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Good Doctor, Good Neighbor

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My name is Mike. I’m 50, married with two small kids and a beautiful 26-year-old wife, Ashley. She is a stay at home mom. We live in a gated community outside of Las Vegas. Our home is a sprawling 3500 sq. foot colonial. My career affords us every luxury. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my knockout wife was employed in this town at one time as an exotic entertainer. That was before I swept her off her feet so to speak. To describe it more accurately . . . that was before I lifted her feet up in the air and we came face to pussy in my office. I am Dr. Mike Harris, gynecologist.

I’m a good doctor. I’ve tried to handle my practice in a very professional manner. My workplace motto is not, ‘look but don’t touch,’ like at Ashley’s former strip club. It is more like, ‘look, touch but don’t lick,’ around here. Ashley was the only patient that I ever came on to. I have to admit I love women and I love looking at them daily. Ashley is very liberal, being a stripper and all, so she doesn’t mind that I spend most of my time feeling up assorted women and ‘molesting’ their mounds. She says that she even gets excited when I describe my daily dabblings!

Back in June I saw a new patient, Rachel Collins. She was pretty, yet unremarkable . . . except for one thing. When I looked at her information chart, I was surprised to see that she had just moved in a few houses down from me. I felt awkward about telling her. So after the sit-down in my office I figured I’d just better continue with the exam. I could still be professional about it! Anyway, in this day and age with the crazy work hours everybody keeps (in order to afford the grand homes we live in) you never really get to know your neighbors. I thought this would be the case.

Rachel was a petite thing, and of course she was fairly nervous about the exam. I fully understood and expected this. She was slightly younger than my wife. Her skin was milky white and her hair was a mass of tangerine curls. Her breasts were perky B-cups. Mrs. Collins’ soft nipples hardened under my examination. I think she was embarrassed by this. I told her I knew the room was a bit too cold that day. I thought that excuse might let her feel a little more at ease.

Then it was time for the inevitable; the pelvic exam. I made some silly chit chat about my kids, my cats and the weather. But let’s face it, while a woman is lying, practically restrained with her legs spread and her bare vulva fully exposed in some stranger’s face, nothing can really get her ready and relaxed for that violation.

Rachel’s mons was full of little red ringlets. In this day and age it is an oddity to see an unshaved delta. Even the 18 year olds I get to inspect come in with designer wax jobs. And here in Vegas it is common to see grandmas with bare twats. Back when I was married to my first wife, you were a pervert if you wanted your woman to ‘go bare down there’ . . . as if you had a fetish. I’m really happy for that societal change. There is nothing like a pretty, fleshy pussy staring back at you (several times) during the day. And if Mrs. Collins shaved or waxed her bush it would make a striking hot pink contrast to her porcelain skin!

I continued the routine of my exam: checking the folds of her labia, delicately inspecting her clitoris which had started to swell and entering her internally with my fingers. Her genitals all checked out okay. I’m sure the Pap test would be fine also. You see, during the course of her consultation, Rachel confessed that she hadn’t had much sexual experience. In fact, Brent Collins her husband, was her first lover and she was a newlywed.

She also confided she was having difficulty in the pleasure department. I assured her it was normal for a woman not to come during intercourse and it might take some practice with petting, oral sex and possibly some self stimulation to help her along. Rachel was mortified at that thought. I found it hard to believe that she had never touched herself and from the sound of it, her husband was assuming that fucking her was the only thing he had to do to satisfy her.

I gave her a reading list and suggested that she and her husband open their minds and eyes to the sights and activities this town had to offer . . . if you know what I mean. I think she left my office a little enlightened. I hope so at least. I feel that is part of my job.

Well as I thought, months went by and I never ran into my new neighbors. With work, various social activities, and fun with the wife, there is hardly any room in the day for block parties. That was until October . . . when there was one! In all honestly, I had forgotten about my neighbor/patient and I’m fixbet embarrassed to admit I had a hard time remembering what she looked like. (Although I probably could pick her pussy out of a police line up.)

