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Douglas , Carolyn Ch. 05

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As Douglas dressed later for his meeting he found a note stuck in his shirt pocket. He pulled it out and the note read “I am not sure if you are ready or how you will feel about this, but I am pregnant and you are going to be a daddy.”

Douglas’s business assignment had suddenly changed and he was away from Carolyn for a whole three months. Their work schedules were very heavy and conflicted so they were unable to visit each other. He remained faithful to her even though he was approached by many women.

They talked each and every night by phone and had phone sex. He purchased dildo’s for her and she sent him her panties through the mail and he would stroke himself until he would explode in them.

The time finally came when he was on his way to her, the flight could not end soon enough.

When he arrived at her place that evening it was to find scented candles lit all over and the smell of a good home cooked meal. He called out to her and she came from the bedroom wearing a black sheer gown which showed the swelling in her stomach. She had her braids up in a black satin ribbon and thigh HI’s on which she knew was a huge turn on for him.

He walked over to her and took her into his arms and kissed her deep. You would have thought their tongues were fighting each other because of the way they went wild in each others mouths. He ran his hands all up and down her body and to his favorite two spots. That deep curve in her back above her ass and her wide curvy hips.

As she kissed him she moved them towards the wall were she pushed him against it and unbuttoned his shirt and kissed her way from his lips to his neck and at the same time was unzipping his pants taking his hard cock into her hands.

She then kissed her way down to it and took it right away deep down into her throat. He gasped because it had been so long since he felt the magic her mouth could do to his cock. He reached down taking both hands and grabbing her braids and slowly began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.

As his cock began to swell she let go of it with her mouth and smiled when she pulled a shot glass out of the sheer nightie’s robe and put the head of his cock halfway into it. She then cloud storage started to stroke his cock with her soft small hands and his body tensed as he shot his wad into the shot glass.

After his body relaxed she stayed down squatting and licked and sucked his cock clean.

After that she stood up and took the shot glass and swallowed some of his hot cum and then put the glass to his lips and had him to do the same. After they both took turns drinking it until the glass was empty they then kissed and shared the sweetness of his taste with their tongues.

Douglas then went to shower and change while she finished up dinner and put it on the table. The dinner went really nicely but Douglas was very much looking forward to getting her in bed. By the time he finished watching her move about in the kitchen bending over and everything else he was hard and ready to go.

But she was not quite finished with him just yet. She went into the bedroom and returned just wearing her sheer robe. She walked to the refrigerator and took out a small bowl of fruit. She had him to move back when she sat the bowl on the table and she straddled his lap facing him and reached back and took a slice of orange from it and squeezed the juice out of it all over her breast and nipples.

She did that with each slice and between loving the taste of the orange he loved the sweet taste of the milk her breast gave when he sucked on them. He slid his fingers deep inside her causing her to arch her back. That was enough for her and now she was ready to get him into bed too.

She asked him if they could keep the lights on while they made love because she wanted to see everything.

He crawled into bed beside her naked and kissed her lips and neck and made his way down to her pussy. He did not want to lay on top of her for fear of hurting the baby although she told him that would not happen.

As she laid back and he kissed her thighs she could not see like she could before because of her stomach. He worked his tongue all over he sweet chocolate pussy forgetting how good she tasted. She moaned and moved her hips when he grabbed her ass cheeks and pushed his tongue deep inside of her and started to cloud file storage tongue fuck her. His tongue touched places deep within her that only he knew how to find. She had missed him and his love so much that it was not long after that she exploded with a fury inside of his mouth and he drank as much of her as he could.

By the time he was done his cock was fully erect again and he wanted her to ride his rod of love. But before doing it he kissed and rubbed her stomach talking to the baby as though the baby would answer him. When finally he was done making her laugh doing that she got up and got a hand mirror and bought it back to the bed telling him she wanted to see everything.

Her stomach was in the way of her seeing so when she straddled him she had him hold the mirror in a position so they both could see his cock go into her. She straddled him opening herself and her legs as wide as she could and reached between them taking his cock and placing the head to the opening of her very wet pussy. She started to lower herself on it as they both watched on in the mirror and when he looked at her, her eyes got very wide as she felt her tight pussy feel like it was literally being torn open by his thick long vanilla cock.

She cried out “Oh Douglassssssss” and he placed the mirror aside and pulled her down to him as far as he could and he kissed her. As he was kissing her when he felt her body relax he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down hard and thrust his hips up hard and rammed his cock all the way inside of her making her scream his name out. He held her there and stayed still for a bit to let her get used to his being inside her again.

And then the slow fucking began and she sat up and he again grabbed the mirror and it was so hot to the both of them watching his cock slick with her love juices slide in and out of her pussy. Each time he pulled his dick out the lips of her pussy would look like they were unfolding and stretching out and being pulled with his cock and when he would push in they would fold back in and be hidden. With her being pregnant her pussy was even tighter and hotter if that was possible.

Finally when it got to much for him he put the file upload mirror to the side and turned them over without pulling out of her and they were both on the sides. He was between her legs and took the other leg and put it high over his shoulder holding it up also with his hand by the thigh and he watched his cock go in and out of her until he tensed and called out her name and exploded. After the passionate love and sex they had both of them only had strength enough to go to sleep.

The following morning he woke up to the shower water running and he got up and joined her in the shower before she left for work. And it was a shocker because when he got in the shower he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring asking for her hand in marriage. Through her tears she accepted and got up and kissed him. As they kissed he pushed her towards the showers wall where the towel rack was and then broke the kiss and turned her so her back was to him.

He then pulled her away and had her to bend over. She then looked back to see him lathering his cock with soap.

The next thing she felt was his cock head pushing at the opening of her ass hole. He grabbed her hips as he slowly pushed forward pushing his cock into her ass. She grabbed the towel rack tight and covered her own mouth to stifle her scream. He then gave one good long hard shove and his cock was buried to the hilt inside her ass and he began to push and pull it inside of her.

He never lasted long with his morning hard on so it was not long before he exploded in her ass and his cum was running down her thighs. Once he calmed they finished showering and she got dressed and left for work. It was a good thing she did not have a sitting job because she had one sore ass and pussy.

Douglas came to take her out to lunch. She still looked so sexy even though her pregnancy was now showing her hips swinging from side to side so naturally.

They stood and were talking when she suddenly felt a pain. At first she said nothing because she thought it would pass. But when it hit again she felt something was not right and suggested they go to the hospital. By the time they got there she was in severe pain. Douglas waited in the waiting area for what seemed forever until the doctor came out and told him Carolyn lost the baby.

The loss of the baby hurt them badly but did not change things because Douglas still married Carolyn a few months later and they had a beautiful baby boy.

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