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Vacation’s End Ch. 03

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When the alarm clock went off, Marilia and I were laying spooned together, my already hard cock pressed up against the crack of her gorgeous ass. I pulled her against me and kissed her neck as she turned off the alarm and gave a deep, happy sigh. As I continued to kiss her, she began slowly rubbing her ass against my cock in slow gyrating motions. I in turn thrust my hips along with her, my cock sliding along the groove between her cheeks in a very pleasing manner.

We lay there for a few moments teasing each other as I debated whether I was going to slide into her pussy or try out her tight little ass. It was a difficult decision… her pussy was one of the best I had ever had, but on the other hand she had told me she wanted me to put it in her ass at some point and I was eager to give it a go.

Before I could make up my mind Marilia rolled over and locked her lips with mine, then whispered, “I think I know what I want for breakfast.” She gave me a playful grin and took my cock in her hand. She firmly stroked me as our lips returned to each other and I took a handful of one her firm, full breasts. I reflected on how they had felt around my cock earlier and my shaft jerked in her hand at the memory. Sensing my excitement, she slid down and began licking the length of my shaft from bottom to top and then back again.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the pillow as her tongue playfully teased my cock, first licking along it like a lollipop, then swirling around and around, making sure she didn’t miss a single spot. Her hand fondled and caressed my balls while her tongue worked its magic. I found myself giving soft moans of approval as her warm tongue was at work. Soon she was teasing the head, swirling her tongue over and around the sensitive ridge. I ran my fingers through her long, silky hair and lay there blissfully imagining what it would be like having her and Sandy both going down on my cock at once.

My fantasizing was suddenly cut short when she slid me into her throat, her tight lips and warm mouth feeling amazingly like her pussy. She gorged herself time and time again, sliding all the way off and then plunging me back between her lips until she was down to the base, the head buried deep in the back of her throat. While she worked on me, her fingers were furiously working her clit and the frequent moaning made it all the better. The feeling of her throat vibrating around my cock was simply amazing.

With the way she was ravaging me with her mouth, there was no possibility of this being a long affair by any means. It wasn’t long before I felt myself ready to explode in her mouth and my body stiffened in anticipation. Without realizing it, I held her head down as far as it would go and shot my load deep into her throat. Thankfully Marilia enjoyed it as she continued to suck and swallow, not missing a drop, and then continued her lip service until my cock was completely limp.

I don’t know how long I lay there savoring the sensation of what she had done to me, but when I finally looked up at her she was grinning from ear to ear, obviously very pleased with herself. Obviously ready for some more fun, she pulled me up and into the shower where I gladly returned the favor.


When we showed up at the hotel restaurant for breakfast, Sandy was already waiting for us. I looked her over and once more couldn’t believe my good fortune. Marilia’s fellow flight attendant, she was about 5’8″, not quite 30, blonde and slender. She had gorgeous blue eyes, full, sensual lips, an awesome derriere and an even better chest. Pretty much she was an American version of Marilia’s Brazilian beauty. Normally I’m not much for blondes, but for Sandy I definitely made an exception.

She caught me checking her out and gave me an “I’m going to get you” smile.

“I was wondering if you two were actually going to make it down here,” she said as we sat down. “I lost count of how many times I heard you going at it last night. Kind of made me with I was in there so I could see what all the fuss was about”

Marilia got a bashful look. “What can I say? He’s good looking and good in bed.”

“So when do I get to show him what a real woman is like?” Sandy asked playfully.

Marilia’s looked over at me and her own smile got even bigger. Looking back at Sandy with an evil gleam in her eye she replied, “That’s what we wanted to ask you.” Sandy’s eyes widened in excitement and Marilia leaned over and whispered in her ear. When she sat back down, Sandy was all smiles. “Even better,” she said.

We ate quickly and headed back to our room as fast as we could. The women were giggling and giddy with anticipation. I simply couldn’t believe that this was really happening. I had never caught a break like this before.

Once in the elevator the two began to kiss and run their hands over each other’s body. I stood back enjoying the show as their lips and tongues mingled, my cock rock hard once more. Sandy was caressing Marilia’s ass, fondling and squeezing her firm ateşli gaziantep escort cheeks. Marilia had one hand on the back of Sandy’s neck and the other under her shirt as she caressed the small of her back while their bodies pressed and rubbed together sensually.

