Eylül 30, 2023

The Wild Woman

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I enrolled in the local university after my discharge from the Navy, but class wasn’t going to open until the fall of the next year. After the high stress of my tour in the Navy, I wanted a candy job while I waited. So I got a job working as a maintenance man at nursing home. My sister’s husband worked there, and his sister, and a huge number of females I didn’t know were there waiting for me, I was sure.

The job was mostly fixing doors and oiling wheels on beds and changing light bulbs and other complicated tasks. In other words, I spent a lot of time walking from floor to floor looking for things to do. And meeting the women, of course.

One of my first Saturday shifts landed me the assignment of testing and adjusting sliding doors in closets. I started on the south half of the second floor, going into every room and checking closets. After lunch, I started in on the northern end of the floor. Halfway down the first side, a nurse entered the room in front of me.

This room was vacant, and the nurse was adjusting the window blinds when I came in. I said “Hi” and turned to test the closet doors. I slid them open, then closed. Fine, no adjustment needed. I turned to leave, and walked into the nurse standing quietly right behind me. I grabbed at her to keep from falling. She put her arms around me and kissed me, then broke off and walked out of the room, leaving behind confused sensations of warmth, softness, brown shining eyes, and a sweet pollen cloud. She never said a word.

Well. That was interesting. I didn’t pursue her, there were too many people in the hallway. I stayed in that room and played with the closet some, pondering why a thirty year old married woman with a nice figure and pretty face would choose to come onto me like that. We’d never spoken to each other before. I didn’t even know her name. Filing it for reference, I resumed my little job. The Kissing Bandit Nurse didn’t say anything or look at me as I finished that floor.

The work shifts were staggered so that the nurses departed at 3:00 and the maintence men stayed until 4:00, playing security guard. I was sitting in the maintenance shop in the basement, which was off the hallway leading to the parking lot. My partner, a sixty year old alcoholic black man, was off in some other part of the building. I heard a nurse come into the shop, “Hello! Is anyone here? You got any boxes?”

I got up and looked around the corner. It was the Kissing Bandit. “Come on in. Let me check.” There were no boxes on the shelves. “Not today.” I took the time now to look closely as this woman. She was about five foot four, with wavy brown hair held back as nurses do. Her eyes were a darker brown than her hair, and their twinkle matched the come on smile of her mouth and the suggestive sway of her hips. Her wedding band was gold and wide.

I sat back down in my chair, which was in an office alcove out of sight of the hallway. The chatter of the other nurses was loud in the hall as they made their way out the door. She followed me into the alcove and stood next to my chair. She had changed out of her white uniform into a red tee shirt over pink corduroy pants. The pants were so tight her pussy lips bulged visibly in the “Y”. I looked up at her, and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. She moved her leg slightly and I stroked her pussy boldly with my thumb. “I enjoyed your attack today. Did you come in to follow up?”

“Yes.” And she bent to kiss me. Our lips met, and then our tongues. And the sounds of Jake, my partner, laughing with a nurse came from the hall. The Kissing Bandit, whose name I still didn’t know, jumped back, acting guilty. Jake saw the motion as he entered. I said. “Sorry, no boxes now. Check Monday. The supplies are usually delivered then.”

She walked out, clearly flustered. I talked to Jake for a minute, not telling him a thing, and then excused myself to “check the floors” and arrange my thoughts. Ten minutes later I came down to the basement from the stairs by the door. I was surprised to see the Kissing Bandit sitting at the door, reading. I talked with her for a few minutes. Her name was Mary Alice, and she was waiting for her husband to pick her up. He drove into the parking lot as we talked. Mary Alice got up, and passed me a slip of paper as she said “good night”.

I went home an hour later, and took a shower and ate something. The paper had only a time and a telephone number. I called at seven, as she asked, prepared to sell life insurance if a man answered. Worse, a kid answered. I decided to play the role just in case. “Hi. This is Joe Cannoli from South Eastern Life. Is your mother home?”

“Sure. Mommy, it’s for you.” Her mother picks up the telephone. “Hello?” She had a smooth pleasant voice, with just a touch of a Southern accent. A charming thing to find among the harsh flat voices in central New York.

“Hi. It’s Bob. I got your message. Can you talk now? Your daughter thinks I’m selling insurance.”

She said loudly, “it’s not the best time.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Meet me at eleven in the Wagon Wheel on Thomspson Road Lara Travesti in Chittenango. I’ll be there, I promise.” She hung up before I could say “okay”.

