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Mart 18, 2023

Mother Knows Best Pt. 03

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The rest of the day was more or less uneventful. We did house chores for awhile. Just a normal day like any other house. Well, except that Mom kept my husband naked all day. And erect. If he slacked at all, she’d stroke his cock a bit, or put her mouth on it. They had gotten to the point where they weren’t shy about that at all. Sometimes she’d tell me to run my nails under the bottom of his shaft. For some reason, she seemed to like seeing that.

The Sun had come out and we decided to go out to the pool and tan for a while. I stayed nude, but she put on a very tiny high side bikini bottom saying she wanted to enhance the tan lines highlighting her bush. I was jealous of her. At nearly twice my age, her body was almost better than mine. Her breasts perfect, her waist narrow and thighs lean and mean. Somehow her face and hair looked at least ten years younger than her forty years.

She laid that spectacular body back on the lounge chair and promptly directed my Husband to apply tanning oil to both of us. She wanted to watch him oil me down and asked him to make a show of it which he did, his hands lingering longer than necessary on my naked but slightly furry mound as he caressed … err oiled it. He worked from above me as he oiled my breasts letting his jutting cock hang over my face before moving to her to perform that same kind of show. Once done, she instructed him to oil himself while we watched.

“Mom, tonight … you said I wouldn’t be there. Why?”

“Oh, that’s just our rules. Only members and their special guest for the evening. Once a year we have a more open meeting where others can attend, but this one will be private.”

“So, why private? From what you’ve told me it wont be anything I haven’t seen already.”

“No. But I haven’t told you everything. And I won’t. You’ll just have to trust me. Remember, Mother knows best.”

“OK, geezes. I though we were past secrets.”

“Not even close Courtney. Not even close. You’ll find out more soon, but maybe not everything, ever.”

“So what do I do all night?”

“Like the song says … Imagine. Think about all those women you’ve never met fondling your husband’s cock. Imagine what it’s like for him to stay at home while you and I let men do what they want to us. Imagine what’s it’s like for your Father to know what we do while he waits at home for me.”

” I see.”

“Well, there is one other thing you’ll be busy with.”

“What’s that?”

“Angie will be coming over with her fiancee’.”

“Fiancee’? What have I missed?”

“Not too much. OK, a lot. It’s kind of an arranged thing, but she was in on it all along. They’d started dating so he’s her type and all, but things moved on after a while.”

She went on to explain some of the story, but didn’t get into a lot of detail, only that everyone was happy. But she let on that my younger sister had been trained more than I had been. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but was assured I’d find out soon. I didn’t realize ‘soon’ would begin tonight.

‘”She and Ryan have been given very detailed instructions about tonight and I expect you to do whatever they say. Whatever she says comes straight from me, so don’t question her.”

This was beginning to sound ominous and I expressed my concerns.

“Don’t worry, just do what she says. EVERYTHING she says.”

“Mom, I’m not sure what you mean, but I’m not doing stuff with my sister.”

“Nothing like that, no. Nothing you and I haven’t done. But just remember that she is in charge tonight. And don’t be distracted from thinking about your Husband being naked in a room full of women.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to forget that.”

“Good. Now I have to go and get dressed and ready to go. You two go back inside so you don’t get sunburned. Get a shower, but stay naked until I get back.”

About an hour later she came out of her room and was stunning as usual. Dressed more appropriate for her age than on some of our dates, but still overtly sensual.

Handing my husband a hanger she instructed otele gelen escort him to put the garment on. This was basically a simple jumpsuit he could step into, and out of. It had no fasteners down the front, leaving it open from the neck to the crotch. As long as he stood straight up, it covered him like any other jumpsuit, but any other move would open the front of it.

“Now you, let’s go into your room.” She opened my drawers and picked out a pair of white stockings and a white lace garter belt. Then to my shoe closet where she selected a pair of white stiletto heels. Then to another cabinet with accessories and picked out a white lace choker.

“Put these things on” and she waited as I did so.

“What else?”

“Nothing. Now follow me back to the living room.”

“Mom, I can’t be dressed like this when Angie and Ryan get here.”

“Of course you can. And you will be. They’ll be expecting it.”

“Mom, this is ridiculous. I’m not having sex with my sister.”

“You’ll be fine. Remember, Mother knows best. We’re all about to move to the next phase and this is just the first step.”

