Eylül 30, 2023

The Two of Us

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Part I – need to recreate

It’s Friday night and I am finally flying down to see you. I wish I could have taken today as well as Monday off, but that just wasn’t possible. Between your work schedule and the things I really needed to take care of at home, flying out on a Friday night was the best possible solution. I just hope that you were able to set things up as I requested.

The flight was uneventful except for the very nice looking man sitting next to me. Since I did dress to hopefully have some fun (skirt that hit around the knees, no panties), I decided to see what would happen if I made a couple of moves. The first thing I did was get up and go to the bathroom. After peeing, I decided to jill myself so that I would be nice and wet and have that wonderful faint aroma of a bitch in heat.

As I got back to my seat (next to the window, of course) I faltered a bit and naturally his hand went up to balance me. Can you tell if a woman is wearing panties from that sort of touch? One thing I didn’t do was to give him a look of ‘how dare you’. If anything, I paused a bit before moving on to my seat. As I sat down, I made sure that the back of my skirt was up so that my bare ass was now directly on the seat. In doing this, my skirt rode up a bit on the top of my thighs and more than bit on the sides. I also parted my legs a bit so that is was lightly touching his left leg with my right leg. He happened to be reading the paper and instead of folding it along the vertical fold, he kept it wide open. If, as I was hoping, he wanted to make a move, he was now blocked from view of the people across the aisle.

To get things moving, I slid my left had somewhat surreptitiously under my skirt and finger tipped my pussy. By now I was sure the whole plane could smell my sexual odor. I closed my eyes and soon, I felt his hand on my other thigh. To encourage him, I moved my right leg more and was now fully engaging his leg in a leg-to-leg rub. As soon as I felt his fingers on my pussy, I removed my own and brought them to my mouth. As is did this, I turned and faced him and winked. That’s all it took and soon he was finger fucking me. I slid my hand to his now bulging cock and rubbed him through the layers of his slacks and shorts.

He soon had me cumming and he wasn’t that far behind. Shortly after that we landed and I was on my way to you with a good story.

As previously arranged, I got my luggage and got a cab to your house. I was already starting to plan how I would enter your bedroom. I given you a call and tell you that I am on my way. I ask you if you are naked and if your cock is getting hard. I tell you that I am very wet and ready for you. When the cab pulls up to your door, I quickly pay him and all but run to it. I quickly enter (as we agreed, you would leave it unlocked) and then securely lock it. I put my suitcase off to the side and started to strip. As I was doing this, I noticed that you had followed the instructions I sent you. Candles were lighting the way to your bedroom.

As I enter, you are lying on your bed, gently stroking your cock. A bottle of wine and 2 glasses are waiting. I quickly pour us each and glass and go over to the bed. Before giving you your glass, I kiss you, softly and tenderly. I tell you how much I have looked forward to this. We toast each other and take a sip of wine and kiss again. I take your glass from you and set both our glasses down and I start to kiss you in earnest. I kiss your eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, neck, and shoulders and go back to your lips. Then I start to kiss my way down your body. I zigzag my way down, from one shoulder to the other, then one nipple to the other. I move lower, my main target is your cock.

As I make my way down to your cock, I keep one hand on your nipples. I am so glad that they are sensitive. Not all men have sensitive nipples. Playing with yours makes your cock harder.

My other hand gently massages your smooth, freshly shaven balls. A gentle caress. Have I told you how much I love to play with your balls? I use the tips of my nails and gently run them all over your balls and up the shaft of your cock as I kiss and lick my way down to them.

As I get closer, I take a detour. I kiss your groin area and circle around. I kiss and lick your upper thigh area, my hair brushing your cock and balls. You moan. You want my mouth on your genitals. I am driving your crazy and you are fidgeting.

“You know,” I say to you, “I should have brought my soft restraints with me. Then what would you have done with your legs splayed and tied down and your arms tied above your head?”

“Just a minute,” you say. You go and get four ties. “Tie me up now.”

Can it be possible? Is your cock getting even harder as I tie your arms and legs down? I hurry as I also notice that some good pre-cum is escaping and landing on your abdomen.

