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Barbecue at My Aunt’s

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Big Tits

I have had literally hundreds of fantasies in my lifetime and I am only in my twenties. Some of my fantasies are simple and to the point. Some are very detailed and would take hours of preparatory writing just so the reader would remotely understand the point. Most of my fantasies deal with the same topics. These topics are usually incestuous and always include in some relation, panties. This story starts being true. I am sure you will be able to tell when the story shifts from the what really went on to fantasy. Enjoy.

When I was about 18 I realized my love of panties. I would always look through the panty drawers of who ever I could. This included my mother, my sisters and just about any other female whose bedroom I came across. I even remember ounce while at a good friends house I looked through his mother lingerie drawer.

This story though, begins when my aunt went away on vacation. My dad and I decided that it would be really relaxing to go and house sit for her since she lived in the country and had a beach front property. When we arrived, my dad went out on the deck to read a book and I went up to my aunts bedroom. I opened the top drawer of her wooden dresser and saw a pretty pathetic collection of lingerie. After sorting through several pairs of old cotton panties I decided to direct my attention to the assortment of bras that were arranged in the right end of the drawer. I picked out a silk bra and held it out to admire the large size of the cups. I threw the bra on the bed and resumed my search for something more interesting.

My hand first hit a plastic grocery bag and then the tubular shape of some unknown object. Before I could even ask myself what the object was it hit me. I had found my aunts vibrator. I quickly pulled the bag out and closed the drawer. I then called out the window to my dad that I was going to take an afternoon snooze, and retired to my guest-room.

I could barely contain my excitement as I pulled out the white vibrator. I knew my aunt must have used it lately since there was still a condom on it. I put the tip of the vibrator to my noise and took a deep sniff. The musky smell of pussy filled my brain.

That weekend I sniffed and sucked on the vibrator every night while I jerked off. By the time we had to leave I had nearly worn the batteries out on the thing. I replaced it back in the drawer Sunday afternoon right before we left.

About escort bayan a year later I finally got the chance to sneak the vibrator from my Aunts top drawer. Once again she had gone away and my dad and a few other family members including my step mom were house sitting for her. The first thing I did when I got to the house was head up stairs and grab the Vibrator. By this time in my life I had begun experimenting with anal penetration and I couldn’t wait to put the vibrator up my anus. I went into the bathroom and using shaving cream as lubrication I managed to get the vibrator almost completely into my ass. Unfortunately the combination of me going to fast and not using a proper lubricant made my anus burn and I quickly discharged the vibrator. I didn’t attempt using the vibrator for anything other then sucking on for the rest of that trip.

Before long it was time to go for what I thought would be another year. I was very happy when I learned about a week later that my aunt had invited us all down over night for a barbecue. The night of the barbecue was about a week away and I spent most of that time jerking off dreaming about putting the vibrator up my anus.

The night of the barbecue I faked a stomach ache and headed up to my aunts room. I found the vibrator right where I had left it and to my pleasure I also found a tube of KY jelly in the plastic bag. I went into the bathroom and began to smear the KY jelly all over the vibrator. I then smeared a small amount all over my anus. A few seconds later the buzzing vibrator was 4 inches up my anus and I was jerking off like mad. My legs felt weak from the pleasure I was experiencing. I was just about to cum when I heard someone knocking on the door. I quickly pulled the vibrator from my anus and frantically tried to turn it off before I answered. The Vibrator was very slippery from the KY jelly and in my attempts to quite it’s endless buzzing I dropped it on the floor. The knocking persisted as the vibrator began to make furious noise as it rattled around the floor freely.

“Are you OK in there your father said you were sick?” the familiar voice of my aunt asked.

“I am fine I was just ah using the bathroom,” I finally managed to answer just as I got the run away vibrator under control.

