Kasım 20, 2023

Babygirl Megan Ch. 02

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For the next 2 days, Megan and her father fucked in every available spot in the house. The more Rick fucked her, the more he wanted her. He was insatiable for his little girl. After what seemed to be a 48 hour fuck-a-thon, they finally collapsed on the living room floor, exhausted. Megan’s pussy ached and was filled to the rim with her father’s cum. Satisfied and tired, she snuggled next to her daddy, laying her head on his chest, tangling their legs together.

“Daddy loves you so much babygirl,” he whispered, gently playing with her hair.

“I love you too daddy,” she purred, adjusting her head on his chest.

Before they realized it, they had fallen asleep, naked, on the floor.

They were awakened by a door slamming ….. it was Evelyn.

They both sat up quickly, trying to cover themselves.

“Honey, welcome home,” said Rick, nervously.

All Megan could do was stare, waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

Evelyn said nothing, she just stared at her naked husband and daughter on the floor. She turned to make sure the front door was locked, then placing her luggage down.

“Honey?, say something,” said Rick.

Evelyn stared out the window, thru the curtains, silent.

She took a deep breath and told Megan to stand up.

Megan began crying, not knowing what to expect.

“Honey, don’t be mad at her, it was my fault,” Rick said.

Evelyn looked at Rick, no emotion on her face, “Your fault, huh?”

“Y-y-yes honey, my fault,” he stuttered.

Evelyn turned back to Megan …… “Megan, honey, I want you to do something for mommy.”

“Yes mom?,” she asked.

“Take mommy’s gorukle escort clothes off, right here in front of daddy, it’s time he sees what secret you and I have been hiding,” she instructed.

Megan looked over at her father, he was shocked, but his growing erection clearly said he was getting turned on by this.

She leaned in to kiss her mother, as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Rick sat down on the couch, watching.

Evelyn’s hands cupped her daughter’s young ass, squeezing the cheeks as they kissed harder.

Megan finally finished unbuttoning her mother’s shirt, her young hands pulled it off her shoulders, exposing Evelyn’s perky tits.

She let go of Megan’s ass long enough to reach down and unzip her skirt, sliding it and her panties to her ankles.

Rick watched intently, stroking his cock slowly.

There stood his wife and daughter, both naked, kissing … mmm their tits pressed together, their nipples kissing each other.

“Get on the floor Megan,” her mother insisted.

Megan took her spot back on the floor, looking up at her naked mother.

Evelyn dropped to her knees, crawling over to Megan, between her legs.

“Does this excite you Rick?,” she asked.

“Oh god Evelyn, you know it does,” he answered.

“Do you wanna see me lick her pussy for you Rick?”

“Yes honey, eat our babygirl out while I stroke my cock,” he begged.

Evelyn looked back at Megan, slowly sliding her fingers inside her daughter’s slit.

“Mmmm you’re wet babygirl,” purred Evelyn.

“Yes mommy,” she answered.

“Have you been a slut while mommy was gone Megan?”, she altıparmak eskort bayan asked.

“Yes mommy,” she answered again, “I let daddy put his cock inside me.”

“Oh you are a bad little slut, aren’t you?,” said Evelyn, rubbing Megan’s slit harder.

Megan flinched a bit, “Mmmmm yes mommy, I’m a bad little slut.”

“Spread your legs you little slut, mommy’s home now,” growled Evelyn.

Rick watched his wife lower her mouth to their daughter’s well used pussy, burying her mouth onto Megan’s clit. He could hear Evelyn slurping Megan’s juices, mmm it was music to his ears as he stroked faster.

Megan wiggled on the floor, riding her mother’s tongue, moaning and begging her to suck her clit.

Evelyn did just as her daughter asked, pulling her young clit into her teeth, tugging and licking and sucking it as Megan played with her nipples, tugging and tweaking them.

Evelyn placed a finger inside Megan, just the tip, to get it wet. Then slowly gliding it into her daughter’s ass, pumping it as her mouth fucked her clit.

“Oh god mommy!!!,” she moaned.

Rick could no longer take it, he had to get inside a pussy. He wanted to watch Evelyn devour Megan as he fucked her from behind.

“Raise your ass up Evelyn,” he demanded as he crawled in behind her.

He gripped her hips, slamming his cock into his wife. He looked over her shoulder, watching her eat Megan out.

Megan layed there, staring at her daddy, licking her lips, still playing with her nipples.

Evelyn moaned as Rick fucked her harder, he was so hot for his daughter.

Megan nilüfer eskort bayan closed her eyes again, riding her mother’s tongue, spreading her legs wider, giving her father a better view.

Evelyn pumped her daughter’s ass faster, sliding in another finger, stretching her tight little hole.

Then suddenly Megan told her mother and father to stop.

They both froze, looking at their daughter.

“Mommy, let’s 69 while daddy fucks you,” she said.

Evelyn and Rick smiled, knowing their daughter was just as freaky as they were.

So Evelyn got on top of Megan, straddling her face, lowering her mature pussy to her daughter’s mouth.

Rick took his place back behind Evelyn, this time, fucking her ass.

Megan surprised her father when she reached up and began rubbing his nutsack as she ate her mother.

Rick let out a very loud moan and began pumping Evelyn’s ass harder. And the harder he pumped her, the more furiously she licked Megan, almost sticking her entire face into her daughter’s cunt.

Soon the entire living room was filled with moans of the incestuous family. Heavy breathing and an occasional “oh fuck” were heard.

Evelyn and Megan both began quivering. Rick pumped harder, knowing his women were about to cum.

“Yeah, that’s it, mmmm daddy’s sluts, cum!!,” he demanded, fucking Evelyn as hard as he could.

“Oh god!!!!,” screamed Evelyn, “I’m cummingggggg!!!!”

This set Rick off, one final thrust and he dumped his load inside his wife’s ass, pumping her furiously.

Megan soon followed, screaming in orgasmic abandon, “Oh my god!!! oh god! fuck yes!”, she yelled, climaxing all over Evelyn’s tongue.

The trio just stayed there for a few minutes, still breathing heavily, panting as the last of Rick’s cum oozed into Evelyn’s ass.

He withdrew and they all got up, standing there naked, looking at each other.

“Mmmmm, shall we hit the jacuzzi now?,” suggested Evelyn, smiling.

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