Mayıs 31, 2024

Old Hunger Sated Again

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Hey, guys, thanks for the complimentary comments. I appreciate each of them.

For those of you who read my previous story, Old Hunger Sated, you may remember that I went over to Robert’s house a few weeks back with the idea of getting my car examined and possibly repaired. But it happened before I knew it, we were sucking and whacking each other in a mighty arousal of extremely hot sex. Robert and I just seemed to fit each other’s needs. He is so good at making me feel like my body is just lifting up and lofting into the clouds.

Robert and I have, over the last several weeks, become routine lovers. Well, not exactly lovers, just enjoying all the sexual pleasure we can create for ourselves and each other. Since his beautful wife works days, I go over to his house about every weekday and we fuck each other and enjoy each other’s beautiful cock. Man, have we ever turned into cock hounds. I think Robert enjoys sucking me off as much as he enjoys fucking my ass.

But all he has to do to make me hot is take hold of my shaft and rub it with his warm hands or go down and kiss my cockhead until I get very large and hard, then he takes my cock in his mouth and slurps and sucks with his hot lips and his mouth full of saliva. God, I’m burning up here just telling you about it. A straight man all my life I’d never have believed how good sex with another man could be.

Nearly every day we spend a couple of hours with each other. Sometimes just drinking and talking while we hold one another. Sometimes we simply undress and masturbate ourselves with the other watching. (If you’ve never beat your cock while you watch another man do it, you’re missing a great thrilling sexual experience.)

Robert and I have gotten so comfortable with each other that we’ve become very informal. When I go to his house, I go around to the garage door and let myself in. Sometimes I enjoy catching him in the shower. When this happens I quickly undress and go for it. It’s a heart-quickening thrill to wash him down and then as he rinses, lick and suck all over his body. Yeah, his ass is still a great place that I love to fuck with my tongue. And Robert goes out of his skull when my stiff tongue slides up into his crack and into his ass. When Robert gets so hot and is about to cum all over me, I too get hot and hold his cock while I cum right along with him—just rubbing my cock on his leg. Then we both go crazy licking cum off of each other. Damn!! What a wonderful sex partner I’ve found.

Last week, görükle escort I went over to Robert’s house for our daily session—and things took a real turn.

I let myself in the side door and into the kitchen. I didn’t see or hear Robert. His truck was gone, but I thought maybe his beautiful wife had taken it to work today. No big deal.

But i’ve got to tell you about Robert’s lovely wife. We’ve been neighbors for years and I’ve always admired her beauty. She’s now well up into her 50’s but you have to look very closely to recognize ir. I still look at her and wonder she could possibly be a grandmother and look so good. She helps her hair to stay blonde, has big green eyes that I always thought of as ‘bedroom eyes’, full lips that always seem to have a bit of a smile on them. And her body—-Wow, shit man, it’s luscious from top to bottom. She is just a tad overweight, but then that’s the way I like women. Her huge breasts hang out around her bikini top and look so inviting. Tummy has a little roundness to it and her ass is on the large side but still very firm—when I’ve had occasion to brush up against her. Long legs are great and hers are no exception. She’s a bit taller than me and I’m 5’10”.

But my favorite part of all when I see Suzie in her swim suit is that pussy. It stands out so that I can’t stop looking. Big fat pussy lips that seem to advertise a sex machine hidden there in between her thighs. So many times she’s caught me looking at that fine pussy when we’re at my pool. But most times she just looks away as if she didn’t notice my staring. Then too, she often opens her legs or turns so that I get an even better view. Then I have to get in the water or pull the towel over my lap. She makes me so hot that I can’t keep my cock from rising up and trying to get a better view. Now as I tell you about Suzie, I’ve gotten so hot that I’ve got to whank my cock a while and get him settled down so I can continue this story. My God, it’s good!…..

OK, back to the story. I was looking around the house but didn’t see Robert anywhere. Then I thought I heard a sound in the bedroom area. Aha, I thought, now I’ve caught him masturbating before I arrive. This is going to be fun. I love to take that beautiful cock of his in my mouth when he’s just had an orgasm and his cock is soft. At these times, I can suck it for a while without his getting hard. I can take his whole cock and his balls into my mouth. I love the taste of his cock up under the skin when it’s bursa escort bayan pulled back. Almost as much as I love to slide my tongue up behind his balls and into his ass.

