughed.

“You know my preferences it’s not that easy.” I felt awful ease dropping on their conversation. I slowly back down the hallway and stood in the kitchen door.

“Dinners ready.” I said in a raised voice, so they could hear me as I hurriedly finished sitting the table. I tried to take deep steadying breaths. They were doing nothing to ease the burn between my legs. God I was such a slut. How could I even be this turned on just from a string of hushed words? I turned heading towards the stove to quickly and ran right into Jacob’s hard chest. His hands flew out to steady me. I looked up at his face to see that he was not staring back at mine. No he was staring at my very hard very erect nipples. Oh god, kill me now.

I took a step back out of his grasp “Sorry Jacob, I was trying to grab the potatoes.” He licked his lips seconds before his eyes came up to look me in the face.

His smile almost did me in. “No worries baby.” He pulled out my chair, placing his hand on my shoulder before pushing me down. “You sit I will grab the rest” I didn’t see the point in arguing so I just nodded.

Dinner went well, considering they were all half way done by the time the ache in-between my legs became bearable. Cameron had asked three times if I was sure I was okay and every time I had the same comment just a rough day.

Cameron and Jacob refused to let me clean the kitchen. Leaving me frustrated and nothing to keep my mind off of the throbbing between my legs, I grabbed a load of laundry taking it to the basement to start the wash. I was coming up the stair when Cameron walked by keys in hand.

“Heading out” Cameron was hardly ever home anymore between football, work and school.

He smiled, “Yeah thanks for supper”. He leaned in placing a kiss to my hair. “Relax tonight it’s your birthday.” He said with a wink, making his way out the door.

“He’s right you know”. I gasped, turning to see Jacob leaning against the wall. “Jesus you are jumpy. Are you sure you are alright?” It had only taken two steps for Jacob to be standing right in front of me with his hands on my shoulders. No, I was most certainly not alright.

I pulled my lip between my teeth and nodded. “Yeah… I…” I couldn’t think of anything to say, biting into my lip seemed like the best thing to do before I said something really stupid.

Jacob’s gaze lowered on me as he raised a brow. “Why are you acting so funny around me lately? Have I done something to upset you?”

That got my attention he was amazing. I didn’t want him to think he had done anything wrong. “Oh god, no you are perfect.”Shit “I mean you just…” I stopped damn this ache was fucking this all up.

Jacob placed his hand under my chin raising my head, “I just what Macie?” He said with the same husky voice that I had heard him use in the living room with Cameron earlier.

I could feel the heat radiating off me and I knew that my nipples were as hard as rocks. He ran his thumb over my lip pulling it from between my teeth and I gasped. I must have lost my mind because I grabbed his hand without even thinking, sucking his thumb into my mouth. The next thing I knew his hands were gone from my face and my back was against the wall. Jacob’s lips were crushing against mine. I moaned in his mouth and that sound seemed to wake him up. I whimpered as he pulled back breathless as I panted.

“I am sorry Macie. I shouldn’t have done that.” No, no, no that was exactly what he should have done.

“Oh god, I am so stupid.” I was so ashamed. I had all but jumped him in the hallway and he was apologizing. I didn’t even look back as I ran towards my room. Slamming the door as I took in the place I would now have to leave. There is no way he would want me to stay after that. Running to my closet, I grabbed the duffel bag and immediately started emptying my drawers.

I didn’t stop even for the knock that sounded on the other side of my door. “Macie” He said, through the closed door. His voice was little over a whisper and I could still hear the pain in it. He was in pain because of what he was going to have to do. I understood that he had tried to help me. I was just like my mother after all he had been wrong. He knocked again but I still didn’t answer. “Macie I am coming in.” I wished I would have remembered to lock the door.


“I know it’s wrong and she could never handle the way I am but, tell my dick that. Every time I am around her it is standing at full salute. I mean shit son, I would make the damn flag pole at the courthouse sigh in envy.” I ran my hand through my dark hair, leaning back bursa otele gelen escort bayan in my chair to shift my raging hard on.

