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Kasım 22, 2022

Banter with Mom Ch. 03

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We relaxed. My mom cuddled beside me on my bed. Naked!

I would get to add another notch to my headboard. I would have her watch me, to know I had conquered her. And to know I wanted more.

During our rest time, my mind had raced many miles. Thoughts filled my head. My cock was flaccid at the moment, but could jump to readiness quickly. Mom had surrendered completely. Nothing was said, only our lusts controlled our unbridled passion. Mom had done things to my body that I had only dreamed about. Things desired only in my head, she performed! My cock jumped, more life running up its’ shaft.

I rolled over, sitting on the edge of the bed. I had to piss. Glancing back over my shoulder, I looked at my Mom’s face. Contented, restful, sleepy came to mind. I smiled, stood, walked out my door, crossed the hallway to the bathroom. Pushing the door almost closed, I stood, grabbing my dangling cock, aiming the stream of liquid into the bowl. It felt good!

As I finished, Mom’s hand caressed my hip from behind. “Wash my back,” she queried? I stepped to the shower stall, opening the door, reaching inside to start the water. A moment would pass before the hot water streamed out of the shower head. Mom stepped to me, wrapped her arms around my waist, and snuggled close. I draped my arms over her shoulders, leaning slightly to kiss the top of her head. Her body melded against mine, her tits mashing against my stomach. My hand caressed down her back. I swatted her left cheek gently. Reaching to the water, I found it warm.

“Do I get a notch on your headboard,” Mom laughed as she stepped into the shower stall. I watched as the water sprayed over her, her face looking up into the cascading water. Mom reached up, gathering her hair, lifting it up in a high pony tail with her hands. Her petite frame beckoned me.

“Absolutely Mother!” I exclaimed. “But, we are not finished yet!” I continued. I stepped in behind her, my fingers running over her sides, reaching to her front. I grabbed the hanging tits, massaging them in my hands. I stepped close to her, pulling her body back just slightly. My cock dangled on the top of her ass crack, its head poking gently against the small of her back. Mom groaned with each squeeze of her tits. I pulled her stiffening nipples under the warm water bouncing off her chest, rolling them firmly between my thumb and index finger. I twisted gently, but firmly, sending an electric notice to her cunt.

Mom leaned forward, holding the water faucets. She pushed her ass back against me. Our size difference was apparent. I was high above her ass. My cock plopped on her ass, water hitting my chest, stomach, and crotch. Water ran down between our bodies. I reached to her, grabbing a handful hair. I pulled her head back, lifting, pulling her body back against me. I ground my hips forward, my upper thighs in direct contact with her ass. I pulled my hips back, thrusting forward. My cock dipped between us, my thighs slapped her globes. Her flesh rippled from the contact, bouncing, jiggling. I repeated the thrust.

I stepped back, running my hand down her backside. My fingers dipped between the cheeks of her ass. I slid my hand downwards, crossing over the puckered hole. Her body jumped slightly under my touch. I continued forward, crossed through the moist pussy lips. My fingers danced in her wetness, along her slit. Pulling back, I found her hole. I thrust a finger into her body. Mom’s ass thrust down, driving my finger deeper into her cunt. Her hips swayed, my finger playing deep inside her body. Mom grunted as she humped my hand.

I pulled my finger out of her cunt, moving upwards, I reamed her asshole with my finger tip. Mom froze. I pushed my fingertip hard against her asshole. Reluctantly, her asshole spread slightly, allowing my finger to slowly penetrate through her opening. Mom pushed back hard against my finger. Mom screamed softly, a scream of penetration, guttural, deep from inside. I pulled my finger from her asshole, and then reinserted the tip, pushing more into her body. Mom’s feet spread on the wet tile floor. I drove my finger deeper, Mom letting loose a nasty, grunting, scream. My cock grew rigid quickly. I hammered her puckered hole, thrusting my finger in and out of her ass at a rapid pace. Water poured over our bodies.

Moving close behind her, I pulled my finger from her ass. Grabbing my cock, I bent my knees, lowering my body down slightly. I found her wet slit. I aimed my cock to her cunt, placing its head against her slick hole. I grabbed her hips, pulling forward hard. My cock slid quickly into her body, several inches buried with the first penetration. Withdrawing, I thrust forward again. Mom braced herself against the wall, holding the shower faucets. My cock slid balls deep in her wet cunt. I ground my hips against her ass. For the next several seconds, I slammed my cock in and out of her cunt. My hips slapped her cheeks, flesh against flesh. I pounded her cunt. Mom screamed between breaths.

