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HypnoSissy: Ecclesiastical Sucking

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Summary: Cock sucker discovers a church where he can worship.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea and the intriguing revelation that hypno sissy videos exist in the first place.

Note 2: Of course, all participants are at least 18-years-old.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Thor_pf, and Wayne for editing this story.

Note 4: This story will make more sense if you read the first four parts first. But in case you don’t have time, or you read them a while ago and need a refresher:

HypnoSissy 1: Becoming a Cocksucker

A cocky 18-year-old high school senior, Brian, tries to seduce a pretty college girl, Rose, but instead is seduced by her. Rose, after allowing him to go down on her a couple of times, gives him a USB with a dozen videos that she assigns him to watch (unknown to him they are hypno-sissy videos) and slowly he begins to get curious about sucking cock and eating cum. After watching all 12, Brian is summoned to Rose’s college dorm and before the night is done he sucks his first cock and swallows his first load of cum.

HypnoSissy 2: Becoming a Cum Slut

Brian, having had his first cock, is given by the beautiful, mysterious Rose, a second set of videos to watch. Watching the second set of videos, his hunger for cock builds until he meets a stranger at lunchtime in a van, and then is taken to a gloryhole by Rose where he gets to suck on five very different cocks.

HypnoSissy 3: Big Nerd’s Cock

Brian spends the day after the gloryhole visit desperately trying to avoid the nerd he’d sucked at the gloryhole. Of course by now his hunger for cock and cum control his very being, and in the end he succumbs to the nerd he’d bullied for years. After sucking and swallowing the cum from the nerd’s big cock he learns a shocking secret… he is Rose’s brother. The chapter ends with Brian receiving a new USB from Rose.

HypnoSissy 4: Cum Cravings

Brian is given four more training videos, each reinforcing the proposition that he’s a cock sucker and his natural purpose is to serve. After four days, Rose picks him up to take him to a special sex party where he serves six men and is given a circle jerk baptism (sprinkling, not immersion) before serving another man. After watching a few wild sex acts, he sucks one more cock for the road; he then gets a business card from a mysterious stranger who orders him to text him tomorrow. The chapter ends with Rose fucking him in the car and deciding he’s ready for the next step in his training.

And now the next part of his training begins in HypnoSissy: Ecclesiastical Sucking

Sunday afternoon I was doing my school homework, trying to push last night’s circle jerk baptism out of my head, as well as the stranger who gave me his card… which only had a number on it… no name… no address… no business.

So although I was supposed to text him today… I really wasn’t sure what I would say. “Hi, I’m the cock sucker from last night,” or “Hey, remember me, you shot jizz down my throat while you were talking shop with my girlfriend.”

I wanted to text Rose and start my next training, but I also didn’t want to seem too eager. I’d already become too addicted to cock and cum… so much so that now I wasn’t sure which I would do if I were offered the choice of a cock or a pussy.

Yet it also felt very strange to have no new videos to watch… I seemed to be going through double withdrawal… I craved both the videos and the cock… which of course scared me as much as it excited me. Shit, I no longer knew who I was.

I still liked girls… especially Rose.

I also definitely liked cock.

Yet I didn’t find men attractive at all.

Just the cock.

The faceless big hard cock.

The anonymous big hard juicy cock.


So I put off texting him for another hour.

But then I was thinking of his cock again. Remembering he’d ordered me to text him.

I was also curious who he was. According to Rose, he was someone of significance.

So after hemming and hawing for two thirds of the day, my curiosity became overpowering so I decided fuck it and texted him.

Hi sir,

It’s the guy from last night you ordered to contact you.

I pressed Send and then had an anxiety attack.

Why did I send it?

Why did I use the word ordered, which implied I was a submissive cock sucker… which I guess I was becoming, yet not something I needed every man I met to know.

I then shook my head at this worry, considering that I’d met this man at a sex party with a strong emphasis on cock suckers and cock suckees, where I’d taken eight strangers’ cocks in my mouth (that was the baptism I mentioned; it was also sort of communion), not at all worrying about my identity or my reputation. İstanbul Escort

Rose had awakened a side of me I hadn’t known existed, and the reality was that it was a Pandora’s Box awakening. One where there was no avoiding the new reality and no putting it back in the box.

