Eylül 30, 2023

The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 03

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Hannah had never realised until her session with Sue and Sarah, the sheer physical triumph jolting her loins. The ecstatic agony rippling through her entire body – her uncontrollable muscular spasms as she thrashed about. After recovering, she had felt fulfilled – possibly for the first time in her life, her body felt worthwhile! She finally knew what it was for and how it could give her peace of mind and bliss. But did it?

Her mind was troubled. She was conscious of her body wanting sex all the time. Her experience had unlocked the passion she felt within. The ache in her loins was a persistent reminder of her need. This wasn’t right. She was guilty of the first of the seven deadly sins. Lust! She knew it! Fortunately, the Church gave her some relief, taking her mind off her dilemma. She would stroll into one of the side chapels of the Cathedral after lunch on some days, to sit in the peace and quiet, trying to rationalise her new-found feelings.

It was on one such occasion, in the gloom of the chapel, that she noticed in the second pew, an old tramp. A down and out. He looked to be asleep. He was bent forward, his head on his folded hands. Hannah wondered if he was ill – there was no movement. Oh dear! If he wasn’t well, she ought to call for some assistance. She approached him, sitting beside him. His coat was ragged and dirty and his shirt badly soiled. His face heavily bearded – unkempt and unclean. It was difficult to tell his age, but he didn’t look very old.

After some moments wondering what to do, she whispered in his ear. ‘Are you alright, sir?’

There was no response from him. So she placed her hand on his thigh to try to attract his attention. The trousers were in the same ragged state as his coat. ‘Can I help you?’ she asked softly. There was still no response. It was then that she noticed his trousers were undone.

His cock was sticking out – a thick, rigid penis. Hannah was mesmerized by the shock. Her knowledge of the penis was limited to those of her husband, Jonathan and, more recently, the vicar. It certainly took her completely by surprise. She suddenly realised that this was to be her penance. This tramp had been sent from heaven, for her to work out her salvation for the sins of the past few weeks. The pale thick shaft was rising from a tousled mass of dark pubic curls. The stench of the genitals of this tramp reached her nose. It was repulsive. Stale perspiration and urine, laced with the pungent odour of his sex. She gagged at the sharpness of it. But yes! She was sure this was to be her punishment – here, in the chapel where she is used to kneel to confess her sins to the almighty. What more appropriate place to atone for them?

Her eyes never left the vision of the hard penis. It was difficult to judge the size of it, hidden Üçyol travesti as it was in a mass of pubic hair. But it looked substantial. She moved her hand across the lap and allowed her fingers to make contact with the stiff shaft. She felt it twitch at her touch. Slowly, Hannah trailed the nails of her fingers down the length of the underside, feeling the contours, studying the tracery of blue veins and the thick channel down the centre of its length, disappearing into the wrinkled sack hanging from the base of it. Although it was unclean and smelt awful, yet there was a majesty about it. A thick rod expecting homage to be paid to its potency – to be worshiped.

So it was that Hannah wrapped her fingers round this paragon of man, slowly moving it up and down, feeling the solid hardness of the shaft under the skin, watching the foreskin reveal the purple polished head before hiding it again. Still the tramp didn’t speak. Didn’t move. She wondered what it was like to be the proud owner of such a piece of manhood. She marveled at its majesty. Her brain was spinning out of control. It just wasn’t rational!

Hannah kept this up for some minutes, concentrating on watching the solid penis. She became aware that her pants were now soaking with her own juices. Those secret, private secretions that Susanna and Sarah so much enjoyed tasting. Her bodily nectar. She knew that the time had come to pay obeisance to this perfection of manhood. It was her duty to succour it. She no longer noticed the foul smell.

Bending her head into the tramp’s lap, Hannah opened her lips, placing them over the head of the stiff upright shaft. She slid it as far into her mouth as was possible, until her lips encountered the rough hair at its base. Being unused to deep throat, Hannah withdrew to the tip, to avoid the gagging on it. Her own loins were now bubbling over – she would need some satisfaction of her own. But first, she knew she had to drink the essence – the spirit of this holy tramp.

Sliding her tongue over the length of the cock, Hannah could feel the tension rising in his groin. She increased the pace, manipulating the base of the shaft with her fingers and thumb adding to the quickening movement of her lips gripping the penis. The man’s loins began to squirm and jerk. A trembling in his belly with a sudden jolt was immediately followed by a jet of warm liquid – with a consistency of honey. Yes! That was it! From the nectar of the flowers of heaven. She was drinking the nectar of heaven! It was delicious. Each of the several spurts filled her cheeks with its warmth and love!

But lifting her head from the lap, Hannah noticed that the shaft remained as stiff as ever. It was now time for it to enter that part of her body designed to accept it. To worship at the altar of her Alanya Travesti private heaven. To remove the devil in her loins – douse the flames of desire. She looked up at the tramp. His eyes were now open, gazing at her with a quiet smile. A beatific smile! But the devil was creating a tumult inside her. She reminded herself that she was guilty of the first of the deadly sins. Lust! This must be vanquished in her. She must have release from this torment. Hannah felt drunk with desire.

