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Mart 18, 2023

Mischief Managed

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My name is… Seamus, yes, Seamus works for this. I work for a company that produces films, generally middle of the road films, mostly good B flicks, but recently we have had a run of really popular movies that have caused us to become more prominent in the industry. Other than a nice salary bump we got the news that each department was growing.

I work in the Writing department, so this wasn’t a huge issue. Writers are usually stacked due to seniority, it takes a lot for anyone new to jump to the top so I felt pretty safe when three ‘kids’ walked in and grabbed the 3 cubicles that were available. To be completely honest I felt rather smug in my office looking out at these new kids on the block with their punk outfits and oversized glasses.

The one negative about the company I work for is its rather outdated attitude towards fun, the Christmas parties are impressive from the outside, but on the inside its low alcohol beer, as little wine as the powers that be can get their hands on and typically savouries and club sandwiches. Fraternizing in the work place is a huge no-no. Honestly, if I was caught with my hand down the front of anyone’s dress, even if it was after hours… I’m pretty sure I would be out on my ass.

This problem reached epic proportions when I wandered into the IT Department a few weeks after the new hires were brought on. I had been to this floor many times as my job relies on a computer and… I’m not the most IT savvy person in the company. I got shunted from cubicle to cubicle by the whizz kids until I ended up in the corner of the department looking down on one of the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

Fine elvish features, porcelain skin, framed by brunette hair and then when she looked up, the largest green eyes I have ever seen, behind normal sized glasses. This is one of those moments in old films when the girl swoons… but I wasn’t a girl and I swear there was no swooning, just stuttering and probably a small amount of drooling. She smiled and my heart exploded and… other parts prepared to explode. “Hello, I’m Mira,” she said, her smile not dropping at all.

Once I had my tongue under control and the little hearts had stopped flying around my head I was able to explain my issue. Her face screwed up in an adorable show of consternation and confusion. üsküdar escort Then she stood up and said, “Let’s head down and I’ll see what I can do.” I had frozen. Now for a little info about me, I’m 6’5″ and while I’m not expecting overweight, I’m not ripped, there is some cushioning.

Now, while I’m rather tall, my preference in a partner is that she is short. Mira had just stood up and I would put her at all of 5’perfect”, which translates to all of 5 foot nothing. She led me through the cubicles to the stairwell. Mira was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt with the Federation symbol on her left breast, without thinking I said, “Is it safe to be a red shirt on an away mission?” She looked at me, then looked down and burst out laughing.

Brilliant! Geek humour. When she had calmed down she looked at me with that look on her face which is just too damn adorable. “We could swap… but that you wouldn’t have a shirt and that wouldn’t be fair… for you. I’ll tell you what, set Phaser’s to stun and let’s hope Scotty is quick on the teleporter,” she said. I was sold, I don’t know about anyone else, but short geek girl’s?

That’s my red kryptonite right there. We stood looking at each other in one of those, ‘are we going to kiss’ moments and just as we started to move forwards, the door opened behind us. Fucking annoying colleagues! She gave a little cough and was as red as her t-shirt and then gave me a shy little smile, “Level 8?” she said quietly.

I just nodded, then realised I worked on level 10… level 8 was the maintenance floor, with nothing but air conditioning units and spare servers. Which someone from IT would know.

I followed behind my little Away Team Leader until we walked through the door to level 8 and she was on me. Kissing and dragging me towards one of the spare sever rooms. “We did… maintenance… on this one… a week ago… no one should come in for a month,” she said while undoing my jeans. She reached up to take off her glasses but my hand shot out and stopped her, “Leave them on,” I said.

She smiled and tugged her jean’s down, revealing the most glorious geek girl panties ever. Rather damp black boy cut panties, then when she noticed me looking at them she gave me a shy smile and yenibosna escort rolled over, revealing ‘Mischief Managed?’ across the back of them. She looked at me over her shoulder and bit her lower lip, which had me pushing her panties down and plunging head first into her wetness.