When we reached our floor they continued kissing with Marilia walking backwards and leading Sandy to the room. I was getting the feeling that this was not the first time these two had been together like this. My mind was full of images of the two fo them naked and writhing on the bed, and in the shower, and…

Being the only one not being ravaged with their clothes still on, it was my responsibility to unlock the door while they made out against the wall. I paused for a moment and watched them, Sandy’s hands now working on Marilia’s belt with Marilia’s hands in turn underneath her shirt.

Yes, this was definitely getting good.

Once inside they finally separated and stood there for a moment, arm in arm looking at me. I began to wonder what exactly they were wanting me to do when Marilia giggled and came over to me, her hips swaying softly as she walked. We locked lips again as she ran her hands over my chest and stomach then across my backside. While I got a firm grasp on both of her asscheeks and pulled her against my eager cock, I felt Sandy press herself against my back and begin her own exploration. I could feel her hard nipples poking into my back as she ran her hands down my sides, across my ass and then around between Marilia and I and got an exploratory hold of my stiff cock. She gave me a playful squeeze and whispered “I’m definitely going to have some fun with this,” her warm breath a maddening sensation on my ear.

After a few moments of this while Sandy whispered some of the very explicit things she was going to do to me in my ear, the two of them regretfully separated themselves from me and I was instructed to sit on the bed and watch.

I would have been an idiot not to.

Much to my enjoyment, they resumed their kissing and fondling right where they left off. I watched intently as they explored each other, hands moving across each other’s body in a slow, sensual dance.

Sandy was the first to start removing their clothing, first by slowly lifting Marilia’s shirt over her head. She then looked and smile at me before releasing the clasp of Marilia’s bra and exposing her wonderful mounds once more to my eyes, as well as her own hands. She caressed each one for a moment and then kissed her way down to them, taking an erect nipple into her mouth where she kissed, sucked, nibbled and licked it before moving on to the other one. Through all of this Marilia’s eyes were closed and she had a blissful smile on her face as the other woman toyed with her.

When Sandy had finally finished, she was kneeling before Marilia in what I though was a very suggestive pose. Obviously thinking along the same lines, she began unfastening Marilia’s pants With Marilia’s help she quickly slid them down her long, toned legs and left her standing there in nothing but a slim black thong. Knowing what was coming and anticipating the pleasure it would bring she placed her hand on the back of Sandy’s head and gently guided it forward. Sandy, meanwhile, pulled the tiny bit of fabric down and out of the way before deeply inhaling the scent of her lover’s arousal. My heartbeat quickened as I watched her tongue slide teasingly across Marilia’s swollen lips before slipping it deftly in between. Marilia gasped at the sensation and her knees nearly buckled. She held Sandy’s head to her wet pussy, frequently giving deep sighs of satisfaction. She quickly became even more aroused, her sighs turning to short moans and her body jerking each time Sandy’s tongue darted across her sensitive clit. She was now leaned forward and using Sandy for support as the assault on her pussy continued. As her breathing quickened and she prepared for an explosive orgasm, Sandy suddenly stopped and took her in a hungry embrace, Marilia tasting her own sweet juices on the other woman’s lips and tongue during the long, deep kiss.

After recovering a bit, Marilia realized that her partner was still fully clothed while she was standing there in all of her naked beauty. Kissing Sandy once more, she moved behind her to allow me an unobstructed view of Sandy’s very hot body. Sandy gazed at me with a lustful smile and swayed her hips seductively against Marilia as the other woman slowly and teasingly began to undress her. Inch by inch Marilia slowly lifted her shirt, exposing more and more of the creamy skin of her stomach and eventually the swell of her D cup breasts behind their restraining strapless red lace bra. Marilia fondled her ample bosom through the fabric for a moment before unhooking the clasp and letting the bra fall, spilling Sandy’s voluptuous breasts out in all their glory. As I watched Marilia and Sandy’s hands caress and squeeze them, I couldn’t help but wonder what ateşli gaziantep escort bayan they would feel like in my own hands, in my mouth, and especially around my cock.