You are in four-point restraint and I return to what I was doing. First, I quickly lick up the pre-cum and keeping it on my tongue and I share it with you.

Leaving Esat travesti your mouth (which is hard to do as I could kiss you for hours), I take the same path as I did earlier and once again suck on your nipples. This time, however, I am straddling you and position my pussy to rest on the shaft of your cock. I reach down between our bodies and make sure your cock is between my labia. I take this time to give your balls a little massage.

After a few minutes of this, I start to once again to kiss and lick my way down to your groin area. I keep one hand busy with your nipples and, as I slowly move my pussy away from your cock and slide down a leg, I move my other hand to your balls and fondle them.

I kiss and lick around your groin area as before, but this time I am quicker. As much as you want me to suck your cock, I also want to suck it. But first, I must take care of your balls. So instead of working from the top of your cock down, I work from your balls up.

I gently take your balls in my mouth and suck on them. One side and then the other and then plant little kisses all over them before sucking on them again. Unfortunately, I must remove my hand from your nipples. However, I do lick my fingers and start to ease my middle finger into your ass. Can you stand it?

I know you can’t and that makes me want to tease you more. I plant little kisses on your groin area again. When I come back around to your balls, I suck them into my mouth briefly and then kiss them and, as something a little different, I kiss my way up the shaft of your cock. No licking, no sucking, just light, gentle, kisses with my lips slightly parted and soft. I spend a few minutes just kissing the shaft of your cock. Because you are once again dripping pre-cum, I do take my tongue and lap it up and this time I don’t share. I want to stay where I am.

You are moaning more insistently. I tease you a bit more and then I suddenly take your cock deep into my mouth. You feel that the head of your cock has touched the back of my throat. I love the taste of your cock and I moan as I suck it and lick it.

I continue to savor your cock and you writhe on the bed. I want you to eat my pussy but I will need to untie your hands to you can use your fingers on me. I swallow you deep again before quickly moving up to untie your hands. Once that is done and move and straddle your head and go back to sucking on your cock.

“Eat my pussy,” I tell you just before I take your cock back into my mouth. “Use your fingers on my pussy and ass.”

First, you pull me down to your mouth and drive me crazy using your tongue and mouth all over my pussy. You don’t settle to one area. You know how hot and turned on this makes me.

“Please!!” I beg you, “suck my clit, tongue my cunt, use your fingers!!! You are driving me crazy!!!”

You just laugh, but you do settle down and thoroughly pleasure my pussy. You suck my clit like it was my nipple, then you use your tongue and explore every mm of my pussy. You start with one finger but finally get 3 fingers in my pussy. With your other hand you play with my ass eventually getting 2 finger is my ass. Not to be out done in that arena, I also maneuver a second finger inside your ass.

I start moaning and moving around on your face. I begin to have some tiny orgasms. I have your remove your fingers from my pussy (don’t you dare remove them from my ass) and start concentrating on my cunt opening. I stiffen and close my legs around your head and release my cum in a big orgasm (like the one I had for you on the phone). Afterwards I continue to have mini orgasms.

Would you now like to fuck my pussy?

So you say you want to fuck my pussy. What about my ass? Would you like to fuck that as well? I’m sure you would.

As much as I dislike doing this, I disengage my mouth from your cock and my pussy from your mouth. I slide down your body and untie your feet. As much fun as it would be to just straddle your cock and impale myself on it, I want to be able to change positions and we can’t do that if you are still tied up.

I flip over onto my back. Missionary is still the best way to start. I like it because once you enter me you can stretch out on me and suck on my tits and then we can hold each other and hug and kiss as you slowly move your cock inside me.

As the passion increases we change to doggy style. This way you can grip my hips and ram your cock deep inside my pussy. Do I want you to do this? You bet I do. It is so very easy to go from slow, languid sex to pure, lustful animal sex. Since we are both so very horny, the switch to animal sex is easy.

“Fuck me!!” I tell you. “Ram that cock deep inside my pussy!!! Spank me!!!”

You have never spanked me, worried that you might hurt me, but I tell you how do it with your hand slightly cupped. The sound is loud, but it hurt like it would with your hand flat.

