Aralık 8, 2023

Hot Pregnancy Ch. 4

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“Hello Alex, I’m Lindsay Barnes” she said.

“Hello” said Alex.

“Won’t you sit down” she said.

Alex couldn’t help but stare at her pregnant form and he tried to keep his eyes on his work.

“Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself, Alex.” said Lindsay.

“Well I’m 19 years old, married, with three beautiful children and another on the way” he said.

“Oh a family man, I like that in a candidate” she said as she rubbed her pregnant stomach.

“Well I‘m 21 and I have five children and this makes my sixth” she said.

“Great!” said Alex.

“I feel as though men with families make the best employees” she said.

“They always work hard so they can make money to support their families and they hardly ever work more then they have to so that they can spend the most time with their families” she said.

They continued on with the interview and Alex told Lindsay all about himself and his family and after every question that Alex answered Lindsay told him about her own personal experience with the issue.

“Well Alex” she said.

“You are definitely the most qualified candidate that we have interviewed” she said.

“And being that you are a family man only helps you” she said. “So I am going to go ahead and bring you on board” she continued.

Alex just sat in a daze, staring at Lindsay’s pregnant body.

“Alex, is everything ok?” she said.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry” he said.

“I was just admiring your belly and how beautiful you look being pregnant” he said.

“Thank you” she said as a smile came over her face.

“I take it since your only 19 and your wife is on her fourth pregnancy that you enjoy the pregnant form?” she said.

“Well this is only Jennifer’s third pregnancy” he said.

“We have a set of twins” he said.

“But to answer your question I absolutely adore the pregnant form” he said.

“Well that makes two of us” she said.

“I’m not married and all of my children have been fathered by separate men” she said.

“Now I hope that that don’t make me sound bad” she said.

“I just adore being pregnant, but I haven’t found the right man to settle down with yet” she said.

“That is perfectly alright” said Alex.

“My first four pregnancies were accidents and the last two times I got pregnant on purpose without the guy I was sleeping with knowing that I was trying to get pregnant” she said.

“But this isn’t relative to our meeting here today so I should probably just be quiet” she said.

“No, please continue if you would like” said Alex.

“Well the first time that I got pregnant I was only 16” she said.

“I was in high school and I went to a party and had sex with the captain of the football team” she continued.

“A month later I found out that I was pregnant, and nine months after that is when little Joe was born” she said as she pointed to his picture on her desk.

“He’s cute” said Alex. “Sure is” said Lindsay as she continued.

“Three months later I was a councilor at a summer camp. I snuck down to the lake one night with one of the 15 year old boys. We had unprotected sex. And once again I got pregnant” she said.

“Then my third pregnancy came when I was 18” she said.

“I had just started college and I went to one of those college parties. And one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was on the kitchen counter getting fucked by the star quarterback.” she said.

Alex saw her slip her hand under her dress and he knew what she was doing. Alex could have done the same because his cock was raging and needed some attention. But he tried not to think about his cock.

“Then after little Amy was born I got pregnant by the doctor who delivered her just one month after she was born” she said.

“I had started to date him after the birth of Amy. And of course, I spread my gaziantep escortları legs for him and one thing led to another and he had to deliver another baby” she said smiling.

“Are you getting all of this?” said Lindsay laughing.

“Every bit of it” he said.

“Good” said Lindsay.

“That’s when Danny was born” she said.

“Then I kind of chilled out for a year” she said.

“I had my hands full with four babies in diapers. But I really missed being pregnant” she said.

“So I decided that I wanted to have another baby” she said.

“I grew up with Tommy Lawrence and we’ve been best friends our entire lives. He lives two miles from where I live and I knew he wasn’t married. So I figured that he would probably be needing sex pretty bad. So I called him up and asked him if I could come over for a visit. Of course he agreed. That night I went over and we went to dinner and got a little drunk and then made our way back to his place after dinner. We sat down by the fire place and got naked and started to fool around. Just as he was about to penetrate me he forgot he didn’t have a condom on. He asked me if I was on birth control and I told him that I was. So, he went ahead and fucked me without a condom on. And nine months later Jenny was born” she said.

“My plan worked like a charm” she said smiling.

“What did you tell him after you found out you were pregnant?” said Alex.

“I told him that he was the father” said Lindsay.

