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Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 06

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“Alright, that concludes PE for today. Clean up the gym and get dressed, we’re already late,” Mr. Schwarz shouted with a stringent voice.

The students of Delfino High cleared out the gym like it was a drill being practiced for the hundredth time. Mr. Schwarz was the kind of PE teacher with a jogging suit. He was quite young for a teacher, around his 30’s. He is a charismatic man and all students respect him.

“Chris, Patrick. Come over here.”

Chris and Patrick were the two outcast students every high school seems to have.

“I’m afraid I have to keep you here for another half hour. Your grades are dropping below E.”

“Come on, no,” said Chris, the chatterbox of the two.

Chris has the biggest mouth amongst all students. He is well known for being a loudmouth without balls. It doesn’t really help that he is also one of the shortest students to walk around. To compensate for his own uncertainty, he wears expressive clothes, most of the time accomplished by a beanie or a baseball cap.

“Oh yes, you better believe it. Unless you want an F on your report?” Mr. Schwarz convinced the two students.

“God damnit, and here I had plans for an online Call of Duty session.”

Opposite to Chris, Patrick is the reserved and silent type of the two. He’s tall, skinny and pimply. He always wears black oversized t-shirts with nerdy messages or phrases on them.

Mr. Schwarz gave the two some coordination exercises. Meanwhile, he was doing some of his own administration. The two poor performing students used the extra exercise to catch up on their digital knowledge:

“Have you checked the DLC for Need for Speed Most Wanted?” Patrick asked Chris.

“Nope, fresh out of MP.”

“I’m gonna format my drive one of these days. I’m almost through my 1 TB.”

“My external is still for sale, you know,” Chris offered Patrick to buy something off him.

“Deleting is easier.”

After half an hour, extra PE-lesson was over for Chris and Patrick. Mr. Schwarz rounded up the day:

“Okay boys, clean up those cones and wipe the floor. I have to leave early for a meeting. See you tomorrow!”

“Right, bye!” Patrick waved.

When the gym was taken care of, Chris and Patrick went to the dressing room. They still chattered on about their computers and their games.

“My brother bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl for his Wii.”

“That game sucks balls. Kiddy trash with all the happy colors,” Chris denigrated.

“How’s your Nvidia Geforce GTX 750?”

“It rocks. I’m currently running GTA V at max res.”


When the boys were putting on their good clothes, the dressing room door slowly screeched open.

“Hey? What are you doing here?” Patrick asked confused.

“You do realize this is a men’s room, right?” Chris added.

“You call yourself men? Show me.”

The two students had no idea what was happening or who entered their dressing room.

“Show? S…show what?” Patrick stuttered.

“You sure you wanna hang with the big boys?” Chris bragged.

“Y’know who I am?”

“Yes. You’re Ashlee…right?” Patrick stuttered on.

“I’m the embodiment of desire,” Ashlee spoke calmly while locking the door behind her.

“Well, Ash-Lee,” said Chris whilst confidently walking towards Ashlee, “if you’re so desiring, then why don’t you st-“

*SMACK!* Sounded the harsh slap in Chris’ face.

“GAAAAAHHHHRRR!” Having his hand on his cheek, Chris grunted in pain while looking with peeling eyes to Ashlee.

Walking forwards with a threatening dead eyed glance, Ashlee forced Chris walking backwards and tripping over his own sportsbag. Biting on her teeth and squinting her eyes in a frighteningly evil way, she knocks down a bench full of gym stuff in a short explosion of rage and insanity.

“You pansies are going to give me infinite pleasure,” she growled with an evil grin.


“Get up, crybaby!”

“I’m sorry, but-” Patrick tried to reason Ashlee.

“What! You complaining?”

In the meantime, Chris struggled up with torn eyes.

“The fuck did you do that for?” Chris stammered while rubbing his cheek.

Ashlee walked to a frozen Patrick and with one yank, she pulled down both his blue sports short and his oversized boxer short.

“Ah?” Patrick yelped while staring down at his member.

“Now isn’t that a cute looking weener?” Ashlee described Patrick’s unshaved 4 inch long prick.

She grabbed it firmly in her hand and used it genç porno to pull Patrick towards her. She lifted up her skirt and slapped Patrick’s limp dick against her snatch.

