Nisan 21, 2024

Amy’s Slutty Adventure

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Devon looked brazenly into her eyes and smiled at her. She was a sexy bitch with a tight round ass and perky tits. She had a cute face with nice eyes and full “blowjob” lips. Her eyes met his and she smiled discretely before she looked away.

She was a short woman in her mid thirties and her oblivious husband towered over her. He looked strong and fit but he carried himself like a beta bitch and Devon had no respect for men like that.

Her pretty emerald green eyes darted furtively at Devon and he grinned. She was his type and he could tell that she liked what she saw.

Devon was tall, like her husband, but he was thicker and more muscular than the other man. He had broad shoulders, powerful arms and a thick neck. His skin was dark and the whites of his eyes and his bright teeth were striking in contrast.

She shifted nervously and playfully chewed on her bottom lip. Her gaze lingered for several moments and she brushed a few loose strands of her light brown hair from her face. Her eyes moved away from his face and traveled slowly down his strong body. They paused at the impressive bulge in his jeans and her smile widened. She looked into his eyes again and then looked away as her husband placed his hand on the small of her back and helped guide her through the crowd.

Amy cursed inside as her husband led her away from the tall, dark and handsome stranger. They’d made eye contact several times as she stood feigning interest in the chest thumping music. She’d begrudgingly agreed to go to the hip hop festival though she wasn’t a fan of that style of music because she enjoyed people watching and partying.

She discretely glanced back over her shoulder and her eyes met his yet again. He was meandering after her and her pulse quickened. She had been married for five years but she had secretly lusted for black men since college. Her. She’d grown up in a racially mixed town but her first experience with a black guy had been with an athlete in college. He had been strong, muscular and attractive but it was his confidence and commanding presence that had gotten to her. He had opened her eyes and given her the most amazing orgasms but they were both young and he was an animal that couldn’t be caged. She had dated or hooked up with five or six more black men before she had settled down with her husband. Things between them had been good at first but recently she’d gotten the urge to cheat. Her husband knew that her eyes sometimes wandered and that she fantasized about other men but he didn’t know, nor would he have approved, of her black lust.

Amy walked with her husband to the beer concession stand. She could feel the black man’s eyes on her backside and she giggled softly. Her butt swayed from side to side and she could feel her pussy grow moist as her mind began to wander.

“Get me a beer? I need to go to the ladies room,” Amy asked with a warm smile. “I’ll meet you back at the blanket,” she said referring to the location of their lawn seats.

“Sure thing Babe,” her husband said. He patted her ass and blew her a kiss. He was a good guy and a good provider but he was average in the dick department and decidedly below average in passion and stamina. He was good with his mouth though and that’s what had kept her faithful for the first five years of their marriage.

Amy turned towards the ladies room and her eyes met Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. He was almost ten years younger than she and she glanced again at the bulge in his pants. Her black lovers had all been well endowed and she’d learned to identify well hung men by their personalities. Men with big dicks carried themselves differently and she could spot them at a glance.

She walked past him and smiled. He nodded and her grin widened. Her pretty eyes danced and glimmered. She felt a rush of excitement and she moved slowly through the crowd.

It was a surprisingly diverse crowd with more hipster white couples than she’d expected but the sheer volume of big aggressive black men made her weak in the knees.

Devon followed her towards the restrooms. He drew close and lightly tapped on her shoulder before she got to the door.

Amy turned and smiled. Her wide eyes gazed up at him and she breathed deep as the fresh scent of his body engulfed her. He smelled as good as he looked and she wondered if he’d taste even better. Her sexual experiences with black men had all been fantastic but while they’d been good in bed they’d been bad as boyfriends. They’d all cheated and some had been physically or mentally abusive but she couldn’t give up big black cock.

“Can I help you?” She giggled softly as she eyed him like a piece of meat.

“We both know you can,” he nodded confidently. He had a deep voice and it sent a shiver down her spine. Her mind was racing and her body started to him.

“What, right here?” Amy teased. She’d had a few drinks already which had lowered her inhibitions but she was nowhere near drunk enough to fuck a stranger in public.

“Naw, I got a place,” he replied without sarışın porno hesitation. He turned and walked around the cinder block building which housed the men’s and woman’s rooms.

