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Mart 18, 2023

More than Convenience Ch. 02

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Discovering a happy ending

Jennifer shared how Doctor Love’s Practice is a convenient part of her unattached lifestyle in her previous story. Her executive role in the cosmetics industry left little time for personal relationships. Jennifer has another session at the Practice but a desire for one of Maddisyn’s wicked massages was just as exciting as more therapy with Doctor Love.

Today’s session at the Practice was often on my mind while in the States last week. Even the excitement of a perfume launch for the North American market couldn’t keep it from my thoughts. Normally it was the image of Doctor Love’s therapy that entertained my mind. But it was Maddisyn’s massage that excited me as I self-pleasured in my hotel suites at night. Her last massage was delightfully arousing as always, leaving me wanting more. Discovering she provided intimate massages is what really turned me on. I only wish I knew to ask.

The Practice is an exclusive medical centre for women known as Guests. It’s luxurious and caters to discerning women, many with sensitive personal needs. A renovated double-story terrace house in the prestigious Park Crescent area, it’s known for its historic buildings rather than establishments providing intimate services. The Practice is furnished with period furniture and furnishings and feels more like my second home. I adore the exquisite facilities and being pampered and it’s so conveniently located just a brisk walk from my apartment.

So much of my busy life is built around convenience. I like it that way. The apartment is on the edge of the city centre and a leisurely walk to the office. It’s only minutes to Queens Parade with its coffee shops, restaurants and boutique shopping. The large park opposite has lovely trails to run and a 24-hour gym is on the ground floor of the apartments. My work and keeping fit and healthy are my passions.

I started modelling for Desire Cosmetics and progressed to being their national sales and marketing manager. I’ve worked hard for what I’ve achieved. In my early 40’s, I’m also proud that I could still be a cover girl. It helps if you’re attractive in my work. It’s exciting and glamorous working in the beauty and fashion industry. You get to travel and meet so many fascinating people. There’s no room in my busy lifestyle for a serious relationship. It just wouldn’t be convenient.

I’ve chosen a career rather than the personal commitment and emotional attachment that come with a partner. A girl does need a bit of fun and I wasn’t entirely happy with satisfying my own needs. It’s more exciting sharing don’t you think? One-night stands weren’t worth the risk or effort. The intimate void in my life was starting to affect me both personally and professionally. I contacted the Practice and started treatment with Doctor Love. I’ve been a regular Guest ever since.

Doctor Love has been wonderful and his counselling helped me cope with the lack of intimacy. I soon discovered another service the Practice provides for the pleasure of women. Doctor Love’s sexual therapy had instant appeal, blending easily into my busy life and he was rather good looking for an older man. The Practice and Doctor Love’s therapy are now another convenient part of my life. Scheduling today’s appointment was the first thing I did when I returned from my trip.

I slowed to a gentle walk as I approached the Practice’s wrought-iron fence. I suddenly became aware of my higher than normal heart beat and my mouth felt unusually dry. I did some stretching, using the time to recover but my pulse wouldn’t return to normal. The thought of seeing Maddisyn and images of her intimate massage had me trembling with anticipation. I entered the ornate wrought-iron gate and took in a deep, calming breath before pressing the doorbell.

I hadn’t been so anxious since my first visit to the Practice. ‘Hello Jennifer, Maddisyn greeted with a lovely smile that always welcomed me. How was the walk?’

‘Lovely but it’s a lot colder than the States at the moment,’ I replied, hoping my nervousness wasn’t showing while taking off my backpack.

‘You’re shivering. I’ve got the fire going,’ she said accompanying me into the Sitting Room.

Little did she know I was trembling with the thought of what may unfold. Having a massage didn’t concerned me. I knew Maddisyn’s technique well and she knew my body intimately. Models are used to being topless. Feeling more comfortable about not wearing panties, I suggested it last time. That was before learning how intimate she could be! Some Guests were obviously enjoying something more. I smiled to myself at the image of my naked body under her arousing touch. While my body begged, my mind had difficulty with how to ask.

‘Some of the Guests have mentioned the bottle of Wicked you left for them. How did the launch go?’ She asked.

‘Great and the sales are above forecast. It should help with promoting to our local market,’ I answered, the distraction and Maddisyn’s lovely smile restoring tesettürlü escort some calmness.

Marketing was a common interest. We both studied business management and her previous work in beauty and day spas was also connected with mine in cosmetics. Maddisyn managed the Practice but we’ve become more like friends over the last six months.