It seems the neighborhood association organizes quarterly newcomer gatherings and Ashley was begging to go to the next one. I guess being stuck at home with the twins (No! Not her 38DD implants, our 3-year-old boys!) left her craving for some adult interaction. I agreed, not even cognizant that my new acquaintance might attend.

I imagine it was the furthest thing from Rachel Collin’s mind that evening. How could she even conceive that the only other man to get up close and personal with her privates was living four doors down and across the street? And the intimate details she shared with me, as her physician that day, probably made the moment she spotted me even more unnerving.

There must have been 15 couples attending this get-together at the clubhouse. I knew a few of them on a first name basis. It was mostly a group of older men with trophy wives that seemed to gravitate to this area of the country. I think we were all living out our mid life crises in this land of silicone and cigars. The ‘new’ guy caught my eye. He was about 10 years younger that the rest of us gents. I noticed his tiny wife sheepishly duck behind him several times during the evening. I grabbed Ashley by the arm and told her it was time she made a new friend.

“Hey, we are Mike and Ashley Harris, are you newcomers?” I asked.

“Brent Collins,” he said as he extended his hand,” and yes my wife Rachel and I moved here a few months ago.”

I didn’t recognize the name and at first I couldn’t distinguish her face as she stood in his shadow. But then she stepped away into the light and there were those creamsicle curls and blanched complexion. I was ever the gentleman at the moment of introduction and didn’t let on but I could tell she knew who I was.

There was the usual getting to know you conversation amongst the four of us. I only described my profession as doctor. Brett was a lawyer and Rachel was a nursery school teacher. They had just moved from Utah and Vegas was a bit of a culture shock. The girls hit it off immediately. I knew Rachel and I could get over the hurdle of our unspoken first meeting.

By the next day, I realized that our initial contact wasn’t undisclosed at all. Evidently, when Rachel and Brent got home that evening she spilled the beans to her husband. They arrived at my door around noon. Brent explained that they hoped to continue their new-found friendship. Of course, I replied that I was above letting a trite matter interfere with our becoming friends. I explained that it is difficult to recall all of my patients but I would always honor her privacy and I could certainly move on in our relationship. I let her know that I could refer her to another gynecologist if she wanted.

That conversation loosened any tension between Rachel and me during our subsequent social visits. We shared dinner with the Collins’ both at our place and theirs. The wives spent plenty of time together. Brent & Rachel babysat for the boys a time or two. We guys had become quite chummy-meeting at the gym weekly. I was making an effort to set aside time for our new friends.

However, the more I thought about it the more I felt sorry for poor ole’ Brent. I never really got to know any husband of the women I had examined. I wracked my brain trying to come up with something that would possibly make it up to him and then I hatched a plan. I asked Brent to go out for a beer with me after work. He agreed and decided to meet at my office one Tuesday. I was running a bit behind as usual. My receptionist had him wait in my office.

I wonder if he was speculating what was going on in the room just beyond. I finished performing a pelvic on one of the many Nevada ‘working girls.’ And my next patient was a stripper friend of Ashley’s, ‘Dominatrix Double D.’ I just called her Trixie.

I stepped into my office between the two appointments and offered Brent a swig from my private stock. I kept a stainless flask of Scotch on hand for the rough days. I told him he should get loosened up a bit before his payback began. He was still in the dark about my plan. I tossed Brent a crisp white lab coat and told him he was going to assist me in this next exam. The shock of what I offered him literally threw him back a few feet.

“I . . . I can’t do that . . . I’m not a doctor . . . that’s not right. No! I just can’t!” he protested.

I told him to calm down and take another shot of “courage.” He fixbet giriş briskly chugged another jigger. I explained that this was going to be my treat to him for the awkward situation he and his wife were in with me. I figured I owed him one. I reassured Brent he could just sit back and observe, pretending to be a state licensing inspector. Then I grabbed him by the arm and led him to our lady in waiting.

