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Amy’s Family

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Jim was standing in the bathroom shaving. He’d just got out of the shower wiped the steam off the mirror, lathered up and began shaving, taking long slow strokes with his razor.

The bathroom door opened, he expected his wife however his stepdaughter Amy walked in. He had no clothes on and with a cutthroat razor on his face he wasn’t about to make any fast moves. He figured he’d get caught one day, it was a small house. He would have thought nothing of it had she just said something like ‘whoops’ and disappeared.

Instead she said “Morning Jimmy” and in the mirror he saw her lift her long t-shirt over her head, her little breasts jiggled free and he saw them for the first time. She still had her panties on but not for long. As he shaved trying not to lose his cool she peeled off her panties and stepped into the shower. The only way he could have seen more would have been if she’d sat on his face. He finished shaving and left to dress for work. He tried to process what had happened and decided not to say anything to anyone. Her breasts were firm mounds with pink toppings. She had been wearing off white lace front panties. He’d noticed that she had a light sprinkling of pubic hair. He wondered what she was up to.

What she was doing was sitting in the bottom of the shower the warm stream playing between her wide open legs masturbating as she thought about Jim’s cock. She had seen her first real man cock. Jim wasn’t much above average in size but he’d not had his morning blowjob and so after the shower he’d been hanging a little lower and fuller than usual. Amy had been excited about the thought of exposing herself to him but Jim being naked had been such a bonus. Her love for her step-father was very deep and as the first few hairs had begun to arrive between her legs she had become quite infatuated and this had turned to a strong sexual longing as she progressed through school to this her final year.

A few days later they had the house to themselves and Amy having showered was coming down stairs with a towel wrapped around her. Jim was in the kitchen and came out into the hallway to go into his office. He saw Amy coming down the stairs she stopped and spoke to him.


“Yes Darling” He said stopping at the bottom of the stairs and looking up to her.

The towel was very close to not covering much.

“Jimmy, Are you and Mum alright?”

“It’s just a rough patch don’t worry Sweetie we’ll sort it out.”

She sat down. Jim was eye level with her cleft. Her legs were not apart but not quite together and in between them the remainder of her that he hadn’t seen in the bathroom two perfect hairless lips.

“I hope so, I’d hate to lose you. Nicki (her older sister) and I really love you.”

“I love you too. Please don’t worry.”

He had spoken too soon, in a month he was in an appartment on his own. The girl’s mother has been fucking some young guy at work.The girls were livid. They didn’t speak to their mother. Nicki who was nearly 20 left rather than be around her mother. Amy had to stay but longed to be with Jim.

After about a month he took a bit of leave from work and mentioned this during one of his frequent phone conversations with Amy. That Friday after school she went over to his place rather than go home. She had made up her mind to show him how much she loved him. She was going to give herself to him. She was of age and even though she wasn’t sure how or if she would make love to him but she was determined to try.

Jim answered the knock on his door. Amy was there in uniform and her hair in a ponytail. She threw herself into his arms saying how she’d missed him, how she wished she could come and live with him. Her mother was either ignoring or being just plain mean to her. She asked if she had to go home that evening. Jim handed her the phone to ring her mother and ask. Permission was granted, probably out of guilt.

Amy had no clothes other than her uniform but they’d manage. Jim cooked dinner, he’d always allowed the girls to drink wine so Amy had a couple of glasses. What inhibitions she had were lowered. They watched TV with her on Jim’s knee which was not unusual.

Finally they had to get ready for bed. Jim lent Amy a big t-shirt of his. Again she exposed herself dropping her pleated skirt taking off her blouse and removing her bra. She dropped the T-shirt over her head then raising it and facing Jim she hooked her thumbs into her panties she lowered them carefully exposing her tuft of hair and whatever else she could. She placed them on top of her clothes.

Jim was getting hard. It was obvious in his boxers. He tucked her up on the sofa and kissing her was about to leave when Amy reached into his boxers and grabbed his penis.

“I think you’re too big for me right now but can we do other things?” She said with a coy grin.

He should have known better but he’d been beating off to mental images of her since her first exposure. He left her little hand in place and kissed her again this time deeply.

“Come to my bed.” He said picking her up and carrying her into his bedroom.

Jim knew that escort bayan he couldn’t fuck her because she was still so tiny. She would look about 15 until she was 30. It bugged her at 18 but in years to come she’d appreciate it.

