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No Interruption This Time

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All characters arrived at the age of 18 without a sexual thought having entered their head. Their sexual parts were completely untouched except as necessary for normal bodily function and bathing..

In the days following their 18th birthday they indulged in those practices that are normal for others during the early and mid teens. So by a month after their 18th birthday they had become relatively normal 18 year olds.

As this story begins all are well above the age of eighteen.

As usual. No oversized equipment. No ANAL. No other cruelty either physical or mental. The participants practice birth control and all are disease free.


Nancy answered on the first ring.

“Hey sis, may I borrow my brother for this weekend.” I asked. She really was my sister in law but we called each other sis.

“Hi Helen. You’re ready for him?”

“Well I’ve gathered up all the new stuff for my kitchen make over. It’s all in the dining room. Ed said that he could do everything in a weekend if I helped.”

“Yes. OK. He hoped that you might be ready and held the weekend open.”

Nancy paused for a moment before continuing.” That’s not exactly what I meant when I asked if you were ready for him.”

“I’m not sure that I understand.”

“Sure you do. You do know what else the weekend is about don’t you?”


“He keeps thinking of that time when Joe and I interrupted you guys. He still want’s your body.”

“You’re kidding……..Right? He’s my brother. You do remember that, right?”

“Yes. We’ve talked it over. He’s wanted you for a long time. And you’ve wanted him. You would have had each other once if I hadn’t showed up, uninvited.

“My idea.” She continued. “After all if he isn’t here he can’t take care of my needs. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather him use as a substitute. If it were so far I’d drive over to Ohio to see my brother.”

***Helen picks up the story:***

As I comprehended her words sex hormone shot directly from where ever it starts directly to my pussy. Just that quick I was sopping wet. I’ve wanted Ed since we were teens even before he began dating my sister Nan.

We had one big ‘almost’ but nothing beyond that. Now my sister wanted to share him with me? Why? Then her remark about going to Ohio penetrated. She wanted an excuse to fuck my ex, Joe, who was her brother.

Then another thought hit me. Joe would be bringing the kids back late Sunday afternoon. Ed and I would still be working.

“How about you bring your two over Sunday afternoon to enjoy our pool. I’ll tell Joe to be sure to drop by your house on his way home. The rest is up to you.”

God it all seemed so cold blooded. Personally I was super horny at the thought of what my weekend might be like. I’d nothing but DIY for almost two years. Meanwhile I’d been cussing about my missed opportunity with Ed for ages now.

Our first almost encounter came just a few days before Ed dated Nancy. Ed and I had, as a lark, joined a couples club in the next town. It was comprised mostly kids like us who were struggling college students.

We came together casually each month or so for some low cost activity which provided and opportunity to mingle but was easy on the budget. Having never been asked we didn’t see fit to reveal that we were brother and sister.

Meanwhile I had become eighteen kurtköy escort and was now ‘legal’ I had an urge for him to be my first venture beyond French kissing and thru the clothes petting. Screwing, while not the primary objective had not been ruled out in my mind.

One evening after a group beach party almost everyone in the group had broken up into couples and were necking on a blanket. We did our part. We came together on our blanket, We quickly got to the French kissing part and the groping through the clothes part.

We were both beyond excited. “Do you wanna do it?” Asked Ed.

We looked around at the others. None were screwing as best we could see. “Let’s leave.” I said.

On the way home, Ed, without asking turned off the main road. He was headed for the town’s reservoir which overlooked the town. Almost inaccessible it overlooked the town all lighted up in the dark.

It was bright and beautiful. It was familiar territory to both of us.

We had both been up there several times. It had a reputation of being the scene of many lost virginity’s both male and female.

“Shall we take the blanket over to the slope?” Ed asked. The slope was a gentle slope of grass where you could lay on your back and look up at the stars or down at the lights of the town.

“Lets.” I answered. But my mind was not on the stars or the town’s lights but of getting my pussy filled. We quickly found a place and an instant later we were a tangle of arms and legs.

Minutes later, with my cooperation my panties were off. Ed was satisfying my desire to have someone else’s finger in my pussy. I was handling Ed’s hard penis through his pants. Suddenly the parking area was brightened by headlights.

A few minutes later we heard. “Ed, where are you?”

We recognized the voice. “Down here Joe. On the slope. What’s up?”

Meanwhile I lay back on my elbows. My panties now in Ed’s back pocket.

“I’m with my sister Nancy. I wanted to show her the lights from up here.?”

Joe and Nancy’s parents were separated I knew. Nancy lived with her mother a few miles away. We had never met. Nancy, I knew, was about my age. Joe like my brother was twenty.

Ed and Joe introduced us girls to each other.

“Hi Nancy.” I said without much enthusiasm when introduced.

“Hi Helen.” Said Nancy with about the same level of enthusiasm

So that was that. Ed and Nancy somehow got together and became a good match. Joe and I were not even nearly as good a match though we both tried hard. We made seven years together and produced a wonderful daughter who was at that moment two states away, in Ohio, with Ed.

Meanwhile Nancy and I became the best of friends. I eventually told her what they had interrupted. She was apologetic. She admitted that she and Joe were there for the same purpose. They probably would have done ‘it’ themselves that same night if Joe hadn’t spotted Ed’s car and known to whom it belonged.

Over the years since Ed and I had on occasion teased each other about our near miss. We had made earnest promises to carry out an assignation at the first opportunity. It had never happened though.

Ed showed up before I was up on Saturday morning. By the time we quit working at about seven that evening we were way past our half way mark. Ed took a shower finishing quickly. As we passed aydıntepe escort in the hall, Ed with a towel around his waist was sporting a very definite hard on.

I deliberately looked down at it then gave him a smile and a wink as I made my way to the shower. I washed quickly but thoroughly. Then like Ed I wrapped a towel around myself and headed toward my room.

