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Kiera’s Passion

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A short story about a woman’s discovery of the joys of anal sex.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

Chapter One


“This merlot is great,” Kiera’s best friend Angela commented as she finished the dregs of her third glass of wine. Angela was a tall, lean brunette in her early thirties who loved her vino.

“Glad you like it,” Kiera said to her as she tilted their second bottle, refilling her glass. Angela took another satisfying bite of the filet that Kiera had seared and covered in a red wine reduction.

The two women were childhood friends, with them both moving to Boise after graduating from the University of Idaho. Kiera’s husband Marco and Angela’s husband James were out of town on business trips, leaving the women to their own devices. Angela and Kiera were sales reps for a major pharmaceutical company and worked mostly from home, with occasional business trips to call on clients. They grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and decided together to leave Iowa for the great open spaces of Idaho.

Almost without fail, Kiera and Angela got together for dinner when their husbands were out of town, and their discussions after two bottles of wine took a decidedly frank tone when their lips were loosened with alcohol.

“Look Kiera, I have eyes. What’s up with you and Marco?” Angela asked. She’d been dying to ask that question, and that moment seemed like the right one, after a pleasant dinner and a lot of wine.

“We’re good,” Kiera said, not convincing her best friend in the least.

“Until you’re not,” Angela said. “Tell me.”

Kiera took a deep breath before she revealed the source of her angst.

“He’s always out of town, and when he’s here, he says I’ve lost interest in sex, so we haven’t . . . you know.”

“You know what?” Angela asked, pressing for the answer.

The truth spilled out. “We haven’t had sex in two months.”

Angela and James had sex two, if not three times a week. Angela and Kiera had never exchanged that kind of information. The brunette couldn’t picture living without sex for a week, let alone two months.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. He . . . he says it’s boring.”

“Boring? You’ve got a fantastic body Kiera,” Angela said. She was right. Kiera, with her fine strawberry blonde hair, pretty face and curvy body, she didn’t lack for physical appeal.

“I don’t know,” Kiera answered. She didn’t know, and neither did Marco. They were in a rut. Kiera was desperate to change the subject.

“So how are things going with James?” Kiera asked.

Angela leaned forward as she cradled her wine glass in her hand, confiding as if there were others in the room. “Amazing. We sort of hit a flat spot in our relationship a few months ago, so I went on the internet and ordered a few porn DVD’s to spice things up a bit. It got very spicy, if you know what I mean.”

Kiera didn’t know exactly what her best friend meant, but it sounded promising. Given their ambivalence to sex, Kiera wondered if she and her husband were truly sexually compatible.

“What do you mean by ‘spicy’?” Kiera asked.

Angela and Kiera had known each other for twenty years, and shared almost everything with each other. Angela asked herself if she wanted to be completely forthcoming with the intimate details of her marriage. She hesitated.

Kiera’s curiosity got the better of her.

“Please Angela, I need to know.”

Angela steeled herself for her confession. She’d never told anyone, and even though she had seen Kiera naked numerous times, this sort of information was as personal as it got.

“The name of the DVD is ‘Busty Blonde’s Backdoor Fantasy,” Angela said, holding her breath and looking her best friend in the eyes to gauge her reaction.

Kiera let it sink in for a moment. “You mean like . . . anal sex?”

Angela nodded her head. She took another sip of her wine.

Kiera was stunned at this revelation. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I wouldn’t tease you about something like that.”

Kiera was breathless. Marco had asked her a few times early in their marriage if she was interested in anal sex. He got a hard “no.”

“So what happened when you watched the video?” Kiera asked, eager for details. They’d never had a discussion like this. She refilled her own wine glass and looked expectantly at her best friend.

The cat was out of the bag. The details flowed out of Angela’s mouth.

“The video was about a housewife who is having an affair with their gardener. Of course the guy was well hung and they started out with missionary sex. Then the gardener positions the woman on her hands and knees. He gets behind her and licks Sex Hikayeleri her butthole …”

Kiera interrupted, her mind now spinning. “I … I didn’t know people did that. It’s … it’s so … so … perverted …” she sputtered. Her Irish Catholic upbringing told her so. But the buxom blonde’s pussy didn’t agree. She was getting wet, as she imagined Marco pushing his tongue deep into her ass and wondering how it would feel.