‘Come!’ she said. Taking his dirty hand, Hannah led the tramp to the altar rail. Here, she bent over the rail in supplication, lifting her skirt to expose her buttocks to the tramp. Her flimsy knickers were dragged roughly to one side of her vulva. This was it! She gasped as she felt the hard shaft nudge against her opening – oozing with her private nectar. It was immediately thrust between her labia lips, driving deep into her vagina. She was transported into the delirium of joy. She felt the holy spirit enter into her body. She cried out to herself in rapture. Her mouth dried up. The sensation of the holy spirit filling her vagina, caressing it, had Hannah panting – searching for the heights of passion. It went on and on, seemingly for ever. Her spirits soared and took flight. It was so wonderful!

The fight within her raged. Her loins were trembling vehemently. The agony became intense. Until, reaching a crashing juddering climax, which had her teetering on the brink of insanity for what seemed for ever, she was finally released from the pain! Trembling loins and jerking muscles overcame her. Her head blew! She knew something very special had happened to her. It was the first vaginal orgasm Hannah had ever experienced. She had known no other sensation quite like it. She cried out to herself ‘Hallelujah!’ before fainting with ecstacy and relief at the rail of the altar.

Unseen by Hannah, the tramp shuffled out of the cathedral, smiling, though with a bewildered look on his face. He could hardly believe his good fortune. He had gone into the side chapel because he knew it would be empty and he could relieve himself and rest awhile. He usually rested round the back of the churchyard, where it was quiet. But when he got there, he saw a couple – fucking. At the bottom end, round the back, where hardly anyone went. A young couple was fucking in the open – she was bent over, leaning against a tree trunk, with her skirt hanging over her waist, whilst the man had his trousers open, and was thrusting into her like a piston engine, her skirt swaying to the rhythm of the thrusts. She was groaning!

The tramp had stayed to watch the man spray all over the girls ample bottom, before he stole quietly away and into the Cathedral through a side entrance. His cock was hard as a rod of iron, aroused Konyaaltı travesti by the scene he had just witnessed. Gosh! It was a long, long time since he had fucked a woman! And his cock was showing that it was ready for it! The erotic sight had him getting a hard-on of serious proportions! If he slipped into a pew in the side chapel perhaps he could quietly masturbate. Phew!

But no sooner had he sat down, releasing his straining cock, than a young lady came into the chapel. Oh shit! He’d just pretend to be praying. But after a short while he thought she must think he was unwell or something. She came over to him to see. Don’t say anything! But the damn cock won’t go down. She’s asking if he’s alright. Don’t speak! Now she’s touching his thigh. That’s enough to make his cock even harder! Don’t say anything – pretend to be asleep or something.

Oh no! Shit! She’s seen his cock. Well, she could hardy avoid noticing it. Now what? She’ll send for help, surely.

But no! Bloody hell! She’s going down on it! Oh hell… she’s giving it a blow job! What the… Oh, this is too much for the poor tramp to withstand. He’s going to explode. Shoot his spunk into the young lady’s mouth! Urgh! That’s it – too late. A great spasm of pent up tension erupts into her mouth! Such a deluge. Well, it’s been a long time! Phew! She’s looking at him. Smile at her!

What’s she up to? Now she’s leading him to the altar. Lifting her skirt – just like the girl round the back! And his cock is still hard as ever. It’s been a long time! Oh, that’s a great looking arse. Pull the knickers to one side – go on! It’s there for him to take. And what a lovely hairy, juicy fanny. Such a long time since he’s seen one of them! His trousers are still open. Get it in before she changes her mind. Ah! Softly. Push! That – is – so – so – fucking – beautiful! A lovely soft, soaking wet pussy for his stiff cock. How long…?

But his tension starts to rise again after only a few minutes. So quickly. He can’t hold back. Bloody hell! Besides, somebody might come. Quick! Let go! His loins jerk and his thighs tremble. The sperm comes gushing down his cock. There! A loud grunt! Absolutely fantastic! It’s there! Inside her! But get it out quick and get out of here before you’re seen. The miracle is that no-one caught them at it! Well – it is a Cathedral after all – that’s where miracles are supposed to happen, isn’t it?

When Hannah recovered from her reverie, she found herself lying in a crumpled heap before the altar rail. One of the clergy was helping her to her feet, asking if she was feeling alright. Hannah smiled her appreciation.

‘I’m absolutely wonderful, thank you father. I’m absolved.’

The cleric had no idea what she was talking about, but he smiled at her before leaving her sitting in the front pew of the chapel, smiling up at the altar, thanking whoever was responsible for her absolution. She gazed up contentedly at the stained glass window – at the various scenes depicted – one of which was of the woman taken in adultery. Of course, Hannah didn’t recognise it!

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