Nisan 21, 2024

A Visit From a Former Roommate

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My old roommate from college, Catie, has come up to visit us at our apartment for the weekend. We have a good time goofing off, watching movies, and laughing all evening, when finally it is time for bed.

Catie goes to sleep in the guest bedroom as you and I head off to our room. I slowly and sensuously undress for you, enjoying the show as your cock begins to grow in your pants.

I pull you in close to me for a kiss, as your hands roam longingly over my body. I enjoy the feel of your hands on me, as I let my hands roam down to your hard cock. I want you, and I want you now.

You have other plans for me, however, and fully intend to take your time with me. You lead me over to the bed and lay me down on my back. Your tongue traces its way from my lips to my earlobe, and you begin to suck and nibble there. I moan in response, loving the way you tease my body.

Your tongue continues its way down my body, moving to my neck. I love the way you lick and kiss me there, and I am completely helpless and at your mercy. I feel your hands grope my breasts as you make my body melt.

Your mouth moves away from my neck and you sit up, looking at me, and begin to pinch my nipples, gently at first, then roughly. I whimper in pain and pleasure. You smile down at me, obviously enjoying your pleasuring of my body.

I attempt to keep my moaning to a minimum, remembering that Catie is in the next room over. It is very difficult, however, especially when your mouth moves to my breasts. You lick all around them, just teasing the nipples, and then bite down hard on the soft flesh of my left breast.

I bite down hard on my lip to keep from screaming. You laugh at me, and repeat the process on the other breast. Your mouth teases my breasts and nipples until I am moaning in pleasure.

You then move your mouth down my body, tracing your tongue over my stomach, lingering just a moment at my belly button, and moving downward. I eagerly anticipate your mouth on my clit, but you intend to tease me more.

Your tongue just barely grazes my clit, and then moves further downward, to my legs. You trace your tongue all the way down my right leg, lingering on the back of my knee, down to my toes. You take each toe into your mouth and sensuously lick and suck them.

Your tongue moves back up my leg, and I am excited, only to find that you move to my left tayland porno leg next, repeating the same process.

Finally your tongue finds the spot that I want. You lick my pussy from my asshole to my clit. You tell me how good I taste, and then continue your assault. You fuck me with your tongue, pushing it as far into me as you can.

Eventually you move up to my clit, and your tongue dances all around it. I am trying so hard to be quiet, but I am not sure it is working. You suck on my clit, and I can take no more, and come all over your face. You eagerly lick up my juices, and then move up to kiss me.

I taste myself on your mouth, and smile at you. Now, finally, I will get what I have been wanting all night. You continue to kiss me as I feel your hard cock resting at the entrance to my wet hole. I moan as you enter me in one swift move, resting deep inside of me.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear the toilet flush, and realize that Catie must have gotten up to go to the bathroom. I am, however, enjoying this entirely too much to care, as you fuck me, slowly at first, then gradually harder and faster.

It is then that I feel the presence of someone else in the room. I look over towards the door, and notice that Catie is there, staring at us, her mouth wide open. Rather than stopping, I decide to give her the show of her life.

I begin to moan freely, completely enjoying myself, and even more turned on by the thought of my former roommate watching this. You continue to fuck me hard, thrusting deep inside of me, your balls slapping against me with every thrust. The bed is creaking, and I wonder what Catie is thinking of this show.

I see her at the doorway, continuing to stare, immobile. I smile, and wonder if you know that she is there. You continue your thrusting, and I sense that you are close to coming. Finally I feel you shoot your sperm deep inside of me, as you collapse on top of me, exhausted.

Only then does Catie make any movement, and she blushes deep and red. “I, I’m sorry,” she stammers, “I didn’t mean to watch, I came into the wrong room, and saw you, and just didn’t know what to do.”

“That’s ok, hon,” I assure her. “I didn’t mind you watching. In fact, it turned me on even more.” You give me a look, and I can tell what you are thinking.

