Şubat 22, 2024

Hotel Fun

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Curves Booty

I moaned as the slick appendage slid down my collar bone, the wet trail it left behind cooling on my sweat soaked skin. It dipped down into the valley between my breasts as deft fingers plucked at a sensitive nipple, wringing a groan from deep in my throat as I arched up into the touch. The mouth detoured from its downward trajectory to cover my other nipple with little kisses before engulfing it in moist heat and gently sucking.

My hands tangled in my partner’s hair and I pulled up slightly, forcing their eyes up to meet my gaze; their lips releasing my nipple with a slight pop. They met my eyes with a cheeky grin, still rolling the one nipple between their fingers.

I scowled back and pulled their hair back with a little more force, forcing them to move back. “I told you what to do.” I growled as they slowly followed my silent instruction.

“Of course ma’am.” They groaned as they stopped resisting and quickly scooted down until their face hovered above my crotch. I untangled my hands, letting them have control once more. Their fingers gingerly spread my lips as they lowered their face to my pussy, tongue extended. I shivered in anticipation of that wet warmth stroking my throbbing clit.

A booming laugh filled my ears causing my eyes to shoot open. I groaned and pushed myself up. A dream, and a good one at that. I rubbed a hand over my face and looked over at my clock. One fifteen in the morning. What. The. Hell. The laugh sounded again, followed by muffled voices. I shot a glare towards the hotel door, irritated that not only was my sleep interrupted, but that I wasn’t going to be able to get back to that wonderful dream.

My clit throbbed at the thought of the dream, reminding me of its desire. I sighed heavily, resigned to the reality of it only being me and my fingers to dull the ache. Another laugh sounded, pissing me off.

I threw off the light blanket and stomped towards the door to yank it open. I stepped out into the hallway and turned towards the voices to see two black gentlemen clad in well fitting business suits standing by the elevator catty corner to my room. Even through my anger I could tell both men were rather attractive. Both were relatively tall and broad shouldered with short cropped hair. With the way their suits fit I could tell both were fit and strong, probably strong enough to pick me up and throw me around with ease. My clit throbbed again and I had to fight the urge to squeeze my legs together.

One of them noticed me standing there and pointed towards me causing his friend to turn and look as well. I must have made quite the sight, standing there in my cropped tank top, short sleep shorts, and sleep messed hair. I could feel the flush on my face and chest, and no doubt, they could see it on my pale skin.

“You alright hun?” the one who pointed me out asked, a slight southern drawl to his voice. Man one I dubbed him in my head.

I shivered. I do love a southern accent.

Straightening, I did my best to put on a hard face. “No, actually. It’s nearly one thirty in the morning, and I’m awake from the best part of a really good dream. I’m frustrated and wondering what the hell the people responsible for it are going to do about it.”

The words were out of my mouth before I registered what I had just said, though judging by the smile that spread on man one’s face, he caught it pretty quick.

Man two arched an eyebrow, “Do about it?” He asked.

“Well…yes.” I stammered slightly before regaining my composure. “It’s your fault I’m awake. You should take some responsibility.”

“What? You want us to tuck you in or something?” man two sneered.

Man one let out a booming laugh, finally giving me an answer as to who was truly responsible for my predicament, and looked at his friend, “Yeah, let’s tuck her in.” He drawled, before sauntering up to me, man two following behind, confusion written on his face. “Ladies first.” man one said pushing my door all the way open.

I hesitated briefly before I ducked under his arm and headed into the room, my heart pounding in my chest. I’d done some stupid things in my life and was no stranger to anonymous sex, but was I really inviting two strange men who could easily overpower me into my hotel room for a night of wild sex? The sound of the door https://sokkan.org clicking shut and the feeling of hot breath stirring my hair was my answer. Yes. I was actually doing this.

Before I could blink, large strong hands firmly grabbed onto my clothed breasts and started kneading. I leaned back into the rock wall of a chest behind me enjoying the feeling of my breasts being engulfed in warmth and closed my eyes. They quickly shot open when the kneading stopped and a sharp slap landed on one breast and then the other. This was followed by another slap to the underside of each, which caused my shirt to crumple up and expose my hard nipples to the cool air.

“Like that huh?” man one asked breathly as he took a hard nub between two fingers and pulled.

“Yeaaahhhhh…” I cried out as he squeezed and twisted the nipple between his fingers.

Man two let out a low whistle, “Now this kind of tucking in I can get behind.”

“How about you get in front of it? I bet that pussy is wet.” Man one said as he pulled and twisted both nipples, leaving me mewling in his arms.

Man two came to stand in front of me and pressed a gentle touch to my belly just above my navel. His fingers were oddly rough for a business man; perhaps he did manual labor on the side?

My thoughts were brought back by another harsh slap to my breast. This one connected just right and reverberated through the room. I cried out again, more in shock than anything.