I stopped, withdrawing bursa yabancı escort my cock from her. I guided my juice covered cock to her asshole, placing its head against her puckered ring. I grabbed both hips again, pulling myself forward. This time, I was gentle, wanting my monster cock to penetrate new territory. Mom squealed. “Oh shit Baby,” she grunted. The head of my cock slid past her tight ring. Her asshole wrapped tightly around my cock head. I pulled forward. An inch, two, three slid into her body. Hesitating, I allowed her to absorb my cock. Withdrawing slightly, I pushed forward harder. More cock slid into her ass. Mom’s hips thrust up and down slightly, humping my cock. Withdrawing almost completely out, I thrust forward again. Her body accepted more cock. I repeated my withdrawal, and thrust forward hard. My hips were touching her ass. My cock was buried in Mom’s tight ass. Holding still, I could feel Mom’s muscles, squeezing my cock, milking. “Fuck me! Mom commanded.

“Make yourself cum Mom,” I commanded her. “Make yourself cum,” I repeated. Mom reached quickly between her legs. I could feel her fingernails rake against my cock. Within seconds, Mom’s body convulsed, twitching against me. Her knees buckled slightly. She arched her hips even more, giving me direct line to her ass.

Spreading my feet even more, I took hold of her hips, the cheeks of my ass clenching, driving even more cock into her ass. I withdrew, and slammed my hips forward. My cock completely buried, bounced my balls off her clit. I now started pounding her with full length, piston like strokes. Her ass squeezed hard around my shaft, holding, releasing, and accepting again as I thrust in and out of her body.

Within just minutes, my balls churned, making another load of cum to be delivered. As I grunted with each thrust, I listened to my Mom screaming, grunting, begging for my cum. I pulled extra hard on her hips, pulling my body as tight as I could against her ass, my cock sliding to even greater depths in her. Grinding against her, my balls exploded, driving cum up my shaft and spitting deep into her bowels. I flooded her, several spurts grinding deep. I pulled her closer, deeper. My legs quivered.

Breathing slowed. My cock deflated, pulling out of her ass. I stood to give my legs a break. Water splashed off my body. Mom hung on the faucets, limp. Her breathing was returning to normal as well. “Wash my back,” she whispered. I reached to the soap. I washed her body, covering every inch, front and back. She returned the favor. In the next twenty minutes, we got squeaky clean. We took our time when washing sensitive parts of the body. As we finished, I lifted her face to me, kissing her softly as we turned the water off.

Drying, she trundled off to her bedroom. I crossed the hall to mine. After I dried off, I stretched out on my bed. I laid naked on my covers, wanting Mom to see me as she passed by my door. Several minutes passed. I heard her heading down the hall. She stopped at my open door. “Get dressed son,” she commanded. “We do not want the any of your friends stopping by and catching you in the raw,” she continued.

I dressed quickly, headed back downstairs. Mom had dinner on the stove. Not much was said, she read the paper, I settled in the living room, flipped on the news, and watched while I ate. The phone rang. Grabbing the portable, I responded “Hello,”.

“Hey honey,” Stacey quipped into her end of the call.

“Hi Babe,” I responded. “What’s up? I continued.

“I need go out for an errand, so wondered if I should stop by your place for a little while,” she explained. “I need your cock,” she whispered. “See you in a few minutes,” she stated and hung up.

“Stacey is going to stop by soon,” I told Mom.

“Really,” Mom inquired. “I bet I know what for,” she trailed off, her voice laughing, teasing me. Mom strutted down the hallway to her home office, looking back over her shoulder, she caressed her hand over her cheek, and with one last visible movement, swatted her ass. I groaned softly.

I waited for Stacey to arrive. Several minutes passed. A quick knock on the door, and she was in. She found me watching TV in the family room. “Where is your mom,” she asked as she looked around.

“I think she is in her office at the moment,” I replied. Stacey jumped to me, placing a knee beside me on the couch. Leaning to me, she kissed me quickly, softly. Her tongue exploded into my mouth, searching, playing, teasing. She sucked my tongue into her mouth. I returned the kiss with gusto, reaching to grab a hanging tit through her sweater. I massaged it roughly, playfully. I pressed my thumb into her tit flesh through her clothes. She reached to grab my growing cock through my sweats. Her fingers wrapped around me, pulling, tugging up and down my shaft. I kissed her again, trailing kisses down her jaw, down her neck to the nape of her neck. I grabbed a mouthful of flesh gently, running my tongue back and forth over the exposed bursa sınırsız escort skin. Stacey groaned appreciatively.