“What about the birth control?” said Alex.

“I told him that it doesn’t work one hundred percent of the time and that I guess that it didn‘t work like it was suppose too” she said.

“What did he say?” said Alex.

“He was happy for me and fucked me one more time for good behavior” she said laughing.

“Of course a couple months after Jenny was born I broke down and told him the truth.” she said.

“What happened?” said Alex.

“He was a little upset that I didn’t tell him in the first place, but he was alright with it.” she said.

“He told me that he had been wanting to have a baby anyway” she said.

“So now I have five babies in diapers, the oldest being four and the youngest being eight months, and now it‘s going to be six” she said.

“Aren’t you going to potty train?” said Alex.

“I tried but he just wasn’t ready” she said.

“He’ll let me know when he is” she said.

“Now this pregnancy” she said rubbing her pregnant belly.

“Came about in just about the same way as my second one.” she said.

“I council kids at a summer camp” she continued.

“One night I was out for a late night walk when I came across this young boy sitting on a hill down by the lake. It was about two in the morning and I wondered why he was up at that hour. I walked over to where he was sitting and I saw that he was masturbating. I cleared my throat so that he was aware that I was standing there. He paused for a minute and looked up at me. He was the cutest little boy that I had ever seen. He looked to be about 16 years old. He went back to stroking his cock as I stood there and watched him. My pussy was getting wet and I couldn’t stand there and let that nice hard cock go to waste. His cock had to be a good nine inches when it was hard. So I went over and got down on my knees and took his cock into my hand. Then I stood up and took off my clothes and then straddled his lap. I took his cock back into my hand and helped him guide it into my wet pussy. He told me that he was a virgin so I took it nice and easy on him. Once he got it all the way inside of me I bent down and we started to kiss. We kissed passionately as he moved his hips up and down to meet my thrusts. Since he had been stroking his cock for a little while before I got there it didn’t take him long before he shot his load into my pussy” she said.

“After I found out that I was pregnant I called him up and he told me that he was actually 18.” she said.

Alex went over to where Lindsay was sitting and grabbed her hands out from under her dress.

“Can I help you with that” he said.

“Absolutely” she said.

Alex lifted her dress up over her head and then undid her black lacy bra and threw them both to the floor. Lindsay could see his cock bulging threw his pants and she could tell that he had a big dick. Her pussy was really wet since she had been playing with it and she was ready for that big cock to be inside of her.

“Your wife won’t mind if you fuck me will she?” said Lindsay.

“She says if I’m happy, she’s happy.” said Alex.

“Good! Then fuck me.” said Lindsay.

And with that Alex took off his pants and boxers and let them fall to the floor. His big cock sprung free and was harder then a rock and pointing straight up at Lindsay. She bent down as best she could and took his whole cock into her mouth. Alex could see that she was an expert at sucking cock. He could see that she was having some trouble getting so he got up onto the edge of the desk and Lindsay moved her chair closer to the desk. Now she could be at the perfect height. She took his cock back into her mouth and sucked him off like there was no tomorrow. And in no time Alex shot his hot load of white cum deep down her awaiting throat. Lindsay sucked him dry but she could tell that he was still horny as a devil and so was she. She got up onto the desk and laid down and Alex took the hint and climbed on top of her. He slipped off his shirt and Lindsay started to run her hands all over his body. Alex got onto his knees in front of Lindsay and slid his dick into her cunt. But he knew that that wasn’t going to work. He picked Lindsay up by the arms and got her off of the desk. He leaned her up against the desk and then slid his cock deep into her cunt from behind. He was pumping his cock in and out of her cunt when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. And before either one of them had time to think of what to do the door came flying open. A young girl who looked to be about 18 years old walked in and stopped in her tracks when she saw what was going on.

“Close the door Ashley” said Lindsay.

She hurried and closed the door and then sat down in the chair that was sitting by the door. She looked in amazement at what was going on and she was getting really excited.

Alex continued to fuck Lindsay for all he had but he couldn’t hold out for much longer. He could feel his cock starting to swell and he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to go at it much longer. He continued to pump his cock in and out of her wet pussy as he felt his cum starting to build.

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Lindsay!” he yelled.