He removed the t-shirt and she was naked before him. As usual she was enjoying her exposure. She lay back with her legs open quite happy to display herself to him. In truth although she knew she would enjoy anything Jim did to her, there was a real pleasure in being naked. She quitely vowed to keep her clothes off whenever she was with Jim.

She was breathing heavily excited and anxious about her first encounter with a man. She really had no idea what to do and summoning up her courage asked Jim.

“It’s okay Sweetie. You don’t have to do a thing. Let me take care of you and then we’ll see what happens. Are you a virgin?”

She nodded.

“Do you play with yourself?”

She nodded again.

“Would you like to me to kiss your pussy?”

“Would you?!”

“Sure. Open wide”

She did drawing her legs up and spreading as far as she could. As she was such a little thing and hadn’t ever filled out the gap between her legs was comparitively wide. There was no hair on her outer lips which were very small but obviously puffed and pink with arousal. Her inner lips very two fine little petals within her cuntal crevice. They were wet and he could see her hole where one day he hoped to place his cock.

She was obviously way too small for him now. What hair she had was the same light brown as on her head. It lightly carpeted her mound above the top of her crack. Her hair was short but didn’t appear trimmed and was very straight and soft. It was as soft as the hair on her head. At the other end of her private place her anus was a small rosey pucker.

Because her bottom was tight, small and boyish her rear hole was clearly visible to anyone whose face was where Jim now had his. He breathed on her and she squirmed. She had heard about this sort of thing from her older sister but so far only her finger and the warm jets of the bathroom shower had been at her core.

As Jim breathed in again, he nestled his nose into her. She had a very delicate scent. It said ‘sex’ sufficiently to send a throb to his cock. She had been in panties all day and yet she was so fresh and sweet tasting. He was thankful that she hadn’t had a bath before bed. His tongue extended and starting at her rear hole he licked slowly up the skin to the bottom of her puffed crease pausing to probe her opening and lick each petal as she began to hump slowly against him. Her kness were on her chest, nobody had seen so much of her since she was a baby.

She worried slightly that that she wasn’t as fresh as she might be. But Jim had touched somewhere she never expected when his tongue hit her rear entrance. She loved the sensation both physically and mentally. The dirtiness of face fucking her step-father was compounded by what he had done to her spread bottom.

His mouth had left her entrance to move onto her little trigger. He put his lips to it and gave it a long lingering kiss applying a gentle suck. Amy went off. He’d only been between her legs five minutes before the waves of her first climax with someone began to gather. Nothing had prepared her for it. A year and a half of masturbation, her sister’s stories nothing came close to the explosion and surrender she felt. All she could do was lie back and suck air in in big gulps.

Her legs were weak her juices were everywhere. The sheet beneath her was soaked. It took her about ten minutes to regain her composure. Each time Jim had touched her she’d have a new little jolt. He was beside her, what she considered his monster cock pointing at her.

She asked to try to suck him if would he show her what to do. Jim was really wound up as he sat up at the edge of his bed and Amy’s tiny frame settled between his legs. He told her just to take the tip between her lips and apply a gentle suck. As she was inexperienced he decided to stoke himself off into her mouth. She’d already said she wanted to taste his cum and so on her knees like an innocent in prayer she was delivered of her first lover’s first load.

She was a bit messy when she got up and they lay back together. She told Jim that she’d be over as often as possible. Jim told her that that would raise her mother’s suspicions but that as she was young enough he’d try and negotiate a formal arrangement about her. He asked her about how Nicki was doing. Amy said she was fine and had encouraged this liaison. This knocked Jim for six. Amy explained that she’d asked her sister all about boys and that a year or so ago they’d had a giggly conversation about Jim and his penis.

Nicki had said that she thought he was sweet and would like to have his babies. When the split came Nicki had a boyfriend so her needs were being met but she’d told Amy that she should try her luck because Jim would be nice and gentle and he wasn’t a blood relative, their mother was a mean old whore and he could do with some loving.

Nicki caught up with an excited altıparmak escort bayan Amy the next day. Amy told her everything and to be honnest she felt a little pang of envy. Amy had said she wasn’t going to fuck Jim yet because she was scared he’d split her in two. Laughingly Nicki offered to do the job and have her boyfriend fuck Amy because his cock was long but skinny. Amy asked if she was serious and Nicki thinking for a moment said

“OK, why not? Want me there when you and Mark do it? Oh and don’t worry about it hurting it’s very narrow but for all his ‘shortcomings’ he does know what he’s doing.”

