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Kasım 22, 2022

A Husband’s Fantasy…

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A Husband’s Fantasy, A Wife’s Pleasure

My Fantasy is to have you pretend that you’re with another man, a man you’ve only just met and know nothing about. All you know is that he’s very sexy, and that he has a large cock that you’re curious about…Since his cock is fatter than mine you don’t quite know what to expect, or what it’ll feel like.

If you like it, and if it feels really good, I want you to enjoy it utterly and completely, as if he were really there and I were not. In fact, if you’re comfortable with it so far, we can even give him a name and you can tell him how you like it, and what you want more or less of. I would love this. As weird as it sounds, the idea of a strange, attractive man making love to you, and you making him cum with your sexy body, gets me really excited! Of course it’s just fantasy, and that ultimately it is our mutual pleasure that I have in mind, although I’d be experiencing it vicariously. Assuming that you are willing to give this a try, I’ll share some ideas with you about how I think it could be done.

The room should be warm and dark with little or no light. An alternative might be that you could be blindfolded if you chose. Soft music of your choice might be playing, and there could be a stick of incense burning too. I thought that if you lay down I could begin by massaging you in the darkness. This might give you time to fantasize about what your “lover” might look like, or the circumstances in which you found him in your bed.

I’d like you to be very wet for him so I would like to tease your pussy with my fingers and tongue. When you were ready you’d ask him to get behind you and slip inside…He’ll tease you with his cockhead then begin to fuck you… the only thing you’ll feel once we start this is his cock touching you… you’ll have to imagine the rest. bursa escort You could use your fingers or the vibrator as you near orgasm, but maybe you won’t need to.

See, I had been fantasizing about how my wife might like to have a bigger cock inside her. Mine’s nice and big, but definately no show stopper! So I bought this 7″ fat cock dildo at the store and devised this fantasy for her… She was blindfolded and lay naked on her back. I massaged her all over, not speaking a word…of course. We agreed for me to stay quiet throughout. Marvin Gaye was playing softly in the background. What happened next I’ll tell you are images that have been burned into my brain for life… I massaged her breasts, avoiding her nipples for a bit, then her thighs and gently her crotch.

She knew her fantasy man was large, but I hadn’t shown her the dildo, and she had no idea what it was like. Needless to say…any doubts I had about a fatter cock feeling better were about to be laid to rest. As she lay on her back, I got her very wet…lapping at her pussy…and then putting a finger inside. God she was burning…and her body was shaking in anticipation…I nudged her to flip over doggy style and she turned over anxiously, spreading her legs, and arching her ass high in the air. I had never seen her move that fast during sex and it amazed me to see her wanting that way. I had the life-like dildo in a pot of hot water and took it out.

The cock was very warm in my hands, and oiling it up I rubbed the fat head all along her pussy…It was so exciting to be right there…hearing her beg to get fucked…her urgency…and the heat radiating from between her legs. I could tell she wanted it inside her soon, and that she was already excited by the heaviness as it bumped against her soaking pussy…I daubed the enormous glans against bursa escort bayan her tight hole and pressed a bit against her…she pushed back hungrily…it resisted going in…her ass shook up and down rubbing the cock against her dripping, glistening slit.

Then, it popped inside…and she moaned…God!…I have in seven years never heard that sound come out of my wife…and it was just beginning…then I was jiggling the cockhead inside her…and she was making these deep ooohhing sounds. My cock was so hard in my underwear…I couldn’t believe my wife was acting this way…*heart pounding*…then she was pushing back against it… I was thinking, “Take it slow, don’t hurt her,” but unbelievably she slid it inside in one hot, wet stroke and began to fuck it hard!!! I watched… The huge cock slid between her legs..into the wetness and heat that I loved… her panting and moans were delicious torture…

She was obviously loving this cock in a deep and satisfying way,and I was delirious with her pleasure… I pulled it out really slowly and it popped out of her with a heavenly wet squelching sound…her juices ran off the glistening tip…thick syrupy gobs trickled down between her extremely swollen pussy lips…she began to grind her clit against the bed nearing an orgasm…I grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up off the mattress…forcing her to cool down…she writhed seeking contentment…and then when her ass stopped shaking I eased the cock back inside…

She made delicious moans and whimpers, sounding strangely different than I’d ever heard her make before…making me so fucking hot… and I began long steady strokes, feeling the incredible friction between the fat cock and her tight swollen pussy…It was mesmerizing to see the way that the thick shaft spread her swollen lips…dragging escort bursa them outward clinging to the shaft, then pulling them deep inside, the thick veins massaging them delightfully… I could see that her clit was pulled tightly against the bumpy shaft…faster strokes she begged…wanting every inch inside…her hands clutched the sheets…her arms flailed…God! she had never done that when I was inside her. She was so loud…and it sounded so fantastic. She backed all the way onto the dildo, and shaking uncontrollably told me to rub her clit…in seconds she was wildly climaxing …It was so powerful…

After she came I slid next to her in the bed and asked her to tell me all about it. I grabbed the lube and my hard cock and began to lovingly to stroke…It was aching and my brain was buzzing…I’d never felt so out of control and euphoric!…she said that it felt really full and that it touched her all over …and that the bumps on it just felt great…she just wanted to get it so deep inside her…every inch…I asked her if it felt better than my cock, and she said reluctantly that it did *my heart leapt…my cock spasmed*…that it made her feel things that she hadn’t felt in 15 years since she had experimented with things…I was jerking my cock wildly…my brain overloading with pleasure… God…I knew that I wanted to fuck her so badly…and when I asked she said she didn’t think she could…a jealous flash shot up my spine and cock…the feeling of being denied was heavenly torture…it was incredible…I begged her to fuck me and she agreed.

I got behind her and slid it in…her pussy was a gaping hole…hot, wet and really loose..I felt so dirty fucking her that way…my wife had just fucked a huge cock and cum all over it…*deep pangs of animal lust coarsed through me*… inside her my cock felt like it was being feathered lightly and I stroked quickly, not wanting to hold back, in the virtually frictionless cunt that had been sooo tight before. I came squirting and jerking deep inside her, feeling lust and desire extreme.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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