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Alina at the Bar

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story continues the exhibitionist adventures of Alina, a character previously introduced in a story titled ‘Coffee Shop Surprise’. This is a new but slightly related story.

Alina checked that her Bluetooth was firmly in place and stepped into the bar. It was already fairly crowded inside, a busy Friday night. Hip hop music was playing, but not so loud as to discourage conversation – it had more of a pub feel than a dancing club. She’d never been in before, but she’d driven past it often enough to be familiar with its location. She lingered near the door as she made the call.

“I’m here,” she said to the man she knew only as Ethan. He’d never given her a surname, and she’d never asked. The only thing she needed from him was her instructions.

“Good,” said the voice in her ear. “Do you see the high tables and chairs along the back wall? Go sit in one of them.” Alina started for the back corner, the furthest table from view. “No Alina, no hiding in the corner,” said Ethan and Alina quickly glanced around the bar. Was he here, or was he just that intuitive that he knew her instinct was still to hide to as much as possible? She didn’t see him anywhere, but maybe he was in a corner, or behind someone. “Sit in the middle, facing the door.” Alina obediently changed her course and made for the nearest unoccupied table. The chair was high enough that she had to pull herself up with her hands on the seat, and she noticed how shaky her arms were. Her short skirt rode up her thighs as she sat, and she gingerly tugged on the bottom edge to try and pull it down.

A smiling server appeared at her table and Alina ordered herself a gin and tonic. She hoped the alcohol would help steel her nerves for whatever Ethan had in store for her.

“Now, just one drink,” cautioned Ethan, “I want you lucid and aware for this.” Alina felt her face flush and hoped that no one was watching her… yet. “Are you wearing a short little skirt, like I asked?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And are you wearing panties underneath?”

“No, sir.”

“Good girl. Tell me, are you turned on already? Is this exciting you?” Alina blushed harder. She knew she was turned on, she knew if she reached down to touch herself her fingers would come away soaked.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

“I can’t hear you, are you turned on?” Alina cleared her throat.

“Yes, sir. I’m very turned on.” Her drink appeared, the server giving her an odd look. Alina thanked her and nervously began chasing ice cubes around her drink with the straw. She took a large, bracing gulp and set the drink down on the provided coaster.

“Alina, I would like for you to find an attractive man in the crowd, someone with another woman. Do not get up, or talk to him, just maintain eye contact. Anyone you find attractive will do, so long as they are easy to keep in your line of sight.” Alina looked around the bar, scanning the other patrons.

There ilginç porno was a group of young boys sharing a pitcher, but not one of them appeared to have a female companion. Several groups of women were dressed up to the nines, probably on the prowl for a man of their own. There. Sitting at the bar, on the other side of the room, was a tall, well-built guy with a shaved head in conversation with an overly tan and blonde girl sitting next to him. Alina stared, and as if drawn by the power of her gaze, the man looked up. He had icy blue eyes, and she instantly felt uncomfortable under his gaze and looked down at her drink.

“Ok, we exchanged eye contact,” she said, waiting for her next instructions.

“Good, now look at him again.” Alina did. “And while you look at him, I would like for you to slowly pull your skirt up and very lightly begin to trace the outside of your pussy lips with your fingers. Very, very lightly. Do not put them inside.” Alina swallowed, and bit her lip and she slowly slip her hand across her thigh and began to caress her outside lips. She’d just shaved a couple hours before going out, and her folds were soft and silky and so sensitive.

She raised her eyes to the man across the room and found him already looking at her. The blonde girl next to him was chattering away, apparently oblivious as to where his attention was currently directed. Alina continued to gaze at him as she gently rubbed her hand up and down, up and down. The man’s eyes widened, and Alina was fairly certain he knew exactly what she was doing under the table. She felt embarrassed, but also empowered.

“Is it wet?” came Ethan’s voice in her ear. “Is he looking at you?”

“Yes, I’m very wet,” said Alina, feeling the truth of it between her fingers. “He’s looking, I think he knows.” The man was now turned toward his companion, but he kept sneaking sideways glances at Alina.

“Good, now I want you to slowly insert one finger inside yourself. Just one, and do not go past your second knuckle. You may move it in and out as you like but again, do not go past your second knuckle.” Alina angled her arm differently, and titled her pelvis up as she slipped her middle finger into her pussy. It was so incredibly wet that it was hard to stop with just the first half of it inside. She rocked in her chair ever so slightly and wished for more. Her pussy was aching to be filled and she nearly disregarded her orders and slid in a second finger, but some sense of obedience stopped her.

“Are you holding eye contact?” asked Ethan, and she realized that she had been so intent on fingering herself that she had dropped her eyes to the table. She raised them again to the man across the room, who quickly looked away, toward the tan girl, as soon as he saw her looking.

She continued to gaze at him as she moved her middle finger in and out of herself, slowly at first, and then more quickly. He looked back at her again, japon porno staring at her arm moving slightly. She wondered how much he could see in the shadows under the table. She wondered if he was getting turned on.

