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Horner Springs Retirees #05

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Authors note: Horner Springs is a collective concept as discussed in thread “The Birth of Horny Town U.S.A” thread started by litfan10 in the Authors’ Hangout forum. Authors who add to this will pay at least lip service to the other Author’s creations and may share characters. My contribution is part of a series of stories that will use your feedback to advance or reduce a character, depending upon how you, the readers respond. Tell me what you think.


Slippery Dickory Doc


The sun was just about down before Lester pulled his Caddy up to the house that Gilhoulie had leased to set up his condom empire. Lester locked the car door, walked up to the rather seedy front porch and rang the bell.

He was thinking about Maureen and Jodie as he had left them. Jodie was still in her striped robe, and Maureen was dressed in that little skirt. Her legs were so smooth and Lester was starting to get hard thinking about her, when the door opened.

Les didn’t see anybody, until he looked down and saw a short elfin girl who looked about fourteen, “Yes?” she asked in a small voice.

“Is this Gilhoulie Enterprises, I was invited to the barbeque.” Lester said softly, so as not to frighten her any more than she looked like she was.

“Oh, yes, please, come in and I’ll get Mr. Gilhoulie.” She closed the door behind him and ran out.

Lester smiled at her little cute butt in those tightly tailored blue slacks, and the blue shirt she wore with pink intertwined ‘GE’ of the logo on her budding breast.

Gilhoulie, all six feet four of him wearing a loud Aloha shirt, came through the back and smiled, “Good to see you Murph, I thought you had expired or something.” He extended his hand and they shook hands with just a bit of a contest.

“I was unavoidably detained.” Les said apologetically and shrugged then smiled. “Sorry to show up so late. Where’s the beer?” Les said.

Gilhoulie laughed and waved Lester into the back, “Out in the back yard. The party is just getting interesting.”

Lester was impressed with the changes Gilhoulie had made on the back yard, there was a new three car garage in the back which compressed the yard into an almost square area with a concrete patio covering about half of that, he saw tables festively decorated and two large tubs along side them.

There were twenty or so young people, laughing and talking in clusters or dancing to the Beach Boy’s, a string of Christmas lights around the top of the fence was making the yard more festive in the fading light. Lester wondered about the music but he suspected the tubs to be with filled with ice and drinks. Gilhoulie lead him to the tubs and searched through the ice to find him a beer.

“Ah, here,” Gilhoulie said and handed Lester an ice cold Bohemian.

Les looked at the beer as the label slid off, “Oh good choice, Gilhoulie. I was afraid that you’d serve Bud.”

“You missed out on the Dortmunder Pils. You were late and I only had four of ’em.” Gilhoulie said.

Lest uncapped the bottle and took a deep swig. After the rum punch, the beer was heaven. Les looked around and said, “The place looks good, Gilhoulie. I see you got the garage up.”

“Yeah once the foundation was cured it only took Brent’s guys a day to have it assembled and wired.” Gilhoulie said, “Let’s us old folks find a chair,” and led Murphy to the edge of the patio where there were a few chairs and a table empty.

“Brent Jamison?” Les asked,

“Yeah, has a company called Hammer Men, he sells the steel buildings and puts ’em up. It was a lot less costly than wood, and a hell of a lot faster to finish.” Gilhoulie said.

“I met him this morning, seems like a nice guy.” Les said and surveyed the yard. A short kid in Gilhoulie Blue was talking to two girls who were giggling at him and Lester saw the little girl who let him in, dancing with a little blond girl who was smiling at her. “Who’s that little girl, Gilhoulie? She looks too young for a party like this one.”

Gilhoulie glanced at where Lester was looking and said, “That is Ms. G.G. Trewilliger, and don’t call her little, unless you want your shins abused. She says she’s petite, so we humor her. I call her Ms G.G. and you should too.”

Lester looked at Gilhoulie to see if he was serious. “Does she work for you?”

“Yeah she does the books, keeps the geeks on schedule and runs all the software.” Gilhoulie smiled, “What ever you do, don’t say she’s cute. Attractive or slender, okay, but not cute.”

“How old is she? She looks like she’s fourteen.”

Gilhoulie sipped his beer and looked at Murphy, smiling, “She’s almost twenty, almost ninety-seven pounds and she wears boots.” Gilhoulie laughed, “‘Course they’re are only size fours, but they have steel toes and hurt like the devil if she kicks you in the shins.”