Man two delivered a swift but gentle smack to my left hip and whispered “Ssshhhh. It’s one thirty in the morning. Do you want to wake people up?”

I glared at him, my early annoyance at having been woken up not long ago returning briefly. He just chuckled and slipped his hand into the loose waistband of my shorts. His fingers gently slid past my clit to dip into the wet folds beneath; I signed and leaned heavily into man one, letting my head loll to the right, exposing my neck. Man one happily took advantage of the exposed skin and latched on, biting and sucking a trail from under my jaw and down to my shoulder. Man two brushed his friend’s hand out of the way and latched onto a straining nipple. His gentle nibbles and sucking a stark contrast to man one’s harsher ones.

They continued like this, switching sides and running their hands over my body for a few moments, pulling away only briefly to remove my shirt and push my shorts down my legs. My legs were shaking when man one pulled away and I would have fallen had man two not been massaging my hip and quickly shifted our weight so that I was leaning into him.

The whisper of fabric falling to the ground had me biting my lip. As much as I enjoyed the poking, prodding, and stroking of their hands and tongues, I was very much looking forward to the thrusting of their cocks against the back of my throat and cervix.

Man one pulled me off of man two, spun me around and pushed me to my knees. And there before my eyes was the prize I sought. A throbbing mid sized steely rod coated in silky brown skin with a large mushroom head stood proudly, pointing straight at my face, a bead of precum gathered waiting in the slit.

That bead of white ambrosia was just too inviting. I couldn’t help it, I leaned forward and ran the flat of my tongue over the head, smearing the precum down the length of my tongue. I closed my eyes and moaned as I leaned back. It had been a while since I’d last tasted the familiar sticky warmth and I wanted more.

I opened my eyes and wrapped my hand tightly around the base and leaned forward again to run my tongue along the slit and on top of the head. I licked around the head to the vein underneath and ran my tongue down it all the way to the base applying as much pressure as I could. As I traced my way back up his hands tangled in my hair and when I reached the head I felt the push. Everyone who’s ever enjoyed the pleasure of sucking a good cock knows the push. The one that tries to force the head deep into your mouth. I grinned and looked up making eye contact as I swallowed the head. I slowly sunk down the shaft allowing my eyes to close and a moan to escape as the heavy length settled on my tongue and stretched my mouth. A low groan answered me.

I sucked hard and pulled back to push forward again, taking bursa eskort a little bit more length each time until I felt the tip brush the back of my throat. I stopped moving and swallowed around him. Another moan, his hands tightening in my hair and a small thrust rewarded my efforts. I swallowed a few more times before needing air and pulling back to take a quick breath before engulfing as much as I could again. It didn’t take long before he was pulling me off by my hair. I was only slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t get to feel him fill my mouth, but it meant that I would get to feel it elsewhere, hopefully in my pussy.

I was surprised when another set of hands grabbed at my hair. I’d forgotten that man two was there and he was more than ready for his turn. There was no playing with him like with man one. He wrapped my hair around one hand and used the other to grab my jaw to force it open so he could shove in as deep as possible. My eyes started to water and I choked as the tip hit the back of my throat hard. I smacked his thigh to tap out and pulled back to cough and take in some much needed air.

That booming laugh filled the room again, “little overzealous there.”

Man two laughed with him, “I guess so. You ok?”

“Yeah…just give me a minute.” I choked out between coughs.

When the coughing subsided I got back on my knees and put my hands on man two’s hips. “Okay.”

He tangled both hands in my hair and pushed my face towards his waiting cock. He was much slower and gentler this time as he pushed into my mouth. He stopped when he hit the back of my throat and I swallowed around him. He pulled back slowly, the long slender appendage gliding along my tongue. Right before the head was out, he pushed back in setting a slow yet demanding pace. The glugging sound of my throat trying to swallow and being denied filled the room.

His pace became more erratic as he got closer to the edge, and I closed my mouth just a little bit so as to catch every last drop of his creamy seed.

Just before he reached the end man one interrupted, “Hey man, don’t cum yet. She’s still got two holes we haven’t used yet.”

Man two jumped away from me and I fell to my hands gasping for breath. Annoyance crept into my mind. He’d been so close. I’d been so close to tasting that delicious release. As I silently fumed and caught my breath, man one’s words slowly registered in my mind. “Two holes”, not one, but two.

“Two holes?” I asked, looking up at man one.

“Well yeah. You got an asshole doncha?” He responded with a smirk.

“Of course.” I replied indignantly, “but I haven’t cleaned or stretched. I haven’t prepared at all.”

Man one just shrugged, “that’s what condoms and lotion are for. There’s some lotion in the bathroom right?”

I nodded and man one headed towards the bathroom. “Wait, do either of you have condoms? I didn’t bring any.”

“You’re inviting strange people into your hotel room and don’t have condoms?” Man two asked.

