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Mart 18, 2023

Met on the Net

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Dana and Charles had met online and decided after many months of steamy instant messaging and some hot phone calls they should meet, this is their story…..

Dana looks at herself once more before walking out the door, she’s staring at a woman in the mirror, a brighter version of herself. She sees eyes the color of the ocean in the Florida Keys, a blue-green that you don’t see anywhere else. She notices full lips and a small spray of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She frowns a bit as she takes in the two things she hates about her face, her high cheek bones and her eyebrows, never happy with her looks she sighs and says a quick prayer and heads out the door. She moves quickly down her steps and checks herself for any new pains. She laughs at her foolishness, she just celebrated her 40th birthday, no need to worry today over any new pains, they’ll still be there tomorrow.

Charles is pacing the floor. He’s early and keeps glancing at his watch. He’s all ready showered, shaved and dressed, he might as well go down to the hotel bar and have a drink, before he has to replace the carpeting. All he can think is that he hopes she shows, or maybe hopes she doesn’t. His thoughts are in jumbles as he makes his way to the bar. Passing a hall mirror he takes stock of himself, he sees a somewhat fit man, not looking to bad for his late 50’s. He may be retired but he still works out and could probably keep up with the young pups these days. He shrugs and decides to be honest with himself and rethinks that, he could take on the 30 year old guys. His salt and pepper hair isn’t going anywhere and his dark blue eyes are often a big conversation starter that women often use to approach him.

Pulling into a parking spot Dana checks her appearance for the hundredth time. This time she sees a woman whose eyes are huge, like a deer caught in the headlights and is frozen not knowing which way to go. Closing her eyes she inhales a few gulps of air and pinches the color back into her cheeks and exits the vehicle. Closing the door, she smoothes down her skirt and walks slowly to the hotel entrance. The scent of freshly picked lilacs fill the hotel lobby and a bellman approaches her, takes her bag from her hands and leads her to the desk. She checks in and notices the time, deciding that it is now or never, she tips the bellman and asks him to take her bags to her room. She puts a smile on her face and begins to head to the hotel bar, where they said, they’d meet. She hopes he’s there or maybe she hopes he isn’t, she really just isn’t sure.

Charles drinks his Jack’n Coke as he waits for Dana. He lets the liquid slide down his throat and thinks back to the day they met. He’d logged on the computer that morning just to kill some time, usually he doesn’t even mess with the contraption. He smiles as he realizes that if it wasn’t for his oldest son needing the thing for school, he’d never met Dana. That morning, he’d been on for a while and was about to leave when a cute chat name entered the room, AuTalkNoAction, that’s the name she used. He remembers feeling his eyebrow raise and thinking to himself that the chatter was probably decent. He decided to talk a bit and see if they had anything to offer the room in a way of a new topic.

Dana walks into the bar and slowly runs her eyes across the hotel guest and pauses briefly on the single men in the room. She passes over the young pups and the old sailor types and settles her eyes on the back of one man, sitting at the bar. She can see his reflection in the bar mirror and she studies his face. His face is the one that keeps her up at night, tossing and turning when they don’t get to chat and the one she sees just as her eyes close, to lead her into a deep slumber, when they do. She lets the memories rush into her mind as she remembers the first time they made love.

They’d met in chat and had seemed to click right away. The room was lame so he asked if he could join her in a private room. She was thrilled with that, liking the easy banter and light flirty things they both had said, so she offered instead to give him her instant message address and they would chat there. She remembers how the conversation moved from friendly hints of sexual innuendos to the moment when they both began to type more suggestive and thought provoking things. While she read what he typed she felt as if he were in the room with her, his play on words provoked images in her head that led her hands, on paths of exploration and discovery. She’d never pleasured herself before and though he could not see her, she was somewhat embarrassed by her own actions as her hand and fingers brought herself to orgasm. Now after months of chatting, web cam delights and heated phone calls, they would meet and it would be his hand, fingers and his hardness that brought her to that shattering point of release.

