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Ali and Me 6 – Jogger

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Ali and Me

… our erotic memoir

This is a sequel to “Ali and Me 5- Home”


A month had passed since my wife, Mira, and I had a memorable dinner with Ali and her husband, Jim. Due to a severe accident, our teasing, promising evening became medical treatment for Ali with her husband demanding I finger her for photos while he and my wife watched. My hopes to taste her pussy again that night were delayed. Mira also was looking forward to sampling Ali again with or without her husband involved. Was she willing to pose for and fuck him? She never gave me a solid answer, but never put aside the option.

Despite Jim’s consent and assurance that Ali would love to have photos of me as I ate her pussy, it didn’t seem right to eat her while she was naked, unconscious, and defenseless on her bed. Turns out he was right. Since Ali’s visiting me and Mira two weeks before that dinner, unknown to me, Mira had tentatively decided to somehow drink Ali’s cum again that night. That’s a first. My only hint that night was her subtly rubbing her clit through her shorts and dripping down her thigh as I fingered Ali.

What happened to that classy, up tight woman I knew in college? Did she seduce me or I her? She had loosened up from getting furious on our date when I touched her hand to my stiff soldier she had ordered to salute. Now she had come into her own as an unapologetic, ribald, exhibitionist who casually stood naked in front of me, my wife, her husband and a floor full of hospital patients.

We had stayed in touch during her month long recovery, but had decided not to meet since our certain exertions would likely rip her wound open. Now, she assured me, that the wound had healed enough to take a chance with less strenuous activity. Besides, she said she was horny.

Flushing Meadow Park in Queens seemed like an easy jogging path since it was mostly flat, so we began meeting there. Neither Jim nor Mira liked jogging. But then, neither did I. “Show me your hand,” I insisted. “That’s really good. The scar is barely noticeable, your flexibility is great and the pad is smooth. I pronounce you healed.” After a mile on the easy path, Ali usually allowed, no demanded, that I finger and eat her in public. Her frequent teases ensured she got her way. What was I to do?

Always in one of her very short crop tops (rounded tit bottoms showing), raising her arm would expose her nips from the front or the side through the huge arm holes. Her pale green, yellow, or blue, loose sweat pants with drawstring waists hastane porno were all somehow tailored so her ass was nicely split and accentuated. Her camel toe and clit were clearly defined, yet the sides flapped casually. Her not-so-plain shorts raised temperatures and lust levels. She bought me similar pairs in grey, red, and blue and insisted I wear them commando also so she could watch my reactions while we jogged. Of course, I obeyed despite risking ball injury and constantly running with my moose knuckle growing into severely tented shorts for her pleasure and the disdain of focused eyes.

Each time she saw me approach, she waved — raising her top and exposing pale pink nipples for prolonged exposure until I could hug and kiss her. After two weeks, we felt all restrictions were off. We found small copses just off the paths and stripped naked under fragrant green leaves. She progressed from hand jobs to blowies to my eating her while she hung onto a tree — always in plan sight of a small part of the jog path.

We grew bolder and my cum filled her pussy then her ass from behind. Each time, she dared to get louder. Soon we fucked in front of the tree as she stared at the path. Becoming reckless, we used the benches along the path — she bent over them and I filled her pussy. She came in louder orgasms, then she sucked me clean. ATM didn’t bother my dirty girl, but it ended our day’s sex play for me. Strange that licking her ass hole didn’t bother me. She would cum again if anyone watched her swallow my cum.

There came a day when Jim was with her. I was in a blue T and her red sweat shorts. When I greeted them, she wrapped her arm around my waist, kissed me passionately and drew attention to my floppy cock — practically ignoring her husband, yet performing for him. Jim and his camera fell a few steps behind on the main path as we began to walk it. I had to wonder if she had told him I was Dick 1 from college. My hand went to her exposed waist, hip, and onto her small, pert, muscular ass as we walked on. Jim saw and didn’t object, but I wanted to slow down a bit. I squeezed her butt and she laughed and leaned her head on me. When she squeezed my ass and loosened my string tie, I slowly deep squeezed her ass. “Are you enjoying that, letting my husband watch? Do you think he’ll mind this?” she asked as she cupped my balls.