“Mmmm. Might be nice if you were there. I don’t know him well and it will be a lot different to being with Jim.”

“Can I have Jim sometime if he’s agreeable?”

“Guess so, share and share alike. By the way that sleeze Mum’s seeing groped me in the kitchen the other day. Could I start staying over with you from time to time?”

“Sure, that will make it easy to get to know Mark and decide if he was right for the job.”

Amy stayed over about three nights later. The flat was two rooms, the bed a huge matress. They would all have to bunk in together. Nicki hadn’t told Mark anything but planned to see how things developed. She and Amy had a little plan and would see how things went. Amy had told Jim that she was going to get Mark to pop her cherry. Amy had been on a low dose pill since 14 to control her erractic periods so she was able to fuck without fear.

If Jim were honnest he would have admitted to a pang of envy. Still not everyone was being blown by a schoolgirl so who was he to protest especially if Nicki came as part of the deal. That night Nicki, Amy and Mark headed for bed about 11pm. By arrangement with Nicki Amy wore no panties under her t-shirt. She stepped over Mark and Nicki to get into bed and made sure Mark got a second wide flash as she got into the bed itself. She was sleeping beside Nicki who was naked as was her habit.

About 1am Mark felt a mouth sucking his cock. He knew Nicki’s technique. He was concerned about waking Amy but she was already awake thanks to a dig in the ribs from her sister. She was watching with a finger rubbing between her legs. Nicki slid up Josh and slipped his 8 inches into her. He was a sweet guy but she looked forward to getting something thicker in her. She kissed him. He hissed a warning in her ear about Amy waking.

Certain he was good and hard and inside her she told him not to worry, that she was watching and had a special favour to ask.

“Come on Amy, say your piece.”

“Mark I have a favour to ask. Nicki tells me you were wonderful when you took her cherry and I was wondering if you would do the same for me?”

Mark was no fool and said that he would. Nicki got off him and Amy removing her one garment moved to straddle him. She was very different to Nicki. Nicki had the curves and feel of a woman. She had distinct firm cone shaped breasts that filled out a b-cup and were expanding with her being on the pill. Her pussy was a trimmed nest of black curls and her clit was very prominent. Currently it was seriously distended. She kissed his tip before taking his cock and putting it at the entrance to Amy’s hole.

Mark had hoped to get a really good look at Amy but once Nicki had lined them up for penetration she moved to sit on Mark’s mouth facing her sister. The girls had never acted incestuously and so Nicki gave the squatting Amy a hug and a kiss on the cheek before whispering “Good luck” in her ear. Mark got to work on her pussy and the effort deflected his thoughts from Amy who was slowly working her way down him. The sisters were in a pretty intimate position with their legs open to each other. To ease her slight discomfort Amy was masturbating her clit. Nicki was doing the same but only because Josh had moved back to her rear end.

It was Amy who broke the ice properly. Her hymen had given way without any real pain and she rocked on Mark’s groin masturbating. Her free hand pulled Nicki to her for the kiss of a lover……she whispered to her that the favour she had done for her tonight would be returned on Friday. Then she kissed her deeply again. The girls held the kiss.

Nicki was the first of the three to cum and removed herself to recover and watch her sister fuck her boyfriend. She had enjoyed the kiss but it had been in the heat of the moment and she would take some time to understand what might be happening. Fucking her step-father was one thing, her sister was another. She was shaken from her thoughts by Amy having her first orgasm with a man in her. Amy had had a good time and was keen to show her appreciation to both Mark and Nicki.

She kissed Nicki again and hugged her, then sucked Mark off as he humped the finger she had inserted in his arsehole. That was a new one on Nicki – you learn something new everyday. Amy asked to sleep between the other two that night. Mark and Amy slept well but Nicki lay awake and had to masturbate twice to calm down enough for sleep. She wasn’t sure why she felt so hot but she was nilüfer eskort on fire between her thighs. While she masturbated she ran all sorts of scenarios for Friday. Eventually tired out she resolved to be open to whatever happened. There was more sex in the morning but it was Nicki fucking Mark while Amy diddled herself in front of Mark’s curious eyes. She was just a tiny bit tender and wanted to be in top form for Jim to stretch her. She felt warm feelings for Mark and felt sorry that Nicki would eventually leave him for something that ‘fitted’ her better. She showered and went off to school 18 years and 6 months old and no longer a virgin. She wondered if her friends could tell. She did tell one friend, Shelly but didn’t tell her who she’d done it with.