He can sense her presence in the room, as if an electric spark ignited and the sizzling sound it makes alerts ones senses to approach with caution. Charles turns just as she walks towards him. He lowers his drink and rises to meet küçükçekmece escort her halfway. He gazes at her and his face opens into a wide smile and the smile reaches his eyes as he watches her smile back. He sees her cheeks rise in color as she blushes, his heart skips, she’d told him many times he makes her blush, but now he gets to see it happen. He takes her hand and leads her to a quite table in a secluded corner. He places his drink on the table as he pulls out her chair and slides her gently in, letting his fingers barely touch her back. His penis grows, just a bit, as he comes away from her. He takes his seat beside her and they face the stage, waiting for the local entertainer to begin.

She is trying to steady her breathing, she felt her muscles tighten when he turned to face her and she is just now having a chance to let them relax. When his hand had taken hers she felt a rush of heat flow from his body up her arm. When his fingers touched her back, her body shivered and she relished in the feel of that brief touch. She lays her hands on her lap after resting her purse on the table, she watches him sit beside her and she takes another breath before taking her first long look at his face. She is scared to say anything, to break the sweetness of the moment, and relieved when he begins to ease her mind, with friendly conversation.

“How was your flight?” he asked in a quiet tone, setting the intimacy of the situation.

“It was fine,” she answered. “I’m glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you would or even if I would.”

“I wasn’t going to miss this for the world.” Charles answered as he leaned closer to her, “You smell beautiful and you look beautiful also. I can hardly believe we’re here together.”

He takes her hand and runs his fingers along hers, turning her hand over, he watches her eyes close while he rubs her palm, pressing it gently. “I’m hardly believing it myself,” she hears herself answer in a soft wispy voice.

The moment is only lost for a brief ripple in time as the entertainment begins and the young singer starts a sensual song in a low melodic voice. Words of love and passion come from her as the room quiets and couples rise to dance and sway in each others arms. Charles takes Dana’s hands in his and leads her to the darkest, furthest part of the bar. He places one of her hands on his shoulder, while she moves the other to wrap around his neck. His hands come around her waist and he pulls her gently to him. He takes his time and leads her in small steps, barely moving at all, barely touching. His eyes close as he rest his head on hers and breaths in the scents that surround him. He smells her shampoo, perfume and her skin. His senses are alert to the rustle of her clothes and the feel of her hot breath. The rise and fall of her chest brings her breast into brief contact with his body. When she relaxes in his embrace he can feel the familiar tug in his slacks that will soon demand attention.

Dana lets his arms glide her in small steps, letting his hands and arms wrap a blanket around them, closing her body from the prying eyes of the room. She rest her head on his chest and presses herself closer to him. She allows her hand to stroke his neck and curl in his hair, while the other slowly drops to his chest, laying itself against his heart, feeling each beat firm and hard against her palm. She takes a deep breath and inhales his scent, the cologne he’s wearing, the soap he’s used on his body and even the fresh crisp scent of his clothes. She can feel the first stirring of his erection against her body and she presses herself closer to it. Her own sex is beginning to throb with a new kind of signal, one so different then the one she feels when she touches herself.

“Dana,” he hears himself whisper “I want to be alone with you. I won’t pressure you, but I just want to be with you, not to share you with others. Can we go?”

In a hushed voice she answers, “Yes, let’s go. I don’t really want to be here either.”

Charles takes her hand and they retrieve her purse from the table, he swallows the last of his drink and leads her through the maze of tables, to the bright lights of the hotel lobby. They are able to walk side by side now, he glances down at her and she up at him. They smile and she finds herself letting her body press closer to him. She takes her hand from his and places it behind his back letting in rest on the gentle swing of his hips, her body tingles as his arm rest on her shoulder. Together they move as one taking steps that will lead them to what each one hopes is incredible.

They pass her room and reach the next door which is his, it is an adjoining room, something they both insisted on, knowing that meeting in person is different then anyone of them may be willing to admit. Charles had wanted her to feel comfortable enough that if she wanted to leave she could so he had allowed her to help with the cost and agreed to the separate rooms, though he knew in his gut that they would never leave his till küçükyalı escort it was time.

