Kasım 20, 2023

Auntie in Nylons Caught Peeing Pt. 03

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This is part three, I do recommend reading the previous parts first to add to your enjoyment.

It had been a while since my session with Auntie Liz and her beauty therapist. I had wanked myself silly for weeks afterwards with the memories.

However, I had now developed a serious nylon and pee fetish thanks to my Auntie. This also extended to me having a penchant for wearing her nylons and panties whenever possible.

I had been eagerly awaiting her call, but I suspected her new boyfriend was keeping her busy.

I needed to steal some more of her lingerie to wear but it wasn’t possible if I wasn’t invited round.

In desperation, I waited until mother was out and went through her drawers again. Disappointment. Just sensible unsexy undies.

Mother was a couple of years older than Auntie Suzie and a bit bigger all round. She had been divorced from Dad for a few years now and had just started going out to a few parties. I had never really noticed her clothes before, but I was sure that I had noticed seams in her hosiery last time she went out.

I made it my business to check when she next came back from a nite out.

She came back from one a couple of days later. She was wearing nice high patent sling back shoes and a fairly tight pencil dress which emphasised her curves. Her greying hair was pulled back and piled up in a bun. Her steel rimmed spectacles made her look quite stern.

I tried to get behind her to check out her legs. She was a bit tipsy and tottered around on her high heels.

“What are you doing?” she snapped as I tried to get behind her.

“Nothing” I stammered, as I managed to glance her Cuban heeled seams.

The trouble is they were probably tights. I had been unable to find any saucy underwear in my searches of her room.

“Well get out of the way, I’m bursting for the loo.” she said.

She clacked down the hallway in to the bathroom and slammed the door.

I had a surge of madness and ran down the hall after her. I dropped to my knees and pressed my eye to the keyhole. I was just in time to see her hitching her dress up, pull her panties to her knees and slump on to the toilet. I couldn’t quite see her pee from my vantage point but I could clearly hear her forceful jet hitting the water as she gasped with relief. And, even better, they were proper nylons with a black six strap suspenders belt. To my shame I could feel that my cock was now rock hard! I had become fully aroused watching my own mother pissing in her nylons. I saw her stand up and start to wipe with tissue, so I jumped up and hurried down the hall in to my bedroom.

I got in to bed and heard her heels clicking down the hall to her room.

I lay in bed and furiously wanked my still stiff cock, I came with extraordinary intensity, spunk all over the bed sheets and afterwards, I lay in my sticky mess vowing to myself to find mothers underwear.

Next day when she went to work, I went to her room and looked through every cupboard and drawer, but, no joy. I was about to give up when I spotted a suitcase under the bed. I pulled it out and popped the lid. Jackpot! It was full of neatly folded lingerie, stockings and even a few sex toys. I was strangely aroused again.

I carefully removed a suspenders belt, panties and tan nylons from the bottom of the case, hoping that she wouldn’t notice these.

I spent the next few days wearing these around the house under my clothes. I must have wanked off a pint of spunk, reliving my keyhole escapade.

The next night, she bursa otele gelen eskort went out again.

Later, I heard her stagger in, I could tell by the noise she made that she was a bit tipsy again.

She clattered along the hall in to the bathroom. I was in bed wearing her underwear.

Again, madness came over me and I leapt out of bed, ran along the hallway and knelt by the door. Once again I could see her. She was wearing a shorter red flared pleated skirt and matching high heel courts, but best of all tan nylons with wide welts held up by a white suspenders belt and white lacy thong. Her thong was taught across her knees, just big enough to block my view of her pee stream. It was driving me mad with frustration. I pushed my face closer against the door in an effort to see more. At this point the door burst open and I tumbled in to the room falling face first by her feet. I was still wearing her underwear.

“What the hell are you doing?” She shouted. She jumped up mid stream and some of her pee spattered on to my face. This didn’t help my already over excited predicament.

She sat back down. “Stand up” she ordered. I sheepishly stood and quickly licked a few pee drops from my face. Ummm, even from those drops, her nectar tasted slightly of alcohol from her night out.

