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Mart 18, 2023

Movie Night with a Friend

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It was a warm summers night and my husband was again on another work trip. I was lonely and had asked a male friend from work around to watch a movie with me. My friend had a great sense of humor and we got along well at work, there was always some friendly flirting going on too. Plus, I thought he was quite attractive, with broad shoulders and strong legs. I knew he kept fit.

He came around after tea, he had a fitness class after work and wanted to shower and eat before he came over. When he arrived he had on a tight t-shirt with a pair of shorts.

We exchanged some friendly chat as I got him a beer, a wine for myself and closed the blinds ready to watch the movie. I was still in my work clothes, not normally what I would be wearing at home after work. I like to relax and be more free in my pajamas and so now that we were ready to start and it was darker in the room, I asked him if I could change. He said sure and said if he was home he would do the same.

So I quickly went to my bedroom to put on my normal pajamas for a summers night. A pair of loose short shorts and a tight black singlet, no bra. I looked at myself in the mirror before I left the room, my singlet clearly outlined my large breasts and my nipples pushed at the material.

I secretly wanted to see if he would react to seeing them like this. I have always been excited about the thought of showing off my breasts to someone other than my husband. Tonight was my first chance to see what that felt like.

As I approached the lounge room though I became shy and did not want to be obvious about showing them off. So I folded my arms across my chest and walked in behind the couch. I quickly sat down next to him on the couch with my wine and started the movie, keeping his focus forward for now.

My own focus was on the movie too, hoping I had chosen at least a funny one to kill time. Though as the movie progressed I started to wonder if he had noticed what I was wearing. I started to occasionally look over at him, checking to see if he was trying to look at my chest. There was nothing at first, but then about halfway through the movie I looked over and caught him looking down. His eyes staring at my healthy breasts like a prize, so focused for that moment he did not notice me looking at him too. I felt a small tingle of excitement between my legs from his attention.

I looked back to the movie as to not discourage him, but thought I should encourage him with a better view. So I slowly started to turn my body to face him, shifting my hips and shoulders in his direction. This allowed my breasts to hang towards him, my nipples growing harder at the thought of showing them off more.

I kept watching the movie for a bit more but I felt his gaze upon my chest. I looked over at him again and found him still looking, but now he had turned his body to look at me more clearly now. I gave him a look of “do you like” and started to look him over. As I looked down his body I noticed his shorts, they were lifting up at the center. A tent shape was being pushed up in the middle of his shorts. It made me blush with the realization I was turning him on.

We made eye contact for a moment and he blushed instantly from being caught and looked away, back to the movie and quickly adjusting his shorts. I looked back to the movie too but not thinking about it, my mind was racing with thoughts of what we were doing. I was becoming really turned on by his reaction to seeing my breasts and catching someone looking sancak escort at them. I thought maybe I should not stop at this, it was becoming excited and daring at the thought.

Filled with some adrenaline and a naughty excitement, I thought at least I wanted him to expose my breasts and touch them, and at that point, I could stop him calling it a tease. I didn’t think I would go all the way with him at this point, just a fun flirt and touch.

I thought the best way to get him to touch me was to touch him first. So I shifted my body a bit closer, just in reach of his body, all the while still watching the movie. Then I started by just resting my hand next to his hips on the couch, while I looked over at him again. He was watching me too, looking me up and down but trying not to make much eye contact. And with him watching I lifted my hand up onto his shorts, just at the side of where I thought his cock was hiding. He jumped a little as I touched him, I don’t think he was expecting anything like this tonight.

We were both just looking down at his shorts now, the martial around his cock started to move as it grew from my touch. I started to slowly move my hand across his shorts, searching for his cock. I wanted to find it and feel it grow hard in my hand.

I did not have to move it far when I felt his length at my fingertips. It was starting to get hard as I placed my whole hand over it, resting my palm over the length. My fingers wrapping around it through his shorts, as he lifted his hips towards my hand at the feeling of forbidden contact. His cock going hard in my hand, as I feel its length and thickness. I felt a rush of blood between my legs, my pussy growing wet at the experience and my nipples hard with excitement.

Touching him first had the desired effect almost immediately. As I held his cock in my hand, he raised one of his hands up to my shoulder and started to pull at my singlet strap. He started slowly pulling it down my shoulder and then my arm, my heart was racing now, he was going to slowly expose my breast. As he pulled the strap down further I slowly squeezed harder at his cock as my body filled with lust.

The lower the strap went the more of my breast was exposed, his eyes now fixed at the lowering martial. As my nipple came closer to the edge of the martial he slowed, letting my nipple come under pressure from the martial being pulled tight. Then as it moved lower my nipple flicked free into the open air. As it flicked free I gave a little jump of pleasure. He continued to pull the strap down all the way to fully expose my round plump breast and as my breast came free he looked up at me and gave me a look of approval.

It felt so naughty to have my breast exposed in such a way by just a friend. And I could feel from his cock the appreciation of how it looked to him. I shifted my hips with the growing heat between my legs, I could feel my shorts becoming a little wet from my pussy. And then he did it.

I was not sure what was happening at first, I was not ready for it but only knew I wanted it. When I looked down I found him with his hand cupping my breast, feeling the weight of it and his tongue licking at my nipple. I let out a little moan of pleasure at the contact, I could not handle the sensation without making a sound. I just sat there in shock and pleasure, just letting us both enjoy the moment.