Charles slides his hands from Dana’s shoulders and down her back as she moves her hands from his waist. He smiles to himself knowing he felt her tremble when his hand touched her back as he was moving away from her. He removes his key card from his wallet and he slides it into the door lock. He opens the door and motions her inside. He leans in to smell her perfume as she takes her first steps into their hide-a-way. He walks in behind her, closing and locking the door behind them.

Dana glances quickly to the right and sees the adjoining room door and her stomach settles a little, as she allows herself to walk further into the room. Her eyes are drawn to the bed, and she notices the yellow rose sitting in the center. She walks to it and picks it up, she smiles and brings it to her nose to inhale its sweet scent. “You remembered.” She sighs as she feels him approach, laying the rose and purse on the table.

“I remember everything you’ve ever told me.” Charles answers as he placed his hands on her shoulders and began to press small circles into them. “Everything, we’ve said and done is imprinted on my mind and in my heart.”

“I remember also.” She answers in a whispered breath, as she turns to face him.

He sees in her eyes a mixture of emotions, that he is sure mirrors his own; fear, passion, confusion, hope, need and most of all love. His hand moves to take the pins from her hair, he’s seen her on cam before with her hair down and he loves it. His fantasies have always been to make love to her with her hair cascading along her back, his fingers combing through it, or just to hold her and and feel it touch his body. He places his hand at the base of her neck to support the mass of curls he is freeing and when the final pin is removed he too moves his hands. His eyes watch as her beautiful raven curls fall free from their confinement to rest at the center of her back. His fingers stroke her neck with light touches and he feels her shiver and knows he’s caused a few more trembles in her body. Taking his free hand he his finger along her ear, tracing it softly, then allowing his fingers to comb their way through her hair. It is soft, like satin sliding between his fingers, the fragrance of her shampoo still lingers and he breaths in an array of scents that mingle with each other. The shampoo, perfume and her own unique scent causes an intoxicating feeling and his erection begins to further increase.

Dana closes her eyes and takes her first real deep breath since entering the room, only to feel it leave her body quickly as he touches her neck and strokes her hair. She relaxes in his ministrations and enjoys the attention he is giving her, the little things that she has missed in her other life. She allows herself this moment to let her body enjoy the feeling of being beautiful and being loved. She opens her eyes and lays one hand upon his chest, she focuses on the small patch of hair she can see through the opening of his shirt. Her fingers slowly travel up his shirt to touch the coarse hair of his body, her other hand she allows to rise up between them as she undoes her first button.

Charles feels her fingers upon his body, and can only imagine his own hands upon hers, he puts a small distance between them and takes her hand from his chest. Bringing it to his lips he kisses each finger and slowly draws one digit into his mouth. He watches her eyes glaze over with passion as her chest rises and falls, in a steady rhythm, her tongue snakes out and he shudders as she wets both her lips. His erection has started to become uncomfortable, so he moves himself closer to her, letting the material of his jeans allow him more room. His tongue draws her finger in deeper, her taste is the sweetest thing he’s ever had the pleasure of enjoying. He sucks her finger and lets his thumb continue to press into her palm, massaging it and feeling each crevice and line. Charles takes his other hand and lets it hand cup her breast, he runs his fingers across the fine lines of her bra, just barely visible beneath the fabric. His eyes move from hers to focus on the hard bud that is trying to be noticed.

Her eyes stare at her hand, she can not believe that this sucking he is doing to her finger is causing such knots in her stomach. She feels the roughness of his tongue and the the silkiness of its underneath, as he swirls it over her finger, his lips sealing it shut, tight against freedom. Her finger begins to glide in a rhythm of all its own, mimicking what she wants their bodies to do when they arrive at that point. She knows she will not turn from him, will not stop herself from enjoying this night of loving. She watches her finger being devoured by his mouth as she lets her other hand glide to the button of his shirt, where she begins to work one button and then another. Dana takes a deep breath and allows one last feel of his tongue working her finger, then she moves it to the other maltepe escort hand and works on the remaining buttons that are now a barrier she must get past.