Pulling back, Stacey dropped to her knees on the floor between my legs. Her arms crossed my thighs, her hands rested just inches from my groin, her fingertips caressing gently, almost touching my cock. My body jumped, thrusting my hips upwards, trying to move into contact with her fingers. Stacey just stared at me. Glancing left, she searched the hall with her gaze. Leaning forward, she bit my cock through my sweats, biting playfully as she pumped my shaft with a free hand. Pulling my t-shirt up, she kissed my stomach, her tongue gliding into my navel, reaming gently. Her hand grabbed the top of my sweats, pulling the material down. She had some trouble getting the waist band over my growing cock. She aimed my cock up toward my waist. Several inches were exposed. She licked the underside of my cock, tracing up my shaft until her tongue reached his head. With her fingers wrapped around my shaft, she lifted my cock perpendicular to my body. Her lips formed a perfect “O” as she leaned to my cock. With a quick lick around its growing head, she sucked my cock into her mouth. Within seconds, she was fucking my cock with her mouth. Full, driving, deep thrusts forced my cock into her mouth and throat.

I reached to her, my hand resting on the back of her head. I watched her, her mouth spreading with each thrust downwards, lips sucking my cock deep. Then, with each lift upwards, her mouth would stretch to hold my cock deep. Her cheeks hallowed each time she pulled up. She fucked my cock with a vengeance. I thrust my hips to drive my cock deeper into her face. My breathing grew ragged. My balls churned! Stacey roughly grabbed my nuts, rolling them in her hand and fingers, pulling them, milking them. Lifting off my cock, her tongue reached to lick the sides of my cock as she moved down. She sucked a nut into her mouth, rolling the sac in her mouth with her tongue. Closing over my ball, she tugged gently with her mouth. I groaned with each movement of her tongue. She returned to my cock, sucking it deep again. Her motions were piston like, driving my cock completely down her throat, and then repeating hungrily.

A flash of movement caught my peripheral vision. Glancing to my right, my Mom stood in the hallway, her gaze locked on Stacey. I stared at my Mom. Her eyes locked into mine. Her tongue flicked past her lips, rotating slowly outwards, wetting her lips. Her eyes glazed, she moved forward very slowly, her focus returning to Stacey’s movements.

Stacey froze, pulling quickly off my cock. “Shit,” she hissed. She quickly pulled my sweats up over my cock. She sat back on the floor. Mom stopped movement, staring at Stacey. Split seconds passed. An eternity flashed before my eyes.

“He has a beautiful cock,” Mom was saying. “Don’t you think so Stacey?” she continued. Stacey’s mouth dropped open. “I envy you honey,” she continued, talking directly to Stacey. She moved forward, sliding over to the couch, sitting next to me. “You can get all of it down your throat,” she stated flatly. “Show me,” she finished. Stacey sat dumbfounded. She did not, could not move.

“Stacey, show me,” Mom repeated. “I am sure he will not mind!”

I grabbed my sweats, pulling them down below my rigid cock. I pushed my meat forward, aiming his eye directly at Stacey. I could feel the cool air wash over my cock. My precum glistened on his head. Stacey reached to grab my cock. She stole quick glances at Mom, but moved to her knees again. Leaning slowly, her tongue flicked out, dancing over his engorged head. She groaned deeply. Her lips closed on my cock, forming a suction, pushing forward and down over the head. Her hand pumped my shaft, squeezing any fluids up my shaft into her waiting mouth.

“That’s it baby, suck his big hard cock,” Mom commanded. She reached to caress Stacey’s hair, her fingers intertwining themselves softly. I watched Mom. I could not take my eyes off her. I stared at her face, watching her eyes. Mom was enjoying the display in front of her. Her breathing was changing. Her breathing grew short, labored. “Let’s go upstairs,” she said out loud, looking to me. Standing, she moved quickly to and up the stairs. I pulled Stacey off my cock. Her eyes were also glazed, her lust showed. She licked her lips.

“Will she join us,” Stacey whispered huskily? She pumped my shaft several times, wiping off a drop of precum with her fingers. She brought them to her mouth, sucking my fluids, cleaning her fingers. My mind jumped to the possibilities. Stacey stood, turned, and headed upstairs. I followed quickly.

Mom’s tank top was at the top of the steps, several feet later, her shorts were strewn against the wall. A bra followed, and her panties were just outside my bedroom door. My door was wide open. There, on my bed, my mom was stark naked, her fingers busily flicking her clit back and forth. Her legs, bent at the knee, were görükle escort raised. Her arms supported her tits. She was lost in her lust, her eyes closed, her moans audible. Stacey ripped off her clothes, walked to the end of the bed, and watched Mom spread her lips open, and flick her clit back and forth rapidly. Stacey reached to her slit, her fingers penetrating to expose her swollen clit. She tugged on it, wiping moisture freely about her mound. Glancing at me, she moved forward, crawling down between my Mom’s legs. Her mouth went directly to her clit, sucking it into her mouth. Mom’s hand reached to her head, pulling her down harder on her clit. Mom’s body jumped, thrusting against her face.