Your cock goes so deep inside me. It feels so good. I bring my knees closer together and cross my feet at the Kızılay travesti ankles. My pussy feels tighter around your cock. I slowly start to stretch out, taking you with me. In this position, you cockhead hits an area of my pussy that is incredible. It also feels good to you. As we are in this position, you plant kisses on my shoulders, neck and uppe back. A little ploy to slow things down a little, to make it last as long as possible. Then we pick up speed again.

We switch to lying on our sides, facing each other. This scissor position. Good thing your cock is the size it is. This position doesn’t work very well with a short one. While in this position, we not only kiss each other’s mouth, we make minor adjustments and suck on each other’s nipples. I also reach down and massage your balls and you reach down and rub my clit.

“Oh, God, fuck me!!! Fuck me hard and deep!!” My breath is ragged. You turn me on so much.

We switch again. You are on you knees and I am on my back but I raise my hips up. The yoga position known as bridge pose. We lace fingers and you ram your cock deep inside my pussy. Our eyes are open and we look at each other. We are both so very turned on.

A dilemma. Do we cum now or do we want to wait until you are in my ass?

I think I can get you to make a fairly quick recovery and we can do ass play after a shower. In fact, I think that I can get your cock hard again in the shower.

What do you think?

I agree with you. I think we should make ass play totally separate. Besides, there is no reason to do everything right now, I will be here a couple of days.

I lower my hips down and we back to the beginning missionary position. Our finger still laced together, I brace you as the passion increases and also your movements. Faster and faster you go until that most important slow down and deep insertion.

You cum and I cum. My legs wrap around you, we release our fingers, and, while you are still cumming inside me, you lower yourself down and we embrace. We stay this way, kissing and holding each other until you cock slowly slides out of my pussy. We are satisfied.

We cuddle for a few minutes and then we go take a quick shower. By unspoked agreement, we both want to savor the passion we just shared and so will shower and go to bed to sleep and rest up. After we clean each other and dry each other off, we go back to bed and snuggle together. Although this is hard to do, I keep my hands above the sheets and we drift off to sleep, holding each other. I don’t often do this, but you are a special friend to me and it seems natural.

A few hours later, I wake up with you kissing my face, my ears, my neck, shoulders, upper back and your hands are moving over my body.

I start to say something, but you won’t let me. It’s now your turn for control. You continue to kiss me and tease me.

The next morning we get up, refreshed from the previous night’s fun. We take our showers separately, it’s safer this way and get ready for the day ahead.

You have a surprise for me. Before flying down, I told you that I am not a touristy person. I like the non-tourist things. This freaks some people out, but you approve. You tell me that you do have one place you must take me, but other than that we will just go where the sea breeze takes us.

I have my tote packed (I am always prepared for whatever happens) and we get into the car and are off for a day’s adventure. At a certain point you don’t want me to see where we are headed so you ask me to close my eyes. Not a problem for me, I just have to make sure I don’t fall asleep (a problem I have in a moving vehicle).

Just because I am sitting there with my eyes closed doesn’t mean that I am not up to some mischief. I move my hand over to your leg and start rubbing it very gently.

“Are you going to also rub my cock?” you ask.

“I might,” I answer and with that I slide my hand from you leg, up your side to your shoulders and neck. I like playing with you.

You decide to reach over and rub my leg. However, when you do this my skirt rides up. I decide to play it cool and pretend I don’t notice. This is very difficult for me as you well know. In the meantime I move my hand back to your leg. Two can play at that game. So, as you are driving to our first destination, I sit with my eyes closed, my hand on your leg, your hand on my leg. Who will cave first and move their hand to the area of delight?

Me, of course. I so love the feel of your cock even if it is through clothing. I sigh with the pleasure I am feeling from rubbing your cock. Or maybe I am sighing from feeling your hand on my pussy because once I moved my hand over, it didn’t take you long to take the plunge, as it were. Or maybe I am sighing because sitting with my eyes closed and rubbing your cock while you rub my pussy is very satisfying.

“I am sorry to tell you this,” you say, “but we need to straighten up and stop because we are very close to our destination.”