Amy wasn’t sure what she was doing but her body followed while her mind wrestled with her conflicting emotions. Risky sex and sex in semi public placed had long been fantasies and she looked back to see if her husband was watching.

Devon led her behind the building and unzipped his pants.

“Shouldn’t I at least know your name,” Amy laughed.

“I’m Devon,” he said confidently as he pulled out his big, unclipped cock.

“Nice to meet you,” she stammered. Her tongue circled her lips and she obediently dropped to her knees. Her hands trembled and she grabbed his massive cock with both hands. It was twice the size of her husband’s and so thick that her fingers couldn’t circle it.

Her mouth opened and she pulled back the foreskin as her lips wrapped tightly around the tip. She gazed up at him and her head started to Bob.

He tasted salty yet sweet and a soft moan rose from her chest. The tip touched the back of her throat and she opened it wide. She could easily deep throat her husband but she was only half way down the stranger’s prodigious pole and she had to pause.

Saliva spilled from the corners of her mouth and she slurped noisily drawing it back inside her. Her hands stroked his shaft fast and hard and his breathing labored. Her body tensed and she closed her eyes. She wanted to feel him explode and she knew he was close. She didn’t have much time and she toyed with his balls as she sucked furiously on his dick.

His legs began to tremble and she took him deep. His shaft expanded and he grunted softly. His cock erupted and Amy started to swallow, letting his briny seed slide down her gullet.

She stood on wobbly legs and wiped her mouth. Her pussy was dripping and her panties were soaked. She wanted him inside her and she cursed herself for making him cum. She felt ravenous and wicked as she savored the taste of his cream on her tongue.

“You want more don’t you?” He grinned.

“Yes,” Amy panted like a bitch in heat.

“Cool, meet me here in 45 minutes and you’ll get all the nigga dick your married was can handle.”

Amy nodded and he left. She glanced at her iWatch and noted the time. It would be dark in 45 minutes and she’d have more privacy to do what she really needed.

Amy headed back to meet her husband. Her head was spinning and she was replaying the blow job on a continuous loop in her head.

Forty five minutes later Amy stood next to the ladies room. Her eyes scanned the crowd for Devon and she shifted impatiently from side to side.

“Yo,” he yelled as he approached and her heart started to race. He wasn’t alone and she started to freak. She looked at him and his friends. They were all good looking young men and her stomach started to churn. She’d never had a threesome with more than one guy but she had often thought about it.

Devon led them back to the dimly lit spot. He introduced her to his two friends, Amed and Maurice, and then pushed her back against the wall. His hand moved into her shorts and Amy’s legs instinctively spread.

A low moan slipped from her lips as Devon expertly fingered her tight pussy. The other two moved in and started to grope her breasts and she closed her pretty green eyes as she savored their touch.

Her legs started to quiver and quake and she but her lips to quiet her cries.

Devon pushed her shorts down and pulled out his cock. He spun her around and rubbed it against her swollen labia.

She bent forward at the waist and he entered her from behind. He felt enormous and she groaned softly as he filled her to the brim. He sank balls deep and his jeans pressed against her pale, white ass.

Amad and Maurice pulled out their cocks and Amy took them into her hands. She coaxed them closer and then alternated licking and sucking them both as Devon plunged his big black cock into her depths.

She felt a familiar knot in her belly and she pushed her ass back to meet his thrusting manhood. Her toes curled in her flip flops and an intense climax crashed over her. She struggled to keep her rhythm with Amad and Maurice as Devon thrust hard and deep. Her pretty face contorted each time he touched bottom and his breathing grew deep and steady.

He gripped her hips and emptied his balls inside her warm, fertile womb.

Devon pulled back and his cum ran like a river from her gaping pussy. Amad, the second largest of the three, stepped behind her and Amy slurped noisily on Maurice’s circumcised dick. Her body rocked fore and aft and Amad slammed his dick into her like a jackhammer. Another orgasm shook her thin white body and she felt Amad erupt into her murky core.

Amy sucked hard and Maurice groaned. He unleashed a torrent of cum into her eager mouth and she held it on her tongue, savoring his delicious essence before swallowing sert porno it like a good cum slut.