I still had my hand on his cock so I returned sarıyer escort the favor and started to rub his cock up and down through his shorts. Feeling it pulse as I move my hand towards the tip of his cock. At the same time, he quickly exposed my second breast and had started to suck on it, With his other hand pinching and playing with my other nipple and breast.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes just wanting to enjoy the sensations, letting myself go under his touch. With my eyes closed, I felt one of his hands slowly move down my body. It slowly ran down over my shorts and between my legs. His firm hand then covered my pussy over my shorts. I am sure he could feel a growing excitement down there.

He started to rub and put pressure on my pussy with his fingertips, feeling my lips through the martial. His fingers did circles around my clitoris and pushed at my hole. All while he still licked and sucked at my breasts and nipples.

Then his fingers slowly found a way around the side of my shorts and he started running them underneath. I could now feel how wet I had become as his fingers slipped easily between my pussy lips, rubbing up and down over my clitoris. I kept my eyes closed as a second moan escaped my mouth.

This was the first time I realized I was in trouble, I could not stop myself from scumming to my lust now. I was going to let him do whatever his wants, it felt too good.

Then it all stopped. His hand pulled free from my shorts and his lips releasing from my breast. I opened my eyes to see what was going on and found him standing up but leaning over my hips. And before I could work out what was going on, his hands returned to my body. He grabbed at the sides of my shorts. Oh, my god, he was going to make me nude. With a firm grip on my shorts and my legs already a little spread he pulled them clean off in one quick movement, my hips moving down the couch as he pulled.

I was now laying down fully exposed on my couch, my breasts already exposed but now my pussy bare and my legs left open. I just let it happen, being carried away with the moment and desire to be pleasured.

He threw my shorts on the ground next to him as he dropped to his knees between my legs. Grabbing my knees with his hands and spreading my legs wide with them. His gaze focused on my now truly wet pussy, my pussy lips spread wide from his fingers earlier. He lent in with his body and moved his hands up between my legs, both of them just resting either side of my pussy. Then as he moved his mouth up to my pussy I put my head back again and closed my eyes and waited for his touch.

His tongue made the first contact. Just lightly at first, directly on the hood of my clitoris. My hips jumped at the sensation and I let out a small gasp as he continued. The second contact was more direct, it was his lips kissing deeply over my clitoris with his tongue pushing more onto it. Then he started to lick his tongue up and down my lips, over them and between them. Probing at the opening of my vagina, I let out soft moans of pleasure, moving my hips up and around at each lick. Bolts of pleasure ran through my body, as brought one of my hands up to a breast to squeeze it. Enjoying the attention more and more.

As he worked more on my clitoris, I started to moan more, not sure how much longer I could last. Pushing my hips, thrusting them at his tongue, wanting him to eat my pussy more and more. I wanted him sefaköy escort to make me cum, it was overpowering.

But then when I thought I could not take much more before cumming he stopped. I think he could tell I was getting close. He stood up and looked me over as he put his own hands on the side of his own shorts and pushed them to the floor. His erect cock flicking free from his shorts, pre-cum at the tip showing how turned on he was. And then he lent over and took me by the hand, helping me stand. My body was pulsating with pleasure, my mind a blur of lust, my pussy wet from my own juices and his licking. Then he led me by the hand down to my own bedroom.

He walked me right up to the end of my bed and turned me to face it. Then as he stood behind me I felt his hard cock rest between my bum cheeks, his body right up behind mine. He lifted up and off my singlet, and then with one hand on my hip and the other on my back he suggested for me to bend over. I did so, as I now wanted to feel his hard cock inside of me. I was desperate to cum.

At first, he just rested his cock under me, resting the length of his cock along the length of my pussy. He just moved it back and forth in little movements, the head of his cock just teasing at my clit and pussy. And when I thought he might push inside of me he would pull back. His teasing cock was driving me crazy.

Little by little more of his cock entered me, my pussy slowly taking to the size of it. Then when I thought he might not go all the way he pushed it in hard. Filling my pussy with his hard cock. I let out a loud moan this time, it felt so good to have him go so deep inside of me. He just paused deep inside of me while we both enjoyed the sensation.

He held me by the hips and started to slowly thrust his hard cock in and out of my pussy. Each push and pull felt amazing, my pussy milking that cock. As he fucked me from behind he reached around with one of his hands and started to rub my clitoris. I was biting my lip with ecstasy, my pussy throbbing with pleasure. Then he started to fuck me harder and faster. I was getting close to cumming again with his hard cock inside of me and his fingers rubbing me.

Then only after a short amount of time I could not stop myself, I came hard with his cock pushed deep inside of me. Letting out a long pleasured moan, bent over my own bed, my legs spread and shaking from the orgasm. My hips pushing back on his cock as a wave of pleasure washed over me. He was not far behind me, I felt him tighten up and his thrusts getting faster. I don’t think he could handle my pussy tighten around him when I came.

With a final deep push into me, I could feel his cock unload its cum inside of me. It throbbed deep inside of my pussy. As he finished he paused with his cock deep inside of me, letting both of our bodies recover from our hard orgasms.

Then after a long pause, he pulled out of me and took a step back. Slightly out of breath he mentions he has had a vasectomy but I was enjoying myself too much and it had not crossed my mind. He took one of his hands and cupped my pussy from behind, feeling how wet it was and giving it one last touch before he walked out of the bedroom.

I stood up and I gathered myself, found my singlet and went to the bathroom to clean myself up. His cum dripping from my used pussy just as I made it to the toilet.

I walked back out to the lounge room bare bottomed but relaxed about what I showed him now. Though I was surprised to find him fully dressed and holding out my shorts, though with a big smile. I take the shorts from him saying thanks and start pulling them on. He collected his keys and quickly finishes his beer, saying thanks for the movie, that I was an amazing fuck. Mentioning that maybe we should not talk about this again. And with that, he left me home alone again.

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