He licks his lips at the lose of her finger and his hand, now empty of hers soon cups her other breast. Charles sucks in air to feed his lungs, that had been held breathless from the will of holding back his need to rip the clothes from her body. He wants this first time to be slow, for her to have everything she had been denied for so long, that they both had been denied from lives they both were responsible for. This was their time and he wanted to savor it, he’d hope later for more meetings, more times to let fire and passion rule them. He watches her nipples bud and press out from her clothes. He teases each one with his thumb, rubbing them simultaneously, listening to her breath come in and out of her body in short hissing sounds. “My god, your beautiful.” he tells her as he feels her hands finish the last of his buttons.

Dana smiles inside at his words and runs her hands inside his shirt, pressing her fingers into his chest, and letting his hair curl around each digit. She feels muscle and skin and lets her hands move to the outer sides of him, feeling his ribs under her palms. His body is both firm and soft, she knows he is older then the other person in her life, but she is still impressed that he is still in very good shape. She loves feeling the ripples his muscles make as she touches them and commits his body to memory. “Mmmm. Chuck. I need your help.” she hears the tremor in her own voice and notices the huskiness that has come out.

Charles smiles as she calls him by his familiar name, and loves the sound in makes as she says it for the first time this evening. She’d called him Chuck many times, but always through the phone, he’d not heard it fall from her lips like this before. It was like a plea of need and want, a need only he could satisfy. He steps away from her and watches her face as she places both arms on his shoulders and slides the shirt down his back and his arms. He helps her finish removing it and then allows himself the pleasure of keeping the distance between them. He lowers his head to her right breast and presses a kiss against the top of it, his other hand rubs her bottom and presses against it. He lets his tongue trace the line of her bra and then to the center of it where he can feel the hardness of the clasp. His tongue goes to the place where the nipple is protruding, begging to be seen. His mouth covers the nipple and he draws the blouse, bra and nipple deep into his mouth. Sucking hard on her so that she can feel the motions through all the layers of clothing. As she gasps and grabs his head, he tightens the hold on her ass and digs his fingers into it’s softness.

Dana feels more wetness spring forth from her body as her pelvis vibrates to the rhythm of his sucking. She pushes his head deep to her breast crushing him to her, her bottom feels like it is being kneaded into submission as his fingers dig into her. Her head falls back and she presses her legs together to feel the vibrations rocking her pussy. “Please Chuck, please. I need your mouth on me, please.” She can’t believe the begging she is doing, but she doesn’t care she is desperate, wanting so much to have him continue his torments to her body without anything in their way. She steps back from him to let her hands grasp each side of her blouse, only having removed two buttons was not enough now, she needed her blouse off now. With a strength that she didn’t know she had ever possessed, she pulled the blouse open. The sound of buttons hitting the floor went unheard as they landed on carpets and bedding.

His need for control snaps as this new twist of sexual need is introduced, her breast barely exposed due to her bra, bring a growl deep from his throat, he reaches for her and tugs the clasp open and pushes each piece of her bra away from her body. He watches as they bounce down from their holding place and his hands grab them to give them support. He brings his mouth to the right nipple, driving his mouth over it and taking it deep inside, sucking hard and moving his tongue over its ripples. He hears her sharp intake of breath and only knows she is loving this because her hands are once again pushing him, pulling at his hair. He continues to bite and suckle her breast while his other hand presses her left breast deep against his palm. He pushes her breast back and then squeezes the nipple tighter, pinching it between his thumb and finger, pulling it and releasing it, only to do the process over and over again.

She pulls and pushes at his head, her pussy is so wet she can feel the moisture gather around her walls to rest at the entrance of her lips, waiting for something anything to enter them so it can escape. She bites her lip and then opens her mouth to hear a sound escape her throat, a sound full of rapture that she is startled by her thriving needs, that keep coming with each tug and pull of his mouth and teeth. The right breast is heavy and her nipples feel like they are being taught a lesson, a lesson of whose they belong to. Both breast have learned they are not hers, but his, they belong to him now, tonight and forever. She feels her knees begin to weaken and she lets her hands hold onto his shoulders, releasing the grasp on his head. Dana digs her hands into his body, as he leaves her breast to press his mouth to her belly.

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