I was now stood trembling in front of my mother with my still erect cock bouncing out from behind her panties framed by her now laddered nylons.

“Now I know where my panties have been disappearing,” she said. “You had better explain yourself.”

I decided to come clean and admit my secret nylon fetish, but leave her sister out of it.

Luckily, as she was a bit tipsy, she didn’t seem too cross. If anything, she seemed quite understanding, saying that it could be good to show your feminine side sometimes.

She now sat there, my twitching cock inches from her face.

“I need to finish my pee.”

As she did this and I could hear her golden nectar spurt, I could feel my cock throbbing uncontrollably and was worried it might explode in her face. She noticed my obvious discomfort and demanded

“Is there anything else you want to tell me? Because if there is, you had better say so now or you will be in trouble if I find out more later.”

I decided to keep my pee fetish to myself, sensing that I’d pushed things too far already.

“So,” she said, looking at the panties that just about covered my rock hard twitching cock, “What are we going to do with this?”

She grabbed at the panties with her red tipped fingernails and ripped the flimsy material, fully exposing my swollen dribbling cock. My purple glans certainly wasn’t embarrassed and was still pulsing a trickle of pre cum.

“Well Mum, could I just wank on to your stocking tops? Just this once, please?”

To my surprise, she agreed!

“Very well, but I’m going to pull my panties up, we can’t have your jism coming any where near my pussy.”

So, she sat on the loo, skirt around her waist, tight white blouse just about holding her large chest in and suspenders straps cutting in to her creamy thighs.

I started to wank my cock over the welts of her nylons. My eyes were soaking up the view whilst the wrongness of it all just added to the frisson, I went slowly. Long luxurious strokes, I didn’t want this to end. After a while, I noticed that mothers bespectacled face was studying my cock intensely and that one hand was inside her panties, furiously rubbing her bursa eve gelen escort bayan pussy. My strokes gradually built up until I came hard, splattering her stocking tops with big glops of cum. At almost the same instant, she gave a gasp as her hand was going crazy in her panties. I heard a tinkle as some liquid escaped from her pussy and at that instant her mouth closed around my my cock and my last spurt went deep in to her throat as she desperately sucked to extract some more.

“Well,” she said, with my cum trickling from the side of her mouth, “I didn’t mean to do that. So, I guess we are quits now, but this is a one off. Do you understand?”

I nodded my agreement.

“You may keep that underwear for you fetish, but don’t expect a repeat of this. Stop stealing my underwear, it’s expensive! Also, you’ve had your chance. If I find out anything else, you will be in trouble.”

I went to bed, totally sated. Feeling guilty but pleasured at the same time. What did she mean by me ‘ being in trouble’ if she found out any more? How could she find out about my pee fetish?

The next day I had the long awaited call from Aunt Liz, she asked me to come round next day.

I arrived expecting our usual ritual. However, she seemed slightly edgy. Not herself. Instead of me sitting down to give her a manicure, she ordered me to stand in front of her. She was immaculate as ever and I was aching to see her stocking tops.

“Drop your trousers.” she ordered.

I dropped my jeans and stood there forlornly in my mothers ripped panties and laddered stockings.

She looked dismayed and pulled at my pubic hair which had grown back since our last encounter.

“What a mess! There will be no nylon pee watching for you today. You be back here tomorrow with decent underwear on and I will take you back to my beautician to get you tidied up down there. If your turnout is acceptable, you may get to drink…”

I was bitterly disappointed, my expectant erection was fading as Auntie strutted away to the bathroom and locked the door firmly behind her. On the other hand, she did say ‘drink’ tomorrow. Could this mean I would get my wish to slurp Aunties nectar at last?

I went home feeling cross and frustrated, but, I had to be ready for next day.

I went straight to Mothers secret stash, as I popped open her case, I was confronted by a note…’You are now in big trouble!’ I didn’t know what it meant, but I HAD to have new undies for tomorrow.

I ignored the note, selected from the bottom again, replaced everything and hurriedly left the room before she got home. I felt sure she wouldn’t notice.