“Yeah, well people do that. James doesn’t have to be asked,” Angela confessed. “He loves it.”

Kiera’s mouth was slightly open, but she was speechless. She knew that anal sex was considered an abomination, and her conservative parents would be shocked if they knew that their daughter’s best friend was engaging in such deviant behavior.

Kiera finally found her voice. “Fuck, Angela.”

Angela snickered. “You got that right. I can’t tell you how good it feels to have James fuck my ass,” she said boldly. The hot talk put a smile on her face.

Kiera downed half of her full glass of wine. She was aroused by Angela’s confession and surprised at her reaction. Her mind wandered as Angela started talking about their mutual friends. She couldn’t shake the visual of Angela on her hands and knees while her ass was being reamed from behind by her hunk of a husband.

” … and so Katrina did it anyway! Can you believe it?” Angela asked, waiting for Kiera’s reaction. Instead she received a blank stare.

“Earth to Kir. Are you with me?”

“Yeah, yeah,” the strawberry blonde replied, though her mind was clearly elsewhere.

“So what was I talking about?”

“Something about Katrina?”

Angela put her hands on her hips as she stood up. “Kir, I’ve known you your entire life. I know when you’re bullshitting me. You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, have you?”

Kiera had a sheepish look on her face. “I’m sorry … it must have been the wine.”

Angela laughed. “It was my story about the ass fucking wasn’t it?”

Kiera nodded.

“Listen girl, I’ve got to get going. The wine is getting to me and I’ve got to get to bed. Thanks for the great dinner.” The willowy brunette pushed in her chair and headed to the front door.

“Glad to have you over. Talk to you tomorrow,” Kiera said in a more attentive voice.

The blonde watched her friend leave, then cleared the remaining dishes, almost in a fog. She decided to leave the dish washing to the next morning and went upstairs to take a shower and go to bed. As she walked up the stairs she became very aware of the fact that her panties were soaked. She knew that Angela’s confession knocked her for a loop. Her best friend … anal sex … it was so wrong.

She stripped down to her panties in her walk-in closet, then carefully pulling down her sopping wet panties and walking them over to the bathroom sink. She filled the sink with water and threw them in to soak. As the bowl was filling she looked at herself in the mirror, seeing a familiar face yet peering behind the reflected blue eyes, wondering why she was so aroused by a deviant sex act that must involve incredible pain. She couldn’t imagine the bulbous head of Marco’s cock stretching her tight little hole … could she?

She turned the shower on, and as she waited for the water to warm, she absentmindedly started fondling her breasts, which were sensitive to her touch. As her fingers lightly traced around the prominent, pink hued nipples of her full, pendulous breasts, an electric charge travelled directly to the area between her legs, causing a trickle of moisture to run down her inner thigh. That hadn’t happened to Kiera before, and she realized that Angela’s revelation had struck a chord deep within her.

As she stepped into the shower the hot spray rinsed off the remainder of the alcohol-induced haze. With a clear head, her mind again wandered to that deep, dark place in her soul where sex wasn’t a dirty word. She recalled those instances where the sex between her and her husband became exciting, even exhilarating. The first time she sucked his throbbing cock. The first time she talked dirty while he was fucking her. The first time she let him cum in her mouth. As the memories flooded back she realized that her hand had roamed between her legs, her fingers pumping in and out of her juice slickened cunt. She couldn’t suppress the thoughts of Marco lapping at her asshole, then taking her anal virginity, bringing her to new heights of ecstasy. Her fingers moved quicker, an orgasm sharply cresting within her, the intensity of it causing her to use her free hand to grasp the faucet handle to keep her knees from buckling. She couldn’t believe how aroused she was. She shivered at the thought of Marco’s thick, veiny cock pushing inside her asshole, a place where God didn’t intend it to go.

Weak-kneed, Kiera stumbled out of the shower and dried off, not believing that she had masturbated to an explosive orgasm. She decided to dispense with her pajamas, sliding her nude body between the Erotik Hikayeler soft, cool white sheets. She lay awake, staring at the ceiling, pondering where Angela’s confession would lead her.

