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Kasım 22, 2022

A Change of Scenery Is Good Pt. 01

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Hi guys, this is my first attempt at writing this. I would love to hear your feedback and what you guys think. It’s a little rough around the edges but I am working on a part 2 of this and will make the tweaks based on what you have to say. Happy reading!

“Congratulations Mr Williams,” said Jared, holding out his hand to him. “Thank you Jared,” emphasizing on the word you, “this wouldn’t have been possible without you.” Mr Williams was one of the best clients that Jared has ever had. He was an old 64 year old man, but undoubtedly, one of the strongest and determined men he’d met so far. He wasn’t going to give up that easy, especially not on his company, something that he had worked on since he was 21 years old. It was going to be a tough fight but Jared was planning on winning it, something he was good at and the very reason he was hired in the first place. Mr Williams was looking to expand his company by buying out one of the other business in the market. It had been a long way coming for both sides but at last with everything finalized and settled, Jared was ready to take a break from his work. Something that was long overdue.

He had thrown himself in to his work after he and Sharon had broken up two years ago. It hadn’t been one of those ugly break ups. They had been together for a long time, and moving in together was one of the worst things that they could have done for their relationship. Being a successful investment banker dating one of the best lawyers in town wasn’t a great combo. It had started out very well – expensive gifts, private dinners and extravagant holidays. They were the power couple. He was tall and handsome and she was gorgeous and curvy in all the right places. Everyone was jealous of them. But life wasn’t always going to be a bed of roses. When they got busy with their work and saw less of each other, they decided to move in together so that they could come home and be with each other. They did come home to each other but work came along with it. They would sit next to each other, but were worlds apart at the same time.

One day, sitting in bed, Sharon turned and looked at him. He looked at her and knew exactly what she wanted to say. They had the ‘Talk.’ They both agreed that they cared for each other but somewhere down the line, the love was lost. Things were pretty much easier after that. She moved out of his place and the state. She took up a job that was about to slip away because she wasn’t sure how Jared and she were going to make the whole ‘long distance relationship’ work. After which, Jared made work his life. Not that he needed the money, just the distraction.

He hadn’t had much time after that for anything, let alone dating. There had been women who were throwing themselves at him but he wasn’t the least bit interested. They were, no doubt, beautiful and he had noticed that. They were women who any man in his right mind would never say no to. But that was the thing that turned Jared off. They wanted him because he was successful and good looking. Not one of them made the the attempt to get to know him – they just wanted to jump him.

Jared returned and sat down in his office after everyone had left. He sat in his chair loosened his neck tie, settling his elbows on his desk and covered his face in his palms. He was exhausted. And not because of the work involved in the closing of this case but of the two years he’d had. He let out a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. He just sat there, flushing out the excitement of his peers and other employees who were planning out their Friday evening. He swirled his chair around and looked the view from his office window. It was the most break taking view. He could see the entire city from here. The noise of the vehicles and people bustling about was muted out and that was the best feeling in the world for Jared – the slience. In that moment, he stood on his feet and went to his boss’s office. He waltzed into Gregory’s office without knocking – not that he ever did and today was no different. Gregory raised his index finger indicating him to wait a moment. He was on a call. Setting the phone down, he turned to Jared with the most content smile, “What can I do for you Jared?”

“I was thinking of taking up my vacation days and taking a break.” Gregory gave him a very fatherly smile. He knew Jared well and treated him like a son. He had wanted him to take a break for a long time but knowing Jared, he didn’t push him too hard on that, knowing very well that he’d come to his senses one day and tell him himself. And today was that day. “Something told me that you might ask me that today,” with a slight grin, “so I haven’t assigned you any new cases since the Williams one.”

Jared was surprised but pleasantly. If anyone knew him better, it was Gregory. Had he not only carved the path that put Jared where he was right now but was always understood him and said and did the right things at the right time. And today was another example of that.

“You can take bursa escort the next two months off,” he continued, “if you want more that can be arranged as well.”

“No, I think two months is more than enough.” Jared replied.