“Come over here, Catie,” I instruct tecavüz porno her. Completely unsure what to do, she complies. I motion for her to sit down on the bed beside of us. You are still resting on top of me, and inside of me, but slowly you roll over and out of me, lying beside me.

“Catie, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be fucked?” I ask her. I can tell by the look on her face that she is shocked by my question.

“Well, uh, maybe, but uh, I don’t think it’s good to think about that sort of thing,” she says. I laugh at this, and move my hands to her breasts, fondling them from outside her pajama shirt.

She is so shocked that she doesn’t know what to do, and just sits there, frozen. I continue to touch them, caressing them, loving the feel of them in my hands. Slowly I lift the bottom of her pj shirt up, and over her head, seeing her lovely breasts for the first time.

They are smaller than mine, but still quite lovely, and I gaze at them for a moment before I move my hand to them. She gasps lightly, not exactly sure what to do as her former roommate touches her somewhere where she has not been touched before.

She doesn’t resist, however, and I soon move my mouth down to her nipples, and suck on them gently. She still looks terrified, and so you move around behind her to massage her back to relax her.

I notice by the smell that she is becoming aroused, and I move one hand down to touch her clothed pussy. I feel its wetness through her clothing, and I know I just have to taste her.

I move her so that she is lying down on the bed, and I remove her pj pants and conservative pair of panties. Her blonde unshaven hair is glistening in her own moisture, and I move my head between her legs.

Like you did to me earlier, I lick her from her asshole to her clit. Her body shudders as my tongue touches her there. I stick my tongue up into her tight wet hole, as she is tongue-fucked for the first time. She is squealing slightly at the sensation, and I smile up at her.

Impatient, and wanting to please her, I move my tongue back up to her clit, and begin to swirl all around it, occasionally sucking it into my mouth. She comes not long after this, but I do not stop. My face is covered in her juices as she comes again, and I stop my assault on her clit to let her rest a bit.

While tombul porno her little body is recovering, still shuddering slightly, I move to the drawers under our bed where we keep our special toys, and take out the strap-on we have. We have not yet used it, and I am eager to try it out on Catie.

I slip it on, noticing how it touches my clit in just the right spot. I move over to where Catie is lying and tell her to roll over. She does, completely astounded by what is going on, but enjoying it. I get her positioned like I want her – I want to fuck her doggie style.

I come behind her and rest the end of the strap on right at her entrance, moving the tip around, getting it good and wet. I figure she has probably never been penetrated there before, so I slip a finger inside of her to get her used to the sensation. Gradually I fuck her with my finger, adding another, then two more inside her.

She is making all kinds of noises already, and I haven’t even put the strap-on inside of her yet. Oh, but I cannot wait. I withdraw my fingers, and place the tip of it at her entrance again.

“You ready? You ready to be fucked?” I ask her. She just nods, and I push the fake cock inside of her wet little hole. It is definitely a tight fit, but I am sure it feels wonderful for her. I know I am enjoying it. With every thrust the strap-on presses against my clit, and I am very aroused to be fucking my good friend.

I begin to go faster, pushing more of the cock inside of her as I think she can handle it. Faster and faster I go, and I move my hand down to her clit.

All of a sudden I feel you come around behind me, the tip of your cock at my ass. I know what you have in mind, and I moan at you in encouragement. As I am fucking my former roommate doggie style, you start fucking my ass. It is amazing.

I can feel Catie’s body tensing and I know she is about to come. I thrust deep and hard inside of her as I pinch her clit between my fingers and I feel her flood my hand with her juices as she comes powerfully. I continue to fuck her, my hand still between her legs, as you continue to work on my ass.

Soon after her, I know that I am close to orgasm also, and all of a sudden I come hard, which makes you come deep inside my ass. We all collapse on the bed, exhausted.

Catie does not know what to do, and moves away to gather her clothes. I grab her by the shoulders and pull her into me and kiss her. “Sleep well,” I tell her, as she leaves the room and goes off to her own bed, to figure out what has just happened.

I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, content to fall asleep in your arms after a night of fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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