I’d never heard of the place, and I’d never been in that town before, so I left early and spent a couple of hours finding it. It was well out into the rural area away from the city. I walked into the country western bar at ten. It was a fair sized place, with a live band and a dance floor. God, hoped I didn’t have to dance to country music. I drank some beer and got beat playing pool. No dart board in this bar.

Midnight came, and no babe. Damn. Okay, one more beer then I’ll go. I leaned against a pole sipping beer and watching the regulars dance this funny line dance. Mary Alice walked in at twelve thirty, wearing a knee length denim skirt, a blue checked shirt, and white boots. She slipped in next to me, and said “Sorry I’m late.”

“Married life is a bitch. Have a beer.”

She shook her head and said, “No. Get me screwdriver.” I ordered another beer as well, and we carried our drinks to a dark corner. She downed her drink in one gulp, and pressed her body against mine. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply, the taste of vodka strong on her tongue. “Drink up and let’s go.” I put my nearly full beer down and led her out the door.

We got in her car, and she drove a short distance. “I’ve had my eye on you from the first day. You got cute buns and move with a confidence that makes the girls hot.” I like hearing girls tell me this, not that they do very often. I leaned over and placed my hand on her thigh, sliding it just under her skirt. Her legs were firm and smooth. She gave me a peck on the lips then placed my hand firmly in my lap and said “Let me drive.”

Mary Alice drove carefully for a mile or so before parking well off the side of a dark road. She got out, a roaring sound coming in loudly when she opened her door. She pulled something from the back and said “follow me.” She led me to an old three strand barbed wire fence, and crossed it. She walked confidently on a path invisible to me in the light of the setting moon, and I followed closely, worried about bulls, cows, wild dogs, and holes in the ground. I thought about other holes with anticipation.

We rounded a bush and she stopped. The roaring sound was loud, now. Looking up, I realized she’d lead me to a small clearing at the base of the Chittenango waterfall. The curling waters were milky white in the light of the setting moon, and and magic was in the air here.

Mary Alice turned, and I reached for her. I kissed her eagerly and she melted in my arms. I moved to pull her to the ground and she yelled “Not here!”. I could barely hear her over the rushing water.

Walking towards the falls, Mary Alice began climbing the slick moss covered ledges next to the falls. “Oh shit,” I thoguth, “she’s a nut.” I followed her, my heart sinking as I discovered the ledges and rocks were round and slippery, making the climb in the dark truly dangerous. But hell, I thought, I’ll do anything for a good lay.

About halfway up the falls, nearly eightty feet from the hard rocks below, Mary Alice stopped. I joined her on a wet stony ledge next to the cascade. This ledge was wide and flat, fortunately, so the threat of falling off was small. She smiled at me and held my hand as we looked at the water below and drank in the beauty of the gorge in the moonlight.

She opened her package and laid a folded blanket on the wet stone. She stood near the rushing water and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing nice large breasts in a red bra. She removed the shirt and bra. Her breasts were firm and round, with dark nipples that pointed outwards. She lay on the blanket in her denim skirt and boots and patted the place next to her, near the edge of the cliff.

Damn. The last thing I wanted to do is fuck on a wet cliff. The spray from the falls had soaked through my clothes now, and I realized the blanket only provided padding from the stone. I can only die once, and being here was tamer than getting there. I pulled my shirt off, and stripped off my jeans and shorts, standing naked high on a cliff in the moon light. A primitive cave man feeling came over me, and my lust for this woman became impossible.

I got down over Mary Alice and forced her back onto the blanket. The primordial lust took control of me as never before, and I grabbed her breasts roughly, sucking them and biting. I squeezed their firm globes together and kissed Mary Alice roughly, forcing her head onto the blanket. She sucked on my tongue eagerly, biting me lightly and shutting her eyes from the water dripping from my hair.

She lifted her knees and spread them, pulling her skirt up. Reaching between her legs, she pulled my hard cock to her pussy. She wore no underwear. She placed the head of my dick in her hole, and I thrust in, the mist of the falls lubrictating both of us. She put her heels on my ass and pulled me into her. I fucked her roughly, driving deep into her. Her hips met my thrusts making my cock head to brush her cervix. Manavgat travesti I felt it as a rough spot ticking the head of my cock on each stroke.