Next day, Aunty was wearing her lovely house dress, buttoned to the waist and then left open so that she flashed a nylon clad thigh when she walked. The glimpse of stocking welt with every step drove me wild with desire.

“Now we will get you sorted and tidied.” Aunty said.

She drove us to her beauticians where Dion was waiting to meet us again. She took us to a private treatment room.

“Strip!” Ordered Auntie.

I stood there in mothers best fully fashioned bronze nylons, black satin suspenders belt and matching panties. They walked around , inspecting me at length. At last Auntie said

“Hmmmm, ok for starters, but we need to get you cleaned up properly.”

I was then ordered to lie on a treatment couch. Immediately I did so, they pounced, strapping my arms to my side and my ankles to the bench with further bayan eskort bursa straps going over my head and body until I was completely immobile.

Auntie stood to one side in my area of vision and held her dress apart so I could see her stockings. She had no panties on, I could clearly see her splayed excited pussy lips. Dion knelt between Aunties black patent stilletoes and held a clear bottle to Aunties pussy.

She started to pee in to the bottle. I could feel my cock bulging against the satin panties.

“Is this what you want?” Asked Auntie.

I did my best to nod yes. ( I wanted to drink from her pussy, but this could be the next best thing.

She filled the bottle, and then stopped her flow whilst Dion changed to a stainless dish to collect the rest.

She then ordered Dion to prepare me. My panties were then cut from me and my cock bounced free. Then Dion took a shaving brush and soap and dipped in to the bowl . She then started to lather my pubes using Aunties nectar! Next, she carefully shaved me completely bald whilst being amazingly careful not to touch my twitching cock. The lather was rinsed away using the remainder from the dish. My god, I hadn’t expected this level of eroticism.

Auntie now strutted up to me holding the bottle

“Do you want what’s left Mike?”

“Yes please Auntie.” I gasped.

I watched as she affixed a baby’s teat to the bottle. She was going to feed me her champagne like a baby…mmmmmm

But no. She fixed the bottle upside down in a chrome arm that swung over the bench. She carefully positioned it so that a slow drip of her still warm juice dripped on to my swollen exposed cock head. My cock spasmed with every drop. They were watching in fascination.

“We do love your huge young cock” said Auntie. “We are going to think of lots of new games to play with you, but in the meantime, do you want that drink?’

“Oh please, please please.” I begged.

“Very well.” said Auntie, “but you need to be blindfolded to add to the excitement.”

Add to it?! I could barely stand this level already.

Dion affixed the blindfold, and I went in to sensory overload whilst awaiting my drink. As my cock spammed with each drop of pee I could feel their nails gently stroking all around my glans. This was sheer ecstasy, but where was my drink?

Then, I felt the feel of nylon against my cheek as a pair of stockinged thighs clamped around my head. Her crotch ground down on to my face. I inhaled deeply savouring the acrid dampness of pussy, sweat and pee.

Had Auntie put her panties on for my treat?, But, I was sure I could still feel two sets of fingers teasing my cock.

At that moment, they changed to gripping my cock and two thumbs were massaging firmly just behind my cock head, fuck, I was going to pass out as they massaged the pee vigorously in to my cock, then, I felt lips close around it and I exploded.

As I did, there was a huge gush of pee flooding from the panties being ground in to my face. It just kept coming, I was half choking, half drowning, desperately trying to swallow as much as possible of the fresh acrid nectar.

My cock had exploded in to the mystery mouth and was eagerly being sucked dry. The pee kept coming and coming. The pee soaked crotch was now banging up and down. Slapping brutally on to my face making pee splash everywhere, until I heard a familiar groan of orgasm and a sort of different liquid filled my mouth.

She climbed off, and I laid there, a quivering shaking ruin, full of piss.

Dion slowly removed my blindfold and as my eyes became accustomed to the light, I blinked, looking at the woman in stockings, heels and soaked panties. As my eyes cleared, I gasped in disbelief,


“I did warn that you’d be in trouble. Do you think I don’t talk to my sister? If you were going to suckle anyone’s piss, your Mother comes first from now on.”

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