Lester smiled at Gilhoulie who had obviously taken a likening to Ms G.G. Trewilliger, all ninety-seven pounds of her. He scanned the rest of the kids and saw a couple of guys in Lettermen’s jackets with the Futter University gaziantep escortları intertwined ‘FU’ on their chests. They were talking to a couple of girls and not having much luck because both the girls turned and left them. The guys moved on and one rummaged through the beer tub and came up with a couple of Bud’s.

“How did you meet Brent?” Gilhoulie asked.

“I was looking at a house and he gave me an estimate on fixing it up.” Lester said.

“You looking to buy a place here?”

Lester looked at Gilhoulie, “Why not, I’ve got a job here and I don’t see any need to move. I like it here. I’m making some good friends and nobody is shooting at me here”

Gilhoulie laughed and said, “Yeah, not getting shot at is very attractive, ain’t it?” He sat back, relaxed and took a sip of his beer. “I could get used to this, Murph.” He grinned and surveyed his domain.

He had the geeks to lead, they kept him on his toes, the condom business to run, the surveillance links to monitor and a few minor paid errands to run, but with the software and the capabilities of the surveillance system G.G. had tapped, hell it practically ran itself. Not to mention the almost unlimited capital resources he was able to influence. All he needed was a way to consolidate his assets and eliminate his liabilities.

Lester sipped his beer and nodded, “You sound a lot happier Morgan.”

“I am Les, this place you found is pretty close to heaven,” Morgan looked at Lester and smiled. “So tell me about this house you’re lookin’ at.”

Lester grinned, “I’m not sure about it, but it has frontage on the river right down below where the creek empties in, and there is an arch of rock that makes a pool, just where the property meets the river.” He laughed, “I wish it could be mine. It’s a big old place, not sure what I would do alone in it.” He sipped his beer and looked at Morgan, “I met the neighbor today,” He chuckled, “Great lady, carries a Marlin lever action.”

Morgan asked, “What was she doing carrying a gun.”

Lester drained his beer and smiled, “Shooting a varmint.” He laughed, “She got a ram lamb for doin’ it too.” He held up his empty and said, “Anymore of these in there?”

Gilhoulie shrugged, “Can’t say, the geeks have been drinking a long time Murph, You gott’a be more prompt if you want your choice.” He laughed and got up to join Murphy who had already started for the tubs.

They had just retrieved the last two decent beers in the tub when a tall blond kid in GE blue came up and said, “Mr. Gilhoulie, I think you need to check on G.G. she’s getting upset.”

Gilhoulie asked quickly, “Where is she, Robert?

Lester followed them as they made small haste to the side of the house, where the lights were now very low around the fences. Lester saw the two guys in letterman’s jackets were arguing with Ms G.G. The little blond girl was in the corner and looking very scared.

The loud voice of Sergeant Major (ret) Bernstein bellowed, “Here, what’s all this then!”

The two jocks looked at the tall old guy in an Aloha shirt, accompanied by another old guy in wrinkled kakis and that tall freshman geek, that was a surfer, or so he told everyone. The tall jock said. “We were just talking to Mary Lynn, when this squirt,” he indicated Ms G.G. and the shit hit the fan.

Gilhoulie’s hand went to Ms G.G.’s shoulder and held her back, but her size fours flailed awfully close the jock’s shins. “Forbearance, Ms G.G. until we get the facts.” Gilhoulie counseled. He looked at the lead jock and said, “Go on.”

Larry Chambers, Varsity middle line backer for the Futter Cougar’s said, “Well we were talking to her and this…” he paused, “…this girl comes up telling us we’re guilty of Sexual Harassment, and like how she’s going to file a suit if we don’t leave.” He laughed, “Like a kid like her could do that!”

Gilhoulie held Ms Trewilliger back again and said, “Ms Mary, why don’t you come over here?”

Mary Lynn edged between the two boys afraid to touch them and huddled behind G.G. peeking over her shoulder nervously. Her eyes wide and her hands clutched to her chin.

“Les, Hold my beer,” Gilhoulie said not taking his eyes of the lead jock. Lester was amused, but he took Gilhoulie’s beer and sipped his waiting for the climax, he was sure would be colorful.

“You gentlemen were just leaving, don’t let me detain you,” the bass voice of SGT MAJ (ret) Bernstein was low but serious.

The lead jock laughed and looked at his buddy, “Who’s going to make me?”

Evidently that was Morgan Gilhoulie Bernstein’s role, because he grabbed the lead jock by his shirt collar and his crotch, dipped his knees, lifted and launched the 240 pound linebacker over the fence. Lester was the only one unsurprised; he had seen Gilhoulie do the same thing to 100 kilo bags of rice in the ‘Stan, loading supplies for an orphanage.