“I don’t know, yet. Will he mind THIS in public after insisting I finger you naked on your bed?” I loosened her draw string and pushed into the back of her shorts. After exploring both bare, firm cheeks, hemşire porno I pushed the rear pants past her cheeks and exposed her sexy little ass to Jim and everyone nearby. She used her model walk to exaggerate her wiggles and, as he watched, I orbited her pretty ass and piloted a finger into her warm crack. I heard his camera click. Lifting her top and biting a nipple was slowing down. Wasn’t it? -click-

“Hmmm, that’s nice. No, he doesn’t mind. How about this?” She wriggled her hand into my shorts. After sliding along my semi soft dick and pressing it against me, she cupped my bishop warmly, pulled it up above my waistline and explored it. Others approaching us had a clear view of my exposed crown. They gasped and only two berated us. “He’s uncut, Jim.” She said it loud enough for him and strangers to hear. As she leaned over more to slowly lick then pump my swelling dick, I exposed all of her pretty ass, spread one cheek for Jim to witness her lusty exposure in sunlight. As she pushed my foreskin back and forth, I slid past her pink puckered hole and found her damp pussy. I already knew how pretty it was so I still enjoyed exploring it by braille as Jim watched quietly, his chest deeply rising and falling. His shorts formed a tiny tent!

Ali noticed and carefully pulled her hand out of my shorts, leaving them severely tented. She turned us toward Jim so he could see my arousal and licked my Cowper’s from her fingers. This public performance was already exhilarating, but watching her savor my sweet juice as Jim watched set my cock noticeably throbbing and nearly cumming. “You’re always this sweet. I can’t wait to get more of you into me.” Maybe this was how she was telling Jim I was Dick 1? I groaned and deeply fingered and stirred her wet pussy from the front as I watched for cops. We’d been exposed dangerously long.

Jim stepped closer and Ali pulled his slacks away then down until his stiff, cut cock popped free and exposed his balls. She laughed with a sneer and reached for my shorts. “I’ve been looking forward to doing this!” Jim stared open mouthed as she pushed my shorts to my knees. When my raging cock popped free, my prepuce was already stretched back. She pulled me closer to Jim by my cock and slowly pumped both of us. We were both leaking and her pussy was wetting her thigh; all three of us were breathing deeply as a crowd slowly formed to watch.

She pushed her pants to her ankles exposing from her tit bottoms to her feet to anyone lucky enough to be nearby. Then, in a totally new experience, for me at least, hikaye porno she grinned as she overlapped both adoring, throbbing cocks, head to head, and squeezed and pumped them as one. Her firm grip kept me from pulling away from the warm stiffness that she crushed against my hungry cock. Our bishops lay on the other’s shaft and she slid left – right – left. Once we accepted that SHE wanted us to merge, we allowed her to jerk us both in one hand. That allowed her to probe her own pussy, tease her clit and noisily seek her G as she publically finger fucked herself with knees flexing and sultry hips thrusting.

Eyes popped, Jim pointed at my straining cock, “Hey, I’ve seen this cock before. The foreskin, thick S-shaped vein and brown spot mid shaft — YOU, you’re Dick 1! You’ve been fucking my wife since college. Ali always bragged about you, especially on your date when you sat and listened to her for hours. That’s why I was a little jealous of you. Not because of your big cock or how satisfied she was with it, but because I was afraid she was falling in love with you. I was afraid of losing her. I bet she never told you the real reason she ended your date early. When you moved her hand to your cock, she wanted to fuck you already, but she needed to confirm I was still OK with her fucking others. I get it. You’re a cocksman and a good guy. Fearing you was justified, but I think I can trust you — especially after all that happened on our dinner meeting.”

Ali grinned, “Glad you worked it all out, Jim,” she gasped. “He is a decent man and great with his sword, fingers and mouth. Let’s talk about this later? I need to cum right now with everyone watching.” She looked into many strange eyes, then mine and began to shudder and groan. As her whole body shook in orgasm, her grip on our cocks pulsed and twisted causing us both to cum violently within seconds. We spurted several ropes of cum on each other. Ali quickly dropped to her knees and held our balls as she drank, sucked and licked me clean of Jim’s cum. She pulled the dribble from my cock then switched to Jim and lapped my pooled cum from him before sucking his dribbling cock. I was astounded by how aroused I was from watching her suck our shared cocks.

After licking my hairy pubes clean, she shot up, pulled up her pants and started to jog away. “Better get dressed boys before Five-0 gets here. Let’s take our act to Central Park soon. Al, bring your wife to our place tonight if you want to repeat and continue this. No bra or panties — just in case.”

“Hell yes! We’ll be there as your hand seems to have recovered well.” I just regretted I didn’t get to eat her again before she left.

===== 7 hrs 2359 11/2/20 ==== 1990 words ====

11/26/16 seminal image: walking w Ali on busy NYC street, her fiancé a few steps behind; she’s teasing me, hand down my pants

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