Maddisyn’s an attractive brunette with shoulder length hair. She’s in her mid-20’s with a tall and athletic build that comes with youth and her interest in Yoga and running. Our passion for fitness was another interest we shared. We just seemed to get on well together.

One of my songs from the mix Maddisyn had prepared was playing as we moved into the Sitting Room. It was Cyndi Lauper’s Girls just want to have fun. How appropriate, smiling to myself as a I gazed at the fire glowing in the white marble fireplace.

I love the Sitting Room. I’ve enjoyed a few wines or coffees in front of the fireplace or the bay window with its spectacular view of the park with its large trees and sweeping lawns. The period furniture and furnishings are beautiful. So more elegant and comfortable than any waiting room.

‘Would you like anything before you see Doctor Love?’ She offered with her infectious smile.

‘May I have a red by the fire and then maybe one of your massages?’ I replied, surprisingly holding my nerve as I sat on one of the two luxurious couches in front of the fireplace.

‘Certainly, I’ll bring it to you and then get things ready.’

I gazed at the flames devouring a half-eaten log and took in the fragrance of the freshly cut flowers on the side table. Enjoying Maddisyn’s company and the music softly playing, my concerns and anxiety were now a fading memory. It felt nice to be back at the Practice. Maddisyn soon returned with a glass of my favourite Shiraz and a selection of chocolate slices on a silver tray and placed it on the coffee table in front of me.

‘Thank you,’ I grinned feeling relaxed, comforted by the warmth of the fire and the cosy ambiance of the Sitting Room.

‘I made sure I had some chocolate. I know how much you love it with your red,’ Maddisyn smiled.

I smiled back in appreciation. ‘You think of everything. You must know all my vices by now?’

‘You’d be surprised, she softly laughed. I’ll get changed while you enjoy the drink,’ she added with a demure smile.

Maddisyn was always elegantly dressed and groomed. The Practice is that sort of place. She was wearing a soft pink open neck blouse under a short black jacket and matching mid-thigh skirt. Maddisyn’s long, toned and silky-smooth legs looked amazing in the short skirt and high-heels. Certainly not clothing for massaging. She kept her change of clothing upstairs where Doctor Love lived.

I wouldn’t be surprised if something was going on with Doctor Love and Maddisyn. There was a lot about Doctor Love to get excited about. He has a toned and athletic looking body for a man in his late 50s. What Guest wouldn’t melt under his sensual gaze while enjoying that gorgeous smile? His sexual therapy is wonderful and it helps if your sex therapist is charming and handsome. I wanted great sex with no strings attached, definitely not a relationship to manage. Doctor Love satisfies that need perfectly.

A beautifully Guest Lounge was off the Sitting Room with ensuite facilities where Guests could get changed and freshen up before seeing Doctor Love. There’s a spa bath set in a wrap-around window with a lovely view of a private garden and a separate massage room. Maddisyn’s a massage therapist and it’s so convenient, working on my occasional running aches and pains. I was looking forward to her satisfying a much different aching need.

The chocolate was heavenly and I sat sipping the wine while watching the flames licking the logs in the fireplace. Images of previous massages came to mind as my focus turned to today’s session. No other therapist had aroused me as much as Maddisyn’s caressing hands. Her touch was sensual, arousing and heavenly, my neglected pussy jealously throbbing to be massaged. I found myself increasing uttering stifled moans of frustration into the face cradle. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Maddisyn knew how aroused she made me.

Doctor Love mentioned how wonderful Maddisyn’s intimate massages were during our last sexual therapy. The image of Maddisyn fingers replacing his as he caressed between my legs sent a gush of fluid that left my panties sodden. It was what my body had been begging for during so many of her massages. His suggestion that I only had to ask had played on my mind but even after a week I wasn’t sure how to. A woman has never been that intimate with me before.

Maddisyn soon came back down the stairs wearing black shorts, matching shoe-string singlet and white sports shoes. She looked full of energy and cute with her shoulder length hair of soft curls tied back in a ponytail, swinging freely türbanlı escort and her youthful round breasts bouncing as she came down the stairs.

‘Ready for your massage?’ Enthusiastically smiling as she made her way to the Guest Lounge.

‘Yes, looking forward to it,’ sharing her energy and leaping up from the couch to grab my backpack.