With that she grabbed her keys and my husband’s cock leading him to the door and leaving me standing there dressed (barely) like some sort of virginal bride, waiting for who knows what.


This women’s club was meeting at a member’s house each month and this month it was at the home of a local politician, part of the reason for the secrecy and the lack of non-members. In the living room, the women waited for their guest for the evening. Each was dressed as glamorously as my Mother and they milled around having snacks and drinks like any other high end social club. They walked in together, she still leading him by the cock. She then removed the jumpsuit. He was now fully nude in a room of women in cocktail dresses and gowns.

Small talk continued as the hostess approached. There were a few words exchanged before she reached down and examined his erect cock with both hands.

“I think he’ll do fine” she commented as she placed a white collar with attached black bow tie around his neck, then directed him to circulate among the guests carrying a tray of drinks.

He was not to react, no matter what the guests did or said. Nearly every woman touched him as he passed, most caressing his cock and balls or just running their hands up his chest. One woman insisted her turn around and she made no secret of putting her well manicured fingernails between his asscheeks, making a point of using her left hand ring finger until her wedding ring almost disappeared.

“This is going to be a wonderful night” she almost hissed.


Back at home, I waited nervously. I couldn’t believe Mom was doing this. I had come to trust her completely, but now I was beginning to wonder. The doorbell rang. My heart stopped. I almost couldn’t make it to the door as I was nearly frozen in fear of what might happen.

My younger sister and her fiancee’ entered as I opened the door, neither one commenting or seemingly even noticing my attire. They handed me their jackets and a bottle of wine telling me to open it and bring them each a glass of it.

Ryan was dressed as most guys did. Nothing unusual. Angie was dressed sexy, but not extreme. A black leather miniskirt and halter top showed off her tanned legs and chest. Leather high heels finished the outfit. A bit too much leather for my tastes, but not bad.

“So, what did Mom tell you about tonight?”

“Just to play along and do whatever you say.”

“Good. Let’s just talk for a while. You can tell me some of the things you’ve done with her.”

I wasn’t really up for this, but I played along. It seemed I was the only one aware of my nakedness. For the next hour, nothing really happened. It was jut like almost any other times we’d gotten together. Well, except for the insistence on telling her about my sexual exploits on dates with our mother.

“What do you think your Husband pendik escort is doing right now?”

Somehow I’d almost forgotten about that.


He had now been examined by every woman in the club. Most just used their hands. Some had kissed his cockhead. One had taken his shaft into her mouth. My Mom had taken part to an extent, but was more interested in him serving the others.

All of this was told to me after they returned the next day.

They related how natural it all seemed, that he was the focus of their attentions and they he really wasn’t nervous at all.

Two of the women had told him to remove their dresses as he took liberties with his hands. The rest of them watched as he fondled them and fumbled with the garments. One told my Mother he would require more training in that area before his next visit. But he eventually succeeded and they were now in their lingerie. In keeping with the theme however, their intimates remained covered. A third woman only wanted him to run his hands under her gown and explore her, but not remove anything.

Then the special request came. The one that was a bit different from previous meetings that generally left the sex to the after party. There had been some notable exceptions in previous years, so no boundaries were broken. The request? They wanted to see him fuck his mother in law. They didn’t want it to last long and ruin things, just to know that he did it. They wanted him to raise her dress, remove her panties and insert his cock into her in front of them all, but they didn’t want her to undress.

He complied, lifting her hemline and running his hand up her legs. In this position he was leaned over enough that the one lady who had been fixated on his ass was prompted to move so she could get a better view of it.

He knew she didn’t normally wear panties, so he was surprised to find any. She explained later that she expected this and put them on for show. But what he found wasn’t really panties, rather a very brief G-string. The other women gasped as he drew it down her legs and off over her shoes. She leaned back and parted her legs as his hands returned, raising her dress as he moved into position. The ladies watched intently and they could see in her eyes the moment he entered her. They only wanted to see a few strokes and called for him to pull out. When he complied, they could all see her glistening on him. One ran her hand over it, put her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. Another put her lips directly on his cock and tasted what was left.

The evening was ending and the selection was made as to who he would spend the night with. Turns out it would be the ass lady who made a gesture of thrusting with her hips that he didn’t understand. Until later.

Mother, left aroused but unsatisfied was invited to the house of one of the others.


It had been almost two hours now since Angie and Ryan had arrived, but little more than talk had taken place. They had watched me walk around a few times, but there had been no contact or implications there would be. Hell, even I had almost forgotten how naked I was.

