Eylül 13, 2022

Becoming a bitch – Chapter 5

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Greg is eager to get me to take Randle in the open. Not publicly but in a secret place. He loved it when I gave him a blowjob later saying how he know I preferred to suck him. But did I?

Greg looked at me and smiled. Was he tempting me by suggesting I sucked him rather than his dog Randle? I had a feeling he was testing me to see what I would do. He had said his ex-girlfriend didn’t do it. Another statement to get me going. He had said she liked taking Randle in that wood. I looked at Randle lying there and wondered if I could. He looked at me with his big eyes. Was he reading my mind? No, I don’t suppose he had any idea what was spinning around in my head. Perhaps I could try it just once. But that was what I said about letting him fuck me and look how that turned out. I was now a more than willing bitch for him.

Greg sat looking at me. “If you want to try it go ahead” he said “maybe just stroke his cock like you stroke mine”. I could see he was quite serious. He wanted me to do it. I hesitated but the more I thought about the more I was thinking “why not”. I called Randle over and cuddled him. Running my hands over his back and sides (being careful not to pat his head) I then started rub his tummy. He was getting excited as I reached his sheath. His cock started to peek out and I rubbed it. It was hot and slippery. “Good boy” I said “show me your lovely cock”. I kept rubbing and I could feel it getting larger. Rubbing turned to stroking as it grew and he gave a whimper. I wasn’t sure if he enjoyed it but I was starting to feel tingles in my pussy.

“Yes kocaeli escort baby I think he likes it” Greg muttered as Randle’s cock was now nearly fully exposed. He was starting to drip pre-cum over my hand. I licked my fingers. It tasted a little bitter and salty but I was getting turned on and didn’t care. I started to wonder what it would be like to lick the source. I had seen videos of women sucking dogs and it looked difficult. I sat on the floor with my back against the couch. “Get his front legs on the couch” I said the Greg. In an instant he got Randle up and his cock was waving inches from my face. I grabbed it again and ran my tongue around the very end. He was still leaking pre-cum and it was on my lips and chin.

Randle was whining again and I convinced myself he was enjoying like a man might. I licked up and down his doggy cock and he gave a little shudder. I took the end of his cock in my mouth and sucked. Bit by delicious bit I began to suck more and more until I began to gag. One hand held on to my doggy lover’s appendage while the other one began to rub my clit. “Oh wow sweetheart you are doing it” I heard Greg said in amazement but I was too busy to take too much attention to him. Randle was now pumping pre-cum constantly. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t actually cum but I certainly was. I trembled all over as I orgasmed with Randle’s cock in my mouth.

“Oh Greg I am so horny” I cried. Scrambling from under him and knelt on the floor. “Mount me Randle” I screamed “fuck me, fuck me”. Randle didn’t hesitate and climbed on to me back. darıca escort I reached down and grabbed his cock and aimed at my yearning pussy. He didn’t need any encouragement and he mounted me and gave me what I craved, 10” of rock solid dog cock. He knotted with me in about a minute, my punishment for teasing him. But I didn’t mind as I felt his cock twitching as he filled my hungry pussy with his seed. He finally withdraw and licked me then went away and licked himself. Fortunately Greg was there to give me his seed as I enjoyed being services by my two darlings.

“That was amazing” whispered Greg as he hugged me “So erotic, so naughty”. I chuckled and nestled against his chest. My mind was racing. I wondered if I could actually give Randle a blowjob. Would he cum with me sucking him or did he need penetration to make the magic work? Greg and I must have dozed off as it was dark when I opened my eyes. Greg stirred “I am hungry. Let’s order pizza and then we should talk?” “Talk. I wonder about what” I wondered but didn’t say anything. We had a shower and ordered home delivery.

Dinner over Greg sat me down. “We are good together, yes?” he asked. I nodded. “And you love Randle and me?” he went on. I agreed. “Why don’t you move in with us? Let me say that differently. I want you with me here all the time”. I looked at Greg and smiled. “Are you sure honey” I asked but probably knew the answer. “Yes I am very sure” he replied and we kissed. I looked over at Randle who was watching us. “See” said Greg “he wants you to move in too”. I nodded “yes gölcük escort I would like that very much” I said “when should we do it?” Tomorrow darling. Move in tomorrow” he said excitedly. “What about my lease” I said. “Don’t worry. I will pay be penalty if there is one”.

We cleaned up and Greg took me to the bedroom. He made love to me. Not just sex. Not just a fuck. He made love to me. I was so happy. “Are you sure you don’t mind if I have Randle from time to time?” I asked. “Honey you can fuck with him every night if you want to. You can suck his cock too. But when we are in this bedroom you are my special girl and I will treat you as such”. I laughed “well I hope you won’t always be gentle darling” I said “sometimes I like it rough”. I saw the glint in Greg eyes. He knew what I meant.

The next day we went back to my flat and I packed all my stuff. I had bought some furniture but Greg said to leave it. There wasn’t any need for it anyway. We put all the gear in the car and headed back home. I unpacked some of my clothes in the main bedroom and the overflow in the second bedroom. I sat on the couch and sighed. My mind was buzzing. Greg and I were now a couple and I could not be happier.

It has been six months now since that move. The agent wasn’t too happy about me moving out and refused to refund the bond. I said don’t worry about. I have settled into live with Greg and Randle very well. True to his word he lets Randle have his fun with me, he seems to like me sucking that cock of his and then I change from Bitch to sweet girlfriend and Greg and I made love. He does it rough sometimes and he knows I love it. I am fair and when it is that time of the month I suck Greg as well. Guys just love blowjobs don’t they?

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