The delicate fragrance of an aromatherapy candle was wonderful as we entered the massage room. Maddisyn placed a cotton towel on the massage table and left me to get undressed with no instructions necessary.

I stripped out of my clothing and placed them in my backpack. Glancing at my mound with its light wispy curls in the mirror, I was happy with the look. I liked to keep neat for Doctor Love and it only needed a little trim and shave last night. The luxurious cotton felt sensuous against my breasts as I settled on the table and tried to relax.

There was a gentle knock at the door and Maddisyn entered. ‘Happy with no panties then?’ She commented with a hint of approval.

‘Don’t want them getting in the way of anything,’ I answered and then realised the unintended and subtle innuendo.

My comment drew a small smile. Maddisyn placed another plush cotton towel over my back and legs and I turned my head to the side as she got things ready. She dimmed the light slightly and turned on relaxing background music before pouring scented massage oil into a small bowl. My heartbeat became more noticeable and I felt my pussy moisten as I watched in anticipation.

‘What sort of massage would you like?’ Maddisyn softly inquired.

‘I don’t feel any soreness. Maybe just something . . . relaxing?’ I answered, not entirely honest.

Maddisyn placed a small pillow under my head and I started to relax, taking in the aroma of the candle and massage oil while the soft music played. I watched Maddisyn in the wall mirror as she lowered the towel to the top of my cheeks. She placed her fingers in the bowl and my body tingled with the sensation of her fingers drizzling warm oil over my back and arms. Using a feather-like touch, her hands glided up my back, shoulders and arms before returning for several more tours. I gave a contented sigh as my body surrendered to the pleasure of her wondrous hands.

Slightly increasing the depth of her caress with every sweep, her soft voice stirred me from my dreamy thoughts. ‘How does that feel?’

‘Sensational,’ I answered in a long drawn out sigh and feeling my nipples hardening against the soft cotton covering the table.

My eyes fluttered closed and my body began to melt as Maddisyn’s fingers worked their magic. She applied a little more pressure around my shoulders, spine and lower back with sensual sweeps of my upper body between each area of attention. It was unlike any massage Maddisyn had given me before. Her young smooth oil-soaked fingers not constrained to relieving aches and pains. My contented purrs drifted across the pillow with the feeling of her hands gliding in carefree exploration of my lifeless body.

Maddisyn removed the towel and an arousing heat engulfed my body as I lay naked under her gaze. She moved to the end of the table and my pussy throbbed with the thought of the view between my parted thighs. Oil dropped from her fingers along my legs and backside and then between my cheeks where it trickled down over my pussy. Maddisyn treated my legs and backside with the same sensual waltz that pleasured my back.

Ooh . . . that feels so good,’ I sighed, enjoying her feather-like fingers, gliding hands and caressing touch sweeping up my legs and over my cheeks.

‘No panties to worry about,’ she softly laughed without the slightest hint of embarrassment as her fingers caressed tantalising close to my pussy.

‘Oh . . . yeah,’ I softly moaned with the sensation of her caress of my cheeks parting and closing my pussy lips.

‘Could you lift your knee to the side for me?’ She asked while guiding one knee into position.

I was conscious how incredibly wet I was and my parted legs fully exposed my intimate flesh to Maddisyn’s gaze as she applied oil to my cheek and inner thigh. The sensation was mind-blowingly erotic as I succumbed to her caressing hands and fingers lingering a few moments longer beneath my pussy.

‘Hu, hu, hu,’ I gasped as her fingertips grazed my pussy lips.

‘Sorry, a little too close,’ she apologised.

‘It’s fine. Just . . . unexpected,’ I answered, instantly admonishing myself for not taking the chance to ask her to satisfy my raging pussy.

I gave a sigh of disappointment as Maddisyn continued with her delightful sweeping hands. I felt my pussy weeping at the missed opportunity and my erect nipples rubbing against the towel. She straightened my leg and repeated the positioning of the other knee. The cheek enjoyed the same arousing treatment and I found myself silently willing her fingers to caress up against my pussy again.

‘I’ll tüyap escort be more careful this time,’ she assured.

I drew in a calming breath. ‘I didn’t mind. I thing I’d like a little pussy massage,’ I moaned while lifting my face to the mirror to see her knowing reflected smile.

‘I wondered how long it would take you to ask,’ she said grinning into the mirror.

‘You knew?’ I smiled.

‘The scent of arousal is almost as sweet as Wicked, your new perfume,’ she said, her eyes not leaving mine.

