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Aunt Connie Makes…

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Aunt Connie Makes A Dream Cum True

Most people growing up know incest is wrong but most everyone has that one relative that they just want to experience sexually. For me that was my aunt Connie, my mother’s youngest sister. Coming from an unhappy childhood my mother married and had me at 18. Connie was 11 when I was born so we were very close in age. Connie was one of those girls who had had huge breasts before her teens and probably her first period at even younger. Everyone knows a girl like this. Connie had also caught my father’s eye when he joined the family. When dad got drunk I remember him occasionally making suggestive comments about Connie through the years.

Connie also was also the product of an unhappy home and had married and 2 kids by age 19. Connie had a girl next door face and a body that would turn on a monk. Unfortunately she was emotionally beaten down through years, first by her father, then her husband in a bad marriage. She was the first woman I kissed on the mouth when I was very young. I was sleeping over at her place, when we kissed good night. She was wearing a shear summer nighty which did little to contain her large breasts. I could remember from then on having sexual thoughts about her. She filled many a Kleenex with my adolescent seed through the years as I fantasized about her while relieving my never ending teenage lust.

Opportunity reared its head when I was 19 and Connie 30. She broke the news to the family that she and her husband were getting a divorce. Being a constantly horny 19 year old it took all of two seconds to start trying to figure out ways catch her when she vulnerable and slip her the high hard one. My big chance came that summer during a heat wave. We lived on the east coast near a creek where we would go in the summer to cool off. I was home alone and Connie dropped by for by for a swim.

We did the usual small talk and she went into the bathroom to change bursa escort into her bathing suit. A little while later she came out wearing a pink one-piece that was form fitting and did not have the usual padding in the bra or crotch.

Instantly I was aroused! Here was the woman I had lusted after for years standing in front of me in what almost looked like a transparent swimsuit. I could literally and plainly see the shape and size of her huge boobs, nipples, and the dark outline of her black hairy bush. She had beautiful fair skin, dirty blonde hair, great cellulite free legs, and hips that were just made for fucking. What really got my attention though as I glanced at her crotch were a couple black pubic hairs sticking out at the bottom of her suit near the top of her leg. I thought I was going to lose my load on the spot. I quickly gathered myself and got my suit and told her I would join her.

We walked the quarter mile to the creek to an area that had a tiny water falls. When you sat there it gave you a world pool affect. Connie was talking and all I was thinking about was how I was going to make my move. I had to figure out a way get in that pink swimsuit and experience the treasure that lay beneath. We sat in the falls and as the water rushed past us I got bold. I started to grope her. I was alternating between her enormous breasts and ass and pussy. She would look down a few times not knowing whether it was me or the water. I was getting even more turned on as the cool rushing water had made her swimsuit even more transparent, and her nipples and areola more pronounced. Finally she asked me if that was my hand. I confessed and told her that I wanted her for years, that she was my biggest sexual fantasy, and that I was virgin (I wasn’t) and I wanted to be broken in by her. I told her that if she could look past the incestuous part of it that it could be good for both of us. She paused and thought bursa escort for a minute and said “I haven’t had a good fuck in a while and I could really use one”. She then said “you noticed the swimsuit huh”? I said “no I noticed what’s underneath” We both laughed and then with that she planted a kiss on me and our hands started to wander. We quickly decided to move the activities over to the creek bank.

We peeled off each others swimsuit and when I got a look at the goods I almost came on the spot. She looked just like a Playboy centerfold from the 60’s and 70’s before all the plastic surgery. Connie took a look at the 7 inches of wood I was sporting and said “very nice” and “what a big purple head you have”. I grabbed her and she said “I want to make sure that I leave here satisfied, so why don’t you go down and show Aunt Connie if you can lick your eyebrows”.

I said “your wish is my command”. We sat in a shady sandy spot and I went for it. I had never eaten pussy before but was a wiling student. She had thick vast black pubic bush surrounding her honey pot. As I got down there her wetness and musky womanly scent let me know that she was already aroused. I tongued her wet pussy lips and quickly found her clit. It was like a tiny stiff little penis that I alternated licking and sucking as I used my hands to spread her vulva wide for access. She was quickly panting and moaning and covered my chin with her honey. I was rock hard and worried that I would cum before I entered her. This went on for a couple minutes until her body spasmed into orgasm.

She smiled at me and said “I was a natural and it was time to get something straight between us”. With that I laid down in the sand and my throbbing cock pointing skyward pulsing with my heartbeat. Connie proceeded to mount me like a getting onto a saddle and sitting on the horn. She was still dripping wet and slipped easily onto bursa eskort my swollen member. I was so turned on that I knew I would not last long. Connie was aware of this and kneeling on her knees proceed to slowly ride me up and down like pony. The velvety softness of her pussy was heavenly. Her muscle control was good and her box surprisingly tight. Soon I could feel the sperm starting rise in my balls as they began to tighten. Connie just continued to ride me with a closed eyed heavenly look on her face. I looked up and saw those 38Ds flopping up and down and I past the point of no return, I grabbed those hips and held on tight. I felt a huge surge from my scrotum exit through the tip of my penis. I must counted about 8 jets of cum I jettisoned deep inside her. Quickly I was done as we dry humped for a few seconds as my once heavy balls were now drained. She rolled off and I could see our combined love cocktail running down her leg, and down my shaft and onto my scrotum.

We lay there and embraced for a few seconds when she said “shit” and a look of panic came over her. She told me that her no good ex husband had a vasectomy and that she was used to not having to worry about birth control and that I might have just gotten her pregnant in the heat of the moment. Being a dumb horny 19 year the thought of my incestuous seed swimming around inside of her only made me hornier and want fuck her and knock her up even more. She said “she didn’t know what she would do if she were pregnant because she didn’t like the idea of abortion” and I was in no position to help her financially. I told her not to worry because I knew two guys who she could easily trick into fucking her and blame an accident on them. I knew that my father and his brother uncle Bill had always had their horny eyes on Connie and that either would love to use her as receptacle for a sack full of cum in a second if they thought they could get away with it. With the way the family loved to drink and fuck, an opportunity to frame two idiots for my crime would surely present itself. A few days later with a little planning I was able to pull off the perfect crime.

To see what happens read Connie fucks my father and uncle. Cumming soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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