Ocak 19, 2021

Big Dick – Highway Restroom Pickup

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Back in the 80’s I was basically a traveling salesman in Ohio. I had worked the day in Canton, Ohio and was headed back into central Ohio, traveling on SR 30. I picked up a 6 pack of beer to enjoy so had to pee after a couple. There was a rest area near the intersection of SR 30 and I 71, so I stopped. It was a warm afternoon, so several people and cars were in the parking lot.

I had to pee bad, so went in and relieved myself for awhile. I noticed a taller guy next to me, kind of trying to look into my urinal, but I didn’t care. So I got done, washed my hands and went back to my car which was right in front of the bathroom. I thought I’d relax a little and read the paper I picked up. So I’m reading the paper when I looked up and see this same guy now standing outside the door, looking in my direction and playing with his dick. This went on for 5 or 10 minutes until this guy approached my vehicle. I had the window down and he asked where a local hotel was. So I told him at the next exit was one. He said he was from Michigan and his name was Tim, later I found out he was married and had two kids, no big deal to me.

Then he says would you like to join me for a drink, for some bahis firmaları unknown reason or cause I was curious about his cock, I said yes. He said I usually don’t give my name, but wrote it on a piece of paper and asked me to give him a few minutes to check in. I did, then went to the motel, found out his room number and knocked on the door. It took a little time for him to answer because he was on the phone with his wife and kids.

So he gets off the phone and we go to the bar, he’s having dinner, I’m having a drink. During the general conversation, he told me that he was bisexual and would like to suck my cock in his motel room, but that if I didn’t that was ok too. I asked him what size dick he had and if he was cut, he said he was 9″ and cut. This raised my curiosity as I’d only been with a couple of guys and certainly no one of that size.

We go back to his room, he smokes a joint and has me lay on his bed. He then undresses me, neatly folding my clothes on a chair, so I’m totally nude with a raging hard on. He strips down to his underwear and asks if he can suck my feet, toes. I think ok weird, but ok, so I let him, didn’t do anything for me, kind of strange.

So kaçak iddaa then he lays in 69 position and asks if I want to suck his cock, I said no, but would play with it, he leaves his underwear on and starts sucking my cock. As far as blow jobs go, wasn’t the greatest, but I was more interested in seeing this 9″ in his underwear. So I tell him to take his underwear off, he does and it is really a nice big dick, with veins showing, nice big balls and a nice bush, otherwise he was clear of body hair.

I just decided I was going to suck his dick and started by licking the head which was letting out some pre cum, no taste really. I just started going down on him and was able to get his whole cock in my mouth, surprised even me. I loved being able to suck the whole length of the 9″, being able to go all the way down and then just sucking while I was all the way down. He had nice sized balls that I wanted to suck on too and did. I put his balls in my mouth one by one sucking each equally. I knew I couldn’t last long before I came, but I kept sucking this enormous beautiful cock, up and down completely all the way to the tip, then all the way till my nose was buried in his crotch hair.

Then kaçak bahis he tells me that he was cumming and where did I want him to cum. I pulled off of sucking and told him to blow it on my chest, which he did just then, nice full streams of white thick cum landing between my nipples and he pulled back putting the rest on my cock.

I was ready to cum too and did, but in his mouth. Then he proceeds to lick his own cum off my chest and dick. Then he asks if he can lick my ass hole, hell yea, go for it. So he starts licking the outside of my ass, then starts penetrating it with his tongue. He could really get his tongue deep inside me, I was impressed. Then he started massaging my prostrate with his finger, got me all hard again.

So still it the 69 position, we went down on each other again, both getting full raging hard on’s. I came again in his mouth, but he couldn’t cum, although he stayed hard while I sucked. Finally my mouth was just too sore and I stopped, but I decided to try and make him cum by jacking him off. It was cool jacking off another guy especially with a cock that big. It didn’t take long till he said he was cumming again. And boy did he, just as much it seemed as the first, cumming all over my hand and I used his cum to make him cum more, felt just as good to me as it did to him. That was it, both completely satisfied and I left, but did hear from him again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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