“Aren’t you going to do anything? Don’t you wanna join this?” Ashlee aimed at Chris.

Chris was too baffled to reply.

“Ooooh, I know someone who’s ready for some action,” Ashlee said provokingly when she felt Patrick’s cock getting bigger and harder.

Patrick was too stunned to even touch Ashlee. His arms hung statically alongside his skinny upper body. In the meantime, Ashlee proceeded to jerk his growing dick. Chris could only watch what Ashlee was doing to his friend.

Knowing that Patrick wasn’t going to do anything, Ashlee undressed herself. Familiarly, she wore a maroon skirt that soundlessly fell on the dressing room’s floor. Not bothering with the buttons of her white blouse, she just pulled it over her head and threw it in Chris’ face with a sly giggle.

Last mentioned stared in fascination at Ashlee’s small, but well proportioned body that was now only covered by thin and seductive underwear, a pair of black knee socks and a pair of colorful sneakers. Her back was decorated with seemingly nonsensical tattooed Chinese letters, her shoulders covered by mixture of infinitely deep black hair and sallow pink highlights, her front side equipped with a navel piercing and two smaller tattoo’s on either of her thighs. With a nonchalant tug, she undid her white bra. Her sturdy B sized cup boobies stood firm, with her tiny pink nipples standing up like proud soldiers.

“You sure you don’t want a piece of this?” Ashlee looked from the corners of her eyes and raised her eyebrows.

She squatted down, clamped her fingers under the glans of Patrick’s cock like she was holding a cigarette and started licking it along its entire length. Her tongue piercing dragged along Patrick’s swollen corpuscle. Feeling how hard Patrick’s cock was getting, Ashlee knocked it on her tongue hanging out of her mouth, smiling with enjoyment.

“I don’t know what I must do,” Patrick apprehensively tried not to upset Ashlee.

“Don’t worry, little bear. Just do as I tell you.”

With full conviction, Ashlee stuffed her mouth with Patrick’s throbbing phallus. He held his breath as he saw his complete dick disappear into Ashlee. She kept the bursting glans of Patrick’s fuckstick marinating in her throat. When she retreated her head from Patrick’s genital zone, Ashlee jerked in furious tempo.

“This is…geez.”

Ashlee’s head bounced back and forth as she was powerfully sucking Patrick’s pole and her hand slid under her sexy white panties to stimulate her knot of pleasure. As stimulated as she got, she couldn’t ignore the spectating Chris standing two meter away from her.

She got up agitatedly and stormed towards Chris, whose cheek now had four thin and reddish welts.

“The fuck are you spying on us, HUH?!”

She managed to grab some of Chris’ short hairs between her fingers and she dragged him by his hair towards a dressing room bench.

“On your knees!” Ashlee yelled at him.

Chris, struck by fear and intimidation, compelled to Ashlee’s stringent orders. She took place on a deep bench, making her able to sprawl.

“Lick my cunt, you worthless piece of shit!”

Ashlee pulled aside her panties so that Chris would be able to do what he was told to. Not exactly conceiving what he was seeing, Chris slowly moved his face towards the target. Ashlee’s pussy has slim and strained lips, with the majora’s graciously folded over the minora’s, characterized by carefully cut triangular pubic hair existing of cute and curly brown hairs.

Again, she yanked Chris’ head towards her lovehole, pulling him straight with his nose into it. He was visibly appalled by the seafoody smell and the sultry sweaty taste of Ashlee’s pussy.

“What’s the matter? Don’t know how to lick a slit?”

“No, I’ve never done th-“

“What fucking good are you then? Open your trap!”

Not having the slightest idea what he was in for, Chris reluctantly opened his mouth.

“You, trollface, over here,” Ashlee commanded referring to Patrick’s t-shirt, “shove that cock in my throat.”

Patrick’s dick slid flawlessly in the back of Ashlee’s mouth. Ashlee moaned through her nose when she felt the relief of her bladder unloading in Chris’ face.

“GAH! RRGG!” Chris’ grunting sounded protesting.

He wasn’t able to retreat his head because Ashlee was still pulling full hd porno his hair. He had no choice but to subject to Ashlee’s twisted desires. The hundreds of sputtering drops forced his eyes to shut tight with an unpleasant grimace.