She started screaming, almost inaudibly under the roar of the water fall, and her tight pussy squeezed my cock in spasms. She couldn’t get any wetter. My animal instincts drove me to orgasm and I shot inside her, not caring if she got pregnant or not, wanting, in a primitive way, for her to carry my child.

I lay on top of her, spent. She stroked my wet hair and kissed my face, making no effort to talk. We watched the setting moon, my dick soft but still inside her. I got up suddenly and motioned her to get dressed as I pulled on my wet clothes. The moon was setting! It was large on the horizon when I realized that if we didn’t get down now, we’d be climbing down in total darkness.

I let her lead the way down, wondering how the hell I’d explain to cops if she fell, and wondering what she’d say if I fell. At the bottom we stopped. The moon was gone. The cave man mood was still on me, and I pushed her protesting onto her knees on the nice safe grass. I lifted her skirt and knelt behind her, entering her doggy style.

I fucked slowly, savoring the firm ass barely visible in the dark before me. I held her wide hips and pulled her hard against me at each stroke, my balls slapping her cunt. I felt the familiar urge, and pulled out. Tugging her around, I thrust my cock at her mouth. She opened eagerly, slurping the head of my dick and bobbing rapidly on the shaft. I came in spurts, yelling. Mary Alice let me finish in her mouth, and spit my seed into the grass.

She grinned at me, and I lay on my back, holding her on top of me and kissing her. “You’re crazy, woman! Do you do this often?”

“No. Most guys won’t go up the cliff. They’re chicken. I won’t fuck them, I just give them a blow job and we leave. I never see them again.”

“‘You never see them again’,” I repeated. “Does this mean you’ll be knocking on my door next week? I mean, I don’t mind making love in an outdoor shower, but the exotic scene should be saved for special occasions.” The last thing I wanted was to ever go up that cliff again.

“Next week? Okay. But why don’t you knock on my door?”

“Your door? What about your husband?”

“Come on over. He’ll be glad to meet you. He’s never been up there and doesn’t know about it.”

“He doesn’t? But I’m shy. I don’t think I’m ready to face him yet. I’ll climb a cliff if you want, but you come over to my place tomorrow and we’ll talk things over.”

“We’ll do more then talk. Okay. I’ll tell Mike that I’m visiting with the girls and will get a ride home.”

We made love one more time, Mary Alice riding slowly on top of me and gently rubbing her hard nipples on my chest before arching back and moaning as the convulsions of her orgasm took her over. We got dressed and left after that. Mary Alice drove me back to my car and said good night.

She left work at three the next day, as usual. I picked her up at the coffee shop on the corner when my shift ended. She had changed from her nurse’s uniform into a calf-length sundress with a sunflower print. The low cut neck gave tantalizing glimpses of cleavage. Her hair was let down and the wavy brown tresses danced near her shoulders as she talked.

“Where do you live, anyway?” She asked me, turning in the seat.

“It doesn’t matter right now. We’re going on a trip.” I dropped a tape of Rossini classical overtures into the players, testing her reaction. She smiled. “Show off. Where are we going, then?”

“A place I knew once. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. We have to hurry to get there before the sun goes down.” I drove and we listened to the music and talked. Mary Alice had gotten married when she was eighteen, just out of high school. Her husband had been her first, and even then, she had to initiate the action. He had a very low libido and preferred to sit around watching sports on TV.

“Geez. How did you and he get two kids?” I blurted out.

“Me and he didn’t. My children came from the waterfall. They aren’t his, but he’s never questioned that.” Oh. Uh-oh. I thought about it, and realized that I still didn’t care. This woman raised primal urges in me. I really had wanted her to get pregnant when I shot into her last night and I realized that I really did want her pregnant now.

I pulled into the parking lot of Clark’s Reservation, a state park just south of the city. It had the cliffs without the water and the moss. It was a collection of fossil waterfalls. I grabbed a back pack and pulled her behind me. The sun was starting to go down and we didn’t have a lot of time. “There’s a special place here. A girl like you will just love it.”

I passed the trailhead leading to the cliffs overlooking the green lake, and steered her to an overgrown trail on the left. This path led to a fossil bowl that hadn’t been carved as deeply. We walked along the cracked limestone bedrock in silence, letting the natural wonder of the place seep into us. I turned off the trail where Side travesti it started to crest the brow of this bowl, and climbed down in the rocks. I helped Mary Alice over the worst spots, enjoying the feel of her body as I lifted her and snatching kisses when I could.