Just then he felt the cum hit and it came shooting out of his cock. Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot out of his cock and deep inside of Lindsay’s pregnant cunt. Just as he started to cum he felt a tongue starting to lick the crack of his ass. He looked around and there was Ashley down on her knees licking his ass. It really felt good and he figured that Ashley must be a horny from watching the show that he and Lindsay had just put on for her. Alex pulled his cock out of Lindsay’s cunt and then turned around. His cock was right in Ashley’s face.

“Do you want some?” he said.

Ashley nodded her head. Alex picked her up and helped her onto the desk. He climbed on the desk with her and got on top of her. He laid down beside her and they started to kiss as Alex started to strip off her clothes. First he removed her tight little white blouse. Then, he started to remove her bra and took her right breast into his mouth and started to suck it like a little baby. Then he started to kiss his way down her body until he came to her waistline. He unbuttoned her pants and started to take off his pants. He looked over at Lindsay sitting in the chair. She had her legs spread over each arm of the chair and almost had her whole fist up her cunt. Alex removed Ashley’s pants and then took off her black panties. Then he removed her socks and started to kiss his way back up her body starting at her feet. When he got back up to her cunt he saw that she was shaved and he slid his tongue deep inside her cunt, licking and swirling his tongue around. He ate out her cunt for what seemed like an eternity for Ashley. Then he continued to work his way back up her body. He got back up to her mouth and they met for another passionate kiss. Just then Ashley felt Alex slid his huge dick into her wet and awaiting pussy.

“Please be gentle.” said Ashley.

“I’m a virgin” she said.

A huge smile came over Alex’s face as he agreed to go easy on her. He slowly slid his cock into her cunt and when he finally got all the way in he relaxed for a minute to let her get use to him having his cock inside of her. When he thought she was relaxed he slowly started to move his cock in and out of her pussy. Ashley started to softly moan as he slid his cock in and out of her cunt. Alex met her lips for another passionate kiss to try and drown out her moaning so they didn’t get caught by the other employees that were near the door. Alex could tell that Ashley was liking what he was doing so he slowly started to move his cock faster and faster. As he did Ashley’s moans started to get louder. He knew by the time he came she was going to be screaming. Alex now had a nice steady pace going and he was feeling good and he knew that Ashley was as well. He took his lips away from Ashley’s and laid his head down on her chest and concentrated on his stroking. Just as he was about to lift his head back off of her chest he felt the presence of another person near them. He looked up and Lindsay had moved the chair next to the desk and was standing over Ashley. Lindsay lowered her self down to Ashley’s mouth and Ashley started to lick at Lindsay’s cunt. Alex was really excited at what was going on and he couldn’t take it anymore. His cock started to swell fast and he sent load after load of his hot cum deep inside of Ashley’s awaiting cunt. Just as he started to cum Ashley started to moan really loud. Lindsay sat down on her face and that drowned out the sound of her moans. As Alex came in her pussy that sent Ashley over the edge and she too had her first wonderful orgasm with a man. As she came her licking and sucking at Lindsay’s cunt became faster and faster and that was all to much for Lindsay to take and she too started to cum. Alex pulled his now limp cock out of Ashley’s cunt and then laid down next to her. He held her in his arms as Lindsay climbed down from the chair and moved it back toward the door. They then all got up and got dressed and fixed themselves back up so they wouldn’t get caught.

“That was wonderful” said Ashley.

Alex smiled and said. “It sure was.”

Ashley began to rub her belly.

“Is everything ok” said Alex.

“I was just thinking about what just happened and how we had unprotected sex.” she said.

“Are you worried about getting pregnant?” he said.

“Worried?” she said.

“No, not at all” she continued.

“In fact I hope I am” she said.

Alex and Lindsay just looked at one another and then smiled.

After they were all done with their fun Lindsay took Alex on a tour of the building to familiarize him with all of the stuff he would be working with. As they walked around she made some comments about some of the other places were she had been fucked in the building. Alex just looked at her and smiled. After they were done with the tour, Lindsay told him that he could start on Monday. Alex went home and told Jennifer all about his day and how he had fucked a pregnant girl and then another girl came in and he fucked her too. He also told her how Ashley had hoped that she was pregnant. Jennifer just smiled and then she came over to where Alex was sitting and straddled his lap and they had yet another nice sex session.

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