‘I wasn’t sure how to ask,’ I admitted, feeling relieved.

‘Just ask for one of my wicked massages and I’ll know what you mean,’ causing us to softly laugh at the connection with the perfume.

Maddisyn grabbed a circular pillow and placed it under my hips. My breath fell silent and my pulse raced as I gazed at her working some more scented massage oil into her smooth hands and long slender fingers.

‘Open your legs more for me. Just relax and don’t forget to breath,’ she softly instructed.

‘Oh . . . God, I’ve been dreaming about this all week,’ I sighed as her soft and warm caressing hands between my legs sent a shiver through my body.

‘Well, let’s make that dream come true,’ she laughed, almost to herself.

I softly gasped and twitched involuntarily with the first touch of her fingertip gliding along the moist furrow of my intimate opening.

Maddisyn lifted her gaze to mine. ‘You are wet,’ she breathed.

Maddisyn used the same sensual technique of trailing her finger tips over my inner thighs, intimate mound and cheeks. Each caress of my pussy causing me to tremble and to draw deep quivering breaths through my mouth until gradually her arousing touch felt so natural.

‘Okay, you can turn over now, she instructed. Take it easy getting up.’

‘Wonderful,’ I muttered in a massage induced haze full of mixed emotions.

Maddisyn positioned the circular pillow under my hips. ‘Open your legs and place the sole of your feet together.’

‘Butterfly pose,’ I managed to announce with every nerve of my body aroused as she drizzled oil over my breasts, mound and thighs.

Maddisyn trailed her finger tips over my inner thighs, mound, toned stomach and breasts before returning for further sweeps of my highly aroused body. Her caress of my pussy and breasts became an increasing focus of her attention. My nipples and pussy throbbed under her sensual touch.

I rolled my lower lip inwards, biting down to stifle my moans of pleasure as Maddisyn’s fingertips finally explored my pussy as if committing every fold, curve and contour to memory.

‘That feels so nice,’ I sighed.

Maddisyn repeated the occasional sweeps of my whole body only to be drawn back to my moist opening and aroused bud. I began moaning and panting as a climax built only to be left bereft as her hands continued on with another sweep. Her fingers continued to revisit my pussy while cupping a breast, teasing and arousing before her torturous fingers continued on their caressing journey.

I wet my lips, trying to relieve my dry mouth as my pussy and breasts finally became Maddisyn’s sole attention. Her smooth hands glided over my breasts lightly pushing into the yielding flesh as she caressed my parted pussy lips with the pads of her thumbs gliding over the pooled wetness. The combination of teasing fingers rolling my nipples and massaging my pussy was almost too pleasurable to endure.

‘God, I need a cock,’ I gasped, losing control of the need that raged within me.

‘You’ll need Doctor Love for that. I can give you a happy ending if you like?’ She smiled.

‘Happy ending?’ I muttered, my body in a wonderful place and unable to think it through.

‘Would you like to cum for me?’ She softly asked.

What Maddisyn was suggesting suddenly dawned on me. I lowered a hand and teased my sensitive bud while Maddisyn caressed my pussy and rolled a nipple. The image of her oil-soaked fingers pleasuring my pussy excited my mind as we played. My hand then drifted to cover the back of her hand and met no resistance as I guided two of her long slender fingers into my pussy.

‘Ooh . . . yeah. Work that pussy Maddi,’ I softly moaned as she massaged, her skilled fingers stroking slow and deep.

Suddenly she drew a whimper from me as her thumb caressed my swollen clitoris. The wet sound of her fingers filled the room as Maddisyn explored my sensitive internal flesh.

‘How does that feel?’ The soft purr of enjoyment evident in her voice.

‘Wonderful. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. Make me cum, please,’ I begged.

I felt a third finger working its way inside me and Maddisyn began strumming my clitoris with her free hand. My backside was squirming wildly with the afflicted pleasure. The extra friction pushed me to the edge and then the freefall I so desperately needed. I flung my head back with eyes closed and mouth wide open, back arched and gasping for air as my whole body began to quiver.

‘Oh, yes! That’s it! Don’t stop! I’m cuming!’ I cried as waves of pleasure surged through my body.

I collapsed on the table, breathing heavily while Maddisyn caressed between my legs and then extending her gliding hands over my body. She finally draped the towel between my legs and lightly rubbed my mound and thighs to absorb the fluid and massage oil.

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