Ocak 20, 2021

Birthday Presents

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Daniel stretched out his legs in the chase lounge on the back porch of the suburban Dallas house. He sipped slowly from the Miller beer bottle in his left hand. The high speed fan blades hummed blowing an artificial wind through the porch that helped counteract the Texas heat.

“Water is better,” I said holding my tall glass of the cold liquid.

“I’m celebrating,” he replied.

Just turned 21, the five ten muscular young man was having attention lavished upon him that day by family members and me.

Several other people mingled at the house. Some were family. Others were friends.

Daniel’s older brother Ron, age 24, had just come from his own apartment with his girlfriend Cheryl. The two sat in plastic chairs next to each other.

Ron bore a resemblance to his father in height, and facial features including eye color.

Daniel bore resemblance to his mom. Blue eyes, an upper lip that angled sharply down to the corners, and yellow blond hair to the base of his ears cut a handsome figure.

“Hey Ron,” he said to his brother. “What’s happening?”

“I sold the bike.”

“How much did you get for it?”

“$1400,” he said.

The bike, A Kawasaki Vulcan 750, had been around for a couple of years. Ron had driven it to his job and enjoyed pleasure cruising.

“What made you sell it?”

“I needed the money to fix the truck.”

The alternator had gone in the pickup truck. The price of a new one would have seriously dented Ron’s finances. He would not have sold the Kawasaki except in emergency.

“Ron and I have güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a birthday gift for you,” said the tall, lean red haired girl. She handed Dan a flat box wrapped in green paper.

“Thanks,” he said.

Ron and his girlfriend knew Daniel’s taste as well as anyone could know it. The younger brother liked a jersey with a number and player’s name on the back.

Daniel tore open the wrap while Ron, Cheryl and I watched. I anticipated his reaction.

He held the two tone blue Dallas Mavericks replica basketball jersey against his body. An ardent fan of the game who played constantly by the driveway, his reaction was expected.

“This is great!”

Daniel and I had been lovers for the past year. During that time there had always been tension caused by the fear of being discovered opposed by the desire to show affection for each other. Both of us went to pains to hide our feelings, to never look directly at one another when others were there.

Earlier that morning I had kissed him lightly on his lips then withdrew quickly. A slap on my buttocks after I drew back excited me. No one was there to witness that display of affection.

It was time to talk, time to voice our concerns.

“I want to come out, all the way out.”

“Me too,” I replied, “but a little at a time.”

“Steve are you out to anyone?”

“No,” I replied, “I should start with my brother Todd. If anyone can understand it would be him.”

There was year between my brother and I. Sure we had our sibling rivalry but that had ended güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with maturity. In short we were close. He had a habit of teasing me about my friendships. He once referred to Dan as my partner in the homosexual sense of the word even though I had never admitted to having sex.

Todd, a sociable type, walked into the porch while Ron, Daniel, Cheryl and I were there. He was an instant hit with Ron and Cheryl.

Todd and Ron engaged in a long chat about motorcycles. A great fan of the Harley Davidson since his senior year high school, my brother still enjoyed riding it. He would take great care to maintain his bike in new condition. Specs interested both of them.

Daniel and I shared a common interest in basketball. The hoop at the end of the driveway had been much used. He had been wearing the Dallas Mavericks jersey since opening it moments earlier.

In conservative Texas one didn’t admit to being homosexual. The prevailing attitudes that homosexuality is an abomination and that gays were all fairies combined to worsen our problem. It didn’t help either that we both grew up in families on the religious right.

Still I wanted to come out. He also wanted that. The only issue open to discussion was the extent.

Daniel’s birthday party had broken up leaving the two of us the opportunity to talk in private. We walked way out to the back yard and sat under a shade tree.

“The shit would hit the fan,” I said.

“Then things will calm down after a while,” he replied.

“Good point,” I replied, “but güvenilir bahis şirketleri I can barely work up the courage to tell Todd, never mind the whole world.”

I could not help but wonder where my boyfriend found his courage to come out. He didn’t seem to worry about the humor at his expense or the labels on him.

“I’m just tired of having to be so careful.”

“Me too,” I said.

“We tell everyone all at once then we don’t worry about being caught kissing.”

“There’s another worm can. I’d worry about being beaten to death.”

“Steven you’re so negative!”

“I don’t think I’d like being called a fairy or a queer boy.”

“Let them talk,” he said.

I had never been afraid of a one on one fight. My gut told me that a fight with a gay basher would never be one on one. Muscle would not be enough to save me.

Despite my fear of bigots I had shed my inhibitions to sex with Daniel. As the sky darkened bringing to a close the day of his 21st birthday, I pulled his body close to mine. Our lips pressed together.

He withdrew the kiss only to put it on my neck. A second kiss followed then a third. Our mouths came together again this time opening and letting tongue lick tongue.

Passions burned as we walked back to the house holding hands. “I’m going to fuck you good sweetheart!”

“I know,” I said. A wide grin came to my lips.

The Apple computer in Daniel’s bedroom, a model with wireless internet, bookmarked his favorite sights. PIctures of naked male models having sex in various positions came up quickly. Daniel and I watched while he opened one after another.

The videos and still pictures had put us in the mood quickly. My boyfriend eased me onto my back on the bed. He pulled off my pants and my briefs. I lay with my legs pulled back over my upper body taking Daniel’s sex deep inside me. He pumped me slowly.

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