The second jock dropped his beer can and made a hurried exit not bothering to close the gate in his haste to leave with his testes intact.

Ms G.G.’s eyes were wide as she said, “Gosh, Mr. G, you could have hurt him.”

Gilhoulie retrieved his beer and took a sip, “Oh, if I had wanted to hurt him I’d of twisted my wrist, and tore his nuts off, but he just needed a little corporal punishment to teach him humility. He’ll be alright in a few days.”

Mary Lynn’s eyes were wide and blinking and she put her arms around G.G. and her head down on G.G.’s shoulder whimpering a bit. G.G turned, took Mary Lynn in her protective arm, stoking her cheek and leading her off.

Gilhoulie said, “Robert, let me introduce you to my friend, Lester Murphy,” and they wandered back to the party.

Robert Fulton was an engineering student Lester found out as he listened to Robert talk about the sensory feedback system he was working on. Lester only understood about half of what Robert said; techno-babble wasn’t his strong suit. Robert was drinking some green stuff that looked like monkey piss to Lester, but Les had been drinking all day and just nodded at the right times as Robert kept telling him about how it would revolutionize learning and lead to a bright new future where everyone could fulfill their own potential.

Lester thought it interesting but not as interesting as the tall slim girl that hung around the patio, avoiding becoming entangled in the other boys. She was a brunette with clear white skin and dark eyes that looked natural but were too striking not to be enhanced by cosmetics. Small breasts, in a clinging top, and tight smooth blue hip hugger pedal pushers made her buttocks tempting, or so thought Lester in his now euphoric state.

The party was wearing down and it was getting cooler, Lester was noticing that the brunette’s nipples were getting very pronounced as she came over, and pulled Robert up by his hand, “Excuse me, but Robert promised me a dance and it’s getting late.”

Robert looked at her as she led him off, “Oh gee, Barbra Ann, I was talking to Mr. Murphy and got carried away.”

She nodded, “Yes, I know.” She put up her arms and said, “Now, carry me away.” She smiled and winked at him.

Robert took her in his arms lightly, his hand on her hip and held her right hand up and away from him as the music changed. Foxy had evidently been screwing with the party mix, because the next song was a slow dancing kind of thing so Robert pulled Barbra Ann closer as they started to dance and have a great time.

“Ah youth, wasted on the young, isn’t it?” Gilhoulie said watching Robert rubbing himself rhythmically on the slim Barbra Ann.

“Wish I knew then, what I know now,” Lester said and clinked his bottle with Gilhoulie’s.


The party slimmed down as it got cooler, after the sun had been down a while. Many of the people came by and thanked Gilhoulie for a good time and said their good byes. Gilhoulie had some of his geeks start clearing the tables and tubs. Lester realized that he was in no shape to drive home and contemplated trying to walk the twenty or so blocks to his apartment.

Gilhoulie had anticipated this and since Robert didn’t drink and had a station wagon Gilhoulie gave him fifty bucks for gas money and had him act as a shuttle up to the University. Robert had made three trips up to the dorms when he came out to where Lester and Gilhoulie were setting and said, “I think I’ve got just about everyone home. Do you want me to take you to the Sleazy Eights, or will you catch a ride with Mr. Murphy?”

Gilhoulie looked at Lester who was smiling and looking into the night lost in memories. He shook his head, “No I think we had better give Mr. Murphy a ride too. He looks drunk to me.” Gilhoulie laughed and stood, pulling Lester up by his arm.

They accumulated other riders as they made their way out to Robert’s 1957 Buick Station wagon parked out front. Barbara Ann was in the car seated in the middle of the front seat. Gilhoulie sat next to her and Lester, Mary Lynn and Ms G.G. sat in the back seat. Foxy and two girls shared the cargo area. They dropped Gilhoulie at the Sleazy Eights Motel and Murphy at his apartment over the bakery.

Lester waved to them as he found his door key and tried to fit it into the lock.


Barbra Ann tuned around and watched as they drove away, “I hope he gets in alright,” she said to Robert.

‘I expect this is not the first time that he has done this,” He snickered. “I know it’s not the first time for Gilhoulie.”

Barbra Ann clutched his arm, “Did you actually see him throw Larry Chambers over a fence? The man is big but who’d of thought that he could do such a thing?”

“Do you know Larry?” Robert asked.

“No, I know of him. I heard he was a bully, and all hands.” Barbra Ann laughed and the girls in the back seats all booed.


Foxy was in the cargo section cuddling Betty now that June had moved up to the back seat. He had her down on the plush carpet that covered the area. She was kissing him enthusiastically and Foxy was providing his own enthusiasm. The plush carpet was almost a smooth as Betty’s thigh, Foxy thought as his fingers got ever closer to her pussy.