“I know, I saw her putting lotion on her legs last week and I almost unloaded in my jeans in front of her door. That fucking ass bent over, rubbing those soft hands down her long legs.” I completely understood what my nineteen year old son was going through. Hiding my lifestyle from Cameron was never a problem until a little over a year ago when he had walked in on me fucking the shit out of his stepmom. Now, I was really doing a number on her but, I think the biggest shock was that my friend Charlie had his dick shoved so far down her throat she was gagging and fighting for her next breath.

I could see him through the reflection in the mirror. I knew the instant he started rubbing his self through his pants. Damn like father like son. He was enjoying the view, so I kicked it up a notch. If I was going to have an audience, I was going to give him a show.

It wasn’t long before Cameron moved and I heard the shower cut on. He was no doubting finishing. I waited a few hours before calling him into my office to explain the situation. He had questions and I answered all of them and I was glad I did.

“I think you should try it.” Cams statement brought me back to the current. “Explain it to her let her make the choice.” I ran my hand down my throbbing jean clad cock. Could I really do that to her, there was no doubt she wanted me? She was such a sweet girl with zero experience when it came to sex much less the sex that I needed.

“Damn son, I don’t know how much more I can take. I feel like my balls are going to explode soon if I don’t get some much-needed relief.” I was strung so tight I just wanted to scream. “It doesn’t matter how many times a day I jack off the feeling never goes away.”

“Easy fix. GET…LAID…” Cameron laughed

“You know my preferences it’s not that easy.”

“Dinners ready.” I heard Macie holler from the kitchen. I rubbed my face trying to push back the thoughts of taking her fast and hard on the kitchen table. FUCK!! I was so screwed.

Things got even worse when I walk in and there she is leaning on the kitchen table. Her perfect plump ass in the air as she rubbed her legs back and forth as if she was trying to relieve the same pressure I was. Before I even realized what I was doing, my legs were moving taking me closer to her. I was seconds from grinding my hard dick into that perfect ass when she turned around slamming into my chest. I stepped back slightly wrapping my hands around her upper arms to steady her. My eyes took no time to find her chest. Jesus her nipples were so hard they could have put an eye out.

She took a step back out of my grasp “Sorry Jacob, I was trying to grab the potatoes.” I licked my lips thinking how great they would taste in my mouth. Shit… shit… shit I needed to get my fucking head out of the gutter. Reluctantly I raised my eyes to meet hers.

“No worries baby.” I pulled out her chair placing my hand on her shoulder before pushing her down.

All I could think about was how amazing it would be to force the sexy slut to her knees before feeding her a massive cock filled with my salty cream. Damn…fuck…shit… “You sit I will grab the rest.” I had to get my hands off of her before I really fed her. Taking a deep breath I stepped away, grabbing the remaining food from the counter.

Dinner was awful every time she wrapped her pretty pink lips around her fork I wanted to force my cock down her tight little throat. “Cam and I will do the dishes.” I need space and something to keep my mind off her.

I washed while Cam dried trying to keep the dark thoughts at bay, it didn’t work. “Dad you have to figure something out before you have a heart attack. You got me so wound up I am going to have to go see Jemma for a little release.” I dried my hands before patting his back.

“I thought you were done with that crazy bitch.” I asked

“Well, she can deep throat like no bodies business and that is better than nothing. This is what I am getting from Kimmie, nothing.” He shakes his head and I can clearly see the aggravation or sexual frustration was probably a better description. “She just will not give me what I need. I tried explaining that at nineteen I was a walking talking hard on. She still refuses to do anything more than make out.” He ran his hands through his hair, “All she keeps saying is she is not ready.”

“So, go let Jemma suck you off I get it.” Hell I may have to call one of the girls I used to play around with, they could never give me what I really needed and sex with them would just leave me more frustrated than before.

“It is a hard lifestyle we live.” Cam said while laughing. “I may stay at Drew’s tonight. We are leaving from his house first thing in the morning for the game and he is closer to campus.” My dick all but jumped for joy at the thought of being alone with Macie tonight. It seemed that her turning eighteen today had done nothing but given my dick the go ahead. Even he knew she was old enough now.

“Good idea, be safe I promise to come to the next one.” Cam hugged me before grabbing his keys from his pocket.

“Dad you hardly ever miss a game and besides you promised to watch it on the TV, right.”

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