The shadows from the setting sun were long now, and the upthrusting rocks cast long shadows, confusing my memory of what I was looking for. There it was. A small spot of darkness blacker than the rest. A cave.

I pulled a flashlight out of my pack and bent to enter. I remembered that it wound deep into the ground, how far I didn’t know. All that mattered was that it was cozy, dark, and well ventilated. The entrance tunnel twisted, and we had to crawl under a tight spot to get where I wanted to.

The tunnel opened to about twelve feet wide with a six and a half foot ceiling. The back of the cave narrowed, and plunged downward. Mary Alice crawled in behind me, and said “oooh!” as she looked around. The limestone walls were covered in fossils of some sort of shellfish. A single beer can in a corner was the only evidence of human occupation.

I sat Mary Alice on a convenient stone, and dumped my pack in a corner. I folded the blanket onto the floor. The sticks I’d collected that morning formed a fair pile. I made a fire and turned off the flashlight. The smoke escaped up some crack in the ceiling.

I turned to Mary Alice. She had stripped her clothes off while I was making the fire. She stood there naked, her eyes shining at me in the flickering firelight. I pulled my clothes off, putting mine and hers in a pile out of sight behind a rock.

I stood naked before her for a minute, taking in her clear white skin, her long brown hair, and her perfection in a setting as old as mankind. I felt as our primitive ancestors must have felt, secure for the night from the ravening beasts outside. I stepped up to her and kissed her roughly, grabbing a breast and squeezing it. She passionately responded, pulling herself onto me and putting her legs around my waist. I lifted her and slipped my hard dick into her dripping cunt, thrusting wildly and not holding back. My orgasm blew sperm deep into her pussy, pushing Mary Alice into her own. Her cunt milked my cock dry, and she hung from my shoulders, kissing my neck.

I lay her on the blanket, my one concession to comfort, and looked at her. Her hair was wildly disarrayed now, enhancing the cave woman effect. I felt the lust rising within me again, and I bent to suck roughly on her tits. I purposely had neglected to shave that morning, and ran my stubble on her soft skin, scratching her.

I licked down her slightly bulging belly, and dove into her cum dripping muff, the whiskers on my cheeks scraping her inner thighs. I sucked and pulled on her clit, and sucked my sperm out of her pussy. Mary Alice yelled in pleasure, and she pulled my head down hard onto her pussy. Her juice flowed heavily, and I lifted up, crawling up to ram my cock deep into her again.

I fucked her hard and fast, until our breathing came in gasps. She came in an intense convulsion of pleasure, a cave woman clawing her mate’s back wildly as she screamed. I turned her over onto her hands and knees, and fucked her from behind, slamming her wide hips onto me as my urgency increased. Soon I came again inside her, shooting my seed in huge intense spasms.

I lay on my side looking at the fire, and she spooned me. I stroked her flesh, the primitive setting evoking feelings of prossession and protectiveness. I cupped a breast and squeezed it gently. She turned and kissed me, then said “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For this. I’d always dreamed of being a cave girl with a cave man, but I never imagined anything could be like this.”

“No. Thank you. I discovered this place when I was a teenage boy ten years ago, and I’ve always fantasized about making love to a woman here. You’re the only one.” I paused. “And there will never be another one.”

“What do you mean?” Mary Alice turned to face me, her face puzzled in the sputtering light from the fading fire.

“That fulfilling this fantasy once was enough, and bringing another here would lessen the meaning of this moment with you.”

“Oh, how sweet.” She planted her lips on mine, and pushed me onto my back. She rubbed my nipple with her fingers, and pinched it as she nuzzled at my neck and kissed me. Her hand moved down and grasped my soft cock. Slowly stroking it, she let her tongue wander over my body, sucking on my earlobes and licking my balls. My dick thickened and she gently kissed it’s length.

When she was satisfied that I was hard enough, she straddled me, putting her hands on my shoulders. She slid her wet cunt along my shaft, arching her back in pleasure. I reached up and fondled her firm breasts, fascinated by her appearance in the flickering light.

Mary Alice slid far up my belly and my cock popped up into the air behind her. My hands flowed over her wide womanly hips and cupped her firm ass cheeks. My cock throbbed behind her. Mary Alice pushed backwards and my cock slipped into her juicy hole. She let my shoulders go and bent down to kiss me. We kissed long and slow as Mary Alice slowly and gently stroked herself on my cock. I lay still, moving only my hands as I stroked her back and ass. Her breasts pressed into my naked chest.

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