So I creep down the bedroom hallway very quietly. It’s going to be so exciting to slip up on Robert and watch him cum and then go suck him.

Strange sounds that he’s making just don’t seem right. As I get to his door and peep into the room, I nearly blow my wad right there into my shorts. It’s not Robert at all there in the room!

There spread out on the bed is Suzie and she’s pumping her hand into her pussy. She is masturbating and obviously enjoying it wildly. She’s making all sort of moaning and groaning sounds as she beats her pussy. Her whole body rising up to meet her hand. She turns in the bed and is partly facing my way, but she’s so caught up in her glorious moment that her eyes are closed and I’m still safe watching from the doorway.

As Suzie turned, her pussy became completely visible to me with her legs spread and her feet facing my way. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Yes, she has her whole hand inside her big fat pussy! Her whole hand. And she’s pumping it furiously. Her fist goes deep inside her forcefully. From the sounds, it’s obvious that she’s enjoying herself mightily and as her breathing gets louder and faster, I can tell she’s about to cum.

I can’t help it. She’s my best friend’s wife, but I can’t stop myself as I take out my cock and start to massage him rapidly. My large hard cock is already totally wet around the head and up under the foreskin. So I don’t even need to spit on it, just rub and pull on him. And amazingly, just as Suzie was reaching a climax and starting to scream and yell like a woman on fire, I too burst loose with a mighty stream of cum. It went spurting out onto the carpet and I can’t help my gasps and heavy breathing as I watch the mess I’m making on the carpet and down my legs.

As we both begin to come down from those fantastic climaxes, I’m startled out of my gourd when Suzie, still lying there with her eyes appearing to be closed, says to me, “Damn, Joe, that was great wasn’t it? Now come on over here and lets work this thing out some more.” Hell, she’d been beating herself with her fist and all the while knowing that I had come in and was watching from the doorway. Oh, shit, this was not the way the day was supposed to go. It was Robert that I’d come to fuck and he’s not even home. Robert has been the greatest sex I’ve ever bursa escort had over the last several weeks. Now I’ve gone and blown that.

But I could never in my best most honorable hour ever resist Suzie. Holy craps! She is so sexy lying there in the bed with her legs spread and her wet pussy looking so inviting. And those eyes. Final straw, no way I can hold back.

As I approach, the sight of her open pussy turns me on and my cock is already getting hard again. Suzie reaches out to me as she tells me to get undressed. Nothing on but shoes and shorts and undressing takes about 3 seconds. Suzie held out the hand that was inside her big pussy and it was still all wet and smelled of her sex. “Joe, my hand needs cleaning. Could you help me with it?”

Well, her whole hand that had worked it’s way in and out of her pussy so deftly, was just too big to fit into my mouth. But the smell and taste were so inviting that I sucked each finger, licked her palm and cleaned her hand with my hungry tongue. My old hunger was not sated.

As she lay there on her back with her knees bent and her legs spread, her eyes were pulling me toward her. Those fucking eyes! They take away all my will power and thoughts. All I can do is go for her and that beautiful, wet, open pussy.

As I bury my face in her pussy it is such a wonderful feeling to have my cheeks up against that puffy pussy and the wet open lips. Her juices are still easing out and down her pussy lips. So wet and smelling so inviting…rather, demanding. Demanding than I suck her and drink down that lovely juice. Oh, my! My tongue so easily goes into that open pussy—and as I hold it stiff and push inside her, Suzie moans and pulls my head into her even tighter. Man, it’s hard to breathe down here, but then who needs air when such pussy is all around my face? I grab her ass and pull her into me forcefully as my tongue goes deeper. Great, she’s about to cum again and I’ve not even got my cock near her yet.

Just as I start sliding up her hot wet body, I hear the clapping of hands behind me. Startled, I turn to see Robert standing in the doorway. He had stood and watched our play in his bed and masturbated along with us. With my mouth open and my brain stalled with no words coming, I felt so guilty and foolish. Until Robert gave us a huge smile and said, “I almost missed the party. Wow! Looks like we’ve really got something going here, Joe. Suzie, you always told me that someday you were going to lure Joe into your nasty little web of sex and have him. Looks like you are well on your way. This I’ve got to enjoy. I think maybe the three of us can make this old house tremble. Damn, this is going to be good.”

And we will make this old house shake, but then that’s another story for another time.

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