They were gone as she pulled her panties into place trapping their seed inside her. She couldn’t believe what she’d done but she knew it wouldn’t be her last dalliance into the BBC lifestyle. Once a black cock slut, always a black cock slut.


Amy laid alone in bed and slid her fingers into the slick, wet folds of her insatiable sex. Her seedy tryst with three young black men at a hip hop concert had ignited an inferno inside her and all she could think about was getting fucked and stuffed again and again.

She’d been married for five years and while she’d often fantasized about other men the previous night had been the only time she’d indulged herself. But the genie was out of the bottle and there was no putting it back. She dipped two fingers into her eager hole and rubbed her palm against her hard clit. Her eyes closed and she replayed the tryst in her head. Her stomach tensed and her legs began to tremble. A soft squeak slipped from her pursed lips and she came hard, soaking her hand as she twisted and writhed on her bed.

“That should take the edge off,” she laughed, knowing that the relief was only temporary, and she began to plan her day. Her husband would be gone until late and she was all alone.

Her mind continued to spin while she showered and she struggled to come up with someplace to go where there would be some big black dicks to put out the fire in her womb.

She pulled up her yoga pants, sans panties, and slipped her sports bra over her head. Her stiff nipples popped through the fabric and she grabbed her favorite blue lycra exercise shirt and pulled it over her head. Her wet hair cascaded over her shoulders and she checked herself in her bedroom mirror. A mischievous smile danced on her lips and she quickly did her eye makeup before heading out to her car.

The drive to the gym was short but the wheels in her head continued to spin. She knew of a few regulars at the gym who looked good and at least one had what looked like a big dick when she’d previously checked.

“Hi Toni,” Amy said cheerfully as she bounded through the doors. It looked mostly empty because she was in between the morning crowd and the group of lunchtime warriors but her eyes scanned the free weight area.

“Hey Amy,” the pretty young brunette behind the counter replied. She was a sexy college girl and Amy could see why they’d hired her. She had a tight body and big boobs and the guys all loved her. Amy was mostly dickly but if she’d had a few drinks she could easily have been persuaded to hook up with Toni. If she struck out with the guys she might do it sober, she mused as she filled her water bottle and headed inside.

Max was a huge man. He had muscles on top of muscles and a neck like a sack of potatoes. He lifted several times a day and he was pumped full of steroids. He was too muscular for her tastes but he’d do in a pinch.

Kyle was a fit white guy with an impressive bulge and Amy grinned. He wasn’t her type and she suspected he was deep in the closet. Then she saw Michael and her wanton sex began to throb.

She had seen him regularly at the gym and she’d even gotten a few workout pointers from him. He was strong and muscular but not a body building, roided up freak and she’d seen the outline of his anaconda. She could spot a well endowed man but some guys were so big that their dicks hung down their leg and Michael was one of them.

Amy smiled at Michael and sat opposite him in the thigh machine. It was the perfect tool for the job and she looked into his eyes as she started her first set. She felt her pussy getting wetter and she wondered how long it would be until she started to soak the crotch of her thin yoga pants.

Michael returned her gaze and his eyes darted to her prominent camel toe. She followed suit and watched his cock grow.

The sexual tension was palpable and she playfully chewed on her lower lip. Her heart was pounding and her nipples were taut. Her clothes felt constricting and binding and she needed to lose them quickly.

“Follow me,” Amy whispered as she walked past him. Her head was spinning and her knees felt rubbery and weak.

She walked briskly towards the swimming pool area and opened the door. She could hear him behind her as the fresh clean scent of chlorine assaulted her senses. She loved the idea of public or semi public sex and she needed him inside her. Her pretty green eyes darted nervously from side to side and she ducked into the unlocked maintenance closet. Her heart thumped loud, like a bass drum and her stomach was churning.

The door opened and Michael stepped inside. A single light overhead lit the room and Amy threw herself into his strong arms. She pressed her lips against his and plunged her tongue into his mouth. She could taste sweat on his lips and she pushed his shorts to the floor. She knew she had little time and she didn’t need any foreplay.

Michael sex hattı porno grabbed her firm ass and squeezed it as they kissed. His big black snake pressed against her belly and she eased her yoga pants down, exposing her smooth shaved pussy.