I stripped my clothes off very quickly, moving to the bed. Mom reached to grab my cock. “Come here, bring me your cock,” she instructed. I straddled her head. Reaching, I guided my cock into Mom’s waiting mouth. I thrust forward, driving my cock deep with my first thrust. My balls bounced off her forehead, over her eyes, and nose. I jammed my cock forward hard as I watched Stacey ravage Mom’s slit. Her tongue flicked over the hard nub, penetrating the slit, and moved down to ream her hole. Mom’s body thrust quickly, involuntarily. Stacey latched on for dear life as Mom thrust up and down against her face. Stacey ground her body down on the bed. I could see her arm pushed under her body. I assumed that she was doing herself. Her breathing grew very ragged.

I pinched Mom’s nipples, twisting hard, pulling the tit flesh upwards, stretching the nipple high above her body. Mom’s body arched. She grabbed my ass, pulling me forward hard, driving my cock balls deep in her mouth and throat. I slammed her, pulled back and thrust forward again. I watched Stacey. I thought Mom would thrash her face she was humping her mouth so hard. But Stacey held on. Mom’s body grew rigid, her hips thrust high above the bed. Pulling my cock completely down her throat, her body exploded in an orgasm. Her hips bounced off the bed, grinding Stacey’s face hard against her cunt. Stacey, her face covered with Mom’s juices, assaulted Mom’s clit. She jammed her fingers into Mom’s cunt. Thrusting, retreating, and thrusting again, Stacey hammered her hole while she continued to suck hard on Mom’s clit. Mom’s legs clamped tightly along the sides of Stacey’s head. Her hand pulled Stacey deep into her crotch, grinding her cunt on Stacey’s tongue and face. Mom reached her orgasm for a second time, her body convulsing softly. She face fucked my cock hard. I rode her hard and fast, jamming myself deep repeatedly into her mouth and throat.

Mom pushed me off her. Moving, she pulled Stacey’s body up the bed along hers. She lifted a leg, pulling her over her body. Mom buried her face in Stacey’s cunt. Stacey ground her hips down hard, planting her cunt flush over Mom’s mouth and tongue. Lost in lust, I moved behind Stacey, guiding my cock into her wet hole. Moving my cock up and down, I penetrated her lips, finding her hole, and pushed forward softly. My cock penetrated. Stacey gasped, tilted her hips slightly allowing my penetration. Placing my hands on her hips, I pulled my body forward, impaling her on my cock. Using small, gently thrusts, I slowly buried my cock deep in her cunt. I could feel Mom sucking Stacey’s clit, and running her tongue along the side of my cock.

I was within seconds of cumming. Thinking of waterfalls, I tried everything I could think of to delay my eruption of cum into her tight cunt. With all the stimulation she was getting, Stacey was humping Mom’s mouth and my cock like a demon. Stacey thrust, ground, humped, and more. Stacey approached her orgasm very quickly. As her body grew tense, her muscles tightening, I pushed my cock balls deep in her cunt. Grinding every last inch, I exploded, blowing cum from my balls, into the shaft, and forcing it deep in her cunt. Spurt after spurt escaped, filling a tight hole with cock and cum. I slammed forward, driving my cock deep, forcing my cum deeper.

Stacey convulsed on my cock, her orgasm ripping through her body. Mom attacked Stacey’s clit, almost sucking it from her body. As my cock deflated and Stacey regained some normalcy, Mom’s mouth opened to suck my juice covered, cum dripping cock into her mouth. Her face half buried in Stacey’s cunt, Mom sucked me hard. Several minutes passed. I pulled back off Stacey, stretching out on the bed beside the ladies.

Stacey, her orgasmic mood filling her body, leaned to suck Mom’s clit into her mouth. Mom’s hips jumped into her face, driving her body upwards. Stacey attached herself to Mom’s clit once again. Mom returned the favor. I watched, intrigued by the visions filling my head. Each caressed gently, sucked viciously, jammed fingers hard, stroked, played, and kissed each other’s body. Within several short minutes, both bodies were convulsing with orgasmic bliss. Exhausted, they collapsed silently.

Lying side by side, I got to compare their respective bodies. Noting the firmness of Stacey’s tits compared to Mom’s armpit tits. Mom’s tits were half again as big, but lacked the youthful firmness. Their bodies, both curvaceous, showed the signs expected with the age of each. Stacey held a glow, a firmness not matched. But Mom’s body held a glow as well. Well toned for her age, she looked terrific.

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