Trixie was sitting upright barely covered in that darn paper robe. She was snapping her gum. She wasn’t nervous. It was just her style.

“Hiya Doc,” she said.

“Hello Trixie,” I replied.

“This is Dr. Collins. He is with the Board of Health and Licensing. He is mandated to sit in and assist on examinations so we can get re-certified.”

‘Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah!’ I thought to myself. She really couldn’t give a shit who was in there while she was being examined. This was no more embarrassing to her than her last lap dance.

Brent shrugged his shoulders and said, “Hi Ma’am, nice to meet you.”

I invited Brent to take a (front row) seat at the end of the exam table. I performed the preliminary exams: pulse, blood pressure, respirations etc. I think the Scotch buzz was kicking in. I pressed Trixie down to begin the breast exam. She complied. I opened up the thin sheath that was covering her tits. Those luscious 36’s erupted from behind the layer. Brent took an almost audible gulp.

“Dr. Collins,” I asserted, “Would you mind demonstrating that new technique for the examination of patients with 450 cc implants?”

I looked over to him and winked.

To my surprise he rose up to the invitation. Literally, I could see his cock pop in his trousers as he stood and jolted to the table. He rubbed his hands together to warm them. (Nice move I thought) And then he proceeded to double team each tit. Brent’s jaw tensed and he cautiously moved his fingers around her rigid nipples and then along the bottom of her voluptuous bosom. I could see a small bead of sweat at his temple.

“Yes, Yes a very skillful variation. I’m sure that will assist in detecting any abnormalities,” I declared.

Her boobs were indeed ‘normal’ albeit overstuffed. I was on to the pelvic portion of this show and tell. We gloved up. Brent brazenly assisted in positioning her. He cupped her ass and pulled her down to the edge of the table. Trixie lifted her legs, unprompted, into the stirrups. As she willfully spread them open that vision of loveliness came into full view. Her perfectly waxed cunt was directly in front of my apprentice’s face and in the center of the spotlight; her hotbox all pink, primed and ready for fondling. Trixie had the hood of her clit pierced just like my Ashley, for increased pleasure. I instructed Brent to push it back so I could examine her nub. He was a good student. Trixie shifted a little as he lifted back her flesh and then as I gingerly pressed her pearl. I could feel it engorge with delight.

I prompted Brent to manipulate her labia and spread her natural lubrication all about. I was usually restrained during exams, but as I watched my accomplice pet her pussy I was becoming aroused.

We had to wrap up the exam, because I feared we three were enjoying ourselves too much. I completed the internal vaginal exam and Pap test. For a finale, I put some lube on his right middle finger and asked him to do the rectal exam. Brent inserted his digit into her asshole and swirled it around a bit. I had to pry him away from his quarry as he continued to finger her cunt with his other hand. I’d say he was feeling pretty at ease about the whole situation. He performed like a pro.

“Thank you for the exam docs,” Trixie yammered.

She nonchalantly stood up naked and shook both of our hands. “You two really gave me a good twice over!” she said rather jubilantly.

“By the way,” she teased as she dressed herself, “Great Boner Dr. Brent.”

She skimmed her hand over the bulge in his trousers.

With that we excused ourselves from her company and returned to my office.

Brent was flushed. “You can never tell Rachel about this she would just about die!” He continued, “I . . . I never even touch her private parts . . . “

“Well you should Dr.Collins” I retorted.

“I’m sure she would like it . . . um not that I know personally, but as a physician I know how the female body works and you’d get that same reaction from her.”

Obviously Brent enjoyed our little role-playing game. I assured him that this would be our secret. I then urged him to go into the rest room to beat off like I was about to do! I experienced a unique thrill having this amateur by my side. I pulled every last drop of cum out of my cock. Maybe I wasn’t the good doctor I thought I was.