As I entered my room I dropped the towel on the floor. Naked I walked toward my dresser to find some panties. I hadn’t made up my mind what to wear or maybe what not to wear. Suddenly I realized that Ed was laying on my bed. He was naked except for the towel now draped across his private part.

The tent in the middle seemed quite high. I took that as a compliment. The sight of it made my pussy start to tremble with excitement. Soon my whole body was trembling as I knew for a fact that I was about to screw my brother.

I pulled the towel away then bent to reward it’s attention with a kiss. I felt juice beginning to overflow my vagina. No foreplay was needed. I was ready. Ed was ready. I kneeled on the bed then knee walked till I was straddled across Ed’s lower area.

I took his hard in my hand adjusting my position till I had the tip of his cock pressing against my wet cunt. My vaginal lips were wet and parted, warming I am sure the rest of his cock head. I bent forward till my lips were touching his.

“Well my darling brother. Are we gonna do it?” I wiggled my ass a little. His cock penetrated another half inch.

“God damn you Helen. Do it. Do it now.” I lowered myself slowly. Savoring each little bit of additional penetration.

A few seconds later the deed was done. My brother’s cock was imbedded deep inside my vagina. It’s head I could tell was right at the entrance to my uterus. We were now incestuous siblings.

“Does that feel as good to you as it does to me?” I asked.

“The way your cunt muscles are milking my cock is something I’ve never felt. The fact that it is, at last, you makes it perfect.”

I lifted myself slowly feeling my cunt close behind his cock. Then I lowered myself again totally enjoying the feeling of it being filled by my brother at long last.

This time I couldn’t wait. It was time to get fucking in earnest. I began sliding up and down Ed’s cock more rapidly. Ed began thrusting. Soon we had a good rhythm going. Each time I felt him all the way inside of me my ass, unbidden, gave a little rotary twist.

Now I knew why it was often called screwing.

“Are you going to let Nancy have Joe tomorrow evening if she wants?” I asked.

I knew the answer as soon as I felt an explosion of cum inside me. It felt so good that my body exploded into it’s own orgasm as my brother’s hot cum spread it’s heat inside of me.

Suddenly drained I rolled off Ed to lay by his side. We kissed all over each other’s face as we murmured sweet thoughts each to the other. We wiggled ourselves into a comfortable interlocked position. Ed drew the sheet over us and we both slept the sleep of the dead until the morning sun awoke me.

I was alone in my bed. Some of Ed’s cum had escaped me. I held it in with one hand as I made my way to the bathroom. I helped myself to a quick shower as I wondered where Ed was.

I returned to the bedroom to find Ed making up the bed, apparently with a thought of serving tuzla içmeler escort me breakfast there judging by a tray of good things to eat sitting on the bedside table.

I was still naked, so was Ed. I walked over to him. As I kissed him good morning I took his cock in my hand saying.

“I do hope this guy is up to more action. I’d hate to think that we’re going to stop at simple fucking, as glorious as it was.”

By the time I finished speaking I had a very hard cock in my hand.

“Here’s your reward for the breakfast.” I said as I bent and gave said cock a lick and a promise and a squeeze.

But I did need my caffeine. I poured myself a cup added the fixings then began to sip it. Ed did the same. We stood there in the middle of my bedroom coffee cups in hand. Stark naked.

Judging by the appearance of Ed’s cock and the juice dripping out of my pussy, it was horny and ready to go.

“So. What’s the plan?” Asked Ed. Then he added with a smile.

“My vote in case you are interested is to do sixty nine right there in the middle of that bed. Right after we finish our coffee I mean.”

I nodded and continued to drink my coffee. We continued to look at each other and smile that smile that lets the other know that your brains are in delicious sync.

I finished first. I stepped to the bed, I positioned myself in the middle with my feet touching the bottom and I spread my legs.

“I hope I heard you right. You did say ‘sixty nine’ didn’t you?”

Ed promptly climbed into the bed, his head toward the bottom. He put his hand on my hip urging me to turn on my side. As I obeyed his suggestion and rolled to my side Ed’s ear was already between my parted thighs.

His tongue was licking my slit end to end before I got my hand on his cock to guide it into my mouth. At last. I’d wondered how my brother’s cock might taste since I first heard about such a thing.

As my mouth engulfed it I felt it swell. I vowed to make it memorable for him. As Ed put his tongue into my cunt hole, trying hard to reach inside I took his hard cock as far into my mouth as I could.

I began to bob and twist my head as my brother began to fuck my mouth. Between us Ed was being deep throated. As that realization hit me so did my first orgasm. Not a deep hard one but an orgasm plain and simple.

It was one of those that begged for more. At that instant I felt Ed’s tongue begin to sweep from cunt hole to clit. Each time it touched my clit an extra shock ran through me.

I could feel my brother’s cock swell even more and harden even more telling me that his finish was near. Ed felt it too. He stopped and sucked my bud into his mouth sucking and tonguing it as if it were a nipple. To add to my pleasure I felt fingers enter and begin pleasuring me inside.

The working over that we were giving each other was too much for both of us. As my pelvis began bumping my brother’s face in it’s orgasmistic excitement his cock was exploding keeping me busy containing and swallowing his cum.

Well the breakfast was cold but we ate it with enjoyment. We finished the job too. Along about four PM Nancy dropped off their kids. She needled us about having finished the job implying that she had not expected us to get that much work done.

She kissed us both then left. We assured her that we would make sure that her brother would stop and see her. Joe arrived. Joe had a talk with Ed. Joe left. About eleven PM Nancy called. She thanked me for Joe and invited Ed and her kids home.

We four are working on plans now for another sibling get together. Unfortunately we don’t have a kitchen remodel as an excuse.

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