Then I got a text.

I was beginning to think you were not going to respond.

I responded like the submissive I was, my cock instantly getting hard, my mouth instantly watering, excited at the thought that maybe I could get some cock today:

Yes sir, I did ponder contacting you for a while.

He responded:

And what made you finally decide to text?

I didn’t know whether to be blunt or vague, but I figured he already knew I was a cock sucker… so I responded frankly:

I’m hungry, sir.

I felt weird admitting that to a stranger… but my insatiable hunger for cock was consuming me, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to think straight (yes, I do realise the pun) until I got a cock in my mouth and a load down my throat.

He responded:

If you want to earn a couple of loads you can come to this address right now. 714 Waldo Drive.

My cock was instantly hard at the promise of cock and cum. I instantly replied, that being only a few minutes’ drive away, not at all worried about there being more than one person there… if anything that only excited me more:

I’ll be there in ten.

He responded as I headed out of my room:

Sounds good! Come in through the back door and down the stairs. Knock three times and wait.

I immediately texted back, wanting to show my submissiveness and my respect:

Yes, sir.

I quickly drove there, only slowing down at stop signs, needing cock and needing it now. I mused whether the cop would honour my emergency if I got pulled over.

Luckily I wasn’t pulled over, but when I arrived at the address I gasped.

714 Waldo Drive was a church.

Holy shit! I double-checked the address. I was at the right location.

I paused.

Was he a Minister?

If so, wow!

He sure hadn’t looked like a man of the cloth yesterday. Although that was a rather stereotypical thought. There were many kinds of churches, some of them not very acceptable to the mainstream varieties.

I walked around back and entered as instructed, my curiosity and hunger for cock leading the way as they now always seemed to do.

I knocked three times on the door and a voice called, “Come in.”

I nervously did, not sure what I was walking into.

I entered and saw he was indeed a Minister, still in his Sunday religious attire as he was speaking with a guy who looked to be only a couple of years older than me. There were no hints of anything out of the ordinary other than me walking in there for the unannounced but understood purpose of sucking cock.

“Hi, Brian,” he greeted, “happy you could make it.”

“Um, yeah,” I said sheepishly, unsure what the other person knew… although he probably knew why I was there.

“Hungry?” the Minister asked.

“I haven’t had lunch yet,” I replied, trying to keep it appearing innocent while still answering his question in the affirmative.

“This is Greg; he’s leaving for Europe in a couple days, which is why I’m looking for a new part-time employee,” he explained.

“Oh,” I said, unsure what else to say… I now assumed Greg was his previous cock sucker.

Greg asked, “Do you suck cock?”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded, respectful although he was only a couple years older than me.

“Take it up the ass?” he questioned.

“No, sir,” I replied, that not being something I was at all curious even to try.


“Yes, sir,” I nodded, finding this the strangest job interview ever.

“May I test him out?” Greg asked, looking to the Minister.

“Certainly,” the Minister nodded. “Is that okay, Brian?”

“I’m here to serve you, sir,” I answered, “and anyone you direct me to serve,” my natural submissiveness making me sound obedient and, I realized, a bit pathetic.

“I think you may have found a keeper,” Greg chuckled softly.

“I hope so,” the Minister nodded, as Greg pulled down his pants to reveal a semi-erect smallish cock… a lot smaller than the Minister’s one I’d devoured yesterday.

I didn’t waste any time as I began bobbing on his cock, getting it completely hard, craving my first load of the day… cum seeming to be my new caffeine.

“Oh yeah, I think he’ll be a great replacement for me,” Greg groaned, as I deep throated his cock.

“Yeah, I was pretty sure I had a keeper the minute he blew me last night,” the Minister approved.

“The guys will love him,” Greg agreed, as my eyes opened wide at the phrase and the welcome implication of larger numbers than just these two.

“Yes, İstanbul Escort Bayan he blew quite a few guys yesterday and still seemed to want more,” the Minister recalled accurately.

“Well, he’ll never be short of cum here,” Greg said, that sentence exciting me. A safe place where I could get my daily fix of creamy cum seemed too good to be true. Sure I enjoyed Eugene’s cock, but giving head at school was risky… oddly, sucking dick in a church seemed a lot safer to me… ironic, but all churches are supposed to be sanctuaries… safe havens.