Chapter Two


Kiera woke up to the chirping noises of her iPhone, her head foggy from a lack of sleep. She had two important client phone calls that morning, and willed herself to focus on her tasks at hand and deferring her budding obsession with anal sex.

As her second call wrapped up, she instinctively pushed Angela’s mobile number on her favorites menu.

“Hey Kiera,” came the familiar voice on the other end of the line.

“Hey,” said Kiera.

There was a tiredness in the tone of Kiera’s voice. “Sleep well?” her friend asked.

“Not really.”

Angela knew why. “I think you need to borrow my DVD.”


“You heard me. You obviously were shocked by what I told you last night. You’re curious, aren’t you?”

“No … no … not at all.” The blonde was embarrassed. Angela knew her too well. Her white lie was a weak defensive measure.

“I think my bullshit meter just hit a ’10.’ C’mon Kiera, you want to watch the DVD. Just fucking admit it.”

There was ten seconds of silence. It felt like an hour to Kiera. “OK … OK … you can lend it to me. I’m not going to guarantee I’ll watch it.”

Angela smiled at the admission and the second white lie. She decided not to press Kiera’s button again. “Well thank you for letting me do this. Why don’t you stop by at the end of the day? Maybe we can have a glass of wine?”

“Sure. I’ll be over around six. But I can’t stay too long. Marco’s coming home tomorrow and the house is an absolute mess.”

“OK. See you tonight.”

Kiera smiled as she thought about her friend. She did want to watch the DVD. She wanted to ask to borrow it, but couldn’t figure out how to do it without sounding like a slut. Angela could read her mind. She was grateful that her friend smoothed over any awkwardness with her apparently obvious internal struggle.

The strawberry blonde literally watched the clock until it was close to six. She hopped into her car and made the ten minute drive in eight minutes. She pulled into Angela’s driveway, but now was hesitant to get out. Somehow she was still embarrassed by her interest, even though Angela knew exactly what was going on in her mind. Angela saved her again. The door opened and Angela, in her slippers, walked to the car with DVD in hand. The red-faced blonde flicked the lever for her window. As it rolled down Angela thrust the DVD through the opening.

“Hey, I know you need to get back. Give it back to me whenever you want. I’ve already bought a bunch more.”

“Thanks. You’re the best.”

“I know.” Angela shuffled back into her house and turned to wave goodbye as she stepped over the threshold of her front door.

Kiera pulled slowly out of the driveway, and after seeing Angela close the front door, sped down the street with the DVD resting on her lap. As she drove home, she glanced down at the jacket, seeing a picture of a darker skinned man with his hips thrusting into a woman with long blonde hair, not too dissimilar to herself, doggy style, with the blonde’s tits hanging down. She swerved back into her lane as the image was now indelibly burned into her memory.

Kiera pulled into her garage, grabbing the DVD, hitting the button to close the garage door, and dashing into the house. As she ran up the stairs she couldn’t help but think about the time when she was 13 years old, when she “borrowed” her older sister’s diary, running into her bedroom and eagerly flicking through the pages until she found a detailed account of the first time her sister Alicia allowed her boyfriend to have sex with her. Kiera went into the bedroom and inserted the DVD into the player, switching on the TV and working the remote to change its setting from “cable” to “DVD.”

As the menu appeared for “Busty Blonde’s Backdoor Fantasy,” the now impatient blonde hit the “play” button and fast forwarded through the opening credits to the scene where the gardener was taking off his coveralls as the comely blonde housewife was doing a sexy striptease. Kiera gasped as the eager blonde knelt in front of the dark skinned gardener, pulling down his briefs to reveal a flaccid penis that was already larger than Marco’s cock. The blonde dipped her head lower, and without using her hands, inhaled the black snake into her mouth, her cheeks puffed out as the cock quickly hardened. The camera panned back to show the tall man standing, his head tilted back and his eyes closed, as the kneeling blonde, with large natural breasts, began a rocking motion on her knees with the now erect penis plunging all the way down her throat. As the camera zoomed in, Kiera could see the slutty blonde’s throat bulging as the stud’s cock slid down her throat.

