Kasım 15, 2023

I was Made into a Woman By a BBC Ch. 02

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In the first part of my story I told how my black neighbor turned me from being a man into a woman. This is the continuation with a few more details provided.

Once I became Mel’s girlfriend I had a few second thoughts. But I finally understood that this is what I am meant to do. He was kind, gentle, and very understanding not forcing me to do anything that I didn’t want to do. It really didn’t take me long to realize that this is what I honestly wanted, and needed in my life. To give my mouth and pussy willingly to a strong black man/men. I love the feeling of kneeling in front of a black man licking his balls, sucking his marvelous dick, tasting his cum and then swallowing every drop. Then have them bend me over and go balls deep in my pussy and breed it. They have fucked my every way there is to fuck. On my knees, my back, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, from the side. You name it and we do it. I have no desire to be with anyone but a black man. I think it was my destiny?

I love Mel, but he understood that I would become to crave dick and cum more than he could provide. That is why he decide to share me with his friends. I am so happy that he did! They all fuck me so good. They all look upon me as a woman treating me as one, and make me feel as though I really am a woman and I love that. Plus they are all excellent fucks. They know how to satisfy a girl. They eat pussy, spank my ass while they fuck me, and all have a nice sized dick. Nothing huge, except for Demonte, about 7-8 inches and are dominant but yet respectful. The best Taksim Escort part is that I have yet had to touch myself in any way to cum. All they have to do is put their wonderful black dick in my pussy and within a few min’s. I just start shooting all over the place. They tell me that is what proves I am a true bitch and cum dump for black dick. That only a true woman can cum from just getting fucked. It excites the hell out of all of them and me too. I have no idea why and I really don’t care. I am being what I “LOVE”. Having black men use me as the want and any time they want. They call. I go to them. They all have sexy outfits for me to wear at their homes which is very nice. I walk in posing as a man, then come out of the bathroom all woman.

Now Mel is my heart. He was the first and showed me my true desires. But Demonte, well let’s say he can get a bit nasty at times and isn’t afraid to show me off. And I love it!! There are times that he will get us a room. Away from where we live so there will be no chance of my wife finding out, and we will spend the night together. We will go out, perhaps for a walk and he will hold me by my ass. Maybe we will go to a nice lounge and he will kiss me deeply then have me sit on his lap grinding my pussy against his dick for all to see. Or just sit next to him a the bar and rub his dick through his tight fitting pants so everyone can see how big it gets and know that I am sucking it and taking that huge black dick in my pussy. These are not gay places. Just regular lounges. It Taksim Escort Bayan is just so exciting for me to look and see that there are people that watch seeing what a slut I for my man. That here is a black man that wants to fuck me, and I willingly give it up. Even though I am in man clothing, they know what I am and do. Every now and then we will go to adult theaters and he fucks me in the open as the other men will watch me beg him for his dick and to fill my pussy with his black cum. He lets everyone there know what a slut I am and how I am here just to give him, a black man, pleasure with my mouth and cunt. If there is another black guy there, he will invite them to use my mouth while he fucks me. A few times he has allowed them to fuck me. after he has cum and I suck his dick while they do. I love to hear when he will say, “She has some good pussy if you want to bust a nut in it.” I remember one guy. He looked at D and asked, “She”?

He told him, “Yes. This isn’t just some stupid bitch that wants to play girly, girly. This is a TRUE bitch that is a woman inside. She has a mouth and a cunt and knows what it is to be used for.” I was so proud!!

D likes pussy to mouth. A lot!! He loves to fuck my pussy for a bit, pull out, have me suck his dick, then fuck me again and we do this over and over. But he will always cum deep inside of my pussy. I think he would honesty love to knock me up because he keeps telling me that and I do wish he could. Sigh. But as we all know…

Anyway, one night as he Escort Taksim had just fucked me filling me up with his cum, I, as always started to suck his dick clean. All at once he started to piss in my mouth. It really took me by surprise. I shocked and didn’t what to do, so I let him. And he pissed a lot. It wasn’t as bad as you would think. Actually it was sexy as hell! The more he pissed the more I wanted it drinking every precious drop. When he had finished I looked at him with a smile and told him he could piss in my mouth my time and as much as he wanted to. He said he had wanted to do that for a long time, but didn’t know how I would react. So that night he drank 3 bottles of water and decide to give it a shot. Now all he has to do I tell me he needs to piss and I will drop to my knees and open my mouth. He makes certain he drinks a ton of water before I get there and the entire time we are together. He will piss when I first get there, always after we fuck, (usually twice), and then once before I leave.

The time finally did come that my wife found out what I was doing. She had tried to call me but I didn’t answer. She knew I wasn’t driving and probably went over to Mel’s house. She saw his truck in the driveway so she knew we were there. She walked over to his house and started to knock on the door when she heard some moaning coming from the side of the house. She walked around the corner and could see in the open window. There I was dressed in bra, hose, garters and heels, riding Mel’s dick. She saw and heard everything. Me sucking his dick, begging him to fuck me and how I needed him to fill my pussy with cum, him telling me I am a good cunt that loves black dick and breeding. What a wonderful girlfriend I am. I mean she herd everything.

We had no idea. She went home and waited for me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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