Next she slowly removed Sandy’s pants from her hips and long legs, leaving her in a high cut pair of matching red lace panties. I could see the moisture that had already leaked out from her wet pussy as Marilia’s hands teased their way along the inside of her thighs, almost but never quite crossing onto the one place Sandy achingly wanted them to go. After teasing her like this for several minutes as Sandy writhed and whispered into her ear to have some mercy, Marilia turned her around so I could admire Sandy’s perfect round ass as she slid the panties down and parted her cheeks to give me a better view of the smooth shaven mound we were about to enjoy. She then gave her a firm smack on which elicited a pleased sounding gasp from Sandy before beckoning the two of us to follow her to the shower.

I got up and followed them, noting the beautiful contrast between Sandy’s milky white skin and the light brown of Marilia. Not sure if the show was over yet, I stood in the doorway and gazed at those two lovely backsides while they adjusted the water and gave each other short kisses.

Sandy turned towards me and said, “While we’re waiting, I think somebody is a bit overdressed here.” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked me up and down, just in case I didn’t get the point.

When I tried to figure out how I could give them a halfway worthwhile show, Marilia came to my aid. “I think it would be more fun if we got him naked… besides, don’t you want to get your hands all over him?”

“Yes I do,” Sandy replied with a hungry smile. “Among other things.”

They had my clothes off in record time and we found ourselves roving back and forth between each other’s lips while our hands made their own rounds. My hands were busy going between asses and firm breasts with an occasional slip into a wet pussy. Sandy was busy stroking my cock while Marilia fingered herself and randomly fondled parts of us.

Once in the shower we spent who knows how long lathering each other up and giving teasing caresses to very sensitive areas. Since I had given Marilia’s body a lot of attention recently, I devoted much of my sudsing to Sandy’s gorgeous body. I loved the feel of her full tits under my hands as I caressed and fondled them, enjoying every soft inch. I rubbed her hard nipples with my thumbs, occasionally pinching and squeezing them gently. Meanwhile, her hand had yet to leave my stiff cock as she slowly stroked the length of it as her other hand traced its way from my neck down and across my chest, around back and over my ass and up my back before starting again. Marilia stood behind her, kissing the sensitive parts of her neck and running her hands all over her soapy body in a slow, sensual dance.

Seeing how much I was enjoying Sandy’s tits, I heard Marilia whisper “Maybe you should see what he thinks of them around his cock.” Sandy nodded and knelt down, sliding my cock into the soapy valley between her breasts. She rocked herself back and forth, squeezing her tits together along my entire length. She slid up until my cock was barely between them at the bottom and then plunged firmly back down until the head poked out at the top. The feeling was exquisite, and made even more so as I watched Marilia lean against the wall and play with herself. Her finger moved in time with Sandy, sliding out as she went up and then plunging back inside as my cock was buried once more, while the other hand firmly circled her clit.

Hearing Marilia’s soft moans as she buried her finger inside herself, Sandy picked up the pace and force of her plunges and Marilia matched her. She soon had Marilia forcefully fingering herself, moaning loudly now each time her finger was buried knuckle deep. It didn’t take long before she gave a sharp gasp and slid down the wall to a sitting position as a powerful orgasm overtook her.

I was feeling pretty good by this point and was interested in another fantasy of mine, having been admiring Sandy’s full lips for several minutes now. I lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes while I ran my thumb over her lips.

“I’m curious how it would feel between these.”

She licked her lips and replied, “So am I.” Without any teasing at all she wrapped her lips around my shaft and swallowed every inch of my cock. Like Marilia, she apparently had no gag reflex and forcefully deep throated me right from the start. There was no gentle build up as Marilia had done. This woman knew what she wanted, and she wanted it in a hurry. She reached around and firmly grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling my hips towards her each time she went down. I started thrusting to match her and soon I was pulling her head down onto my cock as I slid it upward to be buried deep in the back of her throat. I heard her give a short muffled moan each time her ateşli escort gaziantep lips slammed into the base of my cock and she kept trying to get me to speed up. I, however, was enjoying the feel of my cock in her mouth and wanted it to last for a bit.

