Kasım 20, 2023

Birthday Treat

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Due to the events in this story actually happening, names included will be random names to keep the identities private. The two in this story are both 18+


The chilled winter afternoon breeze swept over my body as I stood waiting for the public bus to arrive. I had made plans to be out of the house today so that my family could prepare anything for the special day. It was my birthday, and just like all my other birthdays I didn’t expect much for gifts or anything, but boy was I in for something very special. I had asked my sister, Alice, to meet up with me so that we could spend some time together at the mall. After jumping on the bus that was heading towards the mall, my sister joined at one of the stops along the way. I was always happy to spend time with her because of the special bond we shared (one that was more than what siblings should have, but we didn’t care as long as we had each other), so seeing her on my birthday made it even better.

“So how long are we gonna be at the mall?” was her first question when she sat next to me as the bus continued to its destination.

“Probably a few hours, I wanna spend as much bursa suriyeli escort escort time with just you as possible.” I replied as I put my arm around her.

The bus arrived at the mall, dropping us off at the stop outside of the first store I wanted to visit first, GameStop. Being my nerd self usually led to me visiting GameStop any chance I got and for one reason only, I was a huge fan of Pokémon and the card game, so I was there to see what they had. After spending about twenty minutes looking, Alice decided to be a nice sister and got me an Elite Trainer box that I had been wanting. Next stop was Hot Topic, again for being my nerd self, but this time just looking at Supernatural merchandise. With our little past of events that have created our bond, occasionally when we were sure no one could see, my hands would sometimes slip down the front of my sisters sweats and with her lack of panties, allowed me to tease her clit. Other times I would reach up her shirt and play with her nipple while grinding against her rear. Very few times would she reach into my pants to stroke me.

After bursa ucuz escort Hot Topic, we then went to JC Penny for her to look for some new pants, which actually ended up being more grinding and a short make-out session. Our final stop for being at the mall was Barnes & Noble, because I was looking for a new book to read. After spending almost a good hour searching, and some more kissing and slight teasing, I got three new books. It was already evening by the time we went out and waited for the bus to go to another store just to kill some time. After arriving at the empty stop, Alice said that she had a special gift that she wanted to give me, so I didn’t think much of it until she started to unzip my pants. What happened next I would never forget.

After she unzipped my pants, she looked around quickly to make sure no one was watching, telling me to pull my cock out for her. I quickly did so and tried to seem casual as I brought out my seven inch shaft, hiding it slightly as a car drove by the stop. Alice then proceeded to pull down the back of her sweats, which gave me a nice view of her bare ass before bursa üniversiteli escort she started to move back to sit on my lap. She reached down with a hand to guide my cock into her tight wet pussy as she sat down completely on my lap. After taking a few seconds to get used to having my cock in her in a new position, Alice slowly rolled her hips and grinds down on my cock before she started to bounce in place, but not too much for anyone who walked by to notice. Once completely comfortable with the position, she started to bounce faster on my, causing me to hold her hips so she didn’t fall over.

This went on for a good ten minutes, Alice now whining and softly moaning as she bounced on my cock, my right hand slipping up under her shirt to grope her right tit and my left hand slipping into her sweats to rub her clit. Obviously not wanting to leave any evidence of what happened, I pulled Alice down fully onto my lap till I was balls deep in her and blew a good size load inside, making her moan out as the pleasure brought her to orgasm. After sitting for two minutes to make sure it all came out, plus some kissing, Alice stood up and pulled up the back of her sweats, groaning as a little bit of my cum oozed out of her and stuck to the sweats and her thighs. Another eight minutes passed by before the bus finally arrived and we got on to head to the next store, then back home where I spent the rest of my birthday with the rest of the family, making my birthday one that I’d never forget and was special for me and Alice.

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