Betty was holding her skirt down, not to stop the firm fingers that were sending electric sparks up her belly, but to keep any inquiring eyes from seeing she wasn’t wearing her panties. She had removed them for just this opportunity. She had figured that it would take fifteen minutes to drop off the gentlemen, and then another fifteen to get to the Dorms. She had fifteen minutes to get his hand in her crotch and climax. Betty was rubbing her legs together and feeling the tingle of nerves he touched with his hot hand. She was so excited she could feel her nether lips moving against each other.

Foxy finally got the courage to go for the glory, he found it easily when she opened her legs to allow his hand to cup her wet mound. It was like feeling the Holy Grail, such a wonder. Foxy felt her soft mound, smooth and hairless. His fingers naturally found her slippery center and he stroked it like he wished he could stroke with his cock. Back and fourth, Betty moaned softly and moved against his fingers motion, he pressed his finger deeper and Betty shifted her hips to allow his finger tip to rub the mouth of her vagina.

Foxy was about to cum, he was holding his breath and feeling the hot willingness to fuck on his finger. He began to move his finger in circles, figuring that that would be the way to find out what felt better or worse. But he wasn’t thinking the worst. He was thinking about the slipperiest pussy he had ever felt. It was his first, other that of his sisters, actually.


Barbra Ann held Robert’s hand lightly in her lap, as he was driving. She sat in the middle seat of the old wagon. The transmission hump made her knees stand up so she had Robert’s hand just at the top of her mound. She found that most disturbing in a way, yet she just pressed his hand a bit harder and lower on her mound and it became even more disturbing.

Barbra Ann, had had a few beers at the party and looked at the buildings passing, trying to figure out where they were and how much longer she had to put up with his disturbing hand pressing on her mound like this, She glanced up at Robert to see if he was doing it on purpose or even noticed. His face was determined, focused on his driving. She did wonder why he was only doing ten miles an hour, but she didn’t know the local traffic laws that well. She was from Nebraska, and she was used to weird.


Mary Lynn and G.G. sat very close to each other holding hands. Mary Lynn was trying to be cheerful in her fright. “G.G. was so solicitous and such a warm and giving person. She had stood up to those giants,” as Mary Lynn thought of Larry and his friend, “She was so brave, so bold and demanded justice!” Mary Lynn squeezed G. G. hand and smiled at her.

G. G. was worried about Mary Lynn. She seemed so nice and well, girly. G.G. loved the ribbons she wore amid the blue and green tresses that she had colored with party coloring. Her blond hair was so fine and sweet smelling. She had cute boobies too. “Not flat like me,” G.G. thought. She turned and whispered to Mary Lynn, “Do you want to stay with me tonight? In case your nerves act up again?”

Mary Lynn looked into her dark brown eyes and saw love, although she couldn’t name it that, after all G.G. even in her boots was still a girl, but she squeezed G.G.’s hand and tipped her head down next to G.G.’s, her long blond hair falling on G.G.’s shoulder.

G.G. couldn’t resist smelling her hair or rubbing her chin over the lock that was on her shoulder. “She was so fair, and beautiful. So delicate, fine and she’s was only an inch or so taller than me.” G.G. thought as she watched Mary’s blue eyes watching her. She smiled and squeezed Mary Lynn’s hand.


Foxy thought he had found the best moves. Betty was suppressing her moans in his mouth and humping his hand. Foxy had his palm on her mound and two fingers in her vagina the others were rubbing her smooth wet skin next to her pussy. She would move and his fingers curved naturally up and touched a spot inside that seemed to be exciting, and then he’d withdraw, keeping his whole hand in contact with her slippery warmth. Foxy had maneuvered so that his very erect penis was rubbing her leg and despite his rather rough underwear he was getting very excited.

Betty was getting more than excited, she was almost exploding, but she held it off because Ms Maureen had said not to go for the cheap thrill when you can Blow Your Mind! Betty was thinking about not blowing someone and hoped she could get away without it. She hated cum on her tits, and that’s what all the boys at home wanted to do.


Robert drove around the block again counter clockwise, because he had plenty of gas and his hand was so close to Barbra Ann’s pussy. He could feel her heat through her pedal pushers and he wanted to keep feeling it. Barbra Ann didn’t seem to mind and was even moving his hand a little as she sort of squirmed trying to get her legs comfortable on the transmission hump. If she tried to keep her knees together, her knees were straight up and so it seemed she was more comfortable with her knees spread and one leg over in the passenger’s footwell.

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