“You never were,” the Minister laughed.

“I’ll miss it here,” Greg agreed, sounding melancholy.

“Oh, wait until you get overseas,” the Minister said, “you’ll be in cock heaven.”

I couldn’t help but smirk at the religious wit as I got to bobbing.

The Minister said, “Don’t forget about me, Brian.”

I allowed the small cock to slip out of my mouth to see a second much bigger and fully erect cock also begging for my attention. I stared at the big, juicy cock and said, sounding like a complete cock sucker, “I could never forget about this cock.”

I then took it in my mouth while I slowly stroked the other cock.

And for the next few minutes I went back and forth between the two cocks… hungry to get their delicious seed and yet also enjoying the relaxing experience of pleasing two cocks at once. I couldn’t explain it, but like everything else of late, it just felt so good to be on my knees sucking cock.

I felt I was home.

It was like I’d found my purpose in life… ridiculous I know… God didn’t create me or anyone else just to be a cock sucker… yet at the moment that was all I wanted to do… although I still also wanted Rose (thank God) so I knew I wasn’t gay, and I had no interest in taking it up the ass.

I was just a straight cock sucker.

A term I knew was an oxymoron, but it worked just fine to describe me.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop,” Greg groaned, which made me go faster, knowing he was close… knowing my sweet salty treat was moments from being delivered… my stomach grumbling with expectant emptiness.

Seconds later his cum filled my mouth and slid down my throat, warming my stomach.

I kept sucking, wanting every last drop of his cum… knowing I could never get enough.

When Greg pulled out, he said, impressed, “Fuck, he’s a natural.”

“I know,” the Minister agreed as he slid his cock back into my mouth and took control, beginning to face fuck me… although slowly.

My focus switched from sucking dick to taking dick, which were two similar yet different experiences.

While sucking dick I was in charge. I controlled the pace. I controlled the depth. I controlled when he came.

When taking dick I was just a vessel for his pleasure. A pair of lips to use. A throat to probe or not. A mouth to receive a load.

Oddly, I enjoy both experiences.

They both did, of course, end in the same result… a white, sticky, gooey load, and warmth in my belly.

“He doesn’t take it in the ass?” Greg asked, as seven inches slowly slid in and out of my mouth and throat. I knew if I succeeded in keeping my throat relaxed, I wouldn’t gag, and I was doing very well.

My eyes went wide as he added a moment later, “Well, that will need to change,”

“Not all cock suckers become faggots, Greg,” the Minister pointed out.

“All cock suckers become faggots,” Greg countered. “And trust me, Brian here is a faggot whether he knows it yet or not. No one sucks cock like that and doesn’t eventually get curious about what it would feel like to have his ass fucked.”

It was weird to hear them having a conversation about me while I was just an innocent bystander… or rather bykneeler… with a cock in my mouth. It was also nerve-wracking to listen to Greg’s confident assumptions.

I liked sucking cock.

I liked swallowing cum.

But taking it up the ass was a whole different level I hadn’t really seriously considered.

Taking it up the ass was gay.

I was a cock sucker, I was not a faggot.

The Minister replied, “Well, the church accepts all. The straight, the straight cock suckers, the straight men who use straight cock suckers, and the bottoms.”

“Trust me, he’s definitely a bottom,” Greg said confidently. “And when he takes it in the ass once, he’ll be transformed instantly into an eager two-hole faggot.”

The Minister pulled out and asked, “Do you want to take it in the ass, Brian?”

The question asked, my eyes went wide. I stammered, “N-n-no, sir.”

“You hear that uncertain resistance?” Greg chuckled, “He’s already accepted deep down that he wants it.”

“Perhaps,” the Minister responded, returning his cock to my waiting mouth, “but that decision is up to him and his girlfriend.”

“He has a girlfriend?” Greg asked, genuinely surprised.

“Yes, you’ve met Rose,” the Minister said, as he began fucking my face faster. Escort İstanbul

“He’s dating Rose?” Greg asked, even though that had been made pretty clear.

“Yep,” the Minister replied, as he grabbed my head and slammed his entire sword in my mouth, his balls bouncing off my chin.

