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Mart 18, 2023

Morning Haze

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Morning haze. It was about 5AM, the crack of dawn, and the fog outside was dense. I was sitting in a little diner almost the breadth of the United States away from my home. I was away for a work trip. I drove out there; what a shitty idea. But while I was brooding about that, I noticed something that got my spirits up a little: there was a cute-as-hell blonde sitting on the other end of the room. She looked kind of familiar. She was wearing simple business attire: a white blouse, a long black skirt – very classy – and black pumps and stockings. Her hair was in a neat bun, sexy librarian-style. As you can guess, I got a little caught up in checking her out, because next thing I know she was looking right at me. I turned to pretend I was looking at something else, but she’d have to be an idiot not to catch me. How embarrassing. After a minute or two, I chanced another glance at her. She was still staring right at me.

I quickly turned away again, but at that moment I realized: I did know this girl. Her name was Marissa, and she was my sister’s friend from college. I hadn’t seen her in about two years. What the hell was she doing all the way out here? I was certain that my sister was going to get a text about how her mid-20s brother was still acting like a horny teenager, ogling women in a diner. But that’s not what happened.

Another minute passed with me staring at my coffee before I felt someone brush against my back. I think most people would just assume it was an accident, but I guess I was a little on edge, because I turned to look. Marissa was walking out, her head turned to look at me, but this time I could tell she wasn’t disgusted with me. As far as I was concerned, the look Marissa gave me only meant one thing.

I threw down a few bills and got up to follow her out of the diner. She didn’t say a word, but she looked back şişli escort to make sure I was following her, which reassured me that I wasn’t accidentally stalking her. It would’ve been easy for her to get away in the fog, anyway. This girl was about 5’4 or 5’5, I’m guessing, about 7 inches shorter than me, and she had a very nice, round ass. She led me through the parking lot to a huge white SUV, back windows tinted, parked with the front facing a concrete wall. She opened the back door and gestured for me to get in.

I won’t lie, I felt nervous about getting in a car with her; I didn’t know her that well. We only met a few times, so I mostly recognized her from Facebook pictures she tagged my sister in. In fact, it was pretty stupid to get in, in retrospect. Can you blame me? A girl like that is my kryptonite. I found myself sitting in the backseat of the SUV with Marissa unbuttoning my pants. I chuckled. “You’re all business, huh?” She put a finger over my lips to shut me up, still busy with my pants. Soon, the moment of triumph: she fished out my cock.. Her hand got maybe three fourths of the way around it, and I was still soft. I’m about nine inches hard, which I’m sure was a pleasant surprise for Marissa. She looked at it for a second, and then right into my eyes with this little smirk and a cocked eyebrow. For some reason, I found that really hot, but I didn’t have time to think about it because she shoved her tongue in my mouth.

Marissa pushed me back against the far door while we were kissing, and as soon as I was in position, she bent down and started sucking my cock. I was still pretty soft; big dicks take time to get going. I knew immediately that she wasn’t very experienced, but she was tried to suck it like a hungry slut. She slurped on it and let her spit dribble all over me, sucking hard, trying taksim escort to take it deep, but failing – she gagged with it about 6 inches in, the dick coming alive in her mouth and touching the back of her throat. She pulled it out and coughed. I swear I could see her eyes tearing up. Like a champ, she immediately went back for it, planting kisses up my shaft and massaging my balls.

I was pretty hard by then, so she sat up and started making out with me again. She unbuttoned her blouse while we were kissing and, grabbing my hands, placed them on her tits. She had a black, lace bra on, maybe C cups? As soon as the bra came off I buried my face in her chest. I was groping one of her tits with my hand while kissing the nipple on the other. I swirled my tongue around her little pink areola before feathering the nipple itself, rapidly but softly flicking my tongue across it. That drove her crazy. She grabbed my head and held it tight against her chest, while also arching her back. She was trying to be quiet, I think, in case anyone walked by the car, but a few gasps got away from her anyway. I nibbled on her bare, pale skin, digging my teeth into her breast, which surprised her so much her whole body jolted, but she only held me tighter.

Marissa let me play with her tits for a few minutes, but after that it was on to the real deal. She pulled off her skirt and panties and kicked off her heels, leaving her in just a pair of black stockings and her open blouse. She straddled me, took a deep breath, and guided my dick into her soaked pussy. I watched her expression as she slowly descended: first astonishment, then pain, then pure, quivering pleasure. She had her hands on my shoulders to brace herself, but about halfway down my shaft she slipped. Marissa yelped as my cock plunged inside her. She clung to me, topkapı escort arms around my shoulders, head against my chest, breathing hard. “You okay?” I asked her. She just nodded.

I let her do the work at first. She clutched me and kissed me deeply as she fucked me in my lap. My enormous cock didn’t even get halfway out of her pussy with each repetition, but even so, the effort left her breathless and sweaty. She was quiet, but the force with which she was grabbing me told me nearly everything I wanted to know. Some staccato gasps signaled that she was either cumming or close, and at that point, I decided to take over. I grabbed her by the ass and started bouncing her on my cock, which drove her nuts. I easily bottomed out in her pussy, not to mention stretching it out; my shaft pressed against her inner walls from every angle. She was too out of breath to keep kissing me, so I kissed, bit, and sucked on her neck. She came again quite easily when I started doing that.

We were both drenched in sweat by the time I came. I warned her that I was about to cum, thinking she’d dismount and swallow it, but she drove her pussy down hard on my cock and forced me to ejaculate inside her. I spurted like Old Faithful inside her while she quivered around my cock, probably having another orgasm.

After that, the car was incredibly warm and smelled overwhelmingly like sex. I was already thinking about round two when she handed me a business card. “give me yours,” she said, “and call me whenever you’re in town. Use the office number, not the cell. I need to be on the road already, so get your pants on and hop out.” I admired her directness so I gave her my card, said goodbye, and left. As she drove away, I realized two things: first, I needed to change my shirt, because it was covered in our sweat, and at the very bottom there was some of her pussy juice(you can tell by the smell). Second, the name on the card was Fiona *****, not Marissa ********. I’m an idiot, but at least I’m a sexually satisfied idiot. So that’s the story of how I fucked a random, hot stranger in her SUV. A++++, would do again(and I probably will).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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