Just then my aunt burst into the room and slammed the door behind her. I stood in front of my aunt wearing altıparmak escort bayan absolutely nothing with a fully lubricated sex toy in my hand and the biggest erection I think I had ever had. She made a motion like to be quite by putting her finger across her lips and slowly began to shed her clothing. The initial shock of being caught masturbating in such horrible circumstances still hadn’t worn off so I hardly noticed that my aunt now stood before me wearing only a silk bra and a pair of flimsy cotton pants. When I finally “came to” my aunt was standing about a foot away from my pinching her nipples through her bra with one hand and rubbing her crotch underneath her panties with the other hand.

“Come on we, haven’t got long,” she said while motioning for the vibrator.

I handed it to her but she nudged it away and said, “no you use it.”

I turned around and began to probe my anus once again with the now silent toy.

“No, I mean you use it on me,” my aunt explained.

I sheepishly pulled the toy from my ass and turned the knob to the highest setting of vibrate. My aunt then sat on the edge of the tub and pulled her now soaked panties to one side of her un-shaven pussy. I got on my hands and knees and began exploring my aunts pussy. I carefully maneuvered the toy in between the swollen lips of her pussy until I felt the tip of the vibrator begin to sink into her dripping hole. I pushed the vibrator in as far as I could until only a fraction of an inch was still above surface.

“That isn’t any go-,” my aunt tried to say but before she could finish I dove my face into her crotch and put pressure on her clit with my tongue.

She let out a moan that I thought was loud enough to get us busted by the 15 or so relatives that mingled just one floor below us. I continued licking my aunts clit and the vibrator still sat and engulfed in her pink hole. I then lowered my attention to her puckered anus. I felt around to my own anus and removed some lubrication with my finger that I then used to probe her little rose. She continues to moan heavily throughout this entire ordeal.

Her moan alone could have made me cum. It was deep and throaty and I could tell that it was a true moan of a woman who was being pleasured in the most intense way possible. Realizing how long it had been since I came upstairs nilüfer eskort and assuming people downstairs would probably begin looking for me and my aunt I decided to end the sexual flurry. I pulled the vibrator out from my aunts hole and pushed it into her anus. I then licked her pussy from were the vibrator now resided all the way up her hairy mound. I then settled back on the clit and began licking it quickly and carefully. I could feel my aunts entire body tense up and I saw the vibrator literally get squeezed out of her now enflamed anus.

Her body shook and quivered until what seemed like gallons of thick white cum began to poor out of her pussy and drip down the side of the bath tube. I cupped the sweet juice in my hand and began drinking it as though it were spring water pouring from a little river. Her thrusting continued for at least 5 minutes until she seemed to almost pass out.

A couple seconds later she “awoke” and began thanking me for the work I had done. She then insisted that she return the favor. I pleaded with her to do it another time since I was terrified we would be caught. She wouldn’t listen and bent down until she was eye level with my now rock hard cock. She began to lick the very tip of my cock. My pre cum had started running down the sides of my dick by now and she followed the drips with her tongue. Being only 18 at the time and more importantly having sat through the last 10 minutes of events without already reaching orgasm I came quite quickly.

“I am going to cum,” I spit out between grunts.

Before I could cum my aunt leaned away from my dick and slid her still sopping wet pussy forward. She then jerked me off until I had cum all over he crotch. She then rubbed my cum into her swollen hole and all down her anus. She licked the palm of the her hand as though it were a lollipop. She then rubbed our mixed juices until her hand was once again coated in the thick white mixture. She rubbed the mix all over her tits and continued to periodically lick her hands clean.

I began to lick the cum mixture off her chest and eventually off her pussy until she finally clued into how probable it was that we were going to get caught. We both dressed in a frantic fit. My aunt took her cotton panties which were literally dripping with both her cum and mine and wrapped them in a small bag which was under the sink.

“Take these for later. I imagine they will make your evening fun,” with that she handed the bag to me, kissed me on the lips and returned to her guests as if nothing had happened. The kiss left my mouth with the sweet taste of our cum mixture and I walked with great satisfaction down the stairs to join the rest of my family for the barbecue.

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