I gagged briefly, surprised by the sudden roughness, but then adjusted and just relaxed, allowing this man of the Lord to use my mouth for his pleasure.

At the very last second he pulled out and exploded a massive load all over my face… it happening so suddenly my eyes were wide open and they both got hit with jets of stinging cum.

He grunted as his warm cream coated my face, “Here is your baptism into our church, Brian.”

I knelt there enjoying a huge facial, my own cock rock hard.

“Definitely a faggot,” Greg reaffirmed, as my mouth remained open to catch any last remnants of cum, and offering his own cock back into my oral facility for a cleaning and last chance cum extraction.

“Definitely a great cock sucker and a perfect addition to the church,” the Minister approved, as he also allowed me the privilege of cleaning off his cock.

I sucked it thoroughly until he pulled out a minute later.

“Greg, clean him up,” the Minister ordered.

“Yeah, hate for all that cum to go to waste,” he replied, and a moment later I felt a tongue begin licking my face.

I was repulsed.

I had no problem with a cock in my mouth or a bag and balls, but having a guy licking or kissing me like that was disgusting.

Yet I didn’t show any revulsion.

I remained passive like the submissive I was, and allowed a guy to lick cum off my face.

He then kissed me.

When I didn’t fight it but also didn’t kiss him back, he assessed, “Well, he may not be a faggot after all, but he’s definitely going to be a bottom.”

The Minister asked, “Do you want the job, Brian?”

I opened my eyes, blinking them rapidly to clear them of cum, remained on my knees and asked, “What are my duties?”

“You will work for me: sometimes doing what you just did, other times doing filing and lots of other jobs around the church and in the community,” he said.

“Okay,” I agreed, unsure what the other jobs would be.

“Your hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9, some Saturdays, and every Sunday from 8-4,” he explained, before adding, “on Sundays you will often do a lot of personal worship with members of the church.”

“Oh,” I said, wondering how many members of the church would want their cock sucked… having no difficulty deciphering the meaning of personal worship.

“On that note, duty calls,” Brian said.

“Enjoy your going away party,” the minister said.

“Oh I will,” Greg chuckled, with a tone indicating that he planned to have a lot of fun.

“Bye, cock sucker,” Greg added.

“Bye, sir,” I replied.

“Sir,” he laughed. “Yep, definitely a bottom.”

Once Greg was gone, the Minister, who had put his cock away, helped me to my feet and said, “He is a bit extreme.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“But he’s accepted his purpose in life and his sexuality, and resents people who haven’t yet,” the Minister explained.

I defended myself, “I’m still learning who I am and what I like.”

“I’m not judging you Brian,” the Minister explained. “We accept all people here and understand that each person comes to accept who they are at their own pace. At least that’s the theory: some of us like Greg are still learning how to put it into practice.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said, appreciating his understanding that I wasn’t ready and might never be ready to be a bottom… although the curiosity Greg had predicted was beginning to form.

“Now… would you like some help with your own package, son?” he asked.

“What? No!” I said, too fast.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t offering to do it myself,” he chuckled. “But our secretary Miranda is always willing to play her part for the Lord with all three of her holes.”

All the gay talk and the fact that Greg assumed I was a bottom, had me insecure about my sexuality; but I was confident Rose would be okay with anything the Minister suggested, so I nodded, “That would be great.”

He grabbed his phone and called her, “Hi, Miranda, we have a young man down here who’s just successfully completed his job interview and could benefit from a little stress relief.”

A minute later the door Greg had just left through opened again, and a woman in her sixties walked in. She was quite fat, but not overweight: her girth was perfect for her obvious calling as an earth demi-goddess.

She was dressed as conservatively as they come in a flower print dress, nylons and flat shoes, looking like my grandmother. She walked over to me, briefly examined my face and said, “I see you’ve just been baptized, darling.”

“Y-y-yes, ma’am,” I stammered, feeling her hand grab my hard cock through my pants.

“Oh my, that’s a nice piece of beef you have here, honey child,” she approved, in a southern drawl that was so fucking hot.

“Thank you, ma’am,” I replied, in awe of her.

“And so polite,” she smiled, gripping my hands for support as she settled herself down onto her ample knees, then fished out my cock.

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