A couple of weeks later during a game of pool at my house Brent shocked me and asked if perhaps ‘Licensing Inspector Collins’ could lend a hand again. I told him I had to think about it since it was such a sensitive matter.

I mulled it over for a day or so and guiltily decided to give him another cheap thrill. However, this time I was going to raise the stakes even higher. Again I asked him to come over at the end of my work day. I told him that this escapade would definitely square us up. He arrived on time, took a couple of quick shots of my Scotch and got his lab jacket on. We entered the cool exam room where our next victim was prone and poised for inspection.

Brent got quite an eyeful when he walked in. I was yearning to see that look in his face when he saw my Ashley lying there stark naked and splayed for his view. This time it was really a case of tit (and a great pair at that) for tat. What better way of settling the score for my manipulations of his wife than for him to have a go at mine. My dear wife empathized with the Collins’ predicament. She was always up for some stimulating activity anyhow. Brent thought Ashley was just there for the shock factor but I assured him she was there for her own pleasure.

“C’mon Dr. Collin’s have a go at her,” I encouraged.

I took his mitts and mounted them over my wife’s abundant bosom. She had two pierced nipples and huge areolas. Her tits stood up at attention like no others I’ve seen. (After we met and fell in love I got her the best new pair money could buy!)

“Damn, these are the biggest boobs I’ve ever had my hands on,” Brent chuckled. “Maybe I should get Rachel a set?”

“Why don’t you move on to the main attraction,” I urged.

He didn’t protest. Brent jolted to the edge of the table where Ashley’s bare pussy was aching for attention.

“Are you two sure this is alright?” he queried.

I think he was trying to be polite.

“Go for it,” Ashley persuaded.

Dr. Collins’ initial exam correctly diagnosed some foreign objects attached to the patient’s genitalia; those darn piercings again! She had one on her clit flap and one on each of her outer cunt lips. Ashley loved the thrill of getting the two labia piercings at this biker hang-out in full view of me and a handful of scruffy regulars. She is always the entertainer; just about orgasmed on command for those guys!

I could see her juice up as Brent separated the hood away from her pleasure bump. He was quite a quick study! My “physician” friend teased her clit slightly with his fingertip and Ashley’s legs spasmed with glee. Now she was sufficiently wet and my dick was more than sufficiently engorged!

I was watching my new found pal stimulate my wife and I was becoming aroused. Her love juice streamed out of that luscious twat. I got too hard for words as I watched his ungloved hand roam her wet haven!

“Here let me show you something,” I interjected. I moved him aside and pushed my fingers into her muff.

“This is where you will find the G- spot.”

Then I guided his finger in her snatch along with mine. We were practically fisting my wife together. I went on to tell him the pleasure that can be found there. We had our fingers in the right place. In unison we stirred Ashley into a frenzy and she let go a gusher of an orgasm that splashed into our gaping mouths.

That took Brent by surprise! But he licked his lips and then I prompted him to lick hers.

I think it was the first pussy he ever had the pleasure to eat-out. Both of his hands firmly gripped her tight ass while he gave my wife a tongue-lashing. I pulled out my prick and started to furiously relieve its engorgement. Brent forcefully rolled his nose over Ashley’s nub and she again climaxed wildly. He stuck his tongue in her love hole as she contracted around it.

Brent’s rod was ripe and ready to burst. Ashley hopped off the table and knelt down and sucked him in. He began thrusting. Her mouth and his pecker collided rhythmically. It didn’t take long for my sweet miss to work the cum right out of his tool. She devoured every last ounce of seed he spurted her way. At the same time I pulled off my own gigantic orgasm; shooting bitter cream streams into the air of the exam room.

Dr. Collins was petered out. I think I gave him his fill of fantasy fun. Hopefully we showed him how to give Rachel the action she yearns for. As for Ashley, her contribution went above and beyond what was expected. I know she can’t resist a good game and always gives 110%. And me; I’ll work at being a good doctor again until my next new neighbor comes in for an exam. Then maybe I will have to examine my conscience.

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