She gave a little squeak and spread her legs further as my tongue started flicking across her clit as she pushed back against me moaning. I guess my computer problems weren’t going to be the only reason I visited the IT Department. Mira was pushing back against me and her thighs were wet and we were both loving it until, “While I’m…. wow… exceptionally fond… of your… Pac Man… impression… how about you show me… your… fuck… wand skills,” so I detached my lips for her clip and help her hips as she looked over her shoulder again, biting her lip looking at me while I had her juices dripping down my chin.

She got up on her knees and while she still had her back to me flicked her tongue across my chin and into my mouth before kissing me as hard as she could. That was me, I grabbed her by the hips and lifted her until I was rubbing my cock against her entrance, she pulled away from my lips and looked up at me asking, “Wingarduim Leviosa?” then reaching down she spread her lips apart, “Swish,” and I slid inside and she moaned, “Flick” as she started rubbing her clit.

“Geronimo” I managed to say, barely above a grunt as I started pumping in and out of her, while holding her up. Her left hand pushed against the wall, while her right hand flew over her clit and I pumped in and out of her as hard as I could. “Use… the… force Luke,” she moaned and I changed my position slightly to hit her g-spot and she all but screamed as her orgasm smashed into her, her hand slid down the wall and I lowered her to the ground, “Don’t stop,” she managed to pant out, between moans. So when she was on her knees she thrust her ass towards me and I started thrusting in and out of her again.

I reached out and took a handful of her short brown hair and pulled her head back. “Not all Potter then, you have a bit of Draco too,” she said with delight as I slapped her ass and she moaned loudly. All of a sudden I slowed till I was barely moving in and out of zeytinburnu escort her, once she had recovered she looked back, “What’s wrong? Not that I’m complaining, going from a Firebolt to a Cleansweep 5 can be amazing,” she said with a wink.

“There’s someone outside I said, maintaining the slow rocking motion that was playing havoc with her sensitive pussy. She started moving back to take me deeper and had to but her hand to her mouth to conceal her moans, but no before she licked her fingers clean. The handle to out server room rattled as someone tried to get inside, luckily Mira had the foresight to lock it. Then a voice called out, “Mira? Are you in there?”

I looked down at my sexy geek girl who smiled wickedly. “Yes Alicia, what can I do for you?” she started moving faster and I matched her pace. “I just wanted to see if you wanted to go out tonight? Why is the door locked?” she asked. “Who is with you?” Mira asked. “No one,” was the quick reply. Mira gave me another mischievous look, “The reason the door is locked is I have one of the writer’s balls deep in me right now,” she said, to which I gave one of her nipples a light pinch which resulted in a moan.

There was silence from the other side of the door until, “Am I invited?” so I started thrusting faster again and Mira had to take a minute to recover. “Sorry… Alicia… I think this first time… fuck… it will just be the two of us… oh god… sorry Alicia… I’m going to cummmm,” and she did.

“You dirty slut, Alicia, are you getting off on this?” Mira said when she had recovered. She reached up and opened the door and a tall, skinny blonde fell on us. Alicia had flipped her little skirt up and had 3 fingers buried inside her wet pussy. She hadn’t had a chance to take them out before she fell into the room. Quick as The Flash Mira had the door closed and locked. Alicia looked ashamed and pulled her fingers out with a squelching noise.

“Oh no you don’t,” Mira commanded from the door. Get those fingers back in that slutty pussy. Listening at the door to me getting fucked. Alicia, you will have to be punished,” she said. With that she came over and sat on my lap, her wet pussy accepting my still hard cock without much trouble. “Now on your back, spread your legs, three fingers wasn’t it? There we go.” S

o with Mira in charge, she and I were watching Alicia spread her pussy with three fingers, while Alicia was watching Mira bounce up and down on my hard cock. It didn’t take long for the three of us to finish.

“Mischief managed,” I said, passing Mira her panties while Alicia cleaned up both up. She smiled, “Doesn’t mean there isn’t more mischief to be had.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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