“Sure thing Jared, let me know if need more.” He assured me. It was as though he knew what the future held for me.

Jared thanked him and walked out of his office.


Jared poured himself a glass of scotch and sat in his couch with his laptop. He went on to a site where you can buy properties. Jared had always wanted a beach front house and now seemed the perfect time to do so. He browsed through a few options and his heart was instantly set on one of them. It was a beautiful modern two storey house with a driveway leading to the garage that could easily accommodate two cars. Then entering into a beautiful living area with a fireplace extending to the ceiling dividing the dining room from the living area. The dining room was not too big nor too small with windows up to the celling leading out to a deck which faced the beautiful beach. The deck had stairs leading to the bare sand on the beach. The kitchen was fitted with the latest technology and a breakfast bar in the centre which was lit up by a light extended from the ceiling. It had a pool which was probably the size of an Olympic pool, Jared assumed. And winding staircase leading to the upper floor at the far end. The lower floor also had a gaming room and TV lounge. Moving up there were three bedrooms, an en suite master bedroom with a walk in wardrobe. The other bedrooms had a common bathroom. Jared couldn’t care about where he slept. The selling point for him was that there was a balcony with the most amazing view of the sea.

Jared knew in an instant that this was the house that he wanted. Over the next week, he got his ‘guy’ to get in touch with the agent and bought the house for the asking price. He would’ve paid him more if they had asked for it. He wanted it and he got it. That’s all that mattered to him. It was partly furnished with the essentials but it was not to his taste. It didn’t have the homely feeling when he walked in.

So he decided to hire an interior designer to get this place set up as he liked it. This time, it wasn’t going to be his ‘guy’ to do this because he wanted to make sure that everything was up to what he liked and he was going make sure he was going to see to that personally. He got that best company to send over their best interior designer for a meeting at his new beach house.


It was a Wednesday afternoon, when the bell rang. He opened the door and was greeted with a cheerful smile.

“Hi, I am Caitlyn Conner from Studio Red Designs, I am here to meet a Jared Stone.”

“Hi, I am him. Please come in.”

Jared opened the door wide for her come in. She passed by him and he felt a brief wave of perfumed air – it was Caitlyn’s. It was subtle but not enough to ignore. He let out a slight smile and closed the door behind her. He walked behind her and noticed what she was wearing. It was a baggy trouser with dark coloured abstract designs which didn’t really reveal the shape of her legs. That was topped with a white short sleeved t shirt which was as long up to her hips and slightly hugged her torso. She wore a wheat color sleeveless bolero which covered only her breasts. Her dark maroon hair was down and was slightly wavy. This was new to Jared. Most of the women he met with wore much more revealing clothes, with cleavage and high heels – the whole deal. That was the norm for him and seeing this was weird for him.

“The view is amazing! I bet that’s the reason you bought this place.” She interrupted his observations.

“Yes and yes.” He answered her with a proud smile on his face. A smile which a parent wears when his child’s achievement is complemented. And that was true, because this house and the view was now Jared’s child.

“And that’s why I will need your expertise to make sure the entire house does justice to the view.” He said sounding a little more serious now.

She must have sensed that, because she turned around and said “And that’s exactly what I will do for you.”

The next few hours were spent discussing Jared’s likes and dislikes. She noted everything down. She asked all kinds of questions to make sure she didn’t miss anything out. He felt a little awkward sharing details about him at first but as it went on he found himself that he didn’t mind sharing what his preferences were, considering he was a very reserved person. Was it was her heart-warming smile or her naturally bubbly personality that affected him to tell her everything without hesitation, he couldn’t figure out. They walked into every room of the house and Caitlyn took down notes while listening to Jared’s view of what he wanted.

Jared had a peek at her notes when she excused herself to use the facilities. There were ramblings that he couldn’t understand, with drawings next to it, not that he understood bursa escort bayan why but he was impressed with her drawing abilities. But didn’t say anything when she returned.

