Nisan 13, 2021

A Little Bit of Lace…

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A Little Bit of Lace Goes A Long Way

My name is Bill (not real name) and I want to relate some of the highest moments in my life. I am a slip lover and have been for the last forty years. I guess it comes from seeing my first slips as a kid. I would sneak through any bedroom dressers that I could. Never got caught but by the time I was twelve I had quite a collection. I started dating in high school and my first date was a doll. I had watched her for a least a year before I got the nerve to ask her out.

Her name was Jill, and I followed her around all the time to get a look at her legs and hoped to see some lace from her slip. She had blond hair long and straight, with small nose and a very pretty mouth. The first time I got the courage to ask her out was on a spring day when she was setting at one of the tables outside of the school. I gave her my full attention and sat beside her. She crossed her legs as I sat and her lacy slip was just barley showing. I concentrated really hard on not looking down but finally I just had to look. What I saw made my cock stand straight up. She had on a white slip with about two inches of lace at the bottom. Her skirt was riding high on her legs and I could see the tops of her stockings and where her garters were fastened. In those days there weren’t panty hose. I covered my cock with a book that I had and looked back up at here face. She was smiling at me and wanted to know if I enjoyed the view.

“Yes,” I said. Then I asked her if what she was doing Friday night. She said, “ I was wondering if you would ever ask me out.” She was smiling really big by this time and bouncing her leg up and down. This gave me a real thrill because I knew she was getting excited. I let my hand move slowly to her knee. My fingers came in contact with the silky fabric of here hose. I was waiting to get slapped but she moved closer to me instead. I worked my hand up and down here thigh going closer and closer to the lace fringe of her slip. My mouth was the driest it had ever been. My heart was beating so fast I could here it. I looked at her face and could see the desire in her eyes. I moved my hand the last few inches and reached my goal. It was the most electric moment in my life. She let me feel menderes escort it for a few moments and then the bell sounded to return to class. I walked her to class with my hand in the middle of her back and would let it move to here ass every once and while. My cock had a mind of its own and I had to cover it all the way there. I told here I would see her Friday night.

Friday finally came and I was excited all day. I met Jill for dinner and sat and ate what little I could. We talked about the dance we were going to and everyone that would be there. Jill said “ I have a surprise for you tonight.” “Oh” I said. “You will like it I promise” she said with a very sexy look in her eye. Then she put her hand on my leg and patted it. “See you at seven sharp” she said. “You can count on it,” I said as I watched here move her ass down the aisle.

I almost killed myself getting to here house. My cock was hard all the way there. When I arrived I had to go in to get her. It was kind of rule with her dad. I knocked on the door and he invited me in. We made some small talk and I wondered if he knew what I had on my mind. Jill came down the stairs and my heart stated that infernal beating again. She had on a white dress that came about four inches above her knee. Flesh colored nylons and white high heel shoes.

She had her hair done and she was beautiful. We said our goodbyes and went to the car. I held the door for her and she slipped inside. Her dress rode up and I saw a pale pink slip with a lacy fringe and what looked like a small bow in the front. I got in on my side and looked at the girl setting next to me. I was in heaven that was for sure. She crossed her legs and I could see her slip and the tops of her stockings once again. We got to the dance and talked with some of our friends. About nine Jill whispered that she wanted to leave. I wasted no time in leaving. We headed for field that was near my home and way off the road.

I shut the car off and looked at Jill setting there in the moonlight. I moved closer to her and looked in her eyes. I wanted her so bad I could hardy breath. I reached out to her face and kissed her full lips. Jill parted her lips and our tongs met. Jill rammed escort menderes her tong in my mouth and about sucked the life out of me. I moved on to her neck and kissed it and let my hands move to her tits. I felt her nipples grow as a traced my fingers over the hard buttons on her breasts. Jill let out a moan and her breathing was fast. I was already starting to smell her pussy as she became hotter and hotter. I felt her hand on my leg as she moved to feel my swollen cock. I had never been so hard in all my life and had never been this far with a girl.