When Ashlee saw Chris wasn’t drinking her juice, she pushed out high velocity bursts of piss in his face, soaking him from top to toe.

“There you go, retard. In your face!”

After a few powerful shots of girly piss, Ashlee came upright and pulled Chris up by his ears. Like a maniac, she compulsively licked his face clean of her own watery product.

“Now let’s see what you have to offer,” said Ashlee

She pulled Chris’ lower clothing to reveal a long and slim dick that wasn’t activated by any stretch of the imagination. It hung there lifelessly, arrested by feelings of anxiety.

“Useless lowlife,” Ashlee taunted in a degrading way.

She lifted her right knee up the bench while her left leg stood on the ground. Raising her round little butt skywards, Ashlee looked over shoulder to Patrick and his ever raging boner. She made an inviting gesture with her index finger before she sucked on it in a very lascivious way.

“Time to enter my wet grotto, hottie.”

“I…I…don’t know if I can do that,” Patrick spoke doubtfully.

“Just kneel behind my horny little ass and poke it in. That’s all you do, honey.”

Patrick kneeled behind Ashlee and watched her pull her panties aside once more. He saw the surface of her pussy lips gleaming of wetness. Hesitatingly, he aimed the tip of his fully erectile penis at Ashlee’s holy hole. Upon making contact, he shuddered with excitement. Slowly, his dick slid between the slim pussy lips, making the glans disappear. Ashlee’s pink curtains curled compliantly along with Patrick’s staff.

“Oh baby, that hits the spot,” she whispered.

Chris’ curiosity peaked when he saw Patrick laying his hands on Ashlee’s hips. Afraid of yet another falling out, he stayed put and he tried to view the action from where he was standing.

“Go ahead. Take a look at your buddy doing the thing.”

Cautiously, he approached Patrick and looked at his rocketing dick shoving in and out of Ashlee.

“How…does that feel?” He asked curiously.

“Like, uhn, wet and soft,” Patrick gasped in between the fucking.

“Don’t tell me you’re not horny by that sight. Jerk yourself off,” Ashlee demanded Chris to pleasure himself.

Feeling no reaction in his slack cock, Chris slowly pulled his foreskin and focused on Ashlee’s cute butt wiggling back and forth by the bouncing against Patrick’s pelvis. Still, no life occurred in the corpuscles. Although pretending like it’s going to happen any minute, he feels like he’s running out of time.

Ashlee looked back and lost her patience.

“Just what is wrong with you? Get over here.”

Feeling slaved by Ashlee and powerless to do anything, Chris trudged towards Ashlee. His lanky penis swayed about when arrived in front of her. Ashlee was in no mood for dawdling.

“Hocus pocus, abracadabra, I command thee to arise!”

Chris’ head turned red as he experienced the embarrassment of both the refusal of his cock and Ashlee’s weird behavior.

Meanwhile, Patrick did his best in an attempt to please Ashlee. The full extent of his dick didn’t go in despite the fact that Ashlee was well lubricated in her tight crevice. Not knowing what to do, he made short thrusts which made it look quite clumsy, much to Ashlee’s boredom. With a powerful push and a playful squeal, she pressed her soft buttocks harshly against Patrick’s middle.

“What are you turning red for?” Ashlee aimed at Chris.

“I have…I think… I have to piss bad.”

Ashlee’s eyes sparkled up: “want to repay the humiliation? Piss in my mouth.”

“That’s -“

Ashlee’s mouth opened while her head bobbed back and forth playfully. Her hand reached for Chris’ willie. He must’ve held his pee for a long time because it was so eager to burst out, it already squirted uncontrollably before Ashlee could grab hold of it.

“Aaaah, yesss,” she sighed in anticipation.

Her hand steered the strong and clear arc right into the back of her throat. After a few seconds, she couldn’t resist the need to put Chris’ pecker in her mouth while it spurted piss all over.

Upon feeling both the warmth of Ashlee’s mouth and the uric accumulating inside it, Chris slowly tilted his head backwards in pleasure. When his head tilted back, he gangbang porno saw Ashlee’s cheeks were about to explode.

