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Şubat 5, 2023

Bedtime Story

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I am sitting here watching you. You seem to be lost in some silly card game on the computer and as I watch I wonder how to get your attention. I think it over carefully. I know what I want and I know if I play my own deck of cards right I will get it. I stretch and yawn and get up as if to go to bed but you still haven’t noticed. Hmmm, so much for hints. You are being difficult tonight. I walk up behind you softly; not sneaking just moving slow and deliberate. I lean down and put a wet warm kiss on the back of your neck just below the hairline. You shift in your chair but make no move to turn around. Good, you obviously intend to make me work for it. I stand behind you and gently begin to rub your neck and shoulders and lean forward and run a hot tongue up the back of your neck.

You shift again and roll your head from side to side but keep playing your game. I begin massaging your shoulders and neck a little harder and feel your tight muscle relax. Kissing and licking your neck and ears, pausing every once in a while to plant my tongue in your ear. I run my hands over your almanbahis shoulders and unbutton the first few buttons of your shirt so I can feel the hair on your chest. I am excited! I stand up and unbutton the front of my silk nightshirt and lean against your back. My nipples immediately get hard.

My hands are rubbing you gently from your shoulders and down your chest. Ohhhh,baby, you feel so good and warm. My nails flick across your nipples and I feel you wince. It seems I have gotten your attention after all. I unbutton and throw your shirt on the floor. I love to look at your chest. So big and strong- I can’t keep my hands still. I lean forward and kiss you hard and quick on the mouth. Teasing a little. You grab me and pull me onto your lap.

I wrap my arms around you tight and begin to kiss you; tongues stroking each other and lips melted together. Long, hot, deep kisses. I am beginning to feel damp and I have noticed that your lap has become a little uncomfortable. Like sitting on a log and some rocks. I stand up and kneel in front of you opening your legs. I lean almanbahis giriş forward and slowly take your zipper between my teeth and unzip you. I can see you are tense, waiting and wanting, but I will make you wait. You lift your ass and I slowly slide pants and all to the floor.

I take your hard cock in both hands near the base and lean forward. I lick my lips- getting them nice and wet. Slowly leaning forward I take your swollen head in my mouth and then back out planting a firm kiss on it. I snake my tongue out and run it slowly up your hard cock in long wet strokes from base to tip. Once you are good and wet I use one hand to jerk you slowly as I begin taking you into my mouth. I run my tongue out and flick your hot, huge head as I guide it into my mouth. Mmmmm, you taste so good.

I see precum oozing out and I stop to suck it – just the head. I take my mouth off your hot cock and wrap my fingers loosely around your balls lifting them gently away from your body. I circle them with my tongue and gently suck them into my mouth. I can feel them tighten so I stop. Oh almanbahis yeni giriş no you don’t. Not yet.

I go down on your swollen head one more time; this time taking you in fast and deep. Rubbing my tongue right underneath the head. I feel your body stiffen so I suck you harder and deeper into my warm waiting mouth. As I swallow more and more of you I take away the hand the was holding you and start to massage your balls running a wet finger dangerously close to your ass hole. I feel you starting to strain as you begin fucking my mouth with that monster cock. In and out harder and faster as my mouth sucks in rhythm. I get so excited when you do start to sweat.

I rub gently on your ass hole while my mouth is fucking your cock. I feel you ramming the back of my throat as your balls slap my face. Oh baby that’s it… give it to me! You know I want a mouthful of cum. I love it- can’t get enough. Cum for me; feed me what I want, what I need.

I quickly pop a finger into your ass and that does it. I finally get my prize. A hot load of cum pumps into my mouth. I swallow fast and hard trying to get it all, not pulling away until I am sure I have swallowed it all. You taste so good and I love it when you cum for me. We go sit on the couch and snuggle up close, warm, and happily resting for what comes next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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