Finally she figured this out, although to my dismay she pulled herself off of me and sat back to catch her breath. “I think it’s time for the foreplay to be over,” she said with a lusty grin. In one smooth motion she stood up and guided my cock into her warm, wet pussy. Although not nearly as tight as Marilia, this woman had a pussy to be proud of. We stood there, arms in arm and lips locked together while we slammed hard into each other over and over again. Marilia stood pressed against her, matching Sandy’s rhythm and pushing Sandy with her body so that we came together even more forcefully each time, almost as if she was trying to ravage me through her. “Doesn’t he feel good?” I heard her whisper fiercely into Sandy’s ear.

Even over the heat of the water cascading off of us I could feel the warmth of Sandy’s juices as they coursed from her pussy, over my cock, and down our legs as we repeatedly slammed our hips together. I lifted one of her legs up to my side to get a better angle into her which made her break our kiss and bite into my shoulder with the sensation of it and savagely grunting each time I slammed deep inside her.

Before long I felt her pussy tighten and she grabbed a hold of my ass, working her hips in rapid series of short, jerking thrusts as an orgasm coursed through her. This, naturally, sent me over the edge and I exploded inside of her with a groan of pure satisfaction.

Sandy, however, wasn’t finished and Marilia knew it. As I pulled my shrinking member back Marilia took over with her fingers furiously working Sandy’s clit, bringing her to a second and third orgasm within minutes. “I think its time we go out and really get this started,” she said.

After we hurriedly toweled each other off, Sandy wasted no time in lying on her back on the bed while Marilia got on top of her in the 69 position. I watched their mouths work on each other’s sopping wet pussy as I stroked my already stiffening member. There was no doubt in my mind that the sight to the two gorgeous women furiously tonguing each other towards climax that helped me to recover so quickly. Seeing Marilia’s lovely ass towards me, I put my other hand on one of her cheeks and enjoyed the feel of its firmness. As she licked and nibbled hungrily at Sandy, I worked my hand towards the cleft between her cheeks and began rubbing my thumb around the edge of her puckered sphincter. Her moans increased in intensity when I did this, which in turn made Sandy moan louder and harder as Marilia’s mouth, lips, and tongue vibrated against her clit and pussy. The pleasure the two got out of it was such a vicious cycle that I wiggled the tip of my thumb into her hole and rapidly worked it in and out.

This made her practically scream with delight.

I worked my thumb harder and rubbed my now erect cock along her crack, moving it closer and closer to her sweet pussy. As the head neared, I felt Sandy’s fingers guide me downward so that I was teasing her waiting hole and would enter her on my next thrust. Not needing any more encouragement, I buried myself as deep inside of her as I could in one forceful thrust. Sandy must have had her near an orgasm because I felt her already tight pussy clamp down around me, squirting a fair amount of her juices out. I reared back and slid into her again, pleasantly surprised to feel Sandy’s mouth and tongue along my cock as she licked Marilia’s and probably quite a bit of her juices off of it.

As I buried my self in Marilia’s tight hole over and over again, I realized how truly lucky I was to be watching her ass cheeks quiver slightly as I slammed my hips against her, my balls slapping against her clit while another beautiful woman squealed with delight and gobbled at both her pussy and my cock. As I reflected on this, I grasped both sides of her hips and started pounding harder into her. As I picked up the pace Sandy began having trouble keeping up with the amount of juice that was almost gushing out of Marilia with each thrust. I heard her sputter a time or two and then she was trying to reposition herself. Marilia sensed this from the wiggling underneath her and lifted herself up to allow Sandy to move. At the same time, she was now free to rock her hips back against me each time I slid into her. We got ourselves in a rhythm while Sandy repositioned herself in front of Marilia’s expert mouth and gave herself a front row seat to watch me rail her from behind. While they worked at this I got my thumb nicely lubed up with her juices and began fully working it in and out of her tight asshole like a miniature cock, which she loved.

Apparently Marilia had a much better angle on her now because she didn’t get to watch us slam into each other very long before her she clenched up from a whole-body orgasm. She wasn’t the only one benefiting from a better angle, either. In our new position I was able to get deeper into Marilia’s pussy and the head of my cock rubbed perfectly across her sensitive spot on every thrust. As we went on and the intensity of her moans increased, even muffled as they were in Sandy’s crotch, I briefly wondered when someone was going to come pounding on the door at all of the noise.

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