All of a sudden, Ashlee opened her mouth even further than she needed to suck Chris’ dick off, making the abundant amounts of piss stream out of her mouth and pitter over her chin. To her delight, she saw Chris’ cock was increasing in size. The sensation of his own warm liquid gathering around his cock got to him. It was about to erect beyond comprehension. The beam of pee became stronger, thinner, more concentrated and reached over Ashlee’s head.

Ashlee was fascinated by the sight of Chris’ dagger towering on in a fashion she hasn’t seen in a long while. Chris himself could not grasp the hardness of his own member. The extreme thin, long and precise arc of uric demanded no assistance as his 6 inches of reinforced concrete pissed Ashlee right in her face without having to aim. Pumping the waters hands free, Chris rested his hands on his hips and pushed his pelvis forwards.

“Now we’re talking, baby, now we’re talking,” she twinkled while seizing hold of Chris’ rod.

She was in the zone now. Getting banged from behind and getting peed on in front, she could do nothing else but jerk Chris’ spraying staff and watch all the piss rain down on her. Her respiration sped up and she bumped her ass faster and harder against Patrick. Switching between sucking and jerking Chris’ dick, Ashlee watched the last drops of juice leak out of his cock.

With a firm push against Chris’ chest, she unplugged herself from Patrick’s cock and with a reddened head, she got upright.

“Go sit on that bench, right in the piss!” she screeched towards Chris.

Afraid of getting slapped in the face again, Chris quickly plummeted into the bench. His rock hard rod bounced up and down by the impact. Ashlee pulled down her panties and swept her leg over Chris’ lap, facing him with her backside. She aimed his cock upwards and squatted down on it. Ashlee was so wet and worked up, Chris’ cock slipped in without a single sign of resistance.

“Aaaah…uuhhnngg,” he groaned.

“Yeah, YEAH! That cock’s right where it needs to be now!”

Ashlee went shenanigans on Chris’ pole. She grinded back and forth, bumped up and down, rose so high it popped out, clubbed her clit with the slippery fuckstick. It made her forget about Patrick, having to watch idling in place.

“Come here, scumbag!” she bossed over him, “your cock, in my mouth!”

Patrick stepped on the bench and offered his dick at the mercy of Ashlee’s cock-hungry mouth. Her lips curled around the throbbing superficial veins of Patrick’s cock. Her other hand roughed her pink jewel up. The ferocious circular motions her four fingers made drove her into the final stage of sexual arousement.

She wasn’t able to suck on Patrick’s cock properly anymore since all of her concentration channeled into her pleasure knob. Her eyes squinted and she bounced harder up and down. Patrick’s diminishing hard on fell out of Ashlee’s mouth when she focused her view on her heating clit.

“Cummin’…cum…cumminnnn’,” she gibbered in ecstasy.

She grabbed hold of the clothes hangers above the bench. Her pussy clenched Chris’ cock in a final chord before she finished the job manually.

Her buttock cheeks launched off Chris’ waist. She pushed her pelvis forward and emitted a short, but hysterical scream. Her pussy jetted a streak of squirt juice as straight as a drawer, roaring through the entire dressing room. Her piss valve hissed and sizzled by the extensive strength of the fluids rushing through it.

Collapsing under the sheer intensity of her orgasm, Ashlee fell backwards and found herself landing on Chris. Not being aware of it herself, Ashlee’s squirting persisted and did not give in any power. The beautiful twinkling liquids launched straight upwards, hitting the ceiling before abruptly ending.

A deafening silence poured over the dressing room. Chris and Patrick could not believe what they saw. There was so much female ejaculate expelled that their hearts skipped a beat. The panting of the threesome geminated with the periodic sound of drops falling from the damp spot on the ceiling.

“Did that just…happen?” Patrick wondered in great perplexity.

As much as Chris wanted to give answer, he struggled to catch his breath. He laid there exhausted by his first time experience. Ashlee, having so much more experience, was quick to get back on her feet. She bent over to grab her panties and skirt, flashing her well served pussy for the last time.

“Oh my, look at these panties being all drenched in girly cum,” she giggled.

She throws the soaked underwear at Patrick, who in a reflex caught it in his hands.

“Don’t worry, this is nothing compared to what I am used to…”

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