“I think I’ve got everything I need here,” pressing the note pad against her chest. “So, I’ll hit the drawing table and come up with a few designs for you so that you can have a better idea of what you might getting at the end,” she said while tucking the pencil and notebook in her bag.

“That sounds good,” Jared said. “When will I be able to have a look at the first set of drafts?” He questioned, trying to hide the original question that he wanted to ask of how soon he can meet with her again.

“My boss tells me that this is on top of the priority list,” with another smile, “so I can send some drafts through by next week.”

“That’ll be great,” Jared confused at what ‘send some drafts through’ really meant.

“Good, see you next week?” sounding more like a statement than a question.

“Sure thing,” replying to her.

She left and Jared felt weird inside. It was almost like someone switched off the lights in the house. He rubbed the feeling off and took his keys and went to his apartment in the city.


Jared’s phone rang. He picked it up and it was an unknown number. He answered it up anyways.

“Hello, Jared speaking.”

“Hi Mr. Stone, this is Caitlyn from Studio Red Designs. How are you doing today?” came from the other end of the line.

Bringing a smile on Jared’s face, “Hi Caitlyn, I’m good, thank you. And please call me Jared, there’s no need to be formal.”

“Oh okay, … Jared,” she said sounding a little hesitant.

“So, what can I do for you?” Jared trying to divert the converation.

“Yes, I have the first set of draft ready for your beach house. I was wondering if you were free later today so that we could go over it.”

“That was quick. That’s good, I am free now if you’d like,” trying not to sound desperate.

“Oh, now? Is 4pm okay with you? I am about to walk in to another meeting right now.”

“I am free anytime so 4 sounds good.”

“Great, I’ll see you at 4 at the beach house.”

“Sure thing,” Jared hang up the phone feeling a little bright so to speak and looking forward to meeting with Caitlyn.


The next couple of weeks, Jared and Caitlyn met up a few times. Either to see the revised drafts or to see the materials and things that were going to need for the design. Jared spent all his time accompanying Caitlyn wherever she went. He looked over everything with her making sure everything was up to his expectation. He was pretty serious about looking into things personally because he was all in anytime Caitlyn called him up and asked him if he wanted to tag along.

“You really love this house don’t you?” Caitlyn asked him sipping at the coffee cup.

“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to live in a beach front house ever since I was a kid and I want things to be perfect no matter what it takes and no matter how it costs.”

She must have heard the honesty and sincerity in that answer, she reached out and placed her hand over his and said, “Don’t worry, we will make sure we do that exactly.”

Jared felt a jolt of electricity as she touched him, he wasn’t expecting her to do that. For a moment, they stared at each other. It was a feeling where Jared felt naked in front of her and didn’t mind it. They didn’t speak a word but said so much at the same time. She looked at him but looked through him. He wanted to stay in that moment for longer but Caitlyn pulled her hand and looked away, realizing what was happening.

“I better get going. It’s getting late and there’s a few more things that I need to finalize before the final setup.”

“Sure thing,” said Jared, disappointed but without taking his eyes off her.

Ever since that encounter, things changed for Jared. The few moments that they had shared had changed the way he had seen Caitlyn. He didn’t see her as his interior designer anymore. He saw her as the woman she was. He guessed her to be maybe about 30 or so considering the amount of knowledge and experience she had. But her looks were deceiving because she didn’t look a day older than 25. She had maintained herself well. She wasn’t the petite type. She was curvy and full. She was not on the plump side but wasn’t skinny either. Her 5 foot 8 body would fit perfectly in his 6 foot frame. And to him, that was perfect.

Caitlyn’s eyes were a deep green. Lips were luscious and full but she always wore a light color lipstick that blended with her skin. But he noticed it now. Her neck was slender and the skin looked so soft and kissable. He wondered how it smelled and better yet, how it felt against his lips. Her shoulders were small but looked firm. Like she knew how to take care of herself. Her boobs looked like they were about 38B. She never wore anything to reveal the real size, but that was the best he could figure out. Her stomach was flat and escort bursa flared to her hips. She usually wore the baggy trousers but he could tell the size of her hips. And her legs were long – that’s all he could tell.

The fact that she was wore clothes that were comfortable for her and kept him guessing as to how she really looked like, was a major turn on for him. Not that what she wore made her look any less beautiful or attractive.


Back at the house, everything was coming together and finally the weeks of planning and effort was starting to show. Piece by piece, room by room, he could see his new house coming to life. Caitlyn was hard at work, instructing everyone to position everything to perfection. He had also noticed that she made sure that they were never alone in a room. She would find any excuse to get someone to stay back asking them to move something to the left a bit or getting their opinion on where individual items should go. Jared didn’t mind that, he was eventually going to get some time with her when all of this was over and he was going to make sure of it.

He had just climbed down the stairs when everyone was preparing to leave, including Caitlyn. The house looked magnificent and exactly as he pictured it. In a month and a half, Caitlyn had managed to turn the entire house around. It looked more homely than his own apartment in the city. Jared thanked everyone as they were leaving, and this was not one of those thank you-s after a meeting with his clients. This was a real heart felt one. Caitlyn was the last and walked up to him.

“Well, I guess my work here is done,” she said with a satisfied sigh.

“Yes indeed, I must thank you for all the effort you’ve put in. This place looks amazing and just the way I had imagined it,” Jared said looking around.

“I am glad that everything is up to your expectation,” she said with her usual heart melting smiles.

That put a smile on Jared’s face.

One of the guys who had helped set up everything, peeked in through the door. “Hey Cat, you ready?”

Caitlyn opened her mouth to reply to him before Jared interrupted, “Caitlyn, could you hang back a bit, I have something important that I’d like to discuss with you? If it’s okay.”

Caitlyn was not stupid to fall for that. The look on her face changed instantly to ‘I am glad we are done working together’ to ‘I know what you’re up to.’

“Why don’t you guys go ahead and I’ll meet you there,” Caitlyn replied. If she was upset or angry in any way, she didn’t show that a bit.

He smiled and left bidding me good night and a see you later to Caitlyn. I closed the door as he left and turned around to see Caitlyn. She had a pretty neutral face. She didn’t seem to show any sort of emotion.

“Care for a drink?” he asked.

“No, I am good, thanks,” her answer was plain.

Jared started walking towards the living area, expecting her to follow him but didn’t turn around to check. Caitlyn did follow him. They both sat on the new big couch that was purchased. They sat there in silence for what seemed like ages. Then finally, Jared worked up the courage,

“Look, Caitlyn, you have done a wonderful job with this place and I love the way the house looks now,” that wasn’t what he was planning to say but at least it was a start.

“In the past few weeks that we have worked together, I feel we have come to know each other pretty well,” Jared has no idea where this was going to lead.

“And I don’t know about you but I feel that we have something going on here,” finally coming to the point. Caitlyn’s eyes now focussed, like they were telling him to be careful with what he was going to say next.

“And I like you very much,” Shit! Seriously. Jared felt like he was in high school confessing to his second grade crush how much he liked her.

Before he could say anything further, Caitlyn held her hand up,

“Look Jared, I am going to stop you right there. You don’t know anything about me and don’t mistake this time that we have been working together as you getting to know me. I get this all the time, a guy looking to get away from his life which is consumed by his work and wants to hook up before he goes back to his work and boring life. So if you are looking for something like that, trust me I am not the one for that, but if you want I can point you in the right direction.”

Jared was taken aback by this. He had no idea what to say. Before he could recover from this, Caitlyn got up and started walking towards the main door. Jared stood up and held her wrist and this surprised her. She looked at her wrist and then him.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” she was angry now.

“Look, don’t you dare think that you know me. I am not one of those desperate bastards that you’ve had before as clients. Look I really like you, and not because I want to hook up with you!” Emphasizing on the words ‘hook up’, “but because I really like you as a person and who you are and I would like to get to know.”

Caitlyn was shocked. She didn’t have a response to that.

“Let go of my hand,” she said calmly.

Looking down, Jared immediately let go of her hand. “Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you.”

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