The smell of her arousal filled the room and Michael quickly spun her like a top. He bent her at the waist and sank his big dick into her needy hole.

“Fuck that’s good,” Amy gasped. Her eyes rolled back and she pushed her ass towards him, swallowing his prodigious length.

“Damn girl,” Michael grunted in a deep sexy tone. He held her hips and thrust into her with several short, quick jabs. It was a quick tease but she wanted it rough.

“Don’t hold back Baby,” Amy groaned like a bitch in heat. She reached under her shirt and twisted her engorged nipples as Michael began to ram his big dick into her like a wild animal. His pelvis slammed against her ass and the bulbous tip of his mammoth fuck stick pummeled her tender cervix.

The room began to spin and she gritted her teeth to quiet her cries. It hurt but it was exactly the pain that she needed.

His cock pistoned into her depths like a jackhammer and she started to climax. She felt her juices squirt from her spasming cunt and she braced herself against the wall. She’d never squirted before but she’d felt like a ravenous whore and she wasn’t surprised. He was big and thick and knew exactly what she wanted.

Michael felt warm juice splash against his crotch and her pussy gripped him tight. It milked the cum from his balls and I started to spurt. He continued to thrust and to Amy’s glee he didn’t get soft. He fucked her hard for several more minutes before he pulled his slimy cock from her quivering hole and shoved it down her throat.

His fingers laced into her thick hair and he continued to thrust his hips. His cock filled her throat and tears streamed down her cheeks. She reached between her legs and abused her sensitive clit while Michael fucked her open mouth.

She came hard and sucked like a hoover. Her mind was reeling and his breathing grew deep and steady. She gazed up at him with soft, pleading eyes and he nodded.

His deep grunt rang in her head and she tensed. His cock got bigger and harder and his seed surged through the shaft. She swallowed quickly but his load overwhelmed her and spilled from the corners of her mouth. It ran down her face and dripped from her chin.

“Thanks,” Michael said as he pulled up his shorts and reached for the door.

Amy babbled incoherently and smiled. She felt like a whore and she loved it. Her pussy was tender and raw and her hair was disheveled. She watched him leave and then rose to her feet. She felt unsteady, like a newborn fawn, as she slipped out of the closet and ducked into the ladies locker room. She looked well fucked and used and she used her phone to snap a quick picture. Her makeup was smeared. Dried cum coated her chin and the crotch of her pants was soaked. She could see the outline of her well fucked cunt and she smiled.

“I wonder how many more I can fuck before dinner,” she giggled to herself as she straightened her face and hair.


“Fuck,” Amy laughed as she sat outside at the small café downtown. She had showered and changed into something suitably sexy. She loved people watching and the café was in a weird part of town where the business centers met the edge of the hood. She wanted thug cock and where better to go than their neighborhood.

Her sheer white dress rode up her silky thighs and the cool spring air caressed her bare and nearly exposed pussy.

She looked up and her eyes focused on a group of five young black men. They stood on the corner, their baggy jeans slung low, exposing their boxers. Their dark skin contrasted with the white wife beater tank tops they each wore like an inner city uniform and Amy smiled.

She looked each of them up and down like a piece of meat and she purred softly as she pictured each of them naked. All but one of them were average height. One was tall and lean like a basketball player with short dreadlocks. Two looked like brothers with shaved heads and similar builds. One had long dreadlocks, broad shoulders and a powerful body and the leader had an average build with short curly hair.

“Whatcha looking at Baby,” one of the called out loudly, catching her in mid gaze. His deep confident voice startled her and she smiled at him. He had a confident smile and shiny black skin with a boyish face. He was average height with sinewy arms and several dark tattoos adorned his ebony flesh.

Amy felt suddenly emboldened and she parted her legs, giving him a clear view of her shaved pussy. She couldn’t believe that she was flashing a complete stranger and her pulse quickened as adrenaline coursed through her veins.

He nudged his friends and they all looked. She felt ravenous and wicked, like a lioness on the prowl and a surge of moisture flooded her needy sex. She looked into their eyes and her right hand slid under the table as a playfully decadent smile danced on her lips. Her legs parted slightly wider and she pressed her fingers against her engorged labia. Her fingers parted, opening her pussy and showing them her pretty pink folds as she watched them with a hungry gaze.

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