I felt my zipper being undone and then her hand creeping into my pants. She let out a gasp as here fingers found my hardness. I almost came when she reached my throbbing member. I moved to the hem of her dress and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs. I began to slowly caress my way up. The back of my hand made contact with her slip as I moved up to the object of my desire. The smell of a hot cunt drifted out from under her dress as I moved forward. My nostrils flared at the smell of hot pussy. In the meantime Jill had removed my cock from my pants and was pumping her hand up and down the shaft. I felt the pre come slid down my shaft. I moved my hand higher till I felt the warmth of her panties.

Jill was wet, wet beyond belief. He panties were white with lace around the leg openings and had lace sewn on both sides of the hips. I moved my fingers across her slit and found her clit standing up. I heard Jill gasp as I reached her pussy. I told her to lie back in the seat and she let go of my hard on. I moved my head down to her swollen cunt lips and inhaled the perfume of her sex. My tong was exploring its way to the sweet tasting pussy. I pushed her dress higher and placed my tong against her pantie covered pussy. I tasted great and Jill wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me into her. Jill said “ Oh bill I think I am going to pass out.” Her breath was coming in short bursts. “Ohhhhhhhhhh, arrrrrrr Uuuuuuuuuuup, oh God, I can’t stand it. Don’t stop!!!!!! Lick my pussy!!!!!!” Her hips were bucking up and down.

“I’m coming.” Her grip on my head tightened and thrust her pussy in to my mouth. I was drowning in pussy menderes escort bayan juice. I had not even removed her panties yet. Jill let her grip on my head lessen and I pulled back and removed her panties. I took them and wrapped them around my cock and told Jill to jack me off in them. She wrapped her hand around the panties and my cock and started moving up and down the shaft. As she did this I started finger fucking her pussy. My hips we moving in thrusts with her hand as it moved up and down the shaft. My fingers were soaked with pussy juice and I moved for her ass hole. I worked my finger into it and felt the tight muscles of her ass. The whole car smelled of sex and my mind was on fire.

In the moonlight there I was with panties wrapped around my cock, Jill’s dress up over her hips. I could see here slip and now I wanted to suck on those tits. I unbuttoned her dress and moved into remove her bra. Jill let go of my cock and I moved between her breasts. Jill moaned as I sucked the hard nipples and ran my tong over the sweet tits. I said “Jill do you want me.” Jill opened her eyes and said “Oh yes please fuck me.” Then she said, “I want you so bad, please fuck me.” That’s was enough for me. I moved my cock to her sweet smelling pussy and rubbed the head up and down the gash of her sex. I began to enter her and the lips of her sex opened for me. I made a few gentle thrusts and I was in. I started to move up and down and back and forth with some sideways motion. Her pussy was so wet that I felt like my cock was in warm bath water. Jill wrapped her legs around me and I began to fuck her in slow even strokes. Jill was moaning with every thrust of my cock.

“Iaaaaaaaaaaa, fuuuuuuuuck, Ohhhhhhhhhh, Oh Goddddddddddddddddddddd, fuck me, ride me, OOHHHHHHHHHH, Billlllllllllllllllll.” My balls were banging into her as and I could feel the lace of her slip against them every time I thrust forward. My own climax was building. I felt my balls beginning to swell with a full load of cum for Jill. “Oh Jill, I am coming” My hips were moving in all kinds of ways. The load of my balls could not wait a moment longer. I started to feel the come moving up my cock. At last it started to spurt deep in her pussy. I came and came. Jill said “I can feel you coming in my pussy, it feels sooooooooo goooooooooood.

I lay there with Jill for a while with my cock still buried in her pussy. I felt the come oozing out of here and down my balls on to here slip. I had just experienced ecstasy.

Want more? I have other stories to share.

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