I reluctantly Alsancak travesti remove my hand from your cock. I return to gently massaging the back of your neck. You remove your hand, and adjust my skirt. I don’t open my eyes until you come around and open the car door for me, which, by the way, I find very sexy for a man to do. You help me out and then tell me to open my eyes.

I can’t believe it. You remembered. You are an incredibly sweet man. I get very misty eyed and hug you tightly.

You have brought me to the place that cemented my love of animals – The San Diego Zoo. The last time I was here, I was 5 years old. It was 1957. I rode the big Galapegos tortoises in the Children’s Zoo then. I also remember feeling sad that the animals were caged, but that’s how it was back then. I never expected you to remember.

We stroll through the zoo. I quietly remind you of how I would leave voicemails on your pager when I would go to the Woodland Park Zoo. I would tell you of wonderful little sheltered areas that would be perfect for foreplay. Do you think we could find such spots at this zoo?

I see a place for something very quick. I pull you there and kiss you long and deep. I then quickly lift my blouse and free a breast from the confines of my bra and have you suck. I then pull you up and open your shirt and return the favor. I kiss you again and we continue our stroll.

We go to the creatures of the night exhibit. It is always dark in these exhibits. I keep you behind me. Why? Because that way I can put my hands behind and rub your cock. Being very turned on and a little naughty, I unzip your pants and slide my hand in. I do love the feel of your bare cock in my hand. I am careful not to stroke too much. This is just foreplay.

“How turned on are you right now?” I ask.

You reply, “Very. Are you ready to leave and continue with our day?”

“I am and I can’t wait.”

We find our way out of the zoo and we take off. I don’t care where we go, just as long as there is the possibility of some sort of sex romp. A secluded area on the beach. A place slightly off the road. I am assuming that you have blankets to use. I know that I have brought lube, wipes, and other things in my tote.

As we drive away, there is no more teasing. My hand moves immediately to your zipper and I free your cock. I stroke you until you are hard and then I lean over and lick the head. If you had gone commando, I would have been able to also suck on your balls, but it is difficult to free you that much. While I am sucking on your cock, I slide my hand under my skirt and play with my pussy. When my fingers get nice and slick with my juices, I bring them to your mouth and let your clean them off.

I sit up and just stroke your cock. I pull my skirt way up and have you start rubbing my pussy and finger fucking me. There has got to be a place where we can pull over and you can eat my pussy.

You soon spot the perfect place to pull over. As soon as you come to a stop and set the brake, you get out and come over to my side. I already have the door open, my skirt up around my waist, and my legs parted. I have taken my fingers and spread my labia for you to see how red and juicy my aroused pussy is. You don’t hesitate, you kneel down and dive in. You make me shudder. I try to count how many times I cum, but until the big one, I just lose count. I do drench your face and the cum runs down my pussy to my ass. This will be handy later.

“How do you want me to suck your cock?” I inquire.

You are puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Do you want to trade places with me? Do you want to get back into your seat? Do you want to sit on the hood of the car? How do you want to be when I suck the cum out of your cock?”

Being the naughty man that you are, you tell me, “I will trade places with you and sit on the hood of the car and sit in my own seat while you suck my cock.”

So to start we trade spaces. I kneel in front of you and suck your cock. Since my skirt is still pretty much up around my waist, my ass is exposed to anyone who might walk by. The thought of that turns me on and I shift so my knees are further apart thereby exposing my pussy as well.

I interrupt my devouring of your cock to have you lift your hips up so I can pull your pants down. I want access to your balls and ass. You like your ass played with as much as I do and I am going to do my best to ensure you have some enjoyment there as well.

Look at your balls. So nice and smooth. I lightly lick them with my tongue. Teasing you. I know you want me to take them into my mouth. You will just have to wait. As I tease your balls with my tongue, I slide a the middle finger of one hand along your perineum to your ass and back again. You have some pre-cum oozing out and I take that on my finger and go back to your ass.

“Do you like the idea of me lubricating your asshole with your own lubrication?” I ask you.


With that, I get some more pre-cum on my finger and instead of just rubbing it on your pucker, I slide my finger in. You must be like this because your cock has just jumped. Your asshole is so tight. You need to relax it so I can insert another finger. While I wait for that to happen, I continue to tease your balls with my tongue.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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