She had to spend two nights at her mother’s and they dragged terribly. Thank God she was boyfriendless for those days.

On Friday she went to Jims and when he got in the door she was still in her unifrom but sitting in an armchair she pulled up her skirt having removed her underpants. She handed them to him and asked him to have a good look at her cunt and see if he noticed the chenge. Tonight they would make love properly and Nicki would be by later to sample his cock..

Jim got down between her legs and looked. She was still so little and he couldn’t really see anything much that was different. He gave her a kiss on the lips and ran his tongue along her slit before standing up telling her how glad he was to have her back and how he envied Mark. She told him all would be made up to him that night.

Nicki arrived from work about 7 and went to shower before dinner. While everyone knew and loved eachother what was going to happen later that night put a strange edge on the evening. Jim had seen a few panty flashes or seen her tits as she sunbathed and she’d once caught sight of his backside but they’d never been naked in eachother’s presence let alone preparing for sex. Dinner was a quiet affair.

Nicki had brought a bit of pot and produced it for desert. Jim and she had a smoke to relax. Nicki shotgunned her little sister a few times. She, completely unused to it, got the giggles and rolled about the floor flashing her private parts to anyone who could see. Nicki and Jim had a nice buzz going and had started to kiss and touch eachother. Nicki pulled away for a minute and did a little strip routine which was very short given that she only had a thong and a t-shirt on.

She threw her panties at Amy who still buzzing all over put them to her face and inhaled. Stoned as she was the scent and the implications of what she was doing warmed her.

Jim had taken Nicki in his arms and was sucking on her breast. He was sitting forward in a chair and Nicki sat facing him her legs spread and her entire rear open and exposed. She was more shapely than Amy not much bigger and in fact shorter. Her bottom was two rounded firm orbs at the bottom of a tiny waist. The way that Nicki was sitting her pussy was spread and open from below her. Jim had let go of her nipple. They were kissing deeply enjoying the sensation of being stoned together when Nicki felt a mouth on her other lips.

Amy had started to masturbate to the scent in Nicki’s panty crotch and then with her inhibitions at minimum had decided to go for the source. Her head popped up under Nicki and she began to lick her lower lips. Nicki while she trimmed her nether hair was hairier than Amy. Her pussy lips were a pink slit in the dark surround of her pubic hair. She pushed herself onto Amy’s face. By the time Jim suggested they try his bed she was wide open wet and ready for a good solid fuck. She got on his bed on her hands and knees.

“Come on somebody fuck me”.

Jim got behind her and having dropped his pants obliged. He put his cockhead to her lips and entered her in one long slow stroke taking nearly a minute to reach bottom. Nicki’s hands were gripping the bed clothes. Jim was a bit bigger than average but importantly he was thick. She was being opened and touched in new deep places all along her womanly passage.

Jim’s swollen head passed along her insides like a ripple. She sighed as he withdrew and began a rythmic thrusting in and out. He was careful not to go too hard at Nicki. Genitally she was very, very small like Amy even if her hips and tits had taken on womenly curves. For herself Nicki was feeling very full and nicely stretched. Jims balls touched her clit each time she was filled.

It was not quite enough contact each time and she began to long for release. She was building slowly but frustratingly so. The constant, steady fucking had gone for nearly ten minutes and things were tantalisingly close. Jims cockhead would penetrate rubbing along her walls and withdraw to her inner lips only to plunge again peircing her to her core. She reared her head and gritted her teeth trying to concentrate the erotic feelings. She saw Amy sitting up at the head of the bed playing with herself. The sight was a further boost but not enough. Then just as she was about to masturbate herself to an orgasm she felt Jims hand at the top of her cleft. The mere pressure of his hand on her was enough. Her cunt pulsed and she let go a shreek such as Jim had never heard. Jim was in her to the hilt and could feel her contract on his shaft. He hadn’t come probably as a result of having had a couple of drinks and a smoke so as he withdrew and let Nicki enjoy her afterglow.

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