That all changed when she suddenly asked him if he thought is was time to get started and he agreed. She directed us all to stand up and move towards each other. She reached out and cupped both of my breasts with her hands, then ran them down my sides to my hips.

“Your turn Sis, do the same to me, but you’ll have to remove my top and skirt first.”

I really didn’t want to but figured that with everything else that had gone on recently there wasn’t much reason not to.

The hater top was held by a single clasp and the skirt by a zipper down the front. Both were on the floor quickly leaving her naked with the exception of what could only be called a body harness. Her nipples were as erect as mine and her breasts were fuller than mine, but just as firm and high. She had trimmed her pubic hair to the classic landing strip style, emphasized by rus escort her jet black hair.

My hands moved to do as hers had, cupping her breasts and caressing her sides and hips. I was fondling my younger sister’s breasts and body. It felt wrong, but right at the same time.

She then directed me to remove Ryan’s clothes. That took only a few seconds longer as he also wore nothing under his tshirt and jeans. Once unleashed by the tight fitting pants, his cock began to grow with the help of my sister’s hand.

“Join me, put your hand on it too and let’s see how big we can get it.”

It was impressive to be sure, but I wondered which of us would be sampling it. That question was answered sooner than expected, but in an unexpected manner

She moved around behind me and got close. So close her breasts pressed into my back to the point I could feel the hardware on the harness. She put her arms around me from behind, again cupping my breasts. Again she moved them down my sides, but didn’t stop at my hips as before, continuing until they were between my legs at my opening. It felt wonderful, but also creepy in a way. This was my sister feeling, me after I had been told we wouldn’t need to be getting sexual.

“Well, Ryan, what do you think? Would you like to fuck my sister?”


“Courtney, ” she mewled directly into my ear, “Do you want my Fiancee’s cock in here?” emphasizing where she meant with her probing hands. At this point, I wanted a cock and I wasn’t sure I cared whose.

“Oh yes”, I replied, “I do,” without realizing the significance of those two words considering the lingerie I was almost wearing.

“Good girl”, now lay back on the couch and open your legs for him. I did as asked and he took his position between my legs. He stroked his head on my lips a few times before beginning to push in. I was soaked and ready. A little at a time due to the size, but he was finally in and starting the in and out motion as I moaned and welcomed him. It was then I realized she was beside me. He pulled out of me and moved to her. A few strokes deep into my sister and he was back pushing in to me. Every few strokes he would switch between us, fucking both sisters side by side.

While not uncommon for me to be taken while my Mother was beside me with man in her, this was the first time one man had alternated between me and whoever was beside me. I kind of hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

He was back in her and thrusting deep and staying there longer this time instead of coming back to me. When he indicated he wouldn’t last much longer, Angie told him to unload it in me. I didn’t have time to react before he pushed into me again and in just a stroke or to, I felt his gush. He stayed for a moment and then withdrew. As I started to get up to go clean it out, she stopped me saying ‘keep it inside for a while. I want to know it’s there.”

“I’m not interested in getting pregnant Angie.”

‘You won’t. He’s been clipped. I just want to know that my fiancee’s come is in my sister’s cunt for a while. Another one of Mom’s ideas, buy the way.”

“Really? Why?”

“She’ll explain later. Let’s get some sleep now, we have a busy day tomorrow.”

Tomorrow was already here. I hadn’t realized it, but it was almost 3AM. I’d been naked all day and most of the night and it felt good to get some rest under the covers.

A phone call woke me up. Mom wanted me to come and get her, but didn’t explain why. Once back in my car she started to tell me the story of the evening and said we had to go and get my husband, that he had spent the night somewhere else. As we got to the address, he waiting outside with a woman Mom’s age in a full open mouth kiss, one hand firmly grasping his ass.

‘So, how was he?” Mom asked the lady.

“Wonderful. Couldn’t have been better for a first time.”

“No problems?”

“None at all. He might be a little sore for the rest of the day, but he’ll be fine.”

Nothing more was said as we headed home.

Once back at the house, there was a bit of small talk and we discussed some of what had happened, but there was clearly something being left unsaid.

‘Did you have her hold it inside her like I told you to?’ she suddenly asked Angie.

“Yes Mother. It worked out fine too.”

“Good girls.”

“Now take Bill and tend to him for the day, Courtney and I have some shopping to do.”

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