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Şubat 5, 2023

Bein’ Neighborly

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When I am home alone I have a tendency to wander around throwing things away. The kids don’t notice but my wife does. She doesn’t notice the things missing but if she sees stuff in the trash can a fight always follows. My new thing is I take it all the way to the big trash can on the side of the house.

It was trash day and the cans were at the street. I had to walk out front to take out the bag I had filled with papers, candles, some old clothing and odd books. Susan was at her trashcan too.

“If I knew it was a party, I would have put on pants.” I joked. Susan jumped when I spoke, she didn’t know I was there. She had slipped out without dressing either and was standing not four feet from me in a negligee. I could just make out hints of her tiny body through the black lace.

“oh shit.” She said. She made an initial effort to stand behind the dumpster but she had been busted and gave up. She didn’t seem the shy type anyway. “Good morning.” She said.

We were both home all day. We were friendly with our neighbors but really not much more than a wave from time to time. Occasionally they would hear us in the backyard late on a Saturday night and she would wander over. She was usually drunk. I don’t think my wife liked that. She also probably didn’t like the woman’s small nubile body. I did. She headed back inside and I turned to go in myself when I heard her call out to me. “Do you have cigarettes?” she asked.

“I do.”

“Would you like a cup of coffee? She asked.

I told her I would go get the cigarettes and put on some pants. She told me not to bother, she had already seen it.

On her patio we sat in oversized chairs smoked and drank coffee.

“This isn’t just coffee.” I commented.

“No, but don’t say anything, John already thinks I have a drinking problem.”

I didn’t respond. I just enjoyed the spiked coffee. I tried not to stare but I must not have been doing a very good job. I could see the curves of her breasts. I could see the darkness where her nipples were. Mostly I think I focused on her legs. They weren’t long but they were trim and I could make out the muscles of her thighs. I saw her out walking most days.

“I guess I don’t need to ask if you want almanbahis to come upstairs with me.” It was an odd question in multiple ways but what I chose to find confusing was why she assumed I was so interested. She had done a little eyebrow raise thing and I tracked her eyes to my boxers. Looking down, it wasn’t the boxers so mush as the erection that had tented them that had given my interest away. When she stood I followed her. I reached to bring in our coffee mugs and she told me to leave them.

Their Master is not as large as ours but their bathroom had been redone and I complimented it. She was not concerned with the tour and moved towards me quickly, her intent plain. She is a tiny thing and my entire body had to bend to kiss her. She ran her hands over my bare chest as our lips embraced.

“I haven’t showered.” She said in a soft voice. “We should shower.”

In the bathroom we waited for the water to get warm. She backed against me until I was rested against the counter. The negligee that had covered her ass was pulled up and I felt her bare skin against my thighs. I ran my hands over the soft lace until she decided to tug it up over her head. I kissed her bare shoulder and ran my hands over her small body. She was quite fit really, most of her was muscle except for a small soft belly and pleasingly full breasts.

When the water was warm we got in the oversized shower together and I realized I needed to redo my master bath with a similarly configured shower. It was pleasant. I washed her as she washed me. As was typical of these sorts of things she spent most of her efforts were running her small soapy hands over my cock, around my balls, and occasionally back around my ass. Similarly, I focused on her breasts, her firm, unusually long nipples and between her legs. Her pussy was one with long pronounced lips and as I ran my fingers along them I imagined them in my mouth. As I teased her, I found a firm nub with the folks and for fun, I teased it. As I pinched it she gasped and nearly slipped to the floor.

“We need to get out NOW!” she ordered me. She did little more than dab off the worst of the water and tossed me the towel. I dried a little more thoroughly but when she almanbahis yeni giriş laid down, crossways on her bed, her pale skin against a black satin comforter I tossed the towel aside and moved quickly toward her.

“Not yet.” She said as I moved between her legs to take her. “Lie down.” She said, her southern accent becoming more pronounced. She moved me, to replace her laying on the bed and then moved atop me. She straddled first my chest, then, moving her delicious flesh to my mouth, slipped down until she had pressed that little nub to my lips. I teased it and she groaned. “It’s so fat, dayam!” she said. I felt her mouth take me.

She didn’t take my cock deeply but instead focused on me using her tongue. It was different and delightful and I relaxed to enjoy it as my tongue danced within her, around her. She reacted drastically each time I took her clit in my lips and so I teased her, avoiding it while I worked on the rest of her and then without notice, licking at it until she groaned around my cock.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to come. “Slow down.” I warned her. Some girls, you know, they want that warning. She didn’t let up though, she gripped my balls instead, kneeding them, building my orgasm. I decided to press her as well and focused on not her delicious pussy but on that clit, that tasty little hyper sensitive clitty that made her writhe on top of me. I gripped her ass as I did, opening her to me and causing her to press her hips down into my chin.

It was a vicious orgasm when I came. I simply exploded. I heard the sounds as she gaggled and struggled to swallow it and did my best to make it that much harder on her. When she took a breath it allowed her to lean back and with her cunt pressed to my face she gasped. “Oh Fuck, Darlin. Oh Fuck, like thaaaat.” She cried. I gripped her ass and pulled her to me.

She came with a squeal, her thighs clenched on my head and she struggled to pull away. I love that. I wasn’t going to let her, she was a little thing and as she squimred I was on top of her. “Oh shit. You asshole.” she said, her hands clenched to me, I could feel her nails. “If that’s the way yah want it?” she said. I felt her mouth back on my cock, almanbahis giriş her hands grasped my balls so firmly it hurt.

It was a cycle of escalation. When she pulled at my balls, I ran two fingers inside of her. She was dripping wet and they slipped in easily. She moaned and I moaned. Our bodies, pressed together, contorted slightly because of my height and the smallness of her writhed as we struggled for more.

I licked her ass. Not really on purpose, she had just moved herself until that was where my tongue was. She groaned and pressed her hips back at me. I licked at it more and she groaned more. I used spit and her juices to prepare a finger and with her pinned to the bed, her legs held open by my head I pressed it in.

She groaned. She moaned, she sucked at my cock desperately and then she did it too. I felt her small finer penetrate me and now I was groaning.

It was ridiculous I am sure to watch but being in the middle of it, fucking and sucking and licking and fingers pushed up our asses it was a damn fucking remarkable way to spend the morning.

I came again, I think, it didn’t matter.

Eventually shit slowed down. We each poked and prodded less and less as we reeled from coming until we were more of less collapsed side by side. My dick was still in her mouth so I kept my tongue in her pussy. She would jerk if I pressed too firmly at that clit so I just teased around it. I liked to pull those thong lips into my mouth.

“I give, I give.” She said finally. I rolled over onto my back, she rolled onto hers. We were still head and foot miss matched and I stroked her little legs. Eventually she rested one on my chest.

Back in the kitchen we finally talked. I think it was the most the two of us had ever said to each other.

“We didn’t even fuck.” She said, her accent going away now that we weren’t in bed anymore.

We discussed how he was off on Fridays. The way she said it was clear. She said plainly we couldn’t have coffee until next week. I suggested they should come over for wine Saturday night. She said they had their friends coming. I said bring them. She said maybe.

I actually did drink a cup of coffee. I finished it quickly, it wasn’t very hot. She suggested I slip through the back gates. I agreed.

I wasn’t in the mood much for cleaning up when I was home. I went back to working, or what passed for my workday. I couldn’t wait for Monday. I liked having a little something with my coffee. I could get used to it.

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