“Now stop, and pull your finger out.” Alina reluctantly obeyed. “Put it in your mouth and suck on it. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact. How does it taste?” she hesitantly lifted her finger to her mouth. This was new to her. She waited until the man was looking at her again, then stuck her finger in her mouth and began to suck on it. His mouth dropped open slightly and his eyes widened once again.

“It’s slightly salty, but other than that, not much of a taste,” said Alina, surprised. Certainly better than the taste of a man’s cum, she thought.

“Lovely. Now, Alina, you may use two or three fingers inside yourself. Put them in as far as you like, but leave your clit alone. Is he still watching you?”

“Yes, I think his girl is getting jealous.” The blonde was gesturing and talking loudly, clearly trying to redirect the man’s attention back to herself, but the man’s eyes kept looking back at Alina every few seconds.

“Good. Look around, is anyone else watching you?” Alina slid two fingers inside her pussy, moaning lightly as she pushed all the way to the base, and looked at the other customers. Most of them were busy focusing on their own groups of friends, or trying to flirt with other customers. In the far corner, a man nursing a beer was staring at her. When he caught her eye, he wiggled his eyebrow suggestively, and made as if to stand up. Alina quickly turned away, hoping to discourage him.

She continued to work her fingers in and out of her pussy, amazed at the amount of fluid gushing out of her. She was going to leave a wet spot on this chair. Her hips began rocking back and forth as pushed against her fingers as if they were a cock. She looked across the bar again, but to her surprise, the man and the blonde girl were gone. She realized with a start that the bartender was staring at her.

“Yes,” she said. “Two other people.”

“Hey,” said another voice, and Alina turned, aghast, to see the man with the shaved head standing next to her. “You look like you could use a hand.” She stared, uncertain what to say, but unable to stop herself from continuing to wiggle her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Who’s that? Is that the man?” Asked Ethan.

“Yes,” murmured Alina, intending it for Ethan, but the other man heard, and smiled as he sat next to her.

“Hmmm…. Well now, this could be interesting. Do you find him attractive, Alina?”

“Yes,” she said again, quietly. The man put his hand on her thigh.

“Good. Ask him to rub your clit for you,” said Ethan.

“What?!” Alina exclaimed in shock. She couldn’t deny that her clit was aching for attention, and a few good strokes would probably send her over the edge, but how could latin porno she ask a stranger?

“What?” asked the man with the shaved head, looking confused. He stopped rubbing her thigh. “Look, if it’s about that girl, don’t worry about her, I only just met her tonight, and you are so much more… captivating.”

“Ask him, Alina,” commanded Ethan. Alina bit her lip, her face turning even more red as she turned to the man.

“Will you, uh, ” she stammered, and cleared her throat. Be brave, Alina, she thought. She took the man’s hand and placed it between her legs. “Rub my clit,” she breathed into his ear.

“Show him how you like it,” said Ethan, and Alina obliged, guiding the man’s fingers in the tiny circles that she knew send her reeling.

“oh god,” she cried, unable to keep quiet. The man grinned, and continued his movements. Alina slipped her left hand down and gently worked her fingers under the man’s so she could slide them inside herself. “MMMmmm…” she was nearly panting now, her fingers stroking against her g-spot while the man’s trailed the little circles around her most sensitive nub. She looked up and caught the eye of the bartender again. She smiled at his curious stare, feeling beautiful and powerful, to have this effect on men. The waves of sensation were building up and she knew she would cum soon.

“You like that? Is that good for you?” the man next to her was whispering in her ear, as Alina bucked her hips against him, her fingers still busily strumming away inside her pussy. “You’re so wet, baby. That’s so hot.” Alina heard him talking but she barely paid him any attention. She whimpered again. God, she was so close.

“Alina, I want you to cum. But only while you maintain eye contact with someone, do you understand?” Ethan’s voice was insistent in her ear.

“Yes!” said Alina, to Ethan, to the man next to her, to her impending orgasm. The man rubbed her clit faster and Alina held her breath. Oh god oh god…. She raised her eyes to the bartender. He was looking, he was looking, thank god, hold that eye contact, hold it and OH MY GOD! “OOOOHHHhhhh!!!” she cried, her knees smacking against the table as the intense orgasm rolled over her. She saw stars and thought she might black out for a moment before her body went slack and she fell back against the chair.

“Good girl,” Ethan said.

“Wow,” said the man. ‘Hey you want to get out of here?” the bartender was staring at her, slack-jawed and bug-eyed, and Alina grinned, absolutely satisfied. A couple other people around were looking at her too, but only in a mildly curious way that suggested they were only looking for the source of the sounds, with no idea as to the real cause.

“No,” said Alina to the man. “I have to be on my way. Thanks though, you were great.” She tossed a few bills on the table to cover the price of her drink, and stood up, straightening her skirt. She noticed the seat of the chair was wet and glistening, and she felt absurdly proud. She spun away from the man, who was looking shocked, and strode past the equally shocked bartender on her way out.

“Was that good, Alina?”

“Yes, sir.” Alina smiled. She couldn’t wait to see what Ethan had planned for the next time.

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