“I’m on a work trip not a pleasure cruise.” I grouched.

He laughed. “Luckily, I keep one in my wallet.”

“It’s small, but I’m sure it’ll do.” Man one announced walking out of the bathroom. “Which hole do you want?”

“I’ve already got a condom out, so I’ll take that tight little ass.” Man two said, dropping his wallet on top of his pile of clothes.

“Alright. I guess we’re doing this.” I said excitedly. I’d always wanted to be double penetrated and now, not only was it happening, but it was paired with my favorite type of sexual encounter, anonymous.

“Cool.” Man one said handing his friend the lotion bottle and walking over to the bed to lay down on his back. He beckoned me over with one hand while gently patting his thigh with the other. The command to straddle him was clear, and I licked my lips in anticipation of what was to come.

I moved over to the bed and climbed up man one’s body slowly, making sure to drag my breasts over his erection as I went. I straddled his hips and placed my hands on his chest, enjoying the feeling of the taut muscles under my finders and the warm throbbing against my slick opening.

I shuddered and started to rock back and forth, enjoying the slight friction against my clit. Strong hands on my hips orhangazi escort stopped my movement, causing me to pout slightly until they lifted me up slightly. My queue to penetrate myself on that beautiful pulsing rod. I reached a hand down between us and gripped him, giving a little stroke before lining him up with my opening. Slowly, I sunk down, throwing my head back in bliss as his cock parted my folds. I wanted nothing more than to start rocking back and forth as soon as I was fully seated, but a hand on my back reminded me that there was more to come.

Man two gently pushed me forward so my weight rested on my forearms and knees and my breasts hung in man one’s face, a fact he took advantage of by sucking a nipple into his mouth. I sighed at the suction and shuddered when I felt a slick finger slide down my ass and circle my hole. The finger met little resistance and easily pushed into the knuckle. When he pulled it out, two took its place, which caused me to arch my back and groan.

“You sure you didn’t prep?” Man two laughed, spreading his fingers a little. “Or do you just take it in the ass often?”

“I wear plugs a lot.” I panted, rocking back and forth, loving the feeling of being filled while craving the fullness that was to come.

“I think she’s ready.” man one said pulling off my nipple and moving to the other.

Man two said nothing, just pulled his fingers away and climbed up behind me, lining the head of this cock up with my stretched hole. I could feel the warm head start to push in and realized that there was no uncomfortable sensation of rubber rubbing against skin.

“No condom?” I asked.

Man two stopped moving instantly. “Is that a problem?” He asked.

“Not if you don’t have one.” I replied.

He grunted in response and started to push in again. The feeling as the head breached the ring of muscle fully was intense and amazing. I’d never felt so full in my life. I gritted my teeth and forced my body to relax against the twinge of pain and released the death grip I had on the blanket as he continued to push in.

My breath hissed out from between my teeth as he fully seated himself in my ass. Neither man moved as I adjusted to the feeling of two cocks filling my holes.I could feel the throbbing of each cock and every little movement as they readjusted their positions while waiting for my approval to move.

I was going to cum quickly, I knew it. Probably as soon as they started moving.

“Please.” I ground out. I couldn’t bring myself to move, so I took to begging them to do it instead. “Please fuck me!”

Man two quickly pulled out and slammed back in causing me to cry out loudly and man one to groan as I rocked back and forth on him. Man 2 leaned forward and covered my mouth with one hand as he steadied himself with the other on my hip.

“Shhhh…people are sleeping.” He whispered into my ear, punctuating each word with a thrust. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think, I could only whine in response.

I came quickly, as I knew I would. I’d thought I’d felt full before, but the feeling of fullness as my pussy and ass contracted against the two cock was almost more than I could take. But there was no respite. They timed their thrusts so that I always had one of their cocks within me at all times. I couldn’t keep my mouth closed and I started to drool against man twos’ hand. It was too much and not enough all at the same time. I wanted them to cum. I wanted to feel their release coat my insides. So I tried to move with their thrusts and received a smack to my ass in response. I stilled at the slap and let them use me however they wanted. I was just along for the ride.

I felt as they fell out of sync, and the change of tempo had me mumbling nonsense and begging them to fill me with their seed. I got my wish as they stilled one after the other and I felt their cocks throb as the warmth spurted into me, filling my insides and making me cum again.

Man 2 collapsed onto me causing me to let all of my weight fall onto man one who grunted in discomfort. We laid like that for a few moments before man one shifted and demanded we get off of him. I sucked in a harsh breath as man 2 pulled out of me and stood up. I rolled to the side and whined as my weight settled on my backside. I would be walking a little funny in the morning.

As I lay there contemplating what had just happened, the two men got dressed silently. I had just started to drift off as I heard the click of the door close and the booming laugh in the hallway. I smiled as I fell asleep at last.

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