Kiera quickly shed her clothes, splaying her legs wide, using one Tecavüz Hikayeleri hand to twist her rock hard nipple, while the fingers on the other hand were first wet with the slick discharge from her pussy and then traced downward to circle the rim of her anus. The feather light touch of her fingers instantly sent a tremor through her body as her hips rose off the bed to acknowledge the highly pleasurable sensation. The blonde moaned as she watched the man position the woman on the bed on her hands and knees, kneeling behind her and spreading the cheeks of her ass with his brawny hands, exposing the crinkled brown rosette. Kiera’s thumb extended upward as her fingers continued to massage the entrance to her ass, touching her distended clit and then circling it.

The overheated blonde experienced the most intense orgasm of her life as the onscreen blonde accepted the man’s prodigious cock all the way in her ass, his balls slapping against her pussy as he thrust over and over into her backdoor, as her tits lewdly swayed back in forth in rhythm with his thrusts. Kiera’s darker side took completely over, her index finger now stretching her sphincter until it accepted this new intruder all the way into her ass. Kiera could feel her asshole clenching and unclenching as never ending waves of pleasure washed across her, her finger now probing the smooth pulsating walls within her ass.

Kiera was now a woman possessed as the scene in front of her now showed the woman on her back, with her hands gripping the back of her thighs to present her asshole for a more thorough reaming. The man spit on his cock and pushed it to the hilt in a single thrust, as Kiera started screaming, with yet another wave of orgasms rippling through her body. Her body completely wrung out, the satiated blonde turned off the DVD player and the television, falling into a deep sleep in a tangle of sheets.

The next morning, the bright sunshine flooded her room, the drowsy young woman startled by the whirring of the garage door as it opened. Her eyes opened wide, as she realized it was now Saturday morning and that Marco was parking his car in the garage after a weeklong business trip. She practically fell out of bed, scrambling to eject the DVD from its player and hide the DVD and its case inside her underwear drawer. As she was struggling to pull up her panties her husband flung open the bedroom door to see his bride with her panties midway up her thighs and her breasts swaying as she was leaning forward.

“Well, hello beautiful,” the dark haired husband declared in an overly cheerful tone of voice at this unexpected but highly welcome sight.

Chapter Three


Marco was the youngest of three boys, his parents third generation Italians who emigrated from Italy to New Jersey. He was the handsome one, and being the baby of the family he enjoyed a disproportionate amount of fawning from his parents. Women were naturally attracted to him, making his experiences with sex plentiful and varied. He had gone “all the way” with over a dozen women, including his English professor and the divorced mother of one of his friends. He was recruited as a punter by a number of schools given his aptitude for rugby, eventually settling for a partial scholarship with the University of Idaho.

Even though he was blessed with good looks and intelligence he always managed to maintain an understated demeanor and an easy going personality. He had never been to Idaho before and was impressed by the wide open spaces, as compared to the high density living in suburban New Jersey, and its laid back lifestyle. When he went to his first day of class, he scanned the women in his freshman English class, spotting Kiera as the “looker” in the group. Her long strawberry blonde hair and voluptuous body got the attention of most of the men in class. He made a mental note to approach her at some point, but quickly moved on to absorb the professor’s syllabus of the semester’s course. He was surprised Kiera drifted in his direction as the class ended and even more surprised that she introduced herself to him as they left the classroom. Needless to say the attraction was immediate, and within a few weeks they were already an “item” on campus.

Kiera was relatively forward at the beginning of their relationship, but Marco discovered that she was conservative by nature and that she took quite a while to warm up to having sex with him. Even though she had a spectacular body, she was still a virgin, and midway through the first semester he was the lucky one to take her virginity. Given that he was well-endowed, their first experience with sexual intercourse was unmemorable and somewhat painful. However, on successive efforts Kiera learned that Marco was a skilled lover and that she was soon experiencing her first honest to God orgasms (her attempts at masturbation not yielding anywhere near the same level of sexual gratification). Soon she became the aggressor, making up for lost time. Marco was elated at her newfound enthusiasm for sex, with them often having marathon fucking sessions twice or even three times a day. He loved her soft, pillowy breasts, often spending a considerable amount of time worshipping sucking, licking and fondling her lovely orbs.

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