Nisan 13, 2021

A Birthday In The Rain

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The café was full of bodies bustling about trying to grab a spare seat to sit down and rest their aching feet. Samantha sat by the window watching the sky, the grey clouds looked full ready to burst, “Here’s your coffee miss” Sam looked up at the young gangly boy who had brought her order, she smiled sweetly at him and watched him turn a deep red, she took her coffee then turned her head to continue watching the clouds.

Harvey entered the small café, he didn’t have to look twice, he could sense her, her looked over to the window and saw Sam staring intently at the sky, with a small frown on her face; he smiled as he looked her over. Sam was 23 years old, she was short compared to his 5’9 frame, and she was only 5’1, her hair fell around her face and over her shoulders, it looked dull in this weather but when the sun shone it looked like spun gold. She had baby blue eyes and a nice figure, it wasn’t perfect but she was in his eyes the most gorgeous woman living.

Sam felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and looked around quickly, she saw Harvey standing watching her, she grinned and beckoned him over, Harvey was roughly 5’9, he had short spiked brown hair, and green eyes flecked with gold, his face was strong and square, and his stubble shadowed his face, she reached over to touch it, “What’s this?” she asked, trying to hide her reaction to the impact the touch had upon her, she shifted in her seat.

“I couldn’t be bothered to have a shave the morning, does it suit me?” Harvey replied with a sexy grin, Sam nodded, “You want to get out of here!” Harvey almost had to shout as a large crowd of school kids entered making the noise levels almost unbearable. Sam’s face spread into a huge smile as she nodded, no point in talking she couldn’t even hear herself think.

Outside on the side, the pair had a better view of each other; Harvey was kemalpaşa escort wearing dark jeans, and a white t-shirt that was covered with his denim jacket. Sam had on, leather trousers, and a tight leather jacket that hugged all the right curves and made her look outstanding, “Wanna go for a ride somewhere?” Sam asked, Harvey grinned, “Sure babes I’d love to”.

The walk to the parking lot was short, only a few minutes especially walking with Harvey it was her three steps to his one! They came to a stop in front of a large black motorbike, Harvey ran his hand over the front admiring the machine, “Nice bike” he said, “There’s something about having something large hot and powerful between my thighs…turns me on” Sam replied, she threw him a helmet and watched as he pulled it on, she climbed on the bike and started it before indicating for him to get on.

He climbed on wrapping his arms tightly around her waist needing to lean in against her, the machine roared into life and they left the parking lot, Sam took it slowly on the main roads, but as soon as they hit a long empty stretch of road she took off, not long after they had started the rain came, big huge drops hammering anything it touched.

After riding for about 30 minutes she pulled the bike to a stop, and got off, she pulled her helmet off and the rain began to trickle down her face, she lifted her face up to the sky and started undoing her jacket, underneath she wore a white t-shirt, that stretched across her breasts, the cold rain dampened it making it see through, he watched as her nipples hardened in response.

Harvey pulled his helmet off and watched Sam as she ran her hands all over body, his cock was starting to harden, he hardly noticed the rain dripping off his chin. Sam looked over at him and saw him watching her she unzipped her trousers and pushed escort kemalpaşa her hand down inside and began stroking her cunt through the thin fabric of her panties.

Harvey’s breath quickened, he was fully erect now, Sam removed her hand and started walking towards him, he pulled her into his arms and started kissing her, long hard deep kisses, she moaned into his mouth and reached down to stroke his cock through his trousers. He pulled down her leathers and removed her panties with them, she looked so sexy standing in just her wet t-shirt, he reached down and began to stroke her cunt “mmmmmm” she moaned leaning in to him, Harvey moved quickly and the next thing she knew she was sitting on the Bike and he was kneeling in front of her oblivious to the rain, he had her legs on his shoulders, his tongue flicked out against her clit, she cried out as pleasure swept through her body, she pushed herself against his face, “Ohhhh baby” she moaned. Harvey slid 2 fingers into her dripping cunt she moaned leaning back, the rain pouring down over her body, she was on fire as he continued to suck and lick her clit, his fingers moving inside her.

Harvey licked up and down her wet slit, he placed another finger in her soaking cunt and moved them faster, he smiled as he felt her buck against him, he knew she was close to orgasm, so he moved faster and added more pressure on her clit, he bit gently, and took her over, she came screaming and writhing, her juices dribbling over his fingers.

He stood and placed his fingers against her mouth she accepted then greedily sucking her juices from them. His cock was straining against his jeans, he reached down to unzip them pushing them to his ankles with his boxers,, letting his cock spring free, it pointed upwards, all 7 inches proud and thick, he pulled off the bike and moved her so she kemalpaşa escort bayan was bent over it, he spread her legs wide, then pushed his fat cock into her tight cunt, he groaned as the tight heat enveloped him, he pushed in al the way, and felt her push back on him, he began to move slow at first then harder and faster, ramming his full length into her, her juices were running down her thighs mixing with the rain water, she was moaning with him and pushing her ass back, Harvey let go of his control and began to fuck her like a wild thing, his cock slid in an out of with ease, he moved faster and faster within her, reaching round to hold her breasts he held onto them as he fucked, his balls slapping her cunt lips as he moved, suddenly he tensed pulled out and rammed in deep, cumming filling her.

Sam felt him cum, his cock throbbing as he came, she felt him withdraw and felt empty, his large hands turned her around he sat her on the bike, surprised she glanced down and saw his cock was still hard, he moved closer to her, and entered her again, his cock sliding in, her juices his juices and the rain, he knew she hadn’t cum yet, his cock was sore but he began to fuck her again he reached down and rubbed her clit at the same time, she moaned, as he bit her cold hard nipples through the fabric of her t-shirt, he moved within her tight cunt, fucking her hard and fast, his breath was warm on her breasts, she bucked against him, gasping and panting, as her body began to build up with pleasure, Harvey watched her face and squeezed her red sore clit between his fingers rolling it gently, his hips and arse were moving like pistons as he continued to fuck her ramming his cock deep, harder faster he surprised himself as he felt his own orgasm build up again, he moaned, he watched and felt Sam cum, her body convulsing, her cunt tightening, hot deep pants, he thrust in once more and felt his balls explode again as he came inside her tight cunt.

The pair lay gasping, their bodies soaked as the rain continued to fall around them, satisfied and happy the couple kissed and hugged, “Happy birthday babe